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snowvol writes:

I was a huge critic of the black trim on the road jerseys for years. Thankfully, it's gone. Also gone, the black adidas logo on both the home and away jerseys. Another good move. Finally, an alternate uniform... it looks great, it will never supplant orange and white, and if the players/recruits dig it, they're the ones who matter most.

If you want to paint your home a color your neighbors dislike, will you change course? No, you'll do what's right for you. UT came up with an alternate uniform - the players love it, recruits love it... it looks cool, but hardly in the category of Oregon Obnoxious.

rbrandon writes:

One thing missing, seem to have left out the helmet, the tie doesn't go with the jacket. Need to drop back and punt on this one. Personally I would prefer a orange helmet and leave the traditional uniform as is. The General would roll over in his grave over this excuse of a uniform.

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