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kevinlimbo#326134 writes:


All we have to do is tip it off to beat Tiger High.


layoff of jwraymond1!!!! he is there every day at practice, in the locker room, and huddles on the bench. he hears everything lofton says. so he has to be an expert on the situation.GET A LIFE JW!

johnlg00 writes:

Whoa, kevinlimbo! Have you not noticed that we have trouble with big strong rebounding teams? Have you not seen Joey Dorsey? Do you not realize that Memphis's offense depends on offensive rebounding, while we allow offensive rebounds on well over one-third of opponent possessions? If you are thinking back to the beatdown we put on them last year, just remember that 1) this year we are playing in Memphis; 2) last year Lofton had a game for the ages against them, something he has not approached so far this year; and 3) Rose is an enormous upgrade over the ball-handling they have had in the past. I think we CAN beat them if we do everything right, but if you think all we have to do is show up...well, it's nice to always expect a miracle(;-). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everybody!

daddyaxe writes:

pearl is the man....let him coach all around game i have seen this year...bring it gonzaga

bleed_orange writes:

GREAT WIN! It seemed like an SEC road game or maybe even more like a tournament game. Before this game I was thinking about J.P.,Josh or even Chris taking some of Ramar's PG minutes away from him, but I have to say Ramar stepped it up a couple of notches and played a solid game. Chris gets fouled so much it's not even funny. Wayne is still taking the 3's, but he is playing better inside too. I thought we really hustled at the end of the game. Of course we got beat on the boards again, but we won the TO's and good FT shooting. We also won in the transition game. Oh, and WOW - J.P. came to play. I know he can play any position on the court, but I think the Wing is his most natural spot on the floor. I cann't sign off without saying that ther was alot of home cooking going on by the REfs. Best game so far. GO VOLS- BEAT GONZAGA!

Richmondvol writes:

We got eaten alive on rebounds....again. Concerning, but I am sure Coach is working on it...good to see free throws improved.

bleed_orange writes:

I also watced the Memphis/Georgetown game. Memphis looked better than I thought they were. One big weakness that both teams have though, TN shoot better than both of them from the foul line. That's scary. To beat Memphis, TN will have to be hot from the 3, rebound better and use all our fouls wisely and put them on the foul line. We can beat them, but I don't think we can beat them and the Ref's in the same night (plus Home court advantage). GO VOLS!

jkdinpcola#255151 writes:

mbum...correcting a priest? What are you thinking? You, sir, obviously don't realize the seriousness of your offense. If you were in Catholic school there would be about 100 chalkboard erasers coming at your head right about now!!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Just musing, what would the sidelines be like with Pearl and Trooper, if he was a b-ball assistant? Clipboards and technicals both flying, chest-bumpin', trash-talkin'. Probably resemble Arkie of few years ago, "40 minutes of H##l".

DenmarkVol_aka_Mbumburu writes:

hdhurst, very interesting. That would FORCE CL to be a playmaker. And it would FORCE Chism to play like a big man and stay inside/very near the paint.

Some food for thought: Chism and Lofton had the same number of rebounds for the game -- 5. Unbelievable.

Chism had five rebounds and Xavier's 4/5 guy, Derrick Brown, had 13. Brown is 6'7" and 220 lbs. -- Chism is 6'9" and 242 lbs.

There is absolutely no excuse for Chism not banging the boards if he's at the 4 or 5 spot. If we are to excel, Chism MUST be a rebounding monster.

If we have an Achilles Heel at this point in the season, it's rebounding.

In terms of rebounding margin, we are ranked 216th nationally out of 328 teams. We have a negative rebounding margin of -0.9.

I have every confidence that Bruce Almighty is painfully aware of this and is working the issue hard.

FatherVol writes:

mbumburu -- Thank you for your gracious mercy. You, Sir, are correct; it should have been "efficacy."

jevolball7 -- Sir, for a person who has never made a mistake in your life you are a mean-spirited ____. (The ability to accomplish that for which it was intended.)

kevinlimbo -- Have you seen Memphis play? By the way, I like the screen name; I hope it has no bearing on your state of being. LOL

jkdinpcola -- Thank you for coming to my defense, but I did make an error while inadvertantly coining a word and I am grateful for the correction. Your memories (I make a presumption here) of Catholic school brought back memories of my own. Thank you for that, too.

FatherVol writes:

DSaVol, I will tell Cal what you said, but do you really want to give him something he can pass on to the Tiger players as added fuel for motivation? Believe me, last year's humiliation at the hands of the Vols is all they really need. Even Rose knows about the game in Knoxville last Decemeber.

martinvolfan writes:

Way to play tough on the road vols! If that game was coached by any of our past 3 coaches it would have ended in a Loss. Having a coach with passion for the game and a lot of smart play calls is a great CHRISTmas present!

jevolball7 writes:

I simply meant it was a word out plce on a board where most can't spell very well I don't care if he's a priest or a butcher,baker or candlestick maker.I don't darken the doors of institutions that I'm supposed to give my money away. Unless I need to laugh at the flock of blind sheep or neen a good nap

budrhon writes:

bleed orange I watched the Tiger/Hoya game also, the thing with Memphis is they are extremely quick in transistion. The Vols are quick, but the difference will be in the individual match ups. I don't see the Vols handling Dorsey/Dozier in the middle and Derek Rose will be hard to keep up with. Flip side is can they defend Lofton and now the emergence of JP will add another wrinkle. But with that being said it'll be a classic one to watch. Can't wait.

