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vol4jesus writes:

Mr. Wilder(AirfarceOne) wake up and get out of anti-VOL land.Stick to your flying Commander & Chief. Your broadbrush statement about VOL program shows a lack of 'thinking through b4 posting.'

CRvol I am shocked that you acknowledged that I exist. Do you want me to comment on the embarrassing event? Want Jones and Paige booted and recruit dropped from our list? Will be handled, just not the way alot of us want it possibly. What is your take?

ccantrell#227456 writes:

Kids will be kids....

feathersax writes:

AFO...don't think I'd be throwing stones after the sad occurence a few years ago; a KY player died from a drinking binge & the over-reaction was the Beer Barrel was retired. Does your kitties beating vandie bring out this sort of madness? Whine on the Cat's Paw, not around here.

bernardking writes:

I would just let airforceone continue to post his idiotical BS.

This is an unfortunate incident that you CAN'T blame on Fulmer. Those of you who do have either never played a college sport or just don't know any better.

Jones and Paige will be disciplined as much as the rules will allow. Yes, it is a big deal. But to the idiots calling them thugs.......get a life or crawl back under your rocks

bsvolfan#325031 writes:

Thank you for changing the headline to read cited instead of arrested. The key to the whole story in my mind. NOBODY WAS ARRESTED!

RemembertheAlamo writes:

way to go guys.....should we call Hampton to see if there is room for you guys to go there with Coker?

rabidvol1998 writes:

Can't these guys handle positive momentum? There should be a stiff penalty for this. Lot's of running, lost priviledges and a two game suspension.

I don't know what role assistant coaches play in determining consequences, but I hope Clawson and Scott lay down the law right now.

rootin4volz writes:


GerryOP writes:

Fulmer & Co. probably knew about this as they stood there Saturday morning telling us "how great it was gonna' be?"

bUTchVFL writes:

I will be interested to see how many of those kids from the weekend sign with UT. Pitiful way to start the offseason.

WYLOVER writes:

Jones must gotten the pot from Cutcliffe or whoever called for the 'g gun' offsense against Wisconsin.

ctownvol writes:

"If you want to criticize something, how about this: people with money, status, high position, etc. get off easier than other folks."
DUH! That's the way it works now and has ALWAYS worked. I certainly don't like it any more than you do since I am not one of those who get off easy.
Did anyone else notice that airfarce was now using email to belittle UT? I guess his fax machine finally went the way of Kentucky basketball! Now that's funny stuff. I don't care who you are.

RoyaltyVol writes:

Tennessee is already having a horrible year in recruiting, this sure wont help.

WYLOVER writes:

I must be smoking some of their pot as well....can't seem to get all the verbs into my posts.

VolsorCat writes:

I think that everyone has covered all angles on this. UT did address the issue with Ontario Smith and Lamarcus Coker and will take care of this as needed. We don't know the facts, so it is hard to know what penalty is required. We are kidding ourselves if you think you can keep up with what 100 college kids are doing every minute of the day. Hell, most of us can't keep up with our own kids very well, much less kids that are not ours.

ggriggs939#223122 writes:

Apparently the local cops at the other schools in the SEC don't birddog the athletes like they do in Knoxville, nor does the local media nor the local 'fans' of those teams. The fans should be mature enough to know that guys of that age are going to push the envelope and do or try to do what they think they can get away with. There has never been a provision in the athletic department's budget nor policies for baby sitters. College students are supposed to use their experience at the university to mature and gain experience to prepare themselves for the future. Many, not just athletes, do not use the opportunity properly and waste their chance to become productive members of our society. We haven't learned how or have abrogated our responsibility to teach these kids to recognize their own responsibility to accept this challenge to grow into mature young adults.
It is, unfortunately, a known fact that many people never mature; they just become old children like many commenters on this site.

bustervols writes:

ggriggs939- Good point, spot on!

ctownvol writes:

Preach it ggriggs! Great post.

volntx writes:

It is only one strike,they will sit out one game.

Safe bet Owens won' be a Vol.

rabidvol1998 writes:

You say cite I say arrest
v. 2) to give notice of being charged with a minor crime and a date for appearance in court to answer the charge rather than being arrested (usually given by a police officer).

Brama writes:

Mark that recruit off the list! way to go guys you have just showed alot of class & represented the University that has given you a schlorship very well. Keep Up the good work and make all of us alumi proud to say we support the Univ of Tenn.

mbible1utk#324980 writes:

you know something, they ought to make an EXAMPLE out of these two. I'd run them until they had to go to the ICU at the hospital from extreme exhaustion. I'd make them either want to leave the program, or be terrified to ever be seen within 1000 feet of weed again. I don't care if it is Gerald Jones, I don't care how talented he is, if we don't step our foot down, we'll be dealing with another Lamarcus Coker who doesn't believe that he'll be thrown out because "he's too talented." They seriously ought to punish them to the extent that the entire country goes.... DANG! And on the same note, they ought to hire a professional assassin to waste the dude who keeps selling it to them.

