Mega-noise with megaphones?

Cal’s attempt to foil Vols amuses Hefney

Gimmicks don’t intimidate Jonathan Hefney.

Yes, Tennessee’s senior safety has heard about California’s athletic department handing out megaphones in hopes of creating a raucous environment Saturday night when the No. 12 Golden Bears play host to the No. 15 Vols.

No, Hefney’s not impressed.

“They did that in high school,” Hefney said Tuesday with a smile.

To Hefney, megaphones are a poor substitution to what he perceives as geographical advantages.

“We come from the South,” Hefney said. “We play tough football.

“In high school, we played tough football. We came here (to UT) and it was the same thing. That’s what we’re bringing to California just like when they came down last year.”

Last year’s UT-Cal game certainly bolstered Hefney’s point. UT led 35-0 in Knoxville before winning 35-18.

Hefney said he’s never seen a team wilt like the Golden Bears in his UT career.

“If we were to do it against anybody in the SEC,” Hefney said of last year’s fast, physical start, “they’re going to come back because they’re used to it.”

Cal quarterback Nate Longshore was one of the Golden Bears who couldn’t respond quickly enough last year against UT.

Longshore, then a sophomore making his first college start, completed 11-of-20 passes for 85 yards and an interception before being benched in the third quarter. He never led the Golden Bears to a score.

“This year, I think he’s trying to just to play his game and not worry about what happened last year,” Hefney said. “But in the back of his mind, he knows we’re always going to be coming on defense.”

UT’s secondary was at its best — and healthiest — against Cal last year. With a healthy Inky Johnson at cornerback, UT was able to play more man coverage, thereby allowing its linebackers to pressure the quarterback. Johnson suffered a career-ending injury the next week.

“We’re just going to go in like we did last year and do what we have to do, man to man, throw the zone in there, do whatever we have to do to stay on top of them and not let them get the big play,” Hefney said.

As for being a five-point underdog, Hefney isn’t insulted; he’s motivated.

“I like being the underdog … We’re going to go out there and hit them in the mouth, I hope,” he said.

Now, as compared to 2006, UT has far less experience in its secondary. Senior safety Jarod Parrish is the only player besides Hefney who has a collegiate start.

Senior Antonio Gaines, sophomore Marsalous Johnson and freshman Eric Berry are competing for UT’s two first-team cornerback spots. None has started a game in college.

Suddenly, Hefney is the grizzled ’ol veteran.

“I talk to the guys now and they listen to me,” Hefney said. “Back then (when I was younger), I was talking and nobody listened to me.

“They just laughed at me.”

Now it’s Hefney who’s laughing — at Cal’s megaphones.

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Comments » 69

Hunter writes:

With sushi in one hand and Cabernet in the other, how will they even hold the megaphone?

agentorange writes:

i get 8 tix in the season ticket holder section for cal. everybody won't be using those megaphone for the bears. and i can hold one just fine with my jd.

bsvolfan#325031 writes:

I would be embarassed to be a Cal fan...thinking that we had to have megaphones to make our crowd noise louder. Busch league and pathetic

demichael#630224 writes:

Last year the Vols fans and players were not talking smack prior to the game. This year, your true colors are coming out. Either you guys are worried, or you're just plain dumb. None of you have ever been to a sold out Memorial Stadium, and unless you've already boarded the Greyhound to Oakland, I'm guessing your staying in your wonderful state and will be watching the game with rabit ears in your trailer. Trust me - Erik "ooh, my pinkie hurts" Ainge will be looking like a scared little baby in his no-huddle offense once the crowd gets rockin'. I know Tennessee is a poor state, but maybe you can go down to Best Buy and watch a HiDef tv to see his expressions. It will be priceless.

bloodrunsorange writes:

Ya’ll, demichel seems to think we can’t find our way to the gathering with the “for sure, surf boys”. I for one will a sure him we will find 11 to play and try to get our 1 ton flat beds loaded for a cross country journey. I promise Rocky Top will arrive. We might not have raw fish and grape juice but we will have Q and Beer. When the dust settles and we haven’t slid off into the ocean we see who is still standing! They won't need their megaphones to hear the banjos playing the Tennessee Waltz.

orangebloodgmc writes:

Demichael, that's silly. Its about a football game. I think the best team is gonna win, maybe close, but we'll see which team manages to get it done. Then we'll all go home and the world will go on.

BahamaVol writes:

you are right demichael...we have never had to face the likes of a sold out memorial many does it hold??? Is it 50,000? Oh gosh...that is probably much louder and more intimidating than the swamp, or sanford, or any other SEC stadium for that matter. Maybe we just shouldn't even show up. Nahhhhhh, I think we'll just put a little thumpin on you! GO VOLS!!!

