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Mule_Days_King writes:

in response to burch35:

I am no longer a Tennessee fan! Thanks for the memories!


deadhorse writes:

didn't Hooker tell us yesterday that Cutcliff was the next UT coach...

orangepaws writes:

when's the presser? I have nothing against him...but will he split when/if Richt leaves Georgia?

tnsportsman writes:

If Dooley is hired, in about 4 years when GA needs a new head coach guess who will pull a Lair Kiffin move? Need any help?


neylandsmom writes:

very sad day for the vol nation if we hire this yahoo. as for the pearl hire...he had a hell of lot more upside than this guy does, and our bball program should be a much harder sell than our fball program regardless...if this is true
hammy should be run out of knoxville...this really can't be happening

tdvol1989 writes:

in response to CincyOhVol:

Its over. We officially suck.

Normally, I e-smack Vol fans for saying stuff like that, but we really do. All I can say is Muschamp was a done deal, then Calhoun was a done deal, then Cutcliffe was a done deal, now Dooley is a done deal. Hopefully, he is as DONE as the others were. And, how would he be picked over a coach that has at least one a BCS game against an SEC opponent in Whittingham. I hope I wake up soon and laugh about all this.

I think he will probably be ok LONG TERM, but we were all hoping for a step forward. Sad, sad, sad...

rockytopron writes:

2010 4-8
2011 4-8
2012 4-8



bugman (Inactive) writes:

in response to deadhorse:

didn't Hooker tell us yesterday that Cutcliff was the next UT coach...

hooker is a fat homer. he knows nothing

crimsonviper writes:

in response to gnm53108:

I am almost as shocked as when I learned Kiffy bolted.

Never saw anything like it gnm..good luck and GBO

ps11824 writes:

Come on, we have to be positive. You guys who are hanging your heads, and you guys on sports animal, shut up and BE POSITIVE. What good does it do to be negative and doubting this guy right now? What? You don't know any more than I do so BE POSITIVE!!!!!

Do you have enough intelligence and courage to be positive, for the team's sake? It takes a brave fan to support the team when you disagree with the decisions. Can you muster up some courage? Or go ahead and hang your head. Maybe you will bang into a wall and wake up a courageous fan.

smokyredbone writes:

in response to burch35:

I am no longer a Tennessee fan! Thanks for the memories!

You Never were and won't be missed!!1 LMFAO,what a dork!!!!

VolinCT writes:

in response to VOLinCockCuntry:

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Easy man, What had Lane Kiffin done when he was hired at Tennessee? He was 5-15 before he came, and only 12-21 when he left.

Hrockytop writes:

We are a mid major now! And a medicore one at that. TAKE CARE HAMILTON. Hope the the soup lines are short.

Exiled writes:

Just like Cutcliffe was to be named coach today? KNS' credibility isn't all that.


This is a good hire with his knowledge of the SEC.

gnm53108 writes:

The Koolaid this weekend is going to be distilled.

And abundant.

volinlouisiana writes:

I live within 45 minutes of Ruston and he is loved around here. Everyone has known it was a matter of time before he get's his big chance. There aren't many headliners willing to take the job this late in the season, so you guys need to get real. We aren't getting, Dungy, Gruden, Stoops, et al. We probably couldn't get Whittingham either, so I've seen three speculations within the past couple of days and everytime everyone wants to declare the end of the program. Why not try being positive and back the school you say you're a fan of.

khelton657 writes:

Harbaugh know he has a bright future where he is and will eventually have his pick. Dooley is a Southern boy, knows Tennesee's tradition, probably respects it, and culturally he won't be out of place, Dooley will enjoy being here. Like us going to NYC, we would go for $3,000,000 a year but we wouldn't be happy or fit into here..Kiffin always preferred someplace else. Dooley won't. It is a big promotin for him he should be appreciateive and proud.

VolJunkie writes:

"UT athletic director Mike Hamilton is set to interview interim head coach Kippy Brown at 1 p.m."

That will be an awkward moment ...

Go Vols!

mahabrando writes:

This can't be right... I'll believe it when it is in writing...

