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kelty2pd writes:

Welcome aboard coach. I'm excited to see what will come about next season. Impressive personal background and I (and many, many more) are glad you're here.

eduardo writes:

Once again UT goes on the cheap and hires a guy who will probably be replaced in 3 yrs. Everything that goes on on the hill makes absolutely no sense. Butch Jones...Really?

BainxGriffith writes:

in the small Michigan town

A product of The Frozen Yankee North

Case closed

snowvol writes:

Did anyone think Nick Sabin would ever become arguably the best college coach in America when he was at Michigan State? How about when he arrived at LSU?

How about Urban Meyer, when he got to Gainesville?

For that matter, did anyone think Bob Stoops would turn around Oklahoma? What was on his head coaching resume?

Eugene, Oregon - how many of you thought that program would ever ascend to the heights it's gotten to under Chip Kelly?

Butch Jones looks, sounds and is football. The guy has undeniable success. He's won four championships as a head coach. So they're not in the SEC, Big Ten, or any other power conference. Look back in the history of college football (or basketball) - you'll find a whole bunch of coaches who were hugely successful but made their names, initially, at smaller schools. Or schools that weren't traditional powerhouses in that sport.

I am as cynical as anyone on this board, but I'm also fair. Doesn't he deserve a shot? And at the end of the day, does anyone believe he cares about the naysayers? I was in the boat when Dooley was hired. Did he have the credentials to suggest he'd be a huge success in Knoxville? No. But when all is said and done, either you support the program or you don't. By the end, I was ready for Dooley to go, as were so many other initial supporters of him.

Look around the country - programs that were once great, then falling on hard times. It takes a while to get back. Is Butch Jones the guy? Who knows. He might be. He might not be.

But I like his comment about wanting the "Tennessee swagger" back in Neyland Stadium. Sounds like he expects to have a team that talks it and walks it... but earns it. Earns it in practice and earns it on the field.

We've not done that for a while around here. I'm hopeful, and I'm ready to see Mr. Jones be a success.

He deserves our support, not our derision.

spvol writes:

in response to greatdaysahead:

Please. Have you read anything about this man? Have you seen him speak? No, he doesn't have a southern drawl, or use near perfect grammar, or have poster-boy "republican" hair; but he came from nowhere (not now-here), speaks like my former high school math teacher/high school state-champion football head coach, and has a haircut as football coach-like as his moniker. The man exudes football coach. Everything I've seen and read about him tells me he's got the stuff, the guts, the character, the passion, and the wits of the quintessential football coach. Butch Jones was born for this. And heaven forbid a disgruntled fan like yourself would be willing to give this man who is literally building his empire your approval. Goodness knows he doesn't need yours, he got all the approval he needed from the man who gave him the pen to sign on that dotted line. Jones has earned this chance to live his dream (and part of that dream includes getting paid absurd money to do what he loves, jealous? Don't care...) and I for one am all-in. What are the alternatives? Whine until we get Gruden, who would be more likely than Kiffin was to jump ship for his dream (because I can tell you, coaching at ANY college is not his dream...)? Give up on Tennessee and cheer for Alabama? Georgia? Florida? Vanderbilt?! No thanks. I'm glad we have Butch, and I am excited to back a passionate man who wants to be here and wants to prove he's got the chops to shut people like you up; but far more importantly wants to prove to himself that he can cement his legacy as one of Tennessee's greats.

100% agree!

voloffaith writes:

in response to ANYONE_BUT_LIBS:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

An upgrade is you a nice way....

dvols writes:

Post are getting way too long on here!

On to Atlanta...

volfan1202 writes:

This was the "Home run hire" Dave Hart promised us?

Hart and Cheeks should be fired.

SevenT writes:

UT's Hiring Grade = C-

Vol_in_Mich writes:

in response to civilianvol_formerly_marinevol:

Hey, the poster that calls himself/herself "ANYONE_BUT_LIBS" is not indicative of Tennessee fans. If you go on other sites that invite commentary (try and read some of the comments, you would think that the majority of Americans are stupid, mean hatemongers. I think these sites just attract people like that as a venue to spew their hatred. Hopefully, if Butch Jones or any potential recruits read this site, they realize that.

Did you happen to see the word SOME in my post?

OrangeMike writes:

Great article, followed up mostly by a bunch of posts by losers who have no clue of that about which they speak. Hart is doing and has done a great job. Cheek, well we'll see. Hart is working on it. Coach Jones is going to get it done. Most of you natering nabobs of negativism will only read about it or see it on TV because you aren't even dedicated enough to buy a ticket and go to the games. F___ all of you.

tovolny writes:

As residing President of the "Society of Miss-informed" I want to express my welcome to at least half of the posters on this article. Our meetings are held on Monday mornings. Tomorrow we will be addressing how to rant and rave about football at the University of Tennessee, and how to raise our blood pressure and heart rate after talking about stuff we know nothing about, plus the art of manufacturing a bunch of BS that will get all of our members stomping their feet and pointing fingers will also be covered. We will have some demonstrations on how to include the basketball program into our ranting as well.

I am expecting a big turnout. Please don't forget to wear your big Fulmer jerseys. There will be a prize for the person who can fabricate the best "un-truth" about Doug Dickey. First Prize will be an autographed picture of Coach Dooley's pants, Second Prize will be a 2-pack of DVD's of the Arkansas and Kentucky games of 2011. Third Prize will a video of the UT fans leaving the Vanderbilt Stadium mid-way through the 3rd Quarter.

Please don't bring your wife or girl friend...they might actually have some form of knowledge about the game football.

See you there. Please don't start without me.

P.S. John Adams is having some problems with his Pinto...could someone please swing by KNS and pick him up.

VolFanInTheBoro (Inactive) writes:

in response to SevenT:

UT's Hiring Grade = C-

how is Cats hoops doing this year

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