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tovolny writes:

What is the PURPOSE of this article. John, c' this the best thing you could think of to get something on line? Scape Tennessee's comeback against Arkansas in '98. There was over two minutes left in that game when the fumble happened. Travis Henry ran the ball 6 or 7 times in a roll to get in the end zone. Please let us enjoy the NC, will you. What a crock of a sports writer.


in response to lstbodeanvol:

Notre Dame is an independent too scared to fully join a conference..if in the SEC where would they have been this year ???? 4th or 5th

Probably not, but ND is independent because they are greedy and don't want to share their TV deal etc.


in response to titletownz:

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If National Championships are considered relevant UT has twice as many as UF.

golfman1975 writes:

Adams su*** like a Hoover. That is a vac cleaner ya know.

10SE writes:

in response to stevefrommemphis:

You can brag about your beloved Tide all you want, but doing so on a Tennessee website proves that you are a loser - having to live through the achievements of the Tide. You are worthless.

Probably doesn't even have a GED.

jmaples54 writes:

in response to 2Dlems:

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if you're talking about the sec champ. game you obviously didn't watch georgia's linebackers. they looked like ninth graders-- not penetrating but getting pushed back, trying to run around blocks, not containing... i found myself wondering if the dogs' starting backers were injured or kicked off the team. aj johnson and curt magett could've done better. i think te'o might've made a difference for georgia.

jmaples54 writes:

in response to CrankE:

"The Vols overtook Arkansas thanks to a fumble by Razorbacks quarterback Clint Stoerner, who inexplicably tried to use the football to brace his fall."

Did UT score on that fumble? Or did they still have to drive the field to score?


lol. i'll use my influence to get adams fired if you will hold your breath until it happens.

jmaples54 writes:

by the way i saw billy ratliff at the sevierville verizon store a few months ago. if you don't think that fumble was critical to winning the game and ultimately the nat champ, take it up with billy.

jmaples54 writes:

in response to CrankE:

"When Tennessee defeated Florida State in the national championship game, the Seminoles were down to their third-string quarterback, after losing two quarterbacks to injury."

Which didn't stop the bookies from making #2, 10-1 FSU a 3 point favorite over Tennessee-expanding to a 5 point favorite by kickoff. Which didn't stop the sportswhores (i.e. the press) from nearly unanimously picking FSU to beat UT. And it didn't stop that same press from turning into "Seminole Apologists" after the game.

Before the game, Marcus Outzen was called "indomitable" because he beat Florida. After the game, he just some poor helpless third string QB.

The sportswhores made much of Tennessee's "luck" and of their opponents' misfortunes-in essence, cheapening the achievement and spoiling the moment for UT.

One of the reasons it's so fun to talk about 1998 now is because I remember what the sportswhores said before the game and what they said after.


"sportswhores?" tell us who john adams predicted to win, sportsjohn.

cpahiker#231287 writes:

this is crazy, TN '98 much better that ND at all positions, T Martin is on a completely different level that ND QBs,

DukeDeLuca2 writes:

Where did Adams go to college?

auggievol writes:

in response to bnakk#240693:

Bama 42, ND 17

methinks there be substance in your blood.

This will be a great game. Although as a Vol, I'm all SEC, Notter Damn pulls it out in a defensive showcase 20-9

Vol_in_Mich writes:

in response to beartn#223846:

I didn't think we were the underdog to FSU in 98, were we?


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