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cobbwebb writes:

savage , did you know of these commits or is this a surprise ? i havnt heard a lot of talk on either of these kids

cobbwebb writes:

savage , just get your own site man,

b_neas writes:

Nice class we are gathering. When you have schollies available and a new attitude on the team (thx Clawson) wonderful things can be done. Now lets just hope it plays out that way on the field.

thesavageorange writes:


I actually knew both were close ,but D.T. was a surprise.I would have said Auburn.I posted a while back that Thornton was a Vol, it was just a matter of when.

CheckerboardPhilosopher writes:

Again, just promoting the site and giving additional info. GO VOLS!!!


gavol2572 writes:

Wait wait let me get in on this.... "YEAH !!! GET OUTTA HERE YOU BAMMER SCUM!!! NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE ON OUR BOARD!!" (just too bad he's already gone)

Pullingguard writes:

Chavis closed... Surprised....Sure... Well good for him, but lets hope he can close on some interior defensive line people... These recruits at LB look good..

BigOrangeJeff writes:

BammerMan is not gone. He's still lurking. He can't help himself. He'll probably post again. If he's like most Bammers, he'll probably get a new login name so he can save some face.

OTOH, at least he admits that they cheated, which is more than you can say for most UAT fans. He just couldn't resist the snitch and weight references. Once a Bammer, always a Bammer.


BigOrangeHustler writes:

Anyone know if we are still pursuing LB Manti Te'o from Hawai'i. Rivals has us on his list.

chad_t31 writes:

I've been saying it for years and I'll continue to say it. I'd rather have 10 3 star players than 10 5 star players. The three star players play like they have something to prove, while the 5 star players, a lot of the time, are looking out for themselves. Not enough balls to go around to keep 'em all happy or too many who want to be the star on defense rather than playing their position in a team-oriented way. (Sorry to name drop but I am from west tn..but what about chris donald? still has time to prove himself but we seem to be loading up on lbs)

IBleedOrange444 writes:


I posted an update on that guy on the thread for the other LB we picked up today. Scroll down towards the bottom. I doubt we've stopped recruiting him, but I think there are two others that are higher on our priority list (Askew and Telfort) and both are very high on us.

MrBamSeydu writes:

BAMAMAN: Call me crazy, but weren't you guys like 7-6 last year??? And didn't you pay your coach $4 million for that??? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Oh and I like how you broke it down how you're 3-3 against us the past 6 years. But if you were to extend that back another 6 years you'd be really embarrassed now wouldn't you?

I'm going to love seeing you NOT on this website the Sunday after UT vs Bama. I'm guaranteeing victory right here and now. Mark it down son.

BigOrangeHustler writes:

Thanks, IBO444, and I agree on the Askew and Telfort comment.

spvol writes:

Yeah, Saban's got something going...six and six.

ctownvol writes:

Chavis was the main one recruiting him? Good job chief.

TommyJack writes:

Props to Chief "Cool Man" Chavis.

gohawks1 writes:

Good work, Chief! This guy sounds like a winner.

FWBVol writes:

rllipscomb, in response to the question you raised about the former DT at 2:30, you are thinking about Shane Burton. Burton was recruited out of Catawba, N.C. as a tight end and was considered a descent prospect at tight end. But it turned out he had a nasty side that was more suited for the defensive line. He did play tight end as a true freshman in 1992 seeing action in every game, but without any receptions. Burton was drafted in the fifth round by the Dolphins in 1996 and played eight years in the NFL with Miami, the Jets and the Panthers.

If people remember correctly, Jason Witten was another two-way player in high school. He wanted to play the defense at UT, but the coaches knew he could help the team better at tight end. History has shown that CPF and his staff were right.

VOLS85 writes:


I know we have tried before, but we need to get you to write a column on GVX...and not on that stupid guest site...You're offering more insight here than anyone else, including Adams.

Anybody want to petition for that?

budrhon writes:

Minus the verbal commitments we have how many scholarships does Fulmer have left in his backpocket? 9 more perhaps. Well here's to Bama starting out 0-1 with a big loss to Clemson who I think will have a phenominal team this year if Bowden doesn't screw it up.

babyhuey writes:

Another talented Shackleford from Decatur, AL. I do believe they grow football players named Shackleford on a tree down there. If you are from NW Alabama, you have at least 10 in the past 30 years starting with a guy named Darnell Shackleford in the mid 70s. He played with a guy named Benny Perrin (UA and NFL) and another named Roderick Garth, yup, related to Juwan that played for Alabama.

OrangeCrush writes:

Welcome aboard! Looking for some big hits...

