Stanford outlasts No. 1 Lady Vols in overtime

Cardinal end 11 years of frustration against UT

Stanford guard Candice Wiggins dribbles around Tennessee guard Shannon Bobbitt in the first half of their NCAA basketball game in Stanford, Calif., Saturday.

Photo by Paul Sakuma, Associated Press

Stanford guard Candice Wiggins dribbles around Tennessee guard Shannon Bobbitt in the first half of their NCAA basketball game in Stanford, Calif., Saturday.

Stanford guard Candice Wiggins dribbles around Tennessee guard Shannon Bobbitt in the first half of their NCAA basketball game in Stanford, Calif., Saturday.

Photo by Paul Sakuma

Stanford guard Candice Wiggins dribbles around Tennessee guard Shannon Bobbitt in the first half of their NCAA basketball game in Stanford, Calif., Saturday.

STANFORD, Calif. - Tennessee's Alexis Hornbuckle's 3-point attempt was way off. It settled into the hands of Stanford's Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, who then put her fist in the air as the buzzer sounded. Gold-Onwude then raced to her teammates, shrieking with excitement, as a sell-out crowd at Roscoe Maples Pavilion erupted.

With that, 11 years of frustration for one of the top women's basketball programs in the country came to an end.

Stanford's 73-69 win over top-ranked Tennessee took a little longer than planned - the No. 5 Cardinal blew a four-point lead in the final 30 seconds of regulation. But in the end it was just as sweet.

Candice Wiggins was the star, scoring 22 points for the Cardinal, 16 after a relatively-quiet first half. Jayne Appel added 19 for Stanford (10-1).

Tennessee (10-1) forced overtime on a spinning shot by Candace Parker with 7.4 seconds left in regulation. The Cardinal had appeared to have the game won with a 63-59 lead with 30.4 seconds to go but Parker scored with 22.6 remaining and Wiggins then missed two free throws with 16.9 left.

Parker finished with 25 points and 10 rebounds on the night.

Stanford came into the game having lost 11 consecutive games in the series but the Cardinal used a gutty performance in the second half from stars Wiggins and Appel to make a game of it. Wiggins, a senior guard, rebounded from missing four of her six shots in the first half. Appel, a sophomore post, scored 11 of her points after the break.

A 19-5 Cardinal run spanning both halves not only got Stanford back in the game, but gave the Cardinal a 41-38 lead. From there, it was a tight game befitting a battle between top-five teams.

Tennessee looked like it was well on its way to a 12th consecutive win over Stanford in the first half, running at will on the Cardinals. The Lady Vols defense also shut down the Cardinal's two main weapons - Wiggins and Appel.

The twosome reflected Stanford's shooting woes - 10-of-25 (40 percent) for the half. Meanwhile, Tennessee was pushing the ball in transition, making 16 of 27 (59 percent).

It started on the opening tip with Parker tipping the ball to Shannon Bobbitt, who fed Alexis Hornbuckle for a short jumper. That started a 6-0 run to start the game. Stanford tied it at 6-6, then the Lady Vols took control of the half.

The lead built to 25-15 and then 33-22. Finally, in the final moments of the half, the Cardinal went on a mini-run to cut the lead to 33-27 at the break.

It portended a much more competitive second half.

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Comments » 51

knoxdaniel#213742 writes:

That game was won at the free throw line....Calls were not made.....P.U.

wjtenn writes:

That's why there are "home games".

DroopyDrawers writes:

Stanford shot 32 free throws----
Tennessee shot 10----
Stanford had one player with 4 fouls----
Tennessee had one foul out and four others had four fouls on them----
Our post players were outplayed by Stanford freshman----
To get rebounds--you have to box out and JUMP!
Enough said!

knoxdaniel#213742 writes:

lempga....that is true...we might have been outplayed by a freshman...don't forget the become timid when you have all those fouls on you.....If those were SEC officials they need to go back to midmajor conferences or high school...

jevolball7 writes:

Too bad!One can only dare to imagine the prayers at Pat's bedside. BRUCE ALMIGHTY<BRUCE ALMIGHTY...Tiddly winks don't count for sh..!

wkjq#213863 writes:

We need a young progressive coach. New blood, I'm sick of mediocrity. The fans should stop supporting this phooey until something is done. The game has passed Pat by. I know she's won all these titles but they were luck. We can count on losing 2-5 games as long as this staff is in place and I'm just sick of it. Load her stuff in the van next to cpf and clean house.

