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Tennessee wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor has been offered the offensive coordinator job at Baylor University, a source close to the situation told the News Sentinel.

Taylor missed the Vols’ brief workout Sunday in the Neyland-Thompson Sports Center while interviewing for the job at his alma mater in Waco, Texas.

According to the source, Taylor could make a decision on Baylor’s offer as early as today.

Taylor also is considered a candidate to replace David Cutcliffe as offensive coordinator at Tennessee.

Cutcliffe, who spent the last two years at UT, was named Duke’s new head coach Saturday.

The News Sentinel reported Sunday that Tennessee contacted Detroit Lions wide receivers coach Kippy Brown, a former UT assistant, about its offensive coordinator job.

UT offensive line coach Greg Adkins and New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Doug Marrone, another former UT assistant, also are possible candidates.

Taylor joined UT’s staff in 2004 and has coached running backs and wide receivers. He also is UT’s assistant head coach for player development.

Before that, he spent five seasons at Tulane, one season at New Mexico and began his coaching career with a six-year stint at Baylor, where he played defensive back 1988-91.

UT coach Phillip Fulmer confirmed Sunday that Taylor interviewed for the Baylor job.

“When you have good people that do a good job, there are opportunities,” Fulmer said. “He’s a Baylor graduate, family lives there. Certainly that’s something professionally that he needed to look at.

“He did it the right way and their coach called us and went through the channels. It’s no problem. He’ll be back and ready to go (Monday).”

Taylor, one of Tennessee’s best recruiters, has twice been courted for other jobs.

In January, Taylor spoke with Howard University about its head-coaching job, but pulled his name from consideration shortly thereafter.

Following the 2004 season, Taylor turned down an offer to become an assistant coach at Texas.

Taylor is UT’s highest paid position coach at $175,000 after signing a contract in July that runs through June of 2009.

Fulmer, who has received and made calls about hiring a new offensive coordinator, said Sunday that he would thoroughly research potential candidates before making any decision.

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Comments » 128

jobrando#216494 writes:

This is turning into an exciting house cleaning...

DroopyDrawers writes:

Trooper, Good luck!

Hunter writes:

Thanks for helping us stay relevant in recruiting. Come back to UT after you've gotten a few years as a coordinator and are ready to "give your all for Tennessee" once again.

filmjr#558361 writes:

I wish the best for Cut and Troop, but holy cow, what happens to our recruiting this year if they leave?

bruteforce7#630403 writes:

Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow Norm Chow can you hear me now!!!

CoverOrange writes:

Did they even let him get off the plane before they offered the job? Geesh. No way Baylor or TT waits two or three weeks for Fulmer to make up his mind. Thanks for the service, Troop, catch you on the rebound.

cdldoc#211897 writes:

Wow, other programs want our coaches? Maybe the Haters have miscalculated.

BigVolinCarolina writes:

Thanks, Trooper...and best of luck.

Can you really blame him for wanting to go back to his alma mater?

Losing 4 coaches this fast will show whether or not other good coaches will want to come to UT.

LargeOrange writes:

I hope Trooper doesn't start calling our recruits and offering then rides to Baylor like our good buddy Coach Cut. This is getting bad.

gohawks1 writes:

Four coaches? I haven't heard anything definite about Luke and Roper. Have I missed something?

BigVolinCarolina writes:

Word on the street is that they're both going with Cutcliffe to Duke. Cutcliffe brought those guys from Ole Miss to UT, so it's not likely they'll stay around...And the fourth would be Trooper if he leaves--practically speaking, it's hard to imagine him staying if Coach Fulmer doesn't offer him the OC position.

ZacharyUTK writes:

So... what happens now?

bshell12 writes:

big loss. Trooper show the enthusiasm tennessee needs

FWBVol writes:

justisiscumin, do you live in the real world? How does someone working for one company every interview for another job if not while still on the payroll for the first company?

This happens all the time, and the coaches UT will interview, in all probability, be employed by some other school or professional team at the time they come to Knoxville to talk to Phillip Fulmer about the opening(s) he has on the staff.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the coaches involved who are getting better opportunities as well as Tennessee to have new coaches come on board.

There are plenty of hungry young coaches, and good veternan coaches, that will jump at the opportunity to be a part of Tennessee football. If David Cutcliffe's voice mailbox is filling up every hour to hour and a half with coaches wanting to coach at Duke, imagine how many more will want to be a part of the UT program and tradition.

