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OrangeinCarolina2 writes:

OK I admit that I was a Crompton basher early last season. I didn't think UT had a prayer of 4 wins with him taking snaps. Allow me to eat crow. The second half of the season JC was more than impressive. Sorry for not having enough faith in you JC. Good luck in the NFL and represent the Vols well! GO VOLS!

luvorange writes:

in response to DukeDeLuca:

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Well said, Duke.

always_vol (Inactive) writes:

Y'all think Nick is going pro too??

paradisetaxi writes:

I hope you dominate the NFL JC !! The Best of Luck to you !

AtLeastMyTeamHasPerfectSeasons writes:

Even if he never makes it, hope he at least gets a CHANCE.

BAFO writes:

Been saying it all along when all the other arm chair QB's and full-time banjo pickers were saying what a bad QB is was. Even Doug Matthews thought Crompton was bad. I respect Doug but I told him he was wrong...and heck I've never recruited a college football player. Watch the's ALL there. It's not a poor read when a receiver runs the wrong, or bad, route.

volfan7 writes:

I always brag to my friends when a Tennessee player is drafted highly in the NFL.

PoochPuntOn3rdDown writes:

I wrote the following in the comments of an article on October 12, 2009.

"My eyeballs are sore from repeatedly rubbing them and then looking once again at the computer screen to make sure that headline is real...

Way to go Crompton! Close strong this year and you know never know what the future holds for you. No one has ever doubted your heart. Leave with no one doubting your ability!!!"

I realize it is fairly ambiguous but the fact remains that none of us expected to be reading about JC's potential draft status last Septmeber. But, at that time and even now with the Stephens departure, I had and have hope that the guys in charge know what is really going on here.

Just goes to show how a seemingly terrible situation at QB could be perceived completely differently come next spring...

Here's the article from last year:

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