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mbh422 writes:

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Who's Kentucky's quarterback ....I forget... I didn't forget, I just don't give a s***...

I predict another 4-8 years in your mama's basement, Pretty sad for a 30 something year old.... you can have your cigarette now

Well Said!! So true no doubt.

BluezVol writes:

I'm not offensive guru, but with this O-line, stable of backs, talented but somewhat unproven TE and highly sought after WRs, if the QB can just hand off without fumbling, throw w/o INT in the flat to a TE and dump off a screen pass, I think we'll be fine. When mid-season gets here the offensive play book can be leveraged further. K.I.S.S. - keep it simple so-and-so

johnlg00 writes:

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Bray, Worley, you, me, and pretty much everybody else is a mixture of more and less desireable qualities. Anybody who appreciates athletic excellence had to marvel at Bray's arm. All bUTch and I were saying is that Bray wasn't an unmixed blessing for all his talent. I agree completely about Bray's lack of coaching, etc. My point is that Worley, or whoever the starting QB turns out to be, will likely get better coaching than Bray did. He may be more likely to follow a game plan. It is not a knock on a player's ability to say that he benefits from good coaching; the reverse is also true--a bad coach can ruin the best talent.

Truly, we don't know Worley or anybody else will be what we need at QB. But you don't know that they WON'T. As for what kind of QB Jones is looking for, for one thing he has stated things that mostly look to smarts and game management rather than physical attributes. He has had running QBs, throwing QBs, tall, short, etc. He has shown remarkable flexibility in tailoring his offense to what his best QB does best.

And yeah, the lines may well be seriously depleted of experience after this season. Some of us posters have expressed our hopes for a strong haul of linemen with the remaining scholarships. There are always JCs, transfers, etc. The Vols will probably be able to find at least nine guys who can play the lines. They might be great; they might not be. Anyway, if they don't get through this year on some kind of uptick, next year's obstacles may be too much. But I see no use in us fans worrying ourselves over that now.


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Actually, when paraphrasing the second quote, I forgot the 4th reason...they are paid to hate to drive up the hit count on the website.

On an unrelated topic, I get to send the better part of a weekend in Jackson in a couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll get my fill of greasy veggies, veggie soup and griddle cornbread from Casey Jones Village.

You unlucky

johnlg00 writes:

Everybody who has serious doubts about the team finding a competent QB should keep in mind that if you think Worley, for example, looked bad in what you saw of him, Dooley and staff were his coaches, too. If the starting QB suffered from bad coaching, how much worse off were the backups who didn't even have that many practice repetitions?

Now, if these guys had any talent to begin with--and for certain values of "talent", they did--then it should be more than possible that, when they get the majority of the attention from a more demanding and supportive coaching staff and most of the practice reps, they will be better.

Of course, most of the pessimists decry Jones' coaching ability--although with no real evidence; and what there is doesn't support a negative judgment now--so they may not believe the QBs will GET better coaching. If you believe that, all I can say is that we will all see how it plays out over time. Until then, relax or do whatever it is you do to get in the football frame of mind. GO VOLS!!!

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