Brillovol writes:

I hope I am proven wrong, but this doesn't make any sense at all!


To quote Rob Schnieder from the Waterboy...."We s_ck again!"

dowhatsright writes:

in response to minnehan:

Look at his record by year. It is more encouraging than looking at the overall record ad LA Tech. He will be better than you think.

Here is his record:

2006 = 3-10
2007 = 5-7
2008 = 8-5
2009 = 4-8

How do you find that record encouraging?

If you hate Tennessee and want to doom us to failure, this is the type of hire you make. At least when Auburn hired Chizik it was because he had coached there before. There is no logic to this.

Colliervol writes:

I'll have a wait and see attitude and I'll give him a fair chance before making a snap judgement. Nobody ever heard of Urban Meyer either before Florida hired him. And Dooley has far more connection to the SEC and the Southeast than Whittingham does. Give him the shot and get on with it. If he can't hack it in 3 to 4 years, we get somebody else.

I would recommend keeping Kippy, David Reaves- recruiting coordinator(if he's still there) and Lance Thompson (new defensive coordinator--He must have learned something standing next to Monte) on staff for recruiting purposes.

I do know we dodged a HUGE bullet on David Cutcliffe. My thanks to Cut for having the sense to back away gracefully. Nice guy but not what was needed right now.

chrisw2967 writes:

wtf , this is pathetic , there goes the rest of the recruiting class and hamilton needs to be fired asap.

CincyOhVol writes:

Seriously! 4-8 in the powerful WAC!!

JWilly writes:

Could this process get any more bizarre? I don't know what to believe any more. If Dooley is the man, I don't think Hammy will get much work done with the riots going on outside of his office. This is like the Awbarn/Cheezit situation was last year (but that seems to have worked out better than the LK hire). You never know...

wvvolfan#270034 writes:

Wasn't his father coach at Georgia? Is he going to bolt there when that job comes open? Well, I guess I won't pass judgment since I've never heard of him until today. He better be a good recruiter. A good indication of his skills will be if he can hold the current class together or even improve on it. Then I will have an opinion.

whiskeyman writes:

This can not be a matter of choice, it's gotta be a lack of options. Given that senario, this year is lost, if so wait, make a better choice. We don't need another buy out. We need a good decision.

VolunteerLifer writes:

in response to wycoller:

Hang down your head.......

Hahaha. Good one.

This guy has a coaching pedigree, for what that's worth. His dad was one of the best football coaches I've ever seen. Can he recruit? Can he coach? If he's hired, I guess we'll find out.

What concerns me is the Georgia connection. Richt's position is a bit tenuous right now, and he could be gone a year from now just like Carroll from SC. If Dooley appears to be an up and comer at the time, then here we go again.

If this hire doesn't work out, Hammy's neck will be in the noose, so he'd better make sure it's right.

roloyo writes:

We've been through this S*** about 4 times now in the last couple of days. I think I'll wait for something offical before I spin the chamber again.

hueypilot writes:

in response to volinky:

I am still pulling for Kippy! He has been preparing for this role his whole life!!!

In my business, if I just hired the white guy, with the black guy sitting in the waiting room, yet to be interviewed, then I'd expect a discrimination lawsuit the size of an elephant.

Are we saying Hamilton is hiring this guy before he interviews Brown? Before he interviews Wittingham? What is the big rush now?

And if this guy is any good, and Richt continues to underperform, how is this any different than having Muschamp waiting a four hour drive from Athens?

Hamilton, if this is your play, you are really stepping on it.

I repeat. Mike Leach got railroaded. Somebody is going to get a good football coach on the cheap.

NJVolFan writes:

If this was the best we could do then we should have given Kippy a chance as he deserves it far more in my opinion. This hire will NOT inspre the fans or recruits... Bad, bad, bad.

stevefrommemphis writes:

A Louisiana friend tells me Tech had many injuries this year, yet played LSU and Boise State close.

Four years as an assistant under Saban, two in the NFL, an attorney, which means he's smarter than the typical coach, and the only Division I head football coach who also served as his school's athletic director.

