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EDis4UT writes:

I was glad to see Tabb get some quality playing time. His shot will come the more that he plays. Even his shot selection to me is better than Howell's. Even though they're not falling YET. Also, I can't say enough how well he plays on defence.

TNPilgrim writes:

Although the FL athletes may themselves be good kids, it's a shame they have to be associated with the most obnoxious fan base in the country. Heaven knows, Big Orange Country has its share of clowns but FL seems to bring out a combination of arrogance and ignorance that's without peer in college sports. We should all give credit to the FL athletes and coaches for their accomplishments, for they are well deserved. However, this poltroon that calls himself "gatornation" and imposes himself into a TN website typifies the hyenas from FL that the rest of the SEC has to tolerate on a regular basis. Why anyone would travel to Gainsville to see a college athletic event is questionable, considering the rude abuse directed at the visitors. However, Bruce and the boys are coming there Wed night, and there's nothing the hyenas can do about it. TN will win and move on, and the yapping will continue in Gainsville.

Ironcity writes:

Great win however it looks like a lot of players are pressing. To many missed shots from 2 ft. Right now I think we have become easy to defend. When some of our guys other then Tyler start taking and hitting the 10ft to 15ft shots, I think you will see this team catch its stride again. Also Howell can't play any worse then he is right now. Hopefully the porus defense of the Gators will allow him to get some wide open looks so he can snap out of this slump. Howell hasn't scored since the game before Jordan Howell night!

redneckerson writes:

oh yeh, the lomg awaited poltroon blast ... way to go pilgrim

King30 writes:

TNPilgrim, I second that wholeheartedly. Gainesville has, by far, the rudest and most intolerable fanbase in the entire SEC. In fact, no other school is even a close second.
And they call US rednecks and hillbillies...

Titan writes:

gator - Uh minor detail here (which you probably can't grasp), but one and done means you play one game and lose. See, if we win the first round game, then you can't call it one and done. Too difficult for you to understand? Were you born yet earlier this year when we beat the Gainesville lads by 16?

kaman writes:

Why does the gatornation rage? Its stings like hell to be where they are. Nothing hurts quite like falling so far so fast from the top. Yes, they WERE National Champs for two consecutive years. That must really burn your insides when you see them playing so mediocre this year. You want the final insult? This Tennessee program is on the move upward year-on-year since Bruce Pearl arrived. Florida? They're going the other direction. Take your sulking elsewhere GN.

VOLS85 writes:

i take it as a complement when lesser teams fans come and rag on us about WINNING...they make their school's fans look a lot less intelligent, and make us more proud of where we are. 26-3 (Florida has 8 losses, kentucky has 11...) doesn't cause too much reason to complain, unless you're not us. GO VOLS, keep bringing these stupid opponent's fans on here, it's more and more a sign of respect.

MrBamSeydu writes:

No thanks to our fans.

Our homecourt advantage is worthless. The students get some slack today because of the noon tipoff. Also, they are crammed at one end of the court, so you can't expect their noise to fill an entire stadium. However, watching the audience in the first half made me want to turn the channel. Everyone's sitting there as if it's on opera or a play. All you mid-40s and 50s people need to either make noise or stay home and watch the game on your TV.

I really don't see how we've managed to win 30+ straight at home. Our fans have absolutely nothing to do with it. It's more like a neutral site.

With the newly renovated arena, we have one of the nicest venues in America. Yet I still find myself wishing we had the homecourt advantage of teams like: Duke, UK, Vandy, Memphis, and North Carolina.

Nice win today team. It gave us another neutral site victory for the season.

asleep#212036 writes:

I say this was a great week for us before the NCAA's. Three teams slowed us down and except for some untimely missed shots and Foster out of his mind (at Vandy), we would have won all three games. You could never have convinced me at the beginning of the season that we could win at Memphis and against Kentucky scoring in the 60's. We have outrebounded our last 10 or so opponents and have kept their scoring below average. Hand it to BP - it hasn't been pretty but he has bigger fish to fry. Playing INTO our weaknesses tends to make them less so, meaning that come tournament time, somebody is going to have to pick their poison because we are learning to win at any tempo. Go Vols!!!

EDis4UT writes:


I can't say anything much about TBA. I haven't attended to many games there. When I did, we just had horrible teams. So I really don't have a dog in this fight. I have been to many games at Neyland and sitting around the old money fans - they are very reserved.

I can't really make a judgement on crowd noise from watching it on TV. From a Neyland standpoint I can see what your saying. Hey! Bruce & Co. have won 30 games in a row. I would think the fans should get some of that credit. IMO, saying TBA is like playing on a neutral site is a little harsh, but I can see it can also be frustrating. That place is so big.

Volfan1 writes:

"poltroon"....I like that!
What a fitting description of the swamp trash.

