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HighPlainsVol writes:

in response to GlennFordsFoible:

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Glenn, surely you aren't saying the Wimpy Irish are getting by on 2/3* recruits are you. The Domers have always been able to attract highly rated athletes because of the name and tradition. However, they have done poorly at signing the 4/5* guys who can really play, plus frequently signing kids who don't fit their system. As for the 2/3* guys, here's the real poop on ND recruiting since 2011:

2011: 8-4* 2-5*
2012 8-4 1-5
2013 14-4* 2-5* (Verbals)

We're not going to compete for SEC honors until we start getting the, big, strong, fast 4/5* players again.

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