Cutcliffe: Duke job hasn't been offered

Cutcliffe amid media Friday morning.

Photo by Tracey Trumbull

Cutcliffe amid media Friday morning.

Tennessee offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe said Friday morning he has not been offered the head coaching job at Duke.

The News Sentinel reported late Thursday night that Cutcliffe was offered the job and was expected to accept the position.

Cutcliffe declined to comment further on his possibilities at Duke, saying he would prefer not to speculate on whether or not he expects to be offered the job.

Cutcliffe did acknowledge that he interviewed for the job earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the Duke search committee is scheduled to meet this afternoon, school spokesman Jon Jackson told WRAL television on Friday.

The television station added that Duke is already planning meetings for the new coach with top alumni next week.

Duke president Richard Brodhead told The News & Observer on Friday that he had private discussions with each of the six who have interviewed for the opening — former Navy coach Paul Johnson; Grambling State coach Rod Broadway; Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson; former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell; Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Hue Jackson; and Cutcliffe.

Johnson was hired by Georgia Tech last week and Johnson pulled his name from consideration on Tuesday.

UT coach Phillip Fulmer said Cutcliffe would likely remain UT's offensive coordinator against Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl on Jan. 1 in Tampa, Fla., even if he is hired by Duke.

Should Cutcliffe leave, Fulmer said hiring a new coordinator would be his top priority and that the search would be all inclusive.

"I would search that whole scenario," Fulmer said.

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Comments » 66

agentorange writes:

way to go kns.

CrankE writes:

Great reporting from KNS.

Or to do it like Les Miles:

"I'll say it again, I'm staying at (insert school here). I'm excited to coach my (insert favorite expletive here) team for next (insert game, season, year, forever) or until the other school pays what I'm asking-whichever comes first."


Duke still has to review all the applicants from the online ad.


Hooker and Herbstreit are in it together!!!


Promote Drew.Adams needs to shake the line up.

CoverOrange writes:

Come on. Usual wordsmithing technicalities by insiders. Just like the ARk AD Long saying he never talked to Petrino before he resigned, but I bet Long had people that knew people that knew Petrino's people who talked to him.

Probably, Cut was told he would be offered as soon as the search committee got together and voted. Technically, Cut wasn't offered.

DennisVols writes:

Anything to liven up the sports news during the down time before the bowl games.

CoverOrange writes:


CoverOrange writes:

Nice shot of the back of Cut's head. If indeed that is David Cutcliffe. HMMMM!

ACG writes:

What super genius decided to press ahead with a story that isnt a story yet? Why should we believe this person would have "inside" information on whether or not he'd accept a position if they dont even know for sure he's been offered?

DennisVols writes:

"Believe nothing that you hear and only 50% of what you read"

Volunatic writes:

CRVol-- Who wants to be a pay site again?
As far as I can tell, when it went to that format, all KNS got in return was enough to pay one new sportswriter (Dave Hooker), but KNS lost hundreds (or probably thousands) of daily website viewers to and other sites that offered UT Vol content for free.

mtnvol writes:

Look at the photo closely, fellas. While WE think the center of this story is (or should be) the coach, the real center of the story is the media! Those are the only faces we see!!

American Media...Bloated With Self-Importance!

scfranklin51#220001 writes:

I imagine he'll still go, but it is funny how things get mis-reported all the time.

newtonrail writes:

EB, I'll answer you over here. My BB Mia Culpa is old history. My problem with you and several others on this forum are the relentless personal attacks. In the case of Cutcliffe, all he's done is raise our offensive stats in every meaningful category. New philosophy? New schemes? Hey, that takes the head coach changing or changing his philosophy and recruiting players to say--spread option. Blame it on Ainges' broken finger, or receivers who couldn't get separation, but the deep routes were the only thing we didn't' run. Notice how the forgotten TE's are now a part of the Offense? I don't like simplistic answers to complex problems. We will also lose out QB prospects because whether you like it or not, Cutcliffe has a great rep developing QB's. Come up from Florida sometime and go to the games. And BTW, I got Season tickets to BB also to complete my Mia Culpa in that area. Merry Christmas.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Maybe Hamilton is lining up Cutcliff to replace Phil in 2015 ala FSU! Thornton may have spoken again. If so, also look for Pilot gas to go up .05 to pay for Haslam's share. Go Vols!

