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Scoon writes:

in response to underthehill:

It also smells worse up there..all the horse phooey is a health hazard ..look what it has done to you..the increased odor should not keep UT's fireball team under wraps (not rap)..

Lol!! Now, THAT was funny!! ... "look what it has done to you" ... my hind leg!!

Hey, undies, can vols rap??

Snapshot writes:

in response to SevenT:

It really doesn't matter, the average Tennessee Fan does not understand a skill game like Basketball. This is not a good Kentucky team and they will probably lose a lot more games this season but certainly not to this dump Vol program.

Hey seventeen, aren't you even going to mention ky losing to Tx. A&M. At Rupp no less.

I heard Calapari say he wanted his team to play like the ala. football team. Someone said they did, they just lost to Tx. A&M. LOL

Scoon writes:

in response to OrangeAndBlueWaffles88:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

But, you are not stunned that the Cats have owned you in your own arena.

hikerdude writes:


KVCrockett writes:

in response to Show-me-your-TDs:

DOOMED! I tell you, DOOMED!!

Love your name! But are you from MISSOURI? It is the SHOW ME state.

PennVol writes:

When your offense is built around passing the ball around the perimeter until the shot clock is running out and then brick up a 3, you're not gonna win.

UTVolWarrior98 writes:

This bunch of soft tulips will stay in the game for the most part of it, then the wheels will fall off as usual. Martin CANNOT coach! This team already knows its going to lose just on the mere fact that they are going to play in Rupp Arena. A loss is already in their mind, dont be fooled. A good team would probably lose tonight. This team is atrocious and will end up getting embarrassed. I hope Im wrong, but Ive been following this program for too long now and know how they crumble.


emailnodata (Inactive) writes:

"Rupp Magic"

10 ft's to 0 for UT in the first half.

Never ends.

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