Volfan1 writes:

ESPN gave us some nice props on Sports Center tonight. CBP was boosting his team to remain #1 after this win today.
And in support of the Vols, the ESPN announcer was emphatic about wondering who made out this Memphis, at Vandy, & then Kentucky. (he didn't even mention at Florida next). That is quite a gauntlet. Don't know ANY other team going through that mine field. If nothing else, we should get the #1 overall seed by winning out.

VOLS85 writes:

yemm - you're beating a dead horse here. There's constant wine and cheesers in all of college basketball. When the play isn't motivating it's hard to force the 22,000 around you to stand up and scream. We didn't shoot well, we gave up frustrating baskets, and that is not motivating. The reason we have a home court advantage is because we are at home, in front of a crowd that gets loud when the game's on the line. You have no perspective on the crowd when you're sitting at home. Florida, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, etc were loud games, and we won them because our team was playing motivated up tempo ball. When you have Kentucky taking 34 seconds to shoot, and they make the basket, it's tough.

Similar venues like carolina, UK, and syracuse all have the same complaints. The older people won't get up and yell the whole game, it's not possible. The kids are trying but we're only 2300 in a crowd of 22000.

Don't get me wrong, i'd love to have a louder arena, but for some games it's just not realistic, unless you want to come buy some tickets, sit in the stands, and show the rest of us how it's done.

billadcock#209476 writes:

Gatornation is intimidated by the Vols or he wouldn't be spending so much time on this site.

Go Vols, beat the baby gators.

coach75 writes:

guys, guys,
leave Gator nation alone. he is on here because they kicked him off the gator site for having to much intelligence. i don,t care who you are that,s funny right there.

MrBamSeydu writes:

VOLS85: That's kind of hard for me to do. I'm on military orders outside the area and can't make it to the games. I used to be there, and I had the same perspective at the games as I do watching it on TV. The same old farts fill 80% of the arena (same thing happens at Neyland).

I'm not speaking on terms of one game, like today. Did you watch the game at Vandy? The entire arena was deafening for pretty much the entire game. Same for at UK and at Memphis... and have you ever seen Duke play, oh I don't know, Wake Forest at home? They could be up by 20 points and the students are still jumping and constantly making noise.

I'm calling out our student section 20% and the rest of the attendees 80% with my complaints. The only defense I can see for why the crowd was so dull today was that it was a noon tipoff and it's hard to be hyped up that early.

Why do you think Bruce Pearl had to make a video plea to the students/fans to be loud for the UK game? I guarantee Coach K doesn't have to pull a stunt like that. Isn't that where we want our program headed? Duke-esque? Well, you can't expect milk out of a cow if you sit there and stare at it's teet.


bgalford121#551362 writes:

Gatornation, i have never before witnessed such childish bantering. how old are you? i refuse to believe you are older than 12. if so, i feel really sorry for you. oh, and by the way, in those two glorious national championship seasons, ut beat uf 3 out of 4 times.

weisgarber2003#313889 writes:

Posted by gatornation on March 2, 2008 at 8:40 p.m.

"Take it from someone who's team went all the way past 2 years so I know what I'm talking about."

Actually Gator you don't know much of anything. And Florida has to be the only two time N.C. that still isn't thought of or respected as a bb power. But, the Gators have a good coach who cannot make up his mind what he wants to do when he grows up.

calivol writes:

Posted by gatornation on March 2, 2008 at 8:40 p.m:

"Tennessee ???? did they ever make it past round 2????"

Um try last year, dips--t.

As for your floundering team, you must be very proud of their progress. That was an inspiring double-digit loss at home to an unranked team the other night. Remember all the talk about how "dangerous" this young group was going to be toward the end of the season?'s that working out? Change of plans? Or are your guys just intentionally tanking it so they can meet up with Ohio State in the NIT and battle for 66th place?

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

finally got to watch the game last night.

as with the first UK game, we left a lot of points on the floor. some missed bunnies, some inopportune turnovers.

A good tactic for CBP might have been to have the D back off Bradley until the shtolock was down to 15 seconds. Just a thought.

CBP is smart; he knows some teams will continue to slow it down, so he will work on the team's half-court sets and offensive efficiency. This means more drives for JP and Ramar and more touches for Wayne and Tyler.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

BTW thought Duke Crews played well. He has gotten better offensively.

Big Baby does okay, would like to see him back some guys down and jam it. That kid just MIGHT be a sleeper. Imagine him as a senior playing at about 275 lbs of muscle, He is smart and plays pretty hard.

