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Sunshine27 writes:

in response to kazoo:

Fulmer is totally FOS. His comments totally lack class. He was by far the biggest reason for the program's deterioration--and now he tries to pretend that that wasn't the case. It's the administration's fault! Please--man up, dude. This was his problem in his last several years as head coach--always making excuses and sidestepping the blame. I've come to dislike the man.

It is always a risk to fire someone in the SEC, even a poor or mediocre coach, because the conference is so good and you never quite know what you're getting with the new guy. Kiffin would have quickly turned the program around--we just got very unlucky when Carroll suddenly resigned. I won't say that Dooley was a good coach, or might have been--but when he took over the SEC was probably the toughest it has been in 40 years. bama, florida and georgia were all top 10 teams--auburn won a national title; even kentucky, miss. state and vandy were much improved. When Fulmer took over, the SEC was not nearly as strong--florida was the only great team; georgia was decent but not exceptional, and all of the SEC west teams were in a trough==not good. I'm sorry Fulmer is so delusional--but I've come to expect it from Mr. Excuse Maker.

Brilliant comment! You sir are my new best friend....Fulmer stabbed Majors in the back and got what he had coming to him. He undermined Majors, who probably needed to go, but not how Fulmer did it. In D1 football, especially the SEC, you cannot take a year or 4 off....that fat turd stabbed UT, former players, alumni, and present students in the back.. No respect for the pig.

OwensboroVol writes:

I think a lot of old timers would agree with Phil on this. I do. It was clear during the Bruce Pearl debacle that the Administration on the hill, Jimmy Cheeks and Mike Hamilton, had neither the courage or the will to do the right thing. The NCAA people recognized this and came in and ran our Athletic Department to get what they wanted which WAS NOT in the best interest of the University of Tennessee.

GloryDays writes:

in response to JonGrudensAgent:

Most of these "administrative" problems with higher admittance standards can be traced back to Cheek, who became chancellor in 2009.

Fulmer was fired in 2008.

Nice job of revisionist history by Phil once again but he has no one to blame but himself.

Lousy personnel decisions in Sanders and Clawson along with a complete disregard in recruiting his last 5 years or so led to his demise.

He thought he was bulletproof and found out he wasn't. He has also found out he wasn't the in demand coach he claimed to be over the years. Instead of being humbled by it, he turns on the spin machine once again.

It really is that simple.

The only thing really simple is you! Your name says it all!

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