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VolGrad writes:

in response to kazoo:

I don't know. I hope he's great--but his height might be a problem. At 6'3 he's already /very tall/ for a RB, and he may still be growing. There is a reason most RBs are compact and not very tall--they are not easy to see behind blockers, and more important, they are not so easy to tackle when they are running low. Hurd will not be able to run low, and he'll be a big target. Fingers crossed.

“Even though he’s 6-3, his pad level is very good,” Crabtree said. “He runs like a 5-10 running back.”

This isn't just a biased coach's assessment. Check out his highlights and watch the runs he makes up the middle. He freaking disappears on a couple of them, and you think he has been tackled when he suddenly emerges from the pack and outruns the rest to the endzone.

How many of us would have loved having a CP in the backfield? Well Jalen can go outside or inside effectively. I don't think CP could have been an up the middle kind of guy. Jalen has proven he is very good at that and can do the end around as well. Watch those highlights.

Also, at the 5A State Championship game, he ran for 397 yards and 7 touchdowns. You would have to assume any team that actually makes it to the 5A championship game is not exactly a cream-puff HS team.

He may very well out-grow his position, but getting low doesn't seem to be a problem for this kid right now.

Go Vols!

johnnyboy writes:

The coach is trying to ruin his future if Hurd carries the ball 35-40 times a game. Beech will destroy most of their opponents, and he needs to keep Hurd's future career in mind. RB's already have a short shelf life. Use him when needed coach but don't just try and run up some gaudy statistics....he's already got his scholarship!

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