Alphafemale writes:

I enjoyed Bill Raftery personally. He is one of the most colorful analysts on TV. Kentucky deserved their props yesterday. They played a great game. I am just glad UT came out with the win. Go Vols!!!!!

schymtz writes:

Good point, mparker: I think the point the slowdown the Kentucky coach was trying was to exhaust a team that plays intense defense to get turnovers that were not happening in great number against UK's excellent point guard. Reminds me of Ray Mears vs. Adolf Rupp with roles reversed. Ky will speed up as they heal up. Ky has a great fan base with an attitude that believes they are going to win every single game and if another team beats the blue they truly believe the game was "stolen." They also see themselves as the rightful champion every year and that other teams have their "game of the year" only against them, and only in the regular season, not in tournaments they call UK Invitationals. It's great to be back to .500 against the 'cats over the last three years, but the truth is they almost "stole" this one using a Ray Mears type slowdown that used to drive the 'cats bananas. UK has a great tradition, but they are now only one of three and maybe four contenders against UT, UF, and Vandy in the East. Pearl stuck with his game plan and it worked. Champions win the close ones!
I hope UT revives the Volunteer Classic. I look for a #4 or #5 in today's poll. We'll be back in #1 after the UT Invitational called the NCAA! Go Vols!

Orangebrewbasher writes:

didn't the Gators already get their bubble burst? That must suck.

steve#413367 writes:

Win Wednesday, then beat SC, and whatever you do SEC tourney wise, you're likely set up for a 1 seed in NCAA. Lose either of the final two reg season, you may be forced to win SEC in order to go #1. Vols must get these two. Simple as that.

bowerst#242774 writes:

Let's see… we beat Florida 3 out of 4 the last two years. We beat them like a red-headed stepchild this year in Knoxville. We will probably beat them in Gainesville and come March, we will be a 1-seed while Florida plays in the NIT. I personally don't see what the gatoridiot has to laugh about.

Billy G is the best coach Kentucky has had since Rupp. If he and Pearl stay around and JUST SAY NO to the NBA, we are in for some great basketball games in the coming years. Go Vols.

volboy81#211803 writes:

Good job Vols! Its always great to beat Kentucky!!!

***GET A CLUE!***

bsvolfan#325031 writes:





CurtNYC writes:

Everybody needs to relax. KY was hiting some REDICULOUS shots with the shot clock hitting zero. We could have helped outselves by not throwing some of those gawd-awful passes when we did turn them over, but still wore them out at the end. BTW - Gatornation, didn't we put 104 up on the gekkos?

rockytom writes:

Close game!!!Nice to beat Kentucky. But I can't believe some of our fans are already second guessing CBP. You think he forgot how to coach this week? I think it's just amazing how a couple of games (the loss to Vandy and a close win of UK) can make people turn on the coach. Too many expect perfection. We are lucky our bosses don't expect perfection out of us!!!!

VOLS85 writes:

Yumm -

we don't have an arena that's built like a cameron indoor - for one, they are very confined (because it only holds around 9,000 people) and their student section is placed directly on top of the entire sideline. I would like to think that we would have a similar atmosphere if they allowed our students to do that (in similar style to florida as well).

The last time we played a number one team TBA has been an amazing scene, and I was there when we knocked florida in '05. It was an awesome crowd. Vandy usually is not that impressive a crowd, no offense. I've been to a few at Memorial this season and they are 80% old people that sit the entire game as well. Different teams, in different games, at different times draw different atmospheres. We all wish we could emulate duke's student section, but it's just hard to do.

Thank you for your service as well. As having a brother who served in the Army for 6 years, including Iraq and Kosovo, we really appreciate what you guys are doing, and I'll try to get the crowd going a little bit next sunday against South Carolina.

Salute the troops and GO VOLS!

VOLS85 writes:

tmartin - I cannot agree with you more. Not every game is going to be 104-82 like it was against Florida...

We can win them close, we can win them big, and I'm damn happy to have coach Pearl walking the sidelines, as he is one of the best in college basketball. Don't question a guy who has won over 75% of his games since he came here, because before that we were stuck with a Buzz that couldn't win half of 'em.

Not every team is going to run the clock for 34 seconds and get bailed out or bomb a huge three at the buzzer...we played their game and still won.


schymtz writes:

tmartin: I hope you don't think I'm trying to second-guess Coach Pearl - just an armchair after-game wondering. Found out Coach had already said much the same thing in hoping the team could get more relaxed. Pearl is the best. I would not have been suprised if UT had dropped Memphis as well as Vandy and would rather have had Vandy, but what an exhausting schedule! Pearl didn't get out-coached in any of these three games and won't get out-coached at Gainsville. What other team in the country could hope for a better than 4-1 record against the last five. Go VOLS! Beat Florida! 'gator giggin' time!