PumpUptheVOLume writes:

wkjp.... Everything you say sounds like you're really not a VOLS fan. OooHH!!! I get it.... your just makin' jokes, right? Not only were the refs bad, but there IS a such thing as a ROAD TRIP. I feel like the same thing happened in football when we got beat by CAL. It's a long trip and they started playing @ 10:30 eastern time. That in itself played in Stanfords hands. Give Pat a break... you can lose 2-5 games and still win a National Championship. We'll remain consistent and this only means EXPERIENCE for our younger players so we can have tough skin at tournament time.
Last year we didn't win the SEC TOURNAMENT but we won the National Title. Get a clue............

PumpUptheVOLume writes:

Ooohh my bad.... wkjq...spelled your name wrong! Not on purpose, but does it matter? There's no way you bleed orange.
1. Road trip to California
2. Late starting time
3. Bad refs
4. Lost by 4 in OT.... Can you say OT or UT?
I don't think you can do either.
GO PAT..... GO VOLS!!!!!!!

B_A_VOL writes:

I watched the game twice already and the refs were terrible. Parker is getting mugged and the calls need to be made. I saw one play where a moving pick was called on Stanford. Vanderveer went to the ref and she pointed out where we should be called for a foul the ref shook her head in agreement and I knew a call would be made. Sure enough, we no sooner got to mid-court when that ref's whistle blew. Home court is one thing but a total rip-off is another. As many times as Hornbucke and Parker drive the paint, the discrepancy in fouls should never be that much. Stanford needs to be happy because I guarantee we will kick their butts if we meet them in the NCAA tourney.

Pullingguard writes:

It was not a pretty game for UT.. The Lady Vols are not through getting beat, look at the talent on the floor and production on the floor and it all comes down to two players you can depend on every game. This LV team does have more movement of the ball than in the past, but shooters you can depend on are scarce and this will result in getting beat by competitive teams..In reality this is a one player team, "Parker" and without her things would be bad.

AlpharettaVol writes:

I know that Bjorkland is going to be a star in the future but it was obvious that this game overwhelmed her. She looked timid on the floor and it was clear that she was afraid to try to create her own shot. Even with that working against us, our players (particularly Candace Parker) were mauled under the basket. I saw some elbows flying at the Lady Vols several times that were ignored by the West Coast refs. I guess that will serve as a learning experience for this team. But don't worry. They will step up in March when it really counts.

mtnvol writes:

What happens in December makes no difference. It seems the tourney selection cmtes (both for men and women) give credit for playing big games win or lose, so it shouldn't impact the LVs at all.

As for the refs, so what? Everyone could see what was going on! If Stanford needed three extra "players" to help them and are willing to accept it, they are the ones that have to live with it. Get Stanford in the tourney on a neutral court with neutral refs and let the best team win.

SCVolsFan writes:

Its OK. One loss won't hurt us but I feel sorry
for the players. Pat will be hard to deal with
for awhile. Let it go and move on. Still a championship team!
Go Lady Vols!!

volfaninchattanooga writes:

Poor effort by the Lady Vols. Not much fire, repeatedly got beat in the pant, and lazy passes proved to be their downfall. Ref's were ridiculous, although, they didn't cost them the game necessarily. It's only one game in December, so it really doesn't matter, but that effort was not worth watching.

gohawks1 writes:

Lighten up on wkjq. I think he was aiming those remarks at the anti-Fulmer group. Summitt is the best thing going in BB in the men's AND women's programs, and everybody knows that. She rules. (Side note - wkjq, if you were serious, then I would reply: ARE YOU SERIOUS?)

One loss does not a season make..... A loss such as this in December can often help bring the team back to reality. They know they can lose, and I expect they'll be more focused now.

ronnpaula7#225022 writes:

wkjp...Your point is well made, even if PumpUptheVOLume missed it.