No, the sky is not following, instead a new day is dawning that very well could return the Vols to the level we all desire.

cwisenhower#637741 writes:

If Trooper goes, then I wish him all the best. But I think he would be a good coordinator for UT. He's been a great position coach at UT, having coached the RB's and WR's into very good players. Just imagine if he could make the entire offense run that way. Amazing.

bluetickhound writes:

Is it just me or is anyone else confused as to why anyone would want to go to these programs?? I mean, sure, technically it's a promotion to go from positions coach to coordinator, but Baylor and Duke?? Can we agree that these are both pretty much dead end jobs, no matter what your job title says? Maybe it's just a money thing, but it seems to me that if Cut and Troop stayed here and continued to win, then they could obtain promotions at mid-level respectable programs (e.g. Southern Miss or NC St.). Duke and Baylor are bad, will always be bad, and have next to 0 hope of changing. I guess they'll comfort themselves with those 9-10 loss seasons by counting the dollars in their bank accounts.

chrisw2967 writes:

You notice when schools come after our coaches , its never Fulmer they want to talk to.
I am just curious to see what Fulmers does next that makes no sense. Even if Trooper doesnt get the OC job here he needs to pay him more than what Baylor offers and keep him on this staff some way. but he isnt that smart.
Trooper is going to a dead in school(Baylor) and will probably be there 3 years at the most and back to square one. Just match Baylors offer and hope he stays.

andy112382#209793 writes:

Wish I knew more about Troopers play calling ability. He is a great recruiter and if he is good at calling the plays than by all means lets make him OC! I guess the thing in the back of my mind is that Tennessee/the SEC is not a place to learn on the job as a OC, especially considering the high level of competition around the league right now.....this is a great oppourtunity for us to land an OC that will use the athletes we already have in place. GO VOLS!!!

nicksjuzunk#646117 writes:

Dad blame!!

I hope this does not drain our already pedestrian recruiting class. Some say Fulmer did one of his best jobs this year by rebounding all the way to ATL. If he can put in a solid year next year after this nightmare, it should silent everybody.

Bring in the fresh blood!! We could use some change... I just wish we didn't have to change Cut and Troop... if Troop bails.

txsvol#372416 writes:

I don't think CPF will decide quickly enough to keep Troop. He wants to interview others, and I don't blame him. For every recruit we lose because they wanted to play for Cut, or were recruited by Troop, chances are that those who fill the vacated positions will also fill our scholarships with similarly talented players. The uncertainty may affect bowl preparation, though. We always need some excuse for poor performances in post season play. Chicken Little(s), the sky is not falling! Change can be an exciting time for our program! Go Vols! SAVol

eb502us#225637 writes:

Hate to lose Trooper, but that's football. We'll find someone to replace his that just as capable in all areas. Just please Fulmer, don't be tempted to give him the OC job. Let him get his experience at Baylor.

Vols44 writes:

Im not liking this at all. Every good coach and recruiter we have is leaving. We need to dish out the $$$$$$ to make a big hire. That will draw in some big time recruits.

bamaperry#265482 writes:

Rats----------->Ship Jumping

rccheek#205272 writes:

It's a money thing and an EGO thing. I am the HEAD COACH, I am the OC. I agree it is the end of the line for Cut but not for Trooper. He will go on the be a HC somewhere.

twoxvols#231409 writes:

Trooper is one of the people that brings excitement to the team. If we let him go, it would be a huge mistake. Through his recruiting efforts and his passion (not only results), he has earned the right to the OC position.

orangebloodgmc writes:

Would hate to see Trooper go, but don't blame anybody for wanting to go home (me next?). Geaux Vawls!

cnalumni writes:

Good Luck Trooper if you accept the job. You deserve it bro. With Trooper and Cut leaving, who is going to responsible for discipline? It will be an interesting 2008.

justin35us#209705 writes:

Jeremy Bates should get a phone call, he is with the Broncos right now but has had plenty of QB coaching experience. He played at Rice after leaving UT, coached their as coordinator I think, then in Tampa, Jets, Broncos as well working with QB's. Son of a great coach and from Sevier county.