DennisVols writes:

Drugs, unfortunately, are part of the American society. As long as the penalties do not outweigh the risks we will continue to have men and women make this wrong choice. Stories like this, the OU player attempting to steal a coat during a bowl trip, public drunkenness, players arrested for assault or even rape. It is always someone else’s fault. These players are no different than any other at their age as far as temptations. The only real difference is they are on a bigger stage.
I hate to see someone with oblivious talent on the field have such little common sense off of it. Each of these players have gone through drug and alcohol education programs, they saw firsthand what happened to Coker. The problem is they also know that one offense will not come with anything more than a slap on the hand by the law and a short suspension from the team as long as they clean their act up at least for a while. Maybe tougher penalties even for the first time offender, maybe more education about the down fall this can bring to them, not just in their football career but their personal life as well. I do know one thing, closing your eyes to this problem will not make it go away.

GreerVol22 writes:

Guys, drive to Cocke County to do that phooey, besides, the ho's are cheaper there and the police can be bribed with a couple of tickets and a nice orange t-shirt.

BigVolinCarolina writes:

This is really sad. Though every case is different, I hope that Coach Fulmer levies a harsh-but-fair punishment on Jones and Paige.

You don't mess around with drugs. I'm glad they got caught because this could be the very moment that keeps them from making even further bad choices.

Coach Fulmer, keep 'em on the team (since this appears to be their first incident), but I hope you run their tails off from now until August--and suspend them for a couple of games. If any other "incidents" occur between now and then, then give 'em the boot.

james#216392 writes:

As much as I like Fulmer and think he is putting together a good staff, this is totally unacceptable. TO be caught with MJ is one thing. To have it with potential recruits is another. I am sure they will be properly dealt with but it certain looks bad on the players, the coaches, and the university.

calvolfromkingsport writes:

So much for the G Gun package.Yep, moms and dads send your baby boys to Knoxville. Unbelieveable...

thesavageorange writes:

Dissapointed by this.My big question is ,what was this kid doing w/ Jones & Paige?I would think an upperclassman that the staff trusted would be around every recruit on campus.Not blaming this on CPF , but I wanted these hires to change the culture of UT football.Well ,I think now is the time to draw a line in the sand.Not sure what the rules allow the coaches to do, but I would use it to the full extent.(outside of exile)Young men call Coker and ask him where this leads.Oh well ,like TommyJack said "this to shall pass".

cwisenhower#637741 writes:

I wonder if they've ever met LaMarcus Coker....

jhbaker14 writes:

Jamel Owens is a shoe in to become a Vol now!

Ironcity writes:

Lets see, a citation would be equivalent to a speeding ticket. I am curious what did the police find and how did they find it. Did they search the vehicle after they noticed the broken License plate light? There is nothing about the smell nor was anybody cited for smoking the stuff. I will bet this is dismissed in about 10 days.

wyomingvol writes:

Bad Timing.

Maybe Jones didn't want the competition ;). No way Owens heads toward K-Town now.

Hopefully an early and answered wake-up call.

Let not forget the B-Ball team 2 months ago.


vol4life writes:

hey greervol22
do you have experiences in Cocke County??????

mbible1utk#324980 writes:

I'm just picturing Philip Fulmer being like the Mr. Mackey on South Park.... "Drugs are bad, m'kay.. so don't do drugs, cause then you'll be bad, m'kay. This is marriage-a-wanna (Marijuana), Marriage-a-wanna is bad, don't do marriage-a-wanna because then you'll be bad. I've brought a bag of marriage-a-wanna so you'll know what it looks like, m'kay? So feel free to pass it around so you'll all know what it looks like, m'kay?"

Seriously though, I hope Dave Clawson and Latrell Scott absolutely turn into Satan on these two in front of everyone at practice. They need to be embarrassed just as badly as they've embarrassed the program by doing this.

Volsrbest writes:

It's an unfortunate incident and definitely poor timing. These young men are just that...young adults. They will be dealt with according to the law and University policies. It's not the first time and won't be the last that a student or student athlete smokes pot. Yeah, I'm sure we lost one recruit...but we lost many others when Cutcliff and the boys left. It's not the end of the UT Football Program! Coker didn't learn his lesson...maybe these guys will. If not, they can join him in Hampton.

Go Vols!

RoyaltyVol writes:

I really thought Tennessee might be going to spread it out a bit in 2008 with Gerald Jones at QB, but we need stability at QB, I still think Crompton will be the man in 2008 and we should be better at throwing the deep ball in 2008, but who knows, maybe Jones will straighten up, I hope so, he is a true talent!

waterskier3#226480 writes:

now its not only the kool-aid flowing for everyone its the weed also.. no wonder phil gets such a free ride when everyone is standing around the kool-aid cooler smoking a J and saying man the big orange is the most disc team in the sec... we've only had what 4 or 5 kids caught and kicked off the team for smoking weed....... man that's not to bad considering all of them must be toking....

does anyone know if any strippers were involved..LOL

fulmers spin will be....these two guys were screening the recruit to make sure we don't have any more incidents like in the past....

is that a criteria to come to UT now days???

oldorange writes:

The interesting thing here is that this kinda thing has been going for at least forty years that I know of. Sooner or later we should really consider legallizing the stuff. Anyone that acts shocked over such a thing happening is just silly.Then again, people love to be shocked.

