Coker reinstated, won’t play against Cal

Running back has fulfilled ‘obligations’

Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer announced Friday that sophomore tailback LaMarcus Coker has been reinstated to the football team.

“LaMarcus has fulfilled his obligations to this point and will rejoin the team at practice on Saturday at the recommendation of his medical advisers,” Fulmer said fol-lowing practice. “He will practice but not travel or play against Cal, but I do expect him to return against Southern Miss if he continues on a positive track.”

Tennessee opens the season Sept. 1 at Cal and plays host to Southern Miss on Sept. 8.

Fulmer suspended Coker for unspecified transgressions on Aug. 7.

Fulmer said Coker will address the team this morning before UT’s kicking scrimmage. Fulmer described Coker’s attitude in recent meetings as “exceptional”.

“That’s a good thing for LaMarcus and I think he’s on the right track right now,” Fulmer said.

Coker led the Vols with 696 rushing yards his freshman year, even though he was sidelined for two games with an injured knee and competing for playing time with junior Arian Foster and sophomore Montario Hardesty.

“He’s a proven player and that’s certainly helpful,” Fulmer said of Coker’s return.

Coker was suspended for several practices last December for undisclosed reasons. Still, in a limited role, he turned in UT’s biggest play against Penn State in the Outback Bowl, a 42-yard touchdown run in the second quarter to tie the game.

Fulmer said he’s not sure how much Coker worked out while suspended.

“He’s worked out some,” Fulmer said. “He’s been quite busy doing other things.”

Fulmer wouldn’t declare that Coker will definitely play in the Southern Miss game just because he’s scheduled to be eligible.

“He’s still progressing with things,” Fulmer said. “He’s got things to do.”

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Comments » 63

DadwasaVol writes:

That's a good thing.

Bigger_Al writes:

Great news. I think it is appropriate that he does not make the Cal trip. Hopefully, he can walk the straight and narrow, and mature into the player he can be.

He seems like a good kid.

AllVol writes:

Oh, hell yes.

Colliervol writes:

As long as he followed through with the counseling and the guidelines the school laid out, I don't have a problem with the decision. Still don't agree with all this 3 and 4 chances phooey, but if that's the rule, so be it.

RangerForSix writes:

That a Kid Phillip! Now we have 'three excellent' backs, who all bring something a little different to the ballgame and must be prepared for, by opposing defenses. This is great news! A Very Good football player, who makes Good choices, becomes a Great Football Player...LaMarucus can be Great, 'if ' he keeps making good choices every day...

wheatbarley writes:

Coker has two strikes. Hopefully, before he hits three, the Vols will be headed for the SEC Championship game. If not, he has been accorded every opportunity that every other UT athlete been given regarding drugs. Go Vols.

nich3244#338299 writes:

This is good for all concerned, Just hope he realizies that we play together, we all go by the sames rules, Maybe he should think about Michael Vick, he played by his own rules T Nichols

GreerVol22 writes:

I bet Fulmer had him neutered.

apark#208735 writes:

Very good news indeed. Congratulations LaMarcus. Keep the nose to the grindstone and you will ahve lots of success running for Fulmer's vols. The competition at back is awesome as long as Cut makes sure that the top two get their share of carriers. Go Vols!

andy112382#209793 writes:

CRVol, cheer up, man.....seriously! I don't recall a positive comment I have read to date from you, it's plain depressing reading your thoughts on things.

bgreybass#247717 writes:

Great news Coker being back. The only better news would be if he were going to Cal however, chances of injury woul be increased due to lack of practice time.

jforte#270419 writes:

Come on coach let boobie spin. As long as Coker can play against Florida we are OK. Imagine if he had gotten snaps last year against Florida we would have had more than -4 yards rushing and won the game. All the negativity around Crvol stinks. I live in Bartlett and have missed one game in the last 4 years home and away. How many games you been to Crvol. I just cant imagine you take the trips and bleed the orange with that negative stuff. Coker is the real deal difference maker. He will get it together and have huge numbers for US. With Ainge and Cut skies the limit. Troops groop will step up. Has he ever let us down yet. Is there any doubt with the D either. Back in the SEC hunt babe.

utvols1 writes:

I tend to lean towards CR on this one. It's a tough spot for everyone. You have a kid that obviously is not getting it....and trust me, the kids that are making the tough decisions to obstain know how tough it is, and here is Coker getting a pretty sweet deal inc coming back. I think it sends a diluted message, if you're an "A" list performer your treated differently. I think the true hard working kids on the team see this as special treatment and a de-energiser. This tends to, just as JW said,..start a cancer. I'm happy as a fan but sad for the kids that are walking the straight and narrow. Short term gain long term trouble. I'd put money on it that he'll be gone a yr from now.

jforte#270419 writes:

Your talking to a grown man that sacrafices and pays his own way. How many away games, championship games, and bowl games you been to cause you didn't mention that, and I guess you were in San Antonio for the sweet 16. Not. All I'm sayin is bleed it if you can GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thevol writes:

Yeah Cr is the ticket holder that female doges and complains the whole game. People in front need to sit down, it's too rowdy, too crowded. People don't have problems with your "stats", "facts", etc.. No one is happy with the last couple of seasons, we all want UT to win. It is your incessant whining and complaining with nothing EVER possitive to say. If Coker is one of your favorite players, talk about how we can employ him in our offense, something. It is just getting old hearing all the female doging from you. This is a NEW season.