Southland writes:

Texans always go home when they get a chance Its a dead end job but he will take it and we will lose good recruits Maybe Fulmer is getting like Majors and getting real hard to work for. All those that worship Majors surely can remember he couldn't keep assistants except Phil. He got to were no one could put up with him. Going to get ugly, uglier

eduardo writes:

So much for the chest bumping. Maybe F$$$lmer will take it over. Boy that would be a train wreck waiting to happen. What happened Troop did you get tired of all the negativity on these chatboards? This mass exodus don't look so good for the boys in orange! If you want to really excite the fan base hire George Quarles as the OC! Maybe it would reunite the fans!

kb7398#233189 writes:


pdhuff#552644 writes:

Congrats, Troop if you get the job. Your excitement was a welcome relief for many of us. It conveyed thru to some of your players as well as it will at Baylor.

Now, let's see what happens. Go Vols.

johnlg00 writes:

Can't believe all these people criticizing Cut and Troop for wanting to improve themselves, as if they were traitors. We have had so much stability for so long here that we have apparently forgotten that for most of the country most of the time, college football is inherently a transient profession. MOST coaches move all the time; for the most part, it is THE way you move up. It is the same in business or in the military. When someone is promoted from within, that means that one is giving orders to those who used to be one's peers. The person getting promoted is usually transferred. Or looked at another way, the person desiring a promotion moves to another company or unit where there is a higher-slotted position than was available where he or she was. In both of the present cases, they followed the long-established process. The other schools requested permission to interview Cut and Troop. Such permission is nearly always granted as a matter of course. That is just how business is done. People who want to think hard of Troop or Cut for this are just immature. I hate to see both of them go, but life is change and I wish them well.

SCVolsFan writes:

This is NOT good news for our football
program. Just hope all the replacements
will do a great job. We need it.

blackwolf writes:

Duke - Baylor, anyone else concerned that these two coaches are not very hopeful of the team we will be able to field next year? If they thought we were going to be better next year wouldn't they hold out until then where they could basically write thier own ticket?

Colliervol writes:

In case you haven't figured it out, most assistant coaches are in the business for money and advancement (similar to most of us that are in business). Cutcliffe's stated desire was to be a head coach again. Taylor wants to be one as well but needs to be a coordinator first. Going to Duke and Baylor accomplishes that for both.

And neither program can go anywhere but up. Not sure with Cutcliffe's age that he'll go to other places but if Taylor (assuming that he takes the job) can achieve anything at all, his star will still be rising. Not much risk for him either. There's always an opening for a recruiter anywhere.

Rather than the-sky-is-falling attitude that some our "fans" exhibit, I view this as a big opportunity for Fulmer to revamp this staff with some new blood. Now it's up to him.

jvires writes:

Some more much-needed house-cleaning

TommyJack writes:

Pound the rock. Stay the course. Wear the blinders.

CrankE writes:

Choose the right OC for our program. Trooper will leave for this opportunity if not for another one later.
As in 2005, Fulmer has to pick a new offensive coordinator. This time though, he won't have the luxury of an out of work former offensive coordinator who just happened to be living back in town. Will Fulmer hire someone from within our system, who will do it like we've always done it? Or will he hire someone who will shake things up, rock the boat a little, maybe break a few eggs, and possibly outshine him?

I personally believe this hire will be the most imoprtant decision of his career.

DSaVol writes:

This is GREAT NEWS! It's starting to look like the TRUTH is about to come out on ole Felipe. This next group of hires is going to once and for all settle if the problems in this program are at the top, in the assistants, or a combination. Either way Mr. FOOLmer is about to have to start EARNING his keep. That should be quite comical!

Now there are some on here who want to take some source of pride in "other schools wanting our coaches." Wake up people - Duke and Baylor aren't exactly in line for the next title game! The fact that our wonderful coaches would even consider these jobs is a testament to what is ABOUT to happen in this program! Do you really believe Cutcliffe would take the DUKE job if he thought he would have a great offense here next year? Answer = NO! He would have stayed and parlayed a 3 year turnaround process into a head job at a school that actually has a football team! So get ready folks cause while we thought 2005 was bad - we ain't seen nothin' yet!

tp2 writes:

I can't blame either of these guys for taking on other opportunities. Some of you are not being realistic. It is mostly always about the money and sometimes the conditions. Before Cutcliff came back to UT our offense was lathargic at best. His presence turned our offense around. Some of you say there are others, are you referring to others such as Randy Sanders who we promoted up when Cut left the first time. Are you kidding. Don't fool yourselves. Quality coaches are not knocking the door down trying to get hired on at UT. As for Trooper he deserves to be the first man to be offered the position as OC. Look what he's done, when Receivers coach he made them tough and quality players. As currently being running backs coach look how he has turned them around. Be fair and give the man the opportunity if he is qualified. Pay attention Vol Nation. If we lose Cutcliff and Trooper in the same year get ready for tougher times (just my take on it).