OldNumber7 writes:

You better walk the walk. This article is going to provide Cal a lot of motivation. Let's see what Tennessee team shows up - got me. I've been watching this too long.

ODA751 writes:

Demichael, so if Memorial stadium is so loud, why hand out the megaphones? Oh, and as far as the trailer trash comments, BIOYA. We'll see what happens on Saturday.

avidvol writes:

I suspect Cal will be about like South Carolina--a tough, determined opponent, well coached and highly motivated--perhaps without the caliber of athletes UT has. Our line play will be huge.

tigervol9802 writes:

A little info about Memorial Stadium:

Also, I read last year that they averages 64K. No doubt it will be a sell-out, but there is going to be a lot of orange in the stands.

I read their next ploy is going to be all the Cal fans kicking their aluminum seats to make noise too. No doubt the Cal team will be fired up, but don't tell an SEC school what a rowdy crowd will be like when you average 10K less than your stadium holds and it is considered an improvement.

And yeah, I will be watching it on my 50" plasma hi-def with some friends. I even got a new hitchin' post out front of my house so all my friends could hitch up their mules. It's exciting for many of them. They've never seen a game in color before, much less hi-def.

lnbadger320 writes:

demichael get real. you live in san fransisco and you're making fun of us?

if any of you guys talk to a girl, you better look hard and make sure she's actually a girl.

volguy writes:

demichael is right. None of us have ever been to a sold out Memorial Stadium. Hell, no one has...!

Oenoboy writes:

So demichael, how many times has that high school stadium of yours actually sold out over the last decade?

I love San Francisco by the way and know Berkely well. I've seen the trailer parks outside your city and I've seen the thousands who live on the streets be it in cardboard boxes or sewers. I doubt you have ever been to East Tennessee.

Back to football. Your football program is a blip on the screen compaired to ours and last year showed why. You have a great coach who is building a top notch program but that will only last as long as he's there. He's not even an alumnus so his loyalty will move elsewhere soon. After that, you guys go back to the middle of a one team conference. Enjoy that.

BOASoldier writes:

Yeah what's funny is the last two girls I dated were actually law students from Berkley ... I asked one why she didn't settle down with one of the West coast guys ... her answer "they're not real men .. they're more concerned with their appearance than most women are" that's some funny stuff .. well, I think we should help them with their appearance ... I think cleate marks would look great on a surfer's face.

jonathan012 writes:

HAHA... that's a good one Inbadger320. Well, demichael, no rabbit ears here. Just a 60" Sony HD!!! I'll be able to count the cleet marks on Cal's faces!

eefor10c writes:

How many people in California wish they could AFFORD a trailer?

Bigger_Al writes:

SF is definitely a great city, but it has its problems. There are a bunch of beggers, strung out druggies, and hustlers. Last time I was there, one loser wanted me to spend my time checking out his "art". I politely declined, so he called me a yuppie. Probably because I bathe...

I'm flying out Sat. AM, and I haven't bought a ticket yet. I did notice I can still buy a ticket on Cal's web site. I may wait until game time to see if it is really sold out.

jawjavol writes:

Hey Duh-Michelle, I think the Cal atheletic department would be better served handing out "Idiots Guide to College Football" since so many of your 'fans' do not have a history of following the sport. I tried to respect the Bears but I hear the same stories as last year.

Surely there must be a large following travelling from the Tenderloin district to watch all those virile young Bears in those tight Mustard pants. Why does a school with the history of UCB have to resort to such gimmicks anyway?

Why don't you put your money on my Vols so you can afford that gender bender surgery and quit cross dressing.

BTW,were it not for the VOLUNTEER forefathers of those trailer dwellers you speak of you would be liviing in the northenmost Mexican state!

UTK gave us enriched uranium at the Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Berkley gave us the San Francissy public baths. Gee what a trade-off.

bsvolfan#325031 writes:

About the poor comment, demichael, just so you know...Knoxville ranks third in the country for quality of living due to our low cost of living. The compensation experts at uncovered the top (and bottom) US metros for building personal net worth, taking into account local salaries, cost of living, and unemployment relative to the national average.

What an idiot you are.