TommyJack writes:

Savage: Any news on the SavageSite? Why don't you look to the board for investors?

Vol13 writes:


I don't know what you are looking at, but I have UT signing classes dating back to 2002 (first year stars were used). Thus far, here is a breakdown of star ratings vs. pro football status (i.e. drafted or signed free agent deals that stuck).

2 Star Players = 1
3 Star Players = 3
4 Star Players = 12
5 Star Players = 3

This isn't coincidental. Some other schools may have a history of taking 3 star talent and turning them into superstars. But UT is not among those that do or have.

orangebloodgmc writes:

How many stars would Dale Jones have been?

lonestarvol2 writes:

At the beginnings of these posts, there were a couple of comments regarding D.T. Shackelford's academic standing and UT's emphasis on grades. I know academic issues is not something that gets very much or any attention here so my comments will buck the trend and be a fish out of water. It was welcome news to me during my daughter's freshmen orientation in June that the average GPA of all incoming freshman is 3.7 which is the best ever for an incoming class beating last year's class as the best. I would think that UT's excellent academic standing should make it highly attractive for athletes seeking a "good school" and I suspect it also makes for some challenges for the various coaching staffs in keeping student athletes focused on the "student" part, except Pat Summitt who excels in everything and sets the standards for everybody. So, for those of us alums who used to feel that our beloved university didn't quite stack up as well on the academic side as maybe another school in the state, today's UT is not the UT of my day. Needless to say I am very proud of UT on all accounts. Welcome D.T. Shackelford to Big Orange country and may you have dynamic success both on the gridiron and in the classroom. GO VOLS!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Anyone remember Steve Kiner?

Talk about "let 'er rip"!

TommyJack writes:

Both wasted jerseys per Naffy...especially when they wore the white jerseys.

voloffaith writes:

vOl13 go back to bed and try getting up on rightside of bed please. Reminds me of a comment a former pastor made," I would rather be around positive people than negative ones." Didn't say he wouldn't associate so don't go there. Just his preference was not to be around chicken little'the skt is falling' types. You continually place yourself in that camp with no apparent hesitation to do so.

Remember Jean Dixon a former *star gazer hung up on the stars? Well men it ain't all in the stars!
Keep on working the defensive side of the line men of ORANGE and WHITE!!

voloffaith writes:

skt=sky sorry to intense on the keys mon...GO VOLS!!!

voloffaith writes:

to =too ahhhh help keyboard madness

BornNBredAVol writes:

30 days, 2 hours, 58 minutes till UCLA!

DecaVol writes:

As a non-poster, but somewhat frequent reader, here, and someone who knows DT and has been around him in high school athletics, let me say that he is truly a quality human being and an "intensity" player. My experience with him has been restricted to basketball, which is defintely not his best sport. He was LOVED by the coaches because he was that guy who other players respond to and who makes all the others on his team go well beyond where they would have stopped had he not been pushing.

DT has, if my memory is correct, rather limited time becoming a LB. He got his start primarily as a RB/FB and got attention there. I think he was then converted to a D-Line spot. I suspect that he is better suited, skills-wise to a DE position, but has some mass to add if that were to happen. I think he has an upside at LB which has not been made apparent just yet.

As for that "Shackelford Tree" down here, its actually a small factory on the outskirts of town and they do turn out some athletes. I know Juwan quite well, (another really nice guy despite what you have read). I just hope that this opens the valve on the UT-Shackelford pipeline.

Teachers have personally told me DT is the best student in their classes, he was a smiling, happy, "yes sir" kind of player in b-ball and well admired by coaches and players alike. He's the type kid you can't help but pull for and I'm proud he'll be wearing my beloved Orange.

ZR writes:

Somebody needs to tell Mike Hammy to change his email signature to say "Expect to Make Good Grades" instead of "Expect to Win".

Or maybe he could at least change it to say "Expect to Win about 8 Games and Make Good Grades" since 8 games out of 12 is good enough for him to commit UT to paying $3-4 million every year.

Maybe Hambone can change his publicly stated MINIMUM expectations for UT Football from Winning 2 SEC championships every 10 years to winning a tiebreaker on paper after backing into a tie for the SEC East division lead every five years (I'm sorry, a tie for the best record in the SEC East is *not* a championship).

pdhuff#552644 writes:

ZR 4:21 either lose the facts or don the kevlar.
8 is enuf. We can keep up with the Purdues, Mizzou's, Wake Forrest, Texas Tech, Rutgers etc's.

Mike the H has decreed (via Thorton possibly) that 8 will always be enuf.


orangebloodgmc writes:

DecaVol, thanks for the report.

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