Colliervol writes:

Agree with sjt. If Phil is making $2 million plus a year with lifetime job security AND everybody knows he would not leave UT, why would another school waste their time calling? Jeez, some folks are dense but, then again, why should I look for much else? I'm starting to realize that my expectations on here are probably higher than they should be.

The other pertinent question of the day:

If some of you think we should hire this George Quarles fellow as OC, why don't we just go ahead and get the staff at Cocke County to come along too? I hear they're pretty innovative up that way. Heck, let's just get a whole staff of high school coaches in there. That would be interesting.

GoVol writes:

This will eventually all bubble up to the top..to Fulmer - and we'll find out if he's really a 'head' coach or not?
In my opinion the game has passed him by and he only knows a few things:

1. Soft Cheer
2. Loud Cheer
3. Hope & Pray
4. Pathetic speech about the heart and character of the team.

UTVol1781 writes:

We need to do whatever it takes to keep Trooper. He has been the single biggest asset for UT in recruiting. I don't care about his lack of offensive play calling experience. We wouldn't have half of the athletic talent we have now had it not been for him. Put some experience around him and give him the playbook. I'm tired of the old fashioned TN offense anyway. Time to get with the times.

Colliervol writes:

Let's face facts here. Cut isn't getting any younger and he either (1) didn't feel like he could wait three more years for UT or some other job to open up or (2) he was told he probably wouldn't be considered for the UT job when it does open up. So, if he truly wanted to be a head coach again, even the Duke job is an opportunity to get back into it. And nobody can say the expectations are high.

asleep#212036 writes:

I can tell you why they're leaving and it has nothing to do with UT's future football fortunes. It's called money and opportunity. Troop would go from $175,000/yr to probably $350,000 or so. Cut would go from about $350,000 to what, $1.5 million? Who among us wouldn't take a job in our home state, with our alma mater, for a promotion and double the salary? Who among us wouldn't take an easier job, with almost no pressure to win, with the added prestige of HC and 4 times the salary? C'mon people! Any of us would do the same.

And speaking of Fulmer, why do posters keep insisting that Fulmer is no good because nobody else contacts him? UT is top shelf, like it or not all you haters. Therefore, only other top shelf jobs sould even consider talking to him. Michigan was the only such opening this year. They didn't contact Stoops, Spurrier, Carroll, Meyer, Belloti, Brown, Erickson, etc... Why? Same reason as Fulmer - those people are already in either their dream jobs or their last job. Fulmer is a born and raised Tennessean, played and coached nearly his whole career there, won his NC there, and will retire from there. He is rich, powerful within the university, and to most, a local hero. Why even bother to call him? Surely even the haters don't think a guy winning over 70% of his games in 15 years in the SEC wouldn't be attractive to another program. It's not them, it's him. He is set is stone at UT and will quit when he, and only he, wants to. He and Cut are essentially the same age so if Phil wasn't planning on leaving for 5 years, Cut took the next HC job available. Troop knows it is unlikely the idea of an unproven OC will fly in K-town so he too will probably take the next OC job available, also at his alma mater. Good for them. Take Roper and Luke and let's get some new blood. That's what's been lacking for too long. Go Vols!!!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

We will soon see if Cut was valuable or not. We may wish dink and dunk was still here. Maybe not. TJ, how were the glazed? Go Vols.

hoskinsfive#468391 writes:

Cut is going to Duke because he doesnt like Bowl games. He wants to spend New years with the Fam guy's.

TommyJack writes:

marc_ash: First, I don't think RS was a cancer. He was an OC with his hands tied. The entire CPF regime is in decline. Ask anyone not wearing the blinders...He's been ok for TN, but now is time for a housecleaning. Take off the blinders and look objectively at the last few years. Do you see consistency? Good efforts here and there...The LSU game was as good an effort ever made by a TN team..what about AL? What about FL? It's not just about losing. It's to whom and by how much. Clean house..

letshave1more writes:

We are now ranked 39th in recruiting by rivals.com!
CPF better make sure he hires someone that can recruit if he loses CTT......

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