Gosh--I can't wait to jump on the plane on Friday...go out to Berkely...and watch the Vols stomp Cal's candy @sses again.

hueypilot writes:

While standing next to a couple of middle-aged Cal fans last year as the team came through on the Vol Walk, I asked them, "When I go to Cal next year, what do you guys do like this that we should make sure we don't miss?" One of them said, "We don't have anything like this or anything else you've got here, back home. We're trying to build some tradition." I agree it's tough when your football team's all time memory was a hit against a trombone player.
But because your young men put on the pads and practice and show up to play, all real Vol Fans respect them as an opponent and will look forward to seeing them on the field next Saturday. Good luck demichel(???) and may the best team win.

dcbearfan writes:

at the risk of spoiling the trash-talking fun, i'd like to extend a gracious welcome to all the vol fans who make it out to the game. I think you'll find berkeley and mem stadium all that you expect (beautiful surroundings, great weather, and more than a few eccentrics) and maybe a little that you don't (hopefully better football than we showed you last year). we had the good fortune to meet Texas A&M in San Diego last December; their team didn't show up, but their fans sure did. I have no doubt the vols will come to play, and i suspect vol-nation will travel big, which should make for a great environment. enjoy the trip, and welcome to northern califonria. (for the record, you won't see many surfers in berkeley; they tend to gather further south. but the tree-huggers will be out in force.)

BahamaVol writes:

CRVol...I don't care what everybody else says about're alright. That has got to be one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. I went to a Valdosta High School game one time that had more energy than that place. Awesome post.

orangebloodgmc writes:

This hillbilly went almost 50 yrs without seeing the Bay area, thinking it can't be all THAT great, but when I visited, I had to agree there was something special about the place. Fellow rednecks, did you know, Merle Haggard has recorded at least 2 songs about San Francisco? But as for college football, about all I can concede to 'em is Joe Kapp, one of toughest qb's ever.

knoxtenor writes:

You could equip every single fan in that stadium with a megaphone and it still wouldn't equal the roar heard from Neyland every home game. Puh-lease! Pass the cocoa butter.

kent#260066 writes:


re: your Aggie comment, I've been lurking on the Cal boards watching the Bear fans hold up that Texas A&M win as a some type of signature game, and what we can expect. In addition to rewatching last year's debacle in K-town just to refresh your memory, you may suggest that they view the 2005 Cotton Bowl when Tennessee won its most lop-sided bowl victory ever (and almost pitched a shutout), totally dominating the Aggies at 38-7...

BOASoldier writes:


BOASoldier writes:

In an interview DeSean Jackson said that they had to listen to Rocky Top last year while they were in Tennessee but now we would have to travel to "Cali" and listen to their fight song ... which is???? and I didn't know it was a custom for Cal to play their fight song when the opposing team scored

tigervol9802 writes:

And how are we exactly supposed to take a program seriously that has people living in trees outside the stadium so they can't cut down I believe 6 trees to expand it and just had a concert to celebrate like 230 days of living there?

Man, I wish I had jumped at the chance to go out there when I had it. LOL

AllVol writes:

Still laughing, BOA . . . .

Colliervol writes:

Let's see now. The Vols "haven't been to a sold-out Memorial Stadium". Of course, they have been to the Swamp, between the hedges at Athens, Bryant-Denny in Tuscaloosa, the nuthouse that is LSU and the Hogpatch in Fayetteville. Believe me, demichael, your piddly little stadium looks like a pre-school get-together compared to those. I'm sure our players are trembling at the thought. Hopefully, Fulmer can get them to leave the bus Saturday.

Colliervol writes:

P.S. for all the Berkeley students and graduates- Jerry Garcia is dead. Phish sucks. Get a job.

jcherrie#219531 (Inactive) writes:

10,000 Vol fans helped sell out Memorial stadium. That's about 9,958 more fans than Cal sent last year.

BOASoldier writes:

do you know what you call 67000 screaming Cal fans? ..... I don't know either it's never happened

LongtimeVol writes:

Right on HueyPilot, that was my experience last year with Cal fans sitting around me in S and T. They were in awe of our traditions and very respectful. When the team ran through the T the Cal fans were all snapping pictures with looks of disbelief on their faces. Several of them said they had never seen anything like it, not even at USC. I don't think UT will be intimidated by the crowd, but Cal will be ready to play and we should take them seriously. My wife and I will be at the game with 10,000 (or more!) of our orange brethren. Go Vols!

joebomb writes:

UT Game Plan vs Cal -

Make a sign that reads: "This isn't a game . . . THIS IS WAR!!"

Then all of the Cal players will boycott and burn their jerseys.

volholic#282380 writes:

Stadium naming 101...If you have no football history and a name not worthy of putting on the side of your stadium, call your stadium "Memorial Stadium".

Give me a break. SEC road teams thrive playing in hostile environments with crowds in excess of 90,000. Much less 65,000. I don't think the Vols will have an issue with the megaphone-toting Cal fans.

