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murrayvol writes:

Congratulations John! Well deserved honor.

murrayvol writes:

in response to pms151:

One thing about Biddle most folks in East TN do not know. He is close friends with Steve Spurrier.

That's what Joe says. What does Spurrier say? :{)

murrayvol writes:

in response to born2ride:

Good time to retire.

That's what Vicki said to Phil after the 1999 Fiesta Bowl.

BigOrangeRock writes:


Olddogsrule writes:

in response to jjk:

Why? Because he tells the truth about how bad UT football has been, and he just gives his opinion? You don't have to agree with it, that's what he gets paid to do.

Typed with my thumb on a smartphone-not gonna edit spelling an such:---
Claptrap!!!!! "tells the truth about haw bad UT is" ... and others saying "he's just keeping it real" , MALARKY! No one, least of all myself, wants the sports news provided through orange tinred glasses. As I said, no need for Pollyana to be at the keyboard. It's little johnnyboy's style, always satirical, always sarcastic, always demeaning, very often backstabbing (as when he encouraged all fans who purchased a paper, those wih subscriptions, and those like me who won't pay a dime out of their own pocket to kns as long as johnnyboy is there but are willing to read some of their sports on here ... to stay away from games to induce UT to change coaching regimes. How much did THAT cost our Volunteer athletic program!!!??? He's a pathetic excuse for a sportswriter. But, KNS, which SHOULD BE the premier site for Vols news across the board, for fans, for potential recruits amd their families insists on keeping him even after replacing him as sports editor. Truth is truth. It needs to be aired out. johnnyboy, however, sees it as his 'style' to juxtapose the truth with sarcasm, satire, and plain ol meanness. Following sports in your hometown newspaper should be fun, whether your're team is the BCS champ, or if it's the conference doormat, with all it's warts and wrinkles exposed. But johnnyboy enjoys his backstabbing sarcasm too much, and has raised up a whoole generation of readers on his trivial "wit", (so they know no other-the Adams Koolaide drinkers if you will)- and they "like it" much as a kid raised by abusive parents loves dear old mom an pop. All you Adams Koolaide drinkers can keep going home and pay for your beatings, intelligent fans will cancel home subscriptions, tell the circulation department why, and maybe, just maybe, we can get the sorry excuse for a sportswriter replaced.

Futurecoach16 writes:

I would absolutely love to read what these Adams-Bashers would write if they were in his shoes. Reading some of the comments that are posted remind me of middle school students' English papers.

This award is no different than those that win Oscars or Grammys. It is voted on by his peers, who have a knowledge of the profession unlike many people on here.

It baffles that people STILL don't understand how the newspaper business works today. It isn't about the number of papers actually being sold: it is about the number of hits/posts on the articles/columns (he is a columnist, not a journalist, which people don't understand either). You're not doing yourselves any favors posting "JA you suck" on the comment wall. The KNS doesn't care what you write, just that you're writing. As the Agenda Setting Theory states: the media doesn't tell you what to think, but rather what to think about. And with all these comments, Adams is doing a helluva job.

jone8191#247590 writes:

I think John Adams does a great job, that he earned the award and is very deserving. Sometimes he makes me laugh and that is a good thing. Come to think of it, reading John might be the most enjoyable thing about being a Vols during the past year.

KVCrockett writes:

Lots of JA bashing going on here, and I still dont think I deserve bieng banned from posting.

climberNeeds2workATwendys writes:

start listing the products that the paper runs ads for that your now not buying..that would get the paper's attention.

Olddogsrule writes:

Hey futurecoach16 ... That thar Tennessee Sportswriters Assn. ain't quite cher Oscar or Grammy! It's a buncha folks here in Tennessee passing around props on theyselfs. Yer bashin' o' thuh bashers sayin' ther posts are likin to a chile still in his primers purty much falls to splinters rite thar! An if'n thas all you got, it's as sartin as death an taxes you won't be coachin' nobody.

HartfordCTvol writes:

This is awesome! I'm so glad that you whiny maggots that constantly blast Adams for doing his job get to see this happen. I think a great deal of us that read this column think he does well and apparently his peers do too. Sorry basement-dwelling Trekkies!

Olddogsrule writes:

in response to HartfordCTvol:

This is awesome! I'm so glad that you whiny maggots that constantly blast Adams for doing his job get to see this happen. I think a great deal of us that read this column think he does well and apparently his peers do too. Sorry basement-dwelling Trekkies!

Thuh fanci house ah've owned fer so long ah ferget ain't got no cellar. An ah couddn't say an actor on thet trek show but kirk an spok. Ah favors thuh classic movie channel an sports, lak thuh Especially Stupid Prognosticators Network an CSS. An ah take sum little offense at bein' called a whiny maggott. Why, Ol' Son thar's a buncha us on here howlin' like a redbone on a cougars scent!

BuckFama writes:

Just listen to an archive the 10-noon show on WNML yesterday and listen to the first five minutes. It's this huge defense of Adams and how he's such a nice guy, so misunderstood, so fair, and how criticism doesn't bother him. Apparently the criticism is widespread.

Ultimately, who really cares about a writer's induction into a writer's hall of fame? That writer and his family? That's pretty much it. So ... congrats JA.

Olddogsrule writes:

Well, I can't stand my own "style" above. As far as, 'who cares about johnnyboy's awards'? I actually do. A Pulitzer will never be awarded to a sportswrier, and I do not know what awards are promulgated for sports print journalism on a national scale, how one would be nominated, etc. So next, for our little town would be say, a southeastern sports writers association, assuming one even exists, and then state and local. So now johnnyboy has a plaque to hang on his "wall of fame", one step up from local. Not even close to the level of an Oscar,Grammy, or CMA. Well, good for him. It was about time since these local awards surely get 'turn about' to some extent and johhnyboys one of "the last men standing' as it were. He can show it to his grandkids and others who may care.

And he may be quite a personalbe guy if you got to know him. But as for me and, obviously, a whole lot of other folks, it's the back stabbing sarcastic journalistic "style" he's stuck in that pulls enough vacuum to suck start a 747. And, in our opinions, he's done an amazing amount of damage to the Volunteer Spirit through the years by his mean spirited 'journalistic freedoms as a columnist'. We'd love to see him replaced with an even handed columnist with journalistic integrity. One who'd do a much, much better job of introducing us to the players, coaches, and program. One who, even though reporting on the very same issues johnnyboy does, when read by potential recruits and their families, whould not be leaving them with a sour taste in their mouth for the University of Tennessee and the Volunteers ... and East Tennessee in general.

mbchaudron writes:

Ha. Hahaha. Ha..haha. Hahahaha. "We'd like to thank John for continually belittling his fanbase and insulting Tennesseans in general. John, we always knew you were smarter than they were, and you continued to prove it in every column you wrote. Without you they would continue to think that Tennessee athletics could be relevant again. Here's the keys to the cities of Tuscaloosa and Gainesville, and hell we've asked Notre Dame to add you to the portrait of Touchdown Jesus. You're a helluva guy, John." Ha.

mbchaudron writes:

However, congrats to Joe Biddle. He's from my hometown and a graduate of my high school alma mater and of East Tennessee State University, my former employer. Joe, Sorry you have to be inducted with this joker.

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