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volcraze writes:

in response to 60s70s80s90s00s10sallvol:

Crompton was a good prospect out of N.C. He came to Tennessee during one of the toughest stretches in UT history. He must be pretty good, how many of you naysayers have every made a dime from your vast athletic talent? He kept his nose clean played hard for 3 different Coordinators and has had a not untypical attempt at living his dream of playing pro football and doing what he loves. He is a Vol for life. I respect and appreciate the kids who give it their all for Tennessee. Even Bray, not that I approve or applaud some of his actions, but for those of you who never did anything stupid in college, cast your stones, sorry for your boring life. How could anyone wish Crompton or Bray anything but the best? Most of the mouths on this site never played a down in HS let alone anything after HS. The ugliness and negativity is reflective of poor self esteem, bitterness, Godlessness, immaturity and hopelessness. This behavior is ridiculous and does nothing but negatively reflect on the program. I can barely read this site anymore. Get a clue. I cheer with bright eyes everyone who chose to wear the orange. All Vol all the time. Get real.

That was a fantastic post. Thank You...

tenuscvol writes:

Gotta believe Flutie made more than that!

Assuming inflation, I would guess QBs would have been making 30K in the '80s....just curious...


Olddogsrule writes:


Sorry, I know this is off topic. Take a peek above in the "From Around the Web" links and see the Rant Sports link to the article,

'Expect These College Football Programs to Be on the Decline in 2013'



Not only old news, 162 day old ancient news, dead news, not even news anymore, irrelevant and, much by now, incorrect information, and has nothing to do with current news for all the teams listed.

Once again, you the KNS editors and staff lay your incompetence out in public for everyone to see. With such blatant disregard for current news, and taking the easy way out by putting up 'some sort of football news in the off season', it is no wonder the Knoxville News Sentinel is held in such low regard by so many.

That kind of 'non-news' is just one of the reasons why I cancelled my print delivery years ago. I won't pay good money for a print paper useful just for its coupons, to light the fireplace, or wrap up the garbage.

Putting out 162 day old not-news-anymore will result in the eventual demise of the Knoxville News Sentinel, sooner rather than later, as well it should.

bob1234 writes:

Eskimo/CFL fan here. Backup CFL QBs make about 80-120 thousand a year. The top 3-4 star QBs in the league make about 400-450 thousand a year. Jonathan Crompton will probably be competing for the practice roster 4th string QB spot for the Eskimos with Jacory Harris. Matt Nichols and Mike Reilly will be competing for 1/2. CFL Veteran Kerry Joseph is likely being handed the 3rd string spot since Nichols and Reilly haven't started much. What can the Eskimos expect from Crompton? Is he more of a pocket passer? What are his strengths/weaknesses?

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