THE_VOL writes:

TYPICAL KNS!!!! LMAO!! I knew it was too good to be true!

madisonvillevol writes:


thesavageorange writes:

I just hope it doesn't drag out.If he goes, who is out there to replace him?(And yes I think he will take it.I hear they're offering CPF type $$$)I don't think their is a viable candidate(for OC) on this staff.

Volker writes:

I didn't think that Cut's heart could handle the head coaching position. Sure it's easier to be the HC at Duke than it is to be the women's curling team HC at UT, but how can Cut stand to take over the worst program in big time college football? I mean Notre Dame beat them for goodness sake.

madisonvillevol writes:

sportswriters are alot like the weathermen around here---they have a hard time gettin' it right!

thesavageorange writes:

They're just waiting for coach Krzyzewski to tell them who he wants.

bugola19 writes:

I agree with madisonvillevol all the way but on the real, I would like to see him go, just b/c of a new change. I enjoyed cutcliffe as OC over the years, but lets face it here folks, mostly every program has switched to the spread offense or something close to that these days to utilize their talent thats available to them. So why not us???? Oh I forgot FULLMER IS THE HEAD COACH!!!!

yabadabadoo1026 writes:

Hamilton stupidly publicly said 2 or 2 weeks ago he wants Cut here a long time and just set himself up to be worked by Cut. I can understand it but still I don't like ploys if this is one to gain leverage to get more money where you are at----if this is what hes pulling here I'm Ok if the ploy backfires and hes stuck with that situation rather than just showing some patience at Tenn will reward him if he produces---I don't like leverage games if this is one

thesavageorange writes:

yabadabadoo1026 :That may very well be what this is.If he leaves, however, the folks who want a change at coach are taking a major blow ,b/c that would mean he isn't willing to wait another 5-10 years for CPF to retire.(I'm sure cut knows approx. how long phil wants to coach)That's also why i don't voice an opinion either way on Phil.Because he isn't going anywhere until he so chooses.What Cut does will go a long way in telling us what the future plans are for this program.

Feared_Mustang_Package writes:

go already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hueypilot writes:

While we're on the subject of coaching changes, anybody notice Al Borges leaving Auburn? Only three years ago he was the latest offensive genius. Like the man said, it's more about the Jimmys and Joes that the x's and O's. Funny how much of an offensive genius you can be when you have a starting NFL quarterback and two NFL starting running backs in the same backfield. Now Borges is looking for a job.

asleep#212036 writes:

I don't think Cut is working Hamilton for more money no more than I think that the Duke offer isn't already done, either with Cut or someone else. Have they technically made the offer? No. Have they sent Cut and his family a Christmas card with every "S" made into dollar sign? You bet if that's who they are going to offer the job to. It's just hoop-jumping time for the blue bloods in blue devil territory. I would imagine as soon as the committee meets, then Cut will immediately accept the job that he had no idea was going to be being offered. And although I'm no hater, I'm not sure how Fulmer intends to "search the whole scenario". I don't even know what that means. My half-full glass hopes it means he might seriously consider going outside the program for some new blood. Go vols!!!

FWBVol writes: is reporting that the Atlanta Falcon offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson, a Spurrier disciple has interviewed for Duke and Stevie Boy is pushing him very hard for the job.

CoverOrange writes:

Phil already knows who he is going after, he is just waiting on David to tell him there is a vacancy.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Man, I'd want someone associated with the Falcons for my program. Talk about upgrading. Be the same as hiring Phil as a track coach for sprinters. He'd be as quick as me.