Plus, at 40 years old, he's old enough to be the father of most of the posters on this site - certainly mature enough.

This may turn out to be a great hire.

volappr writes:

one famous coach's son to another. kippy is owed an apology

UTfansRnuts writes:

in response to CincyOhVol:

If this is the best coach in the country willing to come to UT we are no longer the powerhouse we think we are.

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

clcvol writes:

where is the page?

CincyOhVol writes:

in response to dowhatsright:

Here is his record:

2006 = 3-10
2007 = 5-7
2008 = 8-5
2009 = 4-8

How do you find that record encouraging?

If you hate Tennessee and want to doom us to failure, this is the type of hire you make. At least when Auburn hired Chizik it was because he had coached there before. There is no logic to this.

Wow this guy really stinks! A career losing record and this is the best Hamilton can do. He's pathetic.

high52utvols writes:

Get Kippy and let him be Coach.

gnm53108 writes:

in response to crimsonviper:

Never saw anything like it gnm..good luck and GBO


I dont know whether to start praying or drinking.

bugman (Inactive) writes:

dooley is WAC

frank_rizzo writes:

Dooley has a good background; number one recruiting class in nation while he was recruiting coordinator at LSU.
I am just happy to have a someone who actually wants our job.

smokyredbone writes:

He is a young guy off the Saban tree. Endorsed by Saban, endorsed by Muschamp. Was Saban's recruiting coordinator at LSU. His daddy was a pretty fair coach. The ones that are bashing don't know who this cat is. Kiffin had nothing on his resume anywhere close to this guy. Haters have not learned about CDD. CHECK HIM OUT BEFORE BASHING!!

diamond_dave35#235769 writes:

Well at least I have the Huskers to fall back on

ZCat writes:

Um... so how many new coaches has UT hired in the last couple of days? And how many were reported as being hired? Yeah, that is what I thought. Dooley would be a good hire, but I wouldn't buy the t-shirts quite yet.

TennHillbilly writes:

La Techs 2009 season record....

2009 LA Tech Football Schedule

Date Opponent / Event Location Time / Result

09/05/09 at Auburn Auburn, Ala. L, 37-13
09/12/09 at Navy Annapolis, Md. L, 32-14
09/19/09 vs. Nicholls State Ruston, La. W, 48-13
09/30/09 vs. Hawai'i * Ruston, La. W, 27-6
10/09/09 at Nevada * Reno, Nev. L, 37-14
10/17/09 vs. New Mexico State (HC) * Ruston, La. W, 45-7
10/24/09 at Utah State * Logan, Utah L, 23-21
10/31/09 at Idaho * Moscow, Idaho L, 35-34
11/06/09 vs. Boise State * Ruston, La. L, 45-35
11/14/09 at LSU Baton Rouge, La. L, 24-16
11/21/09 at Fresno State * Fresno, Calif. L, 30-28
12/05/09 vs. San Jose State * Ruston, La. W, 55-20

10 point loss to Boise State followed by a 8 point loss at LSU. Not too god-awful bad for a d2 school.

Orange_Crush writes:

in response to VOLinCockCuntry:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Clay Travis says "While recruiting coordinator at LSU, Dooley helped Saban land the number one classes in 2001 and 2003."

nukeplus writes:

I am an Alabama alum so if I said I was a fan of UT it would be far from the truth. That being said, I am a huge fan of the SEC and want to see the conference as strong as possible. While I haven't followed the process (sorry about the Saban reference :-)) too closely, I have been extremely impressed with what I've seen and heard from and about Kippy Brown. I think the AD or president is doing you guys a huge diservice if he isn't being given a real opportunity to win this job. Great guy and good luck with Dooley if that's the way it plays out.

KingsportsGoat (Inactive) writes:


mahabrando writes:

in response to lovinthebigorange:

Why would you hire a guy with no ties and shaft the guy that has saved us from losing all our commitments? Mike wtf were you thinking!!!!!!

Board of trustees need to step in and replace Hamilton with Fulmer.

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