DennisVols writes:

The truth is it is everybodys fault. It is the players fault for making stupid decisions with their lives and drugs. It is our fault a voting adults for not requiring tougher penalties regarding drugs in our society.
I have worked in parts of the ATL were drugs are sold on the street corners in broad daylight and noting is done about it.
I grew up in the 60's and 70's as did many of you on here. I remember the Peace, Love, insence, and MJ smoking. This problem didn't just start in this country but it has continued to grow because we close our eyes, it is always someone else's problem, or someone else's fault as to why this happenes.
Choices and Consequences
These young men made a choice, no one forced them to do this and they knew excatly what they were doing when they made this choice.
Consequences: It will be too little to deter others or even these men for making the wrong choice again. I'm not saying they will make this choice but the penalty will not be the deciding factor. Example: Coker

pdhuff#552644 writes:

VOLCR 10:52, Are you considering turning our resident Holy Man loose on this hiccup on Orange Highway?

Sadly, we were ready for a calm after bringing coaches on board and awaiting our late push on recruiting. Then along came Jones & friends making the kind of judgements (mistakes) we used to make.

Difference in my day I feared and respected my parent's reaction a lot worse than the constabulary. Life goes on. All are welcome. This too shall pass.

FWBVol writes:

Hot AirForce: While as a conservative middle age man, I am ashamed of this incident, it in no way compares to what happened with former UT offensive lineman Jason Respert when he made his official visit to Gainesville several years back. They set him up with all the bells and whistles he wanted and then he got busted in the company of the Gator that was showing him around. That's just the Readers Digest version of the story.

Bobby Bowden has said if you tell him what a player is going to do ahead of time, he can stop it.

Phillip Fulmer, Urban Meyer, Les Miles or any other head coach and the coaching staffs can't monitor everything some 85-100 young men do every hour of every day.

My parents did a good job raising my three sisters and myself. They were strict and instilled discipline, but if we wanted to do something behind their backs we knew how. When we were caught, we were punished. And most of the time we were caught.

I hope CPF sends a message to the rest of the team with the punishment of these kids.

cjraney writes:

My question is: Do I have a tag light and is it working properly? Gotta check that.

This was obviously some poor decision-making by our players. But those who think the recruit will write UT off because of it are mistaken, IMO. He may not become a Vol but chances are it won't be because of this incident.

rabidvol1998 writes:

Don't suspend for practices, that's not really punishment. Suspend for games and add running, etc.

hdhurst writes:

ctownvol "DUH! That's the way it works now and has ALWAYS worked. I certainly don't like it any more than you do since I am not one of those who get off easy."

I don't get the "DUH" in your comment. Obviously you are not perceptive enough to realize that I was pointing out a truth that others were covering up prior to my post...the point of this being everywhere, not just at UT. Anyway, thanks for helping me realize that I am not as smart as I think I am.

OldNumber7 writes:

I thought UT had this father figure. The kinda guy you want bringing up your kids - former players took an ad out and said so. Where is he when you need him. He must be off making sure the guys are academically eligible and helping them succeed in life.

grogpaw#362163 writes:

I'm not a Phil Fulmer fan. But you people who blame him for this are idiots. You make it sound as though Fulmer himself went out and bought the weed for these young men. The coaching staff can't be around the players 24/7. So give it a break. The players implicated are at fault, not the coaching staff. Also, there is a policy in place to deal with these issues. Hate Fulmer all you want to but at least hate him for something he can control.

abrown#232236 writes:

This just in -- college student caught smoking some weed!! Henny Penny!! THe sky is falling!! S.T.F.U. We don't know if these guys are deeply flawed or just a couple of kids screwing around. I do agree that, if they were getting the recruit baked, it is a stupid lapse of judgement. Of course we all know that only wealthy alumni should be allowed to covertly slide a secret package to a recruit.

bustervols writes:

Let this be a lesson, next time:

1. Check lights/ pre-flight.
2. Consider two hit sh%t, less to carry.
3. Stay home. Don't get out in public.
4. Carry a little hush money.
5. Go to school in Cali.
6. Get a prescription.

ctownvol writes:

Hdhurst-my bad. I went back and re-read. I see what you were saying. Apologies.

utclassof1992 writes:

They were "arrested" then released with a citation. Way to go guys. Philmer, just when you were starting to get me off your back, some of that wonderful discipline you have been dishing reared its ugly head. Philmer is a joke.

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