Taylor writes:

Thanks for the classy remarks and gesture. It should be a great game---let's just hope it holds up to all of the hype. I'd love to check out Northern CAL--never been---it's always Southern Cal. for me but I hear it's absolutely beautiful. Go Vols and let's all enjoy the game!

Volchaz writes:

Bring what they may, we scheduled this game to attract a national TV audience, and that has happened, either way, we are getting what we asked for. A big win on the left coast will vault the Vols into the top 10 for sure.

Calbeers writes:

Tagging along to DC Bear, if you Vols fans are looking for normal Berkeley try the Bear's Lair, the UCB's best college pub. (up -east- on bancroft out of the Bart station, Pub on bottom floor of student center. Good food, good nor cal microbrew, big outdoor patio. No merlot or sushi here.) ALso, FYI, there literally are people living in the trees lining the walkway from College Avenue to Memorial; they are protesting Cal's plans to retrofit the stadium. Apparrently the survival of some hundred oak trees is more impartant than making a 65,000 capacity stadium earthquake safe (a major fault line splits the stadium in two from east to west.) If you're lucky they may climb down from their trees for a bongo or protesting session. Feel free to join in with us normal people laughing at them.

Calbeers writes:

And there's an Oakland A's game friday night with a fireworks show. The a's need as many people filling their seats as possible. Please take pity and come so they don't move to Vegas (5 miles from berkeley, also accessible by BART from SF)

ghoward writes:

Thank you, rogue Florida fan, for cowardly attempting to put words in Cal fans' mouths. I have a hard time believing that anyone from Berkeley would have such obvious grammatical and spelling errors in a post, especially when you have a chance to review it. Just enjoy your team which is one of, if the not the most, overrated "National Champions" of all time. And I don't care if I'm right about my thoughts or not - it's just nice to get in a shot about Florida whenever I can. By the way, you should really think about buying your own computer instead of tying up the public library's computers - guess you can't use WIC or food stamps for that though.

ODA751 writes:

DCBEARFAN and Calbeers, nice to know there are some normal people out there. Thanks for the classy comments. I was stationed on the persidio a long time ago and actually enjoyed northern California. Berkeley was kind of weird but once you get past Napa and Santa Rosa it is pretty country. Anyway, good luck on Saturday and Go Big Orange!

txsvol#372416 writes:

Cal Memorial Stadium on the Hayward Fault line? What do you think about our guys hitting them so hard that the Bears fall into it? And, how many of the Village People sit on Tightwad Hill? Thanks for the links. Go Vols! SAVol

wjbwitt#208529 writes:

Who knows how the game will turn out, but I know one thing - I'm leaving my 73" HDTV at home and going across the country to witness the game in person Saturday!

Calbeers writes:

the village people will be in san francisco. the people on tightwad hill will be smoking joints and drinking 40s. Worth the walk up if only for the view

ZacharyUTK writes:

Cal WHO????????????????????????????????????????

jawjavol writes:

DCBEARFAN and Calbeers, thanks for understanding that even some decent fans will defend their school, state, way of life in kind to the occasional wayward obnoxious posters.

I have been to the Bay area 4 times and I loved it from Napa, Sausalito, Alcatraz, Pier 39, Signal Hill, Golden Gate, the Presidio, that crazy crooked Lumbard Street,the streetcars, the tree/shrub guy near the Ghirardelli facory,Gilroy in June/July is nearly unbearable during the garlic harvest, the proximity to Lake Tahoe, Monterey Bay, and the Pacific Coast Highway. No one should miss a side trip to Muir Woods to see the Redwoods. You live in a truly special place!

Hope Vol fans impress you with their numbers, their passion, their knowledege of the game their sportsmanship and I hope you enjoy the game almost but not quite as much as we do.

74 hrs.19 min.s til toe meets leather and its Football time in Tennessee (WEST)!! Go Vols

utbaby#215635 writes:

I have to agree with Demichael a little. I really liked the tone of the players before last years game. They were focused and determined to right the ship and didn't need to talk smack. Confidence is good, but UT does better when they talk about what they need to do and stay humble and hungry. Ainge and Hefney are leaders of the team and they need to talk like leaders without giving the other team billboard material.

GoldenBear writes:

I would like to thank the Vols for scheduling us these two years. Yeah,last year was an embarrassment, but we are a program that has gone from awful to respectable in a few short years and a victory on Saturday will mean a lot. If we lose, it will be because we had trouble stopping the run. Desean Jackson will be the best player on the field.

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