Can the Dooks be that dumb? For a "smart" school.

Oh, theres still ole Wisconsin. Sorry, Badgers, we'll get back to you by the 28th. Know they're sweating it.

Volalumnus writes:

Trooper to Baylor as OC?

DadwasaVol writes:

Hire Al Borges for Tennessee OC.

juicetke#226846 writes:

According to espn he has accepted.

lind212#269973 writes:

ESPN is reporting as of 2:58pm that Cut has accepted job at Duke!

VOLinDAWGland writes:

Uh, go read the ESPN news flash, the source it is quoting is this about a circular reference.

Where there's smoke there' probably a hot fire so I'm figuring he's gone.

TT should be interviewing to gain whatever leverage he can.

I got my seatbelt strapped tight.

bigbluevol writes:

For all those people lauding Al Borges, I'd like to point out that his offense was ranked 101 out of 119. If you say it's Brandon Cox's fault, I'll remind you that two years ago and last year, everyone was talking about how great a QB he was. Borges' biggest success came when he had three 1st round draft picks in his backfield. Borges is not the answer.

texan writes:

On air ESPN just confirmed this.

vegasvol writes:

At 3:17pm ESPN announced that Cut has accepted Duke offer via Chris Low of the Tennessean

bigbluevol writes:

I hope we give Trooper a chance at OC. We need him as a recruiter and his enthusiasm is a huge plus. You think that all the people who criticize Phil would be saying that they enjoy Trooper's enthusiasm. However, in typical hater fashion, they think he's a "joke" and that his excitement doesn't do anything. Consistency in your position please. The kids like Trooper, he's proven he can coach, and he's been nothing but an asset to the staff and the program.

orngejuiced writes:

the folks at the tennessean seem to believe this. what about you guys? does chris low know what he's talking about?

texan writes:

Chris Low's sources have always been the best around. How "all inclusive" can any search be without possibly becoming a future head coach replacement? (Jimbo Fisher/ Bobbie Bowden)

thesavageorange writes:

bigbluevol :I do as well.He has been coaching college for 15 years in one way or another , 11 of those on the offensive side of the ball.If he's not ready now he never will be.However it is hard to turn down your almamader.(yes I know it's Baylor)But I guarantee they are going to tell Troop he's their future HC.I hope for him to be a succesfull coordinator,and one day the head man of the VOLS.Every group he has been in charge of has gotten much better.So what if he were in charge of the whole thing?If it's not Troop then they need to go outside the family.GO VOLS, and good luck Cut.THANKS!

thesavageorange writes:

Chris Low is definately the most credible guy ,when it comes to the Vols.

TommyJack writes:

Get Phil a dozen to go...

texan writes:

Being too careful can also be risky. However, in Low's brief tenure at Hubbs' Rivals site he broke the Coker story telling the reasons for the suspension. Since Low left the Tennessean coverage has been shady at best. Hubbs is good ,but tends to be too much of a 'Homer' for my taste.

tnbanker_govols writes:

According to ESPN, Cut has already accepted the job.

tnbanker_govols writes:

By the way, my brother has an account on Hubbs Rivals account.......according to credible inside sources, Cut's gone. Let's just hope Trooper doesn't follow suit.

thesavageorange writes:

Chris low is on 104.5 in nashville right now.He is saying the deal has been agreed on a contract in principle.He is also saying Luke, and Roper are both going.Trooper is promoted or he's gone.Fulmer may contact Doug Marrone(OC of the saints), but probably won't come up w/ the $$$ it would take to lure him away.

RockyTop1998 writes:

If Coach Fulmer is so great a coach why is it no one has ever offered him a job at another school.

THE_VOL writes:

Duke HAS offered this to Cut in a phone call following this afternoon's meeting. Ball's in his court and decision should come within 24-48 hours.

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