DSaVol writes:

FatherVol...tell the great cheater whatever you'd like but just be sure to tell him he's going to wish he would have given in to BP and scheduled this game for December. YOU of all people should know CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER!!! Before it's all over, he'll have Mempiss on probation just like he did at UMass - and don't anybody tell me he didn't know all that was going on there either.

WhoDey writes:

The complaints on this site over the officiating have been preposterous. Xavier shot a grand total of 7 more free throws than Tennessee. The disparity seems about correct with the number of fast break points Tennessee had.

Now, the officiating throughout was abysmal. The technical on Pearl was nonsense and the technical on Miller was very, very poor. But, to think it favored one side over the other is a complete misread. I'm a Xavier fan and my voice has not completely returned from booing the referees. As an aside, it appeared to be an all SEC crew...none has done an A-10 game that has involved X.

Here's hoping both Tennessee and Auburn have good SEC seasons.

johnlg00 writes:

Jevolball7, just because you don't recognize a word doesn't mean it isn't one! Of course, judging by your spelling and punctuation, there are probably lots of words you don't recognize. Any Catholic priest in the world is better educated than you seem to be. FatherVol is clearly more gracious than any of us, since, as is taught in the Bible, he gave the "soft answer that turns away wrath" in the face of your ill-tempered slam. If you have anything interesting to say about Vol sports, which is what this site is about, feel free, but otherwise keep your ignorant, ill-mannered sneers to yourself.

kevinlimbo#326134 writes:

FatherVol I've seen Tiger High play, and they look like any other Calipari Team.

My point is the only way we're going to know what it's going to take is by playing the game, and Bruce Pearl teams have more heart than the talent heavy Calipari teams. They can talk team concept all they want in east Arkansas.

With this Vol Team we don't know which part of it is going to be the game changer. Could be Prince off the dribble, Lofton from behind the arc, Jujuan from various places(he's a bit streaky), R. Smith penetration, Tyler making clutch plays, or combination of all of the above offensively--and of course defense and turnovers. Now I don't hold out any hope that free throws made will be what wins it for UT.

kevinlimbo#326134 writes:

BTW johlg00, did you not realize or notice my post had nothing in it about just showing up? However, I did realize and noticed that your post needed to make that assumption.

FatherVol writes:

kevinlimbo, it just might be free throws that win it for the Vols against Memphis. The Tigers are much worse that we at hitting those gimmies.

johnlg00, I thank you for your kind words. I shall say a pray for you tonight at Midnight Mass.

jevolball07, don't worry; I'm praying for you, too.

DenmarkVol_aka_Mbumburu writes:

johnlg00, you must be an Alabama grad.
"Efficaciousness" is not a word I can find in any dictionary of the English language.

Maybe you're using Forrest's Alabama dictionary?

I am indeed correct: the correct word to use in FatherVol's post was "efficacy."

Look it up -- and Merry Christmas!

phi0129 writes:

Memphis is looking stout, that is going to be one heck of a dogfight for us. Especially since we waxed them last year and beat them in their house the year before.

But for the game, what heart our boys have! They played their butts off to get that W. Ramar came up HUGE at the end of the game and Prince was one cocky bad@$@ just putting it to those guys.

THE REFFING WAS HORRIBLE. There was definite Xavier favoritism no matter what that guy up above said. Did anyone notice the ESPN announcers though? They were all over Xavier's nuts. Especially the first half. They would comment about how terrible we were and our shots were and then get down on their knees praising Xavier every time they even made a decent pass. It was one of the most unprofessional and appalling things I have ever seen on national TV.

lnbadger320 writes:

phi0129 i think memphis beat us at there house, we came back and killed them last year.

it's got to be a pretty wild crown there, xavier has always been a tough team. and you know the alcohol has to get them pumped up to cheer. we needed a win in that type of environment to get ready the sec.

jevolball7 writes:

Johnlg00,thanks so much for policing this site. R U on the force? I didn't get my M B A at seminary school!

yabadabadoo1026 writes:

on come onnnnnnn Phi0129, you're not watching the games for entertainment/enjoyment value if you are paying so much notice of stuff to be "appalled" about-----methinks you and other vols who are always whining about officiating and media commentary are just too paranoid and thin-skinned. GENERALLY if officiating is suspect it goes both ways but if their may be a homecourt bias sometimes we are on the receiving end of such also---there is no mass anti-tenn conspiracy out there as so many of you suggest. I think commentators call them as they see them with generally little if any bias---its just that some of you guys are overly focused on finding stuff to be "appalled" by---if a team jacking up/forceing bad shots and shooting bricks I have no problem them saying so---you are selectively listening for commentary to condemn--they praised Prince a lot----THERE IS NO ANTI-VOL CONSPIRACY just vol supporter paranoia in many cases

LongtimeVol writes:

johnlg00, you must be an Alabama grad.
"Efficaciousness" is not a word I can find in any dictionary of the English language.

Then you need a better dictionary, because it is in both the Webster Unabridged and the OED that I have. FatherVol's use and spelling are both correct, though the shorter version "efficacy" is more likely to be recognized. They are synonymous, or synonyms if you prefer. You can look it up.

LongtimeVol writes:

As for the Memphis game, I understand all of the smack talk and testosterone, but that is a very dangerous game against a very formidable team. We will have to play at the top of our game to win that one. Memphis is a much better team than the one we destroyed in Knoxville last year. Someone is going to have to step up in the paint. This may well be a game that is won by coaching, because as good as Cal is at recruiting, he isn't that great a game day coach whereas Bruce is. I believe in Pearl!

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