No team wins all of the time. Only half win most of the time. Far fewer still as the percentage increases to the level we've grown accustomed to. UT fans (and I am one of them) can be hard on our coaches. Often too hard. We deamand a level of perfection that is impossible to consistently obtain.

The comments of WKJP weren't directed at Pat. They were a justified critique (done with humor) of those who have been so hard on PF.

Thanks wkjp for reminding us to lighten up.

gohawks1 writes:

volfaninchattanooga - got beat in the pant?

Heh, heh, heh. Your Freudian slip is showing.:)

BIGEJ writes:

I agree with wjkq; we need a young possessive coach, new, bloody like ultimate fighting, the wjkws are sick of bad broccoli. Fans like wjkw STOPPED crapping until something is done; they are blown up like bloated dead fish full of well... you know. The game has pXssed off wjkq since wjkq is not crapping. Load WJKQ up with a laxative in a van next to it's bloated brethren and clean colons cause that posting smells like.... well you know.....

As for the game...leave it to the most successful 7 time national championship coach....

leave the phooey to farts..I mean fans like wjkq


james#216392 writes:

On the road you have to play better defense and rebound. The ref's didn't call a lot our way but the same can be said with the boys game. The boys played defense when it mattered. The girls didn't. You can blame the ref's but the bottom line is the game was there for the taking.

DSaVol writes:'s WOMEN'S basketball. Who cares?????? But why do TN fans ALWAYS cry about refs whenever they get beat????? GOOD teams take it OUT of the refs hands just like BP's crew did yesterday in the last 4 minutes!!!!

houvol#438636 writes:

It is only one game. Tn. could not be as agressive as they normally are because of foul trouble. I do believe it was a one sided affair with the officials. I feel sorry for Stanford if we play them in the NCAA tourny. The Lady Vols will romp passed them. Heads up girls you are just fine.

cnalumni writes:

Good game lady vols. I thought you all fought like champs. Some of you all are being ridiculous to think that a team can win every game during the season. Its not like Stanford won by double digits. Hopefully we will see them again in the tourn. My prediction: Lady Vols by 15. Keep playing hard!!!!

fastbreaker writes:

LV's team is a coach-centered team. Coach gives direction, approvals, and chastisements. Opponent seemed to find motivation and energy from teammates.

wp4ut#536099 writes:

correct mistakes and move on 1 loss is not the season

murrayvol writes:

Always remember:
It's not how you play the game. It's who get's the blame and refs are always an easy target. This is a road game 3 time zones away against the #4 team in the land. You're supposed to lose these games (in regulation). March is a long way off.

Huntingdonvol writes:

Lets stay out of Calforina period in all sports!

johnlg00 writes:

The worst thing about this game, besides the refs (who really were clueless, to be kind), was the stupid passes. Several times we tried to force the ball inside to Candace with three defenders around her. On several other occasions, we passed into two Stanford players with NO Lady Vols in sight! On second thought, the worst thing about the loss is that it allowed UConn to take over the top spot in the rankings! Agree that Angie looked overmatched, but at least Vickie Baugh had some good moments. Nikki had a tough game; foul trouble kept her from being aggressive on the boards, and she is still a phooey-shoot on offense. Oh well, it's a long season, and we couldn't expect our good luck against Stanford to last forever.


It was a good game, but UT have to play more tougher,and let get down and dirty.Parker have to play, like she's the best everynight; it seems to me she takes off possession. Angie should travel with her game,and not leave it in Tennessee. Bobbitt did good last night, but made a few mistakes. Coach will have the girls ready to go when they play Depaul. This game will make them stronger. Go Vols!!!

spanky writes:

Why is it you always blame the refs when you lose? Face the facts Stanford wanted it more! They utilized the talent of ALL the players. If you watched the game you saw the following:
Parker supposedly the No.1 player in the nation getting beat underneath by a freshman and sophmore. Parker was not aggressive very lazy defensively.
LV's walking/jogging down the court.
Poor and forced passes.
Poor rebounding.
The team was disoriented because they have been programmed to believe Parker, Parker and not in their own ability to take charge and score.
It is time for Pat to quit being single minded about Parker and start designing plays that involve the whole team, and gives other the opportunity to score. As I have stated many times Holly Warlick is the master mind behind the LV's, