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utchris writes:

No, I definitely read the whole article. I am a Memphian and I read the CA on a daily basis. Most of them were your typical insert rival school here garden variety. Some were just dreadful.

When you speak of the "Times" that Memphis beat UT in football, you will need to need to make that singular as in "The one time that Memphis beat UT." Great article that CBS sportline has on Tommy West trying to get in on Tyrelle Pryor since he has not committed. It is common knowledge that he does not even recruit the top kids in Memphis (much less gets them), so what the heck is he thinking.

If visiting Memphis, you must know this information

GlennMaxwell writes:

Uh, Chris, no.

I have this morning's print edition of the CA in front of me. The UT joke that's on the News Sentinel website on one side, a Memphis joke of equal size on the other. I too am a Memphian who reads the CA daily.

And you sure do want to talk a lot about football. Afraid that's all you'll have after Saturday?

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

keys to the game; wayne, duke, tyler: if those guys can board, stay out of foul trouble, and score to their averages, it should be a good game.

Memphis' guards are tall, they will try to take advantage of our guards.

One thing is for sure: vandy is in the right place at the right time, because win or lose, the vols will be tired.

VOLS85 writes:


I'm pretty sure losing by 18 indicates getting owned (but please tell me what it means if I'm wrong)...Also, I'm obviously upset that we weren't a powerhouse basketball program four years if that has any influence on how significant our program is now...if you want to go there, Memphis hasn't exerted too much dominance before coach Cal, which is surprising because C-USA and GWMC are trash conferences.

Memphis is a great team, but you go chit chat on how Dozier hits his girlfriend, and your reserves pick fights with fans, and we'll talk about dismantling Auburn...

misterorange writes:

utchris I really really need a check and I don't really really want to work. I should move to Memphis.

MemphisVol writes:

Glenn: The Vols are 11-7 against the tigers in basketball. 20-1 in football.

utchris writes:

I am glad that you have your CA in front of you. All of the comments were in the online edition of the CA. Actually I should revise that I read the sports section of the CA Daily. I catch up on the rest of the local news by watching "The First 48"

GlennMaxwell writes:

Like I said, VOLS, you might want to hold off on any reminders of anyone "getting owned" until you see what happens Saturday. Could be setting yourself up for an embarrassment.

And here's one for misterorange: I really wanna see what I'd look like toothless and in overalls. I should move to Knoxville.

FatherVol writes:

utchris - that attorney (Cook) doesn't practice in the State of Tennessee. Here in Memphis we call Corey B. Trotz.

Glenn - Tell me, what great titles has Memphis won recently? BTW, by your calculations, UT must own Memphis in BB after last year's game.

Both the jokes were totally lame.

GlennMaxwell writes:

Later guys.

It's been fun annoying you but despite what you think, some people in Memphis really do have to get up for work in the morning so I'm going to bed.

utchris writes:

FatherVol: I know, but I just saw it on TV and just had too. Here you go

GlennMaxwell....hmm that names sounds familiar. I think I know who you are.

Here are the jokes....

VOLS85 writes:

I guess you don't want to live in the past anymore, since your prior posts seem to have failed you. The only embarrassment I have seen so far is the players from Memphis...

And since we're on diatribes about east and west tennessee: I'd rather be in East Tennessee wearing overalls than be shot dead in Memphis...

Solid head to head record in all sports relevant chap!

FatherVol writes:

utchris - good one about "The First 48". I am relegated to Frayser, and I see my fair share of squad cars with lights flashing in the neighborhood streets. I even had a hooker raise her sweater in the church parking lot to see if I was interested in a "date" this past Sunday afternoon as I walked over to the church. With the crack houses across the street and down the block, I'm really not too surprised at anything anymore. But, this isn't typical of all of Memphis. GO VOLS!

utchris writes:


You must know Frayer Boy then..haha. I actually escaped across the line to Southaven myself. Cheaper Realestate, less tax, I like it a lot. About the only issue down here is the crime that seeps in from individuals that reside in Memphis.

I was hoping that the Alumni Chapter would have a good spot to watch the game on Sat. I am not sure that Jillians will be ideal be parking will be a nightmare with the game only blocks away. It would be cool bc BP is giving a little RARA from 615 to 630. And its free. Any other UT Alumni without tickets going to this?

stsmith79#551879 writes:

Lets have a Randezvous barbeque - Here kitty kitty!

utchris writes:

HAHAHAHA - It gets better and better. We may have had some FB players get in trouble, but this phooey is coming to a Jerry Springer show near you....

stevefrommemphis writes:

Note that this will be the 40th time Tennessee has played Memphis in football or basketball, and as far as I can remember, the FIRST time ever that the game has meant as much to Tennessee as it means to Memphis.

Wait, I just remembered:

A trip to an insignificant bowl game was on the line in November 1974 at Knoxville.

In 1982, the Memphis band played about 15 minutes during halftime at UT's homecoming, way over its alloted time. The UT band had to cut short its halftime show, and the presentation of Homecoming Week awards had to be cut short. I thought that was sort of funny, actually.

Well, that's about it for great moments I can remember in the history of the UT - Memphis rivalry.

utchris writes:

phooey, Memphis has their own rap song. It actually made the nightly news here in Memphis. Do we have one of these yet?

utchris writes:

Last one, I promise....

Unseen video of crowd cheering on Dozier outside of plush club

newtonrail writes:

Coach Pearl said in post game show at the Arena that you didn't need a ticket to get into the game day. He was pushing for Vols in the Memphis area to come to that even if they can't come to the game. I know Father Vol said something different, so I'm passing along what Pearl said FYI.

Hunter writes:

FYI for Gameday - from the Memphis website

utchris writes:

From the sounds of that, they only want Memphis Students in there.

Vol_Fan_4_Life_615 writes:

I love it. Everyone is picking Memphis. Ive heard people saying we cant run with Memphis. And the only way we can stay in the game is by fouling them early and often. ROFLMAO thats funnier than Richard Pryor back in his prime. It feels alot like the Super Bowl in that everyone picks the perfect record. But alls that does is makes the underdog mad. Just one Question, who ran who out the building last year with an 11 lose team?

jcherrie#219531 (Inactive) writes:

Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

tlc429#392720 writes:

I feel honored to have the two best teams in the nation in the Great State of Tennessee. I can't be the only one tired of Duke and NC being the dominant pair for so long. Of course I'm pulling for my Vols this Saturday but I want to go on record as saying, win or lose, unless the refs give the game away, right this very minute, I couldn't be prouder of our Vols. Go Big Orange!!

rbatten9#231828 writes:

Hey we can do the football thing as well.

GreerVol22 writes:

I just hope we don't struggle on the road like we have all season. We have found a way to win most of them but if we are not sharp we could wind up like we did at KY. USC was our only dominating road win, and they are terrible.

Keep the foot on the gas every play. Defense will win this game.

oldorange writes:

Its great to see the #1 & #2 teams come from Tennessee instead of North Carolina for a change. The exposure this game gets will tempt other highly touted kids to the state to play. I wonder if the $10,000 tickets were sold? I hope Tennessee wins!

Go Vols

VolJunkie writes:

Good game last night though the bench play was sloppy. Once UT went on that first half run, the outcome was never in doubt. Nice to see the ball go inside more, I know it was Auburn but a nice change to see Wayne down on the blocks. Tyler Smith just gets better and better, glad he is looking to score more inside the paint.

Saturday night starts a tough 14-day run for UT: Memphis, Vandy, Kentucky and Florida, 3 of these on the road. Memphis generates a lot of flash and noise but the other 3 are in-conference. This will be a great challenge for a great team.


vol88 writes:

Even though this game is not make-or-break, it is certainly the biggest game in UT basketball history. Hopefully bigger games to come this year!

I will date myself, but does anyone remember the final game of the SEC tournament the first year they started playing it again? It was probably 1978 or 79. We were playing Kentucky and Kyle Macy, who was a 90-something percent FT shooter missed two at the end and we won. That was big, but not THIS BIG!

BUTCHug_JONES writes:

how bad did tulane beat auburn earlier this year?

GlennMaxwell writes:

OK, thought I'd stop back by. Unlike some folks here, I don't stay up all night doing this (you must take this stuff w-a-a-a-y too seriously).

Several observations:

1. As for the City of Memphis, I don't like a lot of things about it either. That's why I live in Germantown. But if I were choosing a place at random to live, Knoxville wouldn't exactly be on the top of my list either. I'm not into the Cracker Barrel crowd.

2. We can trash talk back and forth all we want, but Saturday will speak for itself. I expect Memphis to win, but both teams will go to the NCAA with a high seed either way and I expect us to go deeper into the tourney than UT.

3. As for jokes, this oldie but goodie is still my favorite. I'm sure you've heard it: what has 100,000 heads and three teach? Neyland Stadium on a Saturday afternoon!

4. If GlennMaxwell sounds familiar, UTChris you must have spent some time on the University of Louisville forums. Far as I recall, annoying those idiots is the only other place I've used the name.

bigcanesfan73 writes:

memphis playes no one big.the vols are going to blow the tigers right off there own court.GO VOLS

GlennMaxwell writes:

As many in this crowd probably wouldn't be able to figure it out on their own, I'll self-correct the typo in the joke on my previous post: Obviously, I meant three TEETH, not three teach. Repeat -- that's 100,000 heads and three TEETH in Neyland on a Saturday afternoon. Pretty good, huh? I know it gets my going everytime I hear it.

And as for bigorangefan's observation that Memphis has played no one big? Surely you gest. Have you looked at our nonconference sked this year? And you do realize we're behind you at No. 2 in RPI, right?

We'll see who does the blowing Saturday. Of course, you could be right; everyone knows that UT blows.

THE_VOL writes:

Dear GlennMaxwell: Please crawl back in that sewer you call the city of MemPiss and when you arrive at work this morning, tell everyone at McDonalds hello for us.

Now Vol fans - PLEASE stop female doging/whining about refs at least until the game actually starts. You look foolish, paranoid and stupid with that phooey.

As for last night, obviously many here didn't see (and apparently didn't listen to) the game. That was as COMPLETE a performance as we've had in many respects. Didn't rely on 1 or 2 guys to carry us. Instead had about 5 or 6 guys with solid overall games and got some good contributions from bench guys when they weren't all out there together at the end. Auburn is obvioulys a bad team with a short roster but the Vols ignored everything and played their game - well.

Now regarding Saturday. Some love all the hype but the bottom line is that it's a bragging rights game only. The outcome won't mean anything significant to either team come March/April and it's certainly possible this is only the first of two meetings between the teams this year. Personally, if someone guaranteed me the Vols would win 13 straight AFTER this Saturday - I'd take a 50 point loss to MemPiss in a heart beat! It's about hanging banners folks and this game has absolutely nothing to do with that!

GlennMaxwell writes:

Ow, that McDonald's line really stung, THE_VOL. Now if you'd said Taco Bell, I could've lived with that. But McDonald's?

That said, I'll get back to work if you will. Somebody's probably waiting for that farm implement you're supposed to be getting for 'em.

GoVol writes:

Whoever goes to THUG city for the game on Saturday please be sure to wear your bullett proof vest.

One tiger tamed and one to go!

Go Vols.

GlennMaxwell writes:

OK, OK ... enough. It would be easy to get sucked into this juvenile back and forth (and we all know that's what it really is) all day if I allowed myself to do it, but I have neither the time nor desire. So a parting thought, then I'm gone:

All trash talking aside, it really is fun having the basketball attention of the nation focused on the state of Tennessee this weekend. Who would have thought it? And it really is just an "ego game," as Coach Calipari has called it. Both sides would love to win (Memphis wants to keep the perfect record alive, aside from beating UT), but it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme. Both teams will go to the tourney seeded highly. As someone here noted, I'd gladly take a loss Saturday if it meant we wouldn't lose another one this season through the NCAA championship game.

So here's to a great basketball time in the state, and welcome to Memphis if you come down this weekend. (Don't worry, I lived here all my life and haven't gotten shot, so I think you'll be safe ;)

volwalk writes:

Vol fans,

Our team continues to improve. The decision making is improving BIG TIME--when to run or get in a half court set. Ramar Smith and JP Prince are the main reason for this improvement. Those guys are making better decisions and Ramar looks like he did in the NCAA Tourny last year---finishing strong! Our inside game is becoming more and more consistant--Chism, Duke, Tyler and Williams. Chism is taking more inside shots and not as much from the outside. Duke and Williams are improving and gaining confidence in their roles. Fans, we have yet to see the best of this team--Enjoy the ride, this is a special year.
Look out Tigers--47 game streak will end Saturday night! GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUTCHug_JONES writes:

Mempiss? THE_VOL, You are truly the punmaster. The way in which you combine two relevant words to create one truly hilarious and more powerful one amazes me.

I like many of my fellow brethren on this blogspot lived in Knoxville during college and really dont have a whole lot of interest in being back there unless there is a tackle football game being played at Neyland.

I also have a degree from "Tiger High." UT is no better an institute of higher learning than U of M (I promise you that). Lets be realistic, Knoxville is a college town and thats not because of academics. UT has one of the lowest graduation rates for atheletes in the SEC. Pretty campus but its not Harvard. And THE_VOL, Unless you are from Knox, Nash, or Memph you probably dont even have a college in your city. Theres a decent chance that you live in a small town off of an I-40 exit and I pay for your schools and roads with the money from the speeding tickets I get on my way from Memphis to Knoxville for football games in the fall.

Memphis is a city with culture and economic differentiation. These are things that make up a "real city" Name a major city that doesnt have such issues. The truth is that you are scared. Of what, you probably dont want to admit on this board but its obvious. So keep your fear out of my city lady.


volfan60 writes:

pearlific, you can't be serious when you say you wish we had Kevin O'Neil back!

VolAlexander writes:

HAHAHAHAHA... "The First 48"... Hilarious.

BUTCHug_JONES writes:

agreed. That is hilarious

murrayvol writes:

Foolmore @10:37: Does the "Orange Blazer" have a ticket? And just for the record, Pearl is not a God. He is, however, an excellent basketball coach and all round good guy.

icecream writes:

Arss kickin time!

RoyaltyVol writes:

Win or lose this will be an exciting game, and probably a high scoring, run and gun dunking type of game. I'm looking forward to it. Go Vols!

murrayvol writes:

GlennMaxwell: Please come back. You know you'd rather do this than work and you're going to be obsessing about this game all day anyway. Why not spend it cyberjamming w/other serial posters?

And besides, you seem to have a brain larger than a walnut, which is more than we can say about most interlopers on this board.

tnbanker_govols writes:

Big time basketball game.....I hope UT wins but let's face it, rankings are somewhat useless in college basketball. It's all about what you can do in the big dance. I like Pearl's mentality about treating this game no different. I also like the fact that UT handled the Auburn Tigers the way they did last night. Last night's win shows that the team is focused. Pearl's got his team focused on the task at hand. Tennessee has looked really good in the past few games; however, Memphis is a really good basketball one can question that, but hey, the VOLS are a really good basketball team as well. Unbelievable the amount of hype around a college basketball game and even more unbelievable that Tennessee is part of that hype. No, Pearl is not a God....not even close. But he is an excellent coach and motivator. Thank you Bruce and GO VOLS!!!!

CoverOrange writes:

I agree with Glenn that this game means very little. Whoever loses only drops a few spots and still has shot at #1 seeding. The meaningful game will be in April. I disagree, though, that Memphis will get further in the tourney. I believe both will be in the final four.

And I got news for any of you that want to make fun of the other's home town. People from NY to CA don't see any difference between Memphis and Knoxville, or Jackson or Tuscaloosa or Athens or Little Rock. Bunch of hayseed hicks twangin' country and talkin' funny. National audience on Saturday, lets show them what they are missing down south.

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