Also, How do you judge Coker? Do you know him? Know the situation? Have you ever been young or made a mistake? I bet his teammates are very happy to have him back. THEY know him and the situation. You are like those ESPN commercials "talking sports out of your ass".

Glad to have Coker back. He is a dynamic player with lots of ability. Hopefully he will be a valuable student athelete from here on out. One more week. I am psyched for college football to start. Go Big Orange!

jforte#270419 writes:

I was at the 2001 championship and went to Florida the week before. I was there in 2004 also. Yes I was at those terrible peach bowls and I will be in California. My first game was the no catch Florida game in 2000 and ive only missed 6 since. I was at the notre dame game in 2001 and 2005 yes even when they were 5 and 6. Ive been everywhere man. Have you??? I'll compare stubs any time Crvol. I think you are really CRvandy. I donate and buy away tickets from where ever I can getum. Save the grandfather comments for some one else. I also have two blue ticks want pictures. I bleed it you should too!!!!

jforte#270419 writes:

thevol is a real vol he bleeds it!!!!!

jforte#270419 writes:

I was at the Katrina game. I missed the Kentucky 05 game.

jforte#270419 writes:

Come on Crvandy give us some more!!!!

jforte#270419 writes:

Got three witnesses that went with me and had the time of their life. Their fans were so rowdy going in and so quiet and devastated leaving. Away games how many you been to ???? Actually there were about 1000 to 1500 there you wouldnt know I will send you a picture of my LSU cup from 05. Fun pack CRvandy fan. Im in Section CC. I got some A state tickets if you want to upgrade your fun pack.

Hunter writes:

How about we be big boys and not name-call on the Internet? That would seem to be the logical, mature, Volunteer thing to do. 8 days 'til football and I am ready!

jforte#270419 writes:

Donor rank ALL ORANGE crvandy

jforte#270419 writes:

I agree and will think positive. I admit Crvandy is the bigger fan!!! GO VOLS GO ORANGE

thevol writes:

CR-How do you sit and complain about the Vols all day every day then go cheer like crazy at the games? It's one thing to be critical about the play, I yell at the play calling, the drop passes, the fumbles, etc. because I care so much about us winning. But, you female dog and complain ALL the time and have never said one positive about the coaches, players, the team, anything. This is now game week. Can you please just give it a rest at least for this week.

What does it matter how old jforte is, when he started going to games? Everyone had to start sometime. I'm sure you are not the record holder for games attended. Even if you are, do you even enjoy going to the games?

Now is the time to get ready for the Teddy Bears. I would love nothing more to shut Lou Holtz up(I'm watching ESPN). Go Big Orange!

cdldoc#211897 writes:

CRVol, get some anger management therapy and some respiradol. Or just paint yourself black like youe attitude and become invisible. Do you say anything that would be considered "positive".

jforte#270419 writes:

Enjoy the net and goal post. The first few rows of CC won't cause any bleeds. I sat in c row 8 last year and have the stubs also had tickets on b row 33. I've got the stubs from LSU too. Section s1 row m seats 3 and 4 I will be happy to show them to you if I can find you behind the goal post. There were probably closer to 1000 there or maybe it just felt like it as loud as we were. Im sure you would have done a head count.

thevol writes:

Thanks Jforte, I do bleed orange. I was born into it and am very sensitive about my alma mater(class '94). I'm drinking the kool-aid, wearing the orange tinted glasses, etc. and loving it. Go Big Orange!

jforte#270419 writes:

you can get seats in section L for below face value the day of the game CRvandy

thevol writes:

Just try to enjoy it CR, it is a game. A game I love and you love but still a game.

jforte#270419 writes:

Its great to be a tennessee vol I said its great to be a tennessee vol!!!!

jforte#270419 writes:

You are funny CRvandy. Where are your seats in Berkley??? I love my team and my coach even through some tough times. All Im sayin is we are better off with Coker.

jforte#270419 writes:

CRvandy does not have the passion of the vol fans that go to away games. You cant be that negative and have people believe you travel.

jforte#270419 writes:

I do give one and it really doesn't matter how much I give. Just get the spirit back this year and go to some away games. I will help you find tickets. How much do you want beat Florida and if you actually were going to Florida as I am would you want it more.

jforte#270419 writes:

I got to slap hands with gerald riggs and others going in to the tunell after the LSU game. Best memory from 05. The only bright spot from 05. Go Vols!!!!!

jforte#270419 writes:

I feel better now crvandy has selected his one away game for the year.

jforte#270419 writes:

I think you've lost it crvandy. You had it then, get that passion back now. I'll be waiting for all you positive comments and i think the fulmer you hate was the coach in 98.

invisiblekid writes:

A little testy in the AM jawbreaker? It does make you long for the good old days of the pay site though. The rantings of busybody just doesn't seem that bad now. Anyway, I can't say I am suprised by the move to give Coker another chance(again) but, in remaining positive about the situation, I think it will be a positive for the team. Obviously, he is the only proven home run threat but, by most accounts, he has a good attitude(termed by some as "exceptional") when he does actually participate in team activities such as practice and playing in games.

gvegasvol writes:

Come on guys - give ole' CR a break. Let him - or her - speak their mind. He can't help it that he never played football but he - or she - has some good points. Sorta reminds me of the cost accountant at weekly meetings who brings spread sheets in and says nothing can be done because it costs too much. Probably middle management somewhere waiting for that "promotion." No sense wasting negavitive energy ripping on the guy. Just think how bad your life would be if you had to spend all day saying "Welcome to McDonald's! May I take your order?"

drwfocus writes:

Will some one, some how, get this person -crvOL- off of here? I enjoy reading other's views on these reports. Even the ones that provide constructive critical analysis and views. But my God, this person needs a personal site. May I suggest negative/all-the-time. Uh-Oh, mistake, now I will have to be lectured by this site's illustrious chaplain and shrink -- guess who?

Volunteer writes:

Cant we all just get along! C'mon fellas, its 7 days till its Football Time in Tennessee! Its time for Big Orange Nation to unite (Like the braveheart movie)!

Hope that Coker realizes what Phil is doing for him. I think he has been out 4 weeks, right?? Seeing the game on primetime will probably do him some good. Make him wish he was there playing. i can only hope.

theVol, love the comment about Holtz, everytime I see him on ESPN i put a sheet over my TV to stop him from spitting on me! Does anyone else feel that way? Seriously, I think he spits every other word when he talks!


abrown#232236 writes:

Don't worry so much guys -- each situation is different based on the kid, their value to the team (yes its true) and their capacity to change. Have any of you ever known someone that was a good person and an engaging personality, but just a bonehead? It is hard to know what to do with such a preson. Coker has obviously spent the last of his chances, and his "James Banks Date with Destiny" looms. These kids are still young enough to learn new tricks and to change, and I trust truly that everyone has said everything to him that could possibly steer him in the right direction. Now its up to him. Maybe someone needs to put up a big ol' Onterrio Smith poster in his room, just to remind him every morning.

mdvol writes:

Coker or not......WE ARE GOING TO FREAKIN' KILL CAL. Vols 34 - Cal 17. Someone let me know what the betting line is so I can bet what I've got and everything I can borrow against what I've got on the BIG ORANGE! Anyone notice (or care) Ole Miss announced Seth Adams the starter over Brent Schaeffer?

Vol43 writes:

I think this CRVol person is wrapped too tight. Frankly, I'd like to see proof of his 'season' tickets to Tennessee football. I'm beginning to think his wardrobe contains nothing in orange, but maybe in crimson.

DaveVol writes:

It does concern me that Coker is back. If he hasn't cleaned up his act he will be a cancer on the team. Who will he influence and take down with him? I hope the best for him, but I find it hard that he has learned his lesson. If you have dealt with this situation before you know it takes time. What is the policy for the standard UT student? Are they one and done or do they get the four?

orangebloodgmc writes:

Glad Coker's coming back; seems appropriate to have to miss Cal game and network tv opportunity. Hope our running game does well without him to make him think, man, I gotta be part of that. If running game should struggle without him, he might jut out his chin and think, you won't suspend me again. Hopefully he has learned something. Geaux Vawls!

BuckFama writes:

If you quit writing responses to his drivel, he may himself quit writing.

But then, I'm sure we all are fascinated by the "I'm a better fan", "no, I'm a better fan" reparte.

texan writes:

Why does the News Sentinel not report the "inside info" like Chris Low of Do they have a sweetheart clause in their coverage with UT or do their writers fear losing their spots in UT golf tournaments and the like?

jforte#270419 writes:

Sidewalk boy is back again. As I walked down the sidewalk next to the tennessee river and saw that big beautiful stadium and the vol navy I was hooked for life. Crvandy Im sorry I grew up in Tiger High country but every chance I get i go home, away, wherever to support the vols. I'm still looking for the posts of positiveness or does that L on your tickets stand for lost cause. I drive at least 800 miles round trip to see games and I bet you drive 8 or walk to avoid paying for parking so Im gonna call you 8mileCrvandy cause thats your level of dedication. As for my private school education Im also sorry about that and Im sorry I have a good job. I wish I had gone to ut. you must have flunked out of or got kicked out. Do everbody a favor and say something nice or positive for once.

BahamaVol writes:

Lamarcus returning can only be good for the chemistry. He has been punished and hopefully will come back as a humble, hungry young player. If he comes back like a Kelly Washington or James Banks, out the door he goes. 7 MORE DAYS!!! GO VOLS

mdvol writes:

The folks at have lost their collective minds. Not only did they pick Cal over UT again this year (dumb and dumber), they picked Oklahoma State over Georgia. There is no way in #%#$ two SEC East powers lose non-conference games to start the season. Well, especially not the BIG ORANGE. I couldn't care less about the Dawgs.

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