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ViT writes:

in response to RoyaltyVol:

"Sentimore played in all 12 games for the Vols in 2012, starting nine and recording 18 tackles, 4.0 sacks, and 5.0 tackles for loss. He also recorded six quarterback hurries and recovered one fumble for Tennessee."

Wow, you mean you can play in the NFL with those stats? If he is drafted it will be LATE rounds.

He'll get an agent who can spin those numbers. After all, they probably account for 90% of the team's tackles outside of AJ :P

bigorangejungle writes:

Mychal Rivera and Zach Rogers will be bigger loses for UT than Hunter and Patterson. MR & ZR were better team players and not showboating attention hounds. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind having them around another year, but guys like JH & CP don't make winning teams.

Theo writes:

Wishing good luck to all of these guys.
Could think of strong reasons why each of these guys should stay but if I were Santa Claus these are the gifts I would give each of them:
For CP - the discipline to run good routes. NFL quarterbacks will not long throw to someone who is not where they are supposed to be.
For JH - toughness. Maybe it was just me but I was never sure we got 100% of Justine's effort. Always felt like, particularly after his injury, he was tentative. Can't blame him. After that injury I would have curled up into a ball for a long time. But the NFL is full of DBs looking for any hesitancy.
For TB - Maturity, maturity, maturity. Is someone 12 months removed from throwing golf balls at parked cars really ready to lead an NFL team?
For DS - better friends and advisors. Someone in DS's life has really let him down regarding this decision. To be generous, he is not a sure pick and now he does not have at least a college degree to fall back on. This is a shame.

Shake_Bake writes:

Wait until they see the size of the NFL Play book! Wait until they learn they have to attend several meetings, and practice often! There is much more to the NFL than just playing on Sundays. It takes a lot of discipline and a serious level of commitment. Will these three make the adjustment to life in the NFL? Time will tell...

UTVolWarrior98 writes:

Good bye! I can see why Alabama dogged this guy. He played SOFT..nothing special AT ALL. Just one of the many underachievers of this once proud program..nothing new.

richard42 writes:

It amazes me that every article talks about all other vols players however is remiss in mentioning how Mychal Rivera is doing..the young man did great for his team and fans at tennessee. Watch for him in the upcoming combine if february. I beleive he will be one of the talent standouts at his position and will suprise a lot of people at draft time

richard42 writes:

in response to bigorangejungle:

Mychal Rivera and Zach Rogers will be bigger loses for UT than Hunter and Patterson. MR & ZR were better team players and not showboating attention hounds. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind having them around another year, but guys like JH & CP don't make winning teams.

Your Right! Watch for Mychal in the combine and at this years draft.....going to be one of the best talents at his position and gonna suprise a lot of folks! VOL for life!

SignalMtnVol writes:

in response to PUL4VOLS:

So these guys are gone. No surprise with Bray, Hunter and Patterson. Sentimore, needed another year but he is not reading this site. The poster who said just give Patterson the ball and get out of the way, have you watched the NFL at all? Patterson is a phenomenal college football player but the NFL is another animal. He may become a quick returner but has a long way to go as a quality NFL receiver. Bray will have to get on the right team and be teachable, keep his attitude in check, learn and grow or yeah his career will never get off the ground. Hunter has work to do also. Sentimore, I find it hard to see his being drafted but some team will likely give him a shot. Best to them all. We'd love to have them back if they would sell out to the new system. But they chose othewise and so adios!

Agree. I see CP as a Devin Hester type returner right off the bat, with a much larger upside than Hester at the receiver position. All the tools are there.

VolsSquid writes:

in response to AtopTheHill06:

Tip for all NFL teams: Draft CP, get him the ball, and get out of the way.

Yep....Exactly! He plays like it's playground was a refreshing site in an otherwise dehydrated year.

GOJO writes:

Luck to you Darrington Sentimore. You will need it.

RollTideJoe writes:

in response to Sunshine27:

Folks, Sentimore has no where to go. He's not eligible academically. He's a low character person who cashed in his worthless chips. No way he gets drafted. He'll sign a free agent contract and get cut quickly. He was a non factor on a pitiful defense...he didn't do squat. Just being honest here. He received moronic advice....I suggest summer school and pray for a miracle.

He was recruited to Bama, but failed academically. Plus, Saban didn't want him after JUCO because he "takes off too much". He'll play one play, sit down on the next. And he wasn't committed to class and grades. Frankly, if he puts out half the time in the pros, he won't last long.

kevininaugustageorgia writes:

in response to iowavol:

First and foremost, I'd like to thank these guys for being Volunteers and secondly, best of luck on draft day and even more luck in practice. No doubt all four will at least end up in summer camp. I don't know about most underclassmen going pro early, but it seems like they typically either issue a press release or have an interview thanking the fans they are leaving. Have we heard a peep out of Bray?

I read where he told someone he loved playing college ball for UT and may have stayed for his senior season if his OC had not changed.

He also said that he loved Tennessee and their fans.

Obviously, he didn't read this site too much, not that I blame him.

OwensboroVol writes:

I guess Worley will be the man next fall. He disappointed this year when placed in the games. I have to hope it was not being properly prepared for playing by the coaching staff. If not, unless we sign a all world quarterback we may be looking at another long year.

RashaadSalabeb writes:

I wish them all luck and thank them for coming to UT. I personally think they all 4 are in for a rude awakening.

Go Vols!

straightshooter writes:

I think it a positive Bray is leaving. He only had the last year to improve and become a solid QB and what is one year for this team. Much better to have an underclassman who can get better with the team and have something to build on for 2014 rather than starting out cold with an inexperienced QB again. Overall, Bray was a biiiiiiig disappointment.

wayoutwill writes:

in response to PhilthyPhil:

I bet Sentimore's grades are bad or maybe he's just too cool for school. Otherwise, I can't see leaving now and getting drafted in rounds 5-7 IF AT ALL.

Sentimore was gone either way and most folks close to the players grapevine knew it,his attitude and demeanor never changed even after he was informed that he could leave 'bama or sit the pine for his stay,and he was talented enuff to be a decent S.E.C. starter,terrible work ethnic,attitude and a real cancer to a young team,no he won't be drafted and I can't imagine him ever seeing a down in the N.F.L. and frankly am relieved to see him gone from our program,he is an embarasment to the program and only the desparation we were in to get some d-line brought him here to begin with.

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