VOLS85 writes:

lets lay the smack down schymtz! You're right, it has been a terrible schedule the past few weeks. We'll all breathe a sigh after the florida win and an SEC championship!!!

ps11824 writes:

I think our guys can win it all if they want it. Yea, that's right. They can knock down some freebies, they can finish some jumpers. Everything does not have to be a trey, twos will do and the court will open for Mr. Loften who can get the 3-point play almost every time he drives down low with authority. Making foul shots at a 90+% clip is a game breaker. The Vols can smother a team with D if they set their minds to it. I see no reason for going home without this SEC Tournament Trophy. It's Orange Crunch Time, Baby!

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

Second gueessing?? There are three types of fans:
--rah-rah, we win, where is the kool-aid??
--stats, style points, analyze the game to death
--female dog, moan, fuss no matter what

I break it down to a 40-40-20 split. I'm an unabashed analyzer, so, yeah, I'm going to post 'whatif's', as in 'what if we'd backed off' or whatever.

I know the rah-rah types never understand that, but think of it this way: we like CBP as much as you do, but we also like to pick the game to pieces.

We don't many female doger/moaners, as we are winning, but go to the football posts for that.

DeeBee writes:

Kentucky played hard, we look like we are tired or a little flat right now, maybe worn out by the schedule, Florida won't be easy game either, we need to get our feet back under us. J. Howell, 2 for his last 23, one of those a lay up, not helping but did notice he didn't play as much yesterday, which was good move on coach's part

EDis4UT writes:

Has the new polls been released yet?

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

just a thought: Vandy and UK played on a 'mission', just as we did against Memphis, or MSU, or Bama. UF and USC will play that same way.

The men are having to play the role of favorites, but that is hard when your school doesn't have the tradition. Know what I mean?? Duke can roll into town in a down year and still start the game with 10 points or more already on the board because they are Duke.

I am really happy with a lot of these close games and close wins. That preps the team more than anything else for postseason play.

EDis4UT writes:


I think the team really turn it on about 4 minutes in the 2nd Half. I thought both teams played great defence. That's was expected from KY. Yes, we have not blown out anybody out lately, but I can see a drastic improvement in our D compared to earlier in the season. aka Texas, Western Kentucky and Ole Miss come to mind.

DeeBee writes:

You are right, guess I haven't gotten use to our team being the hunted, instead of the hunter like we use to be. It should help us come tourney time. All I know is, winters go by a lot faster since CBP got in town

VolJunkie writes:

Top 10 ESPN/USA today just posted on ESPN:

1. North Carolina (19) 27-2 763
2. UCLA (6) 26-3 718
3. Memphis (6) 28-1 717
4. Tennessee 26-3 695
5. Duke 25-3 621
6. Kansas 26-3 618
7. Stanford 24-4 572
8. Wisconsin 24-4 535
9. Texas 24-5 533
10. Georgetown 24-4 521

VolJunkie writes:

BTW, I think the team just looks tired. Great win yesterday but more mental mistakes than I have seen in any 3 games combined. UK had a well-executed game plan that we did not adjust to very well. I think UT will be ranked #4 in the AP poll as well, maybe some of the pressure goes away and these guys can relax and play the kind of ball that is bringing UT an historic season. We should all be proud of this program and what these young men are doing.


EDis4UT writes:


Can Tabb play the point if he had to? Ramar head has been in the clouds in the 2nd half of the season. I don't know what's going on with him. Howell is still batting under .200 - I think he is on the verge of CP sending him to a sports psychologist.

Did you notice Josh Tabb got some good minutes and some good looks at the rim? He's shot will eventually start to drop. I just don't know about his ball handling skills. Ramar & Howell, one thing I say about them, they can get the ball down the court. Then you got Tabb that plays his butt off on defence.

As you can tell, I'm high on this kid. Glad to see him get some more playing time vs. UK. Great move by CP!

Don't get started on that Ohio St. game last year - that game still stings my ____!!!!!!!!

VolJunkie writes:

AP Poll:

1. NC
2. Memphis
4. Tennessee
5. Kansas
6. Duke
7. Stanford
8. Xavier
9. Texas
10. Wisconsin

UT will be just fine. Nice to finally punch the #1 ticket, but now take care of business, win the SEC and target a bigger prize at the big dance. Meanwhile, many of the pretenders that have been talking smack here this past week will have a chance to go the Junior Prom come March.


calivol writes:

and what exactly are you laughing at? your gators couldn't even get 4 VOTES in the "others receiving votes" category. what has ME rolling on the floor is that non-conference schedule of yours...because it's about to cost you a tourney berth. sorry, but temple as your best non-SEC win is not gonna cut it. enjoy the NIT.

DeeBee writes:

you suck

yarddog writes:

Have to say the if Coach Pearl will go over to Fraternity Row and challenge the frats to come to the games and make noise, he will see the noise meter explode. You would have thought that taps was getting ready to be played at some moments of the KY game. Come on fans, if you are not going to loudly express yourself, please stay home! Too many donors and not enough noise!You are the 6th player!

TommyJack writes:

Marc: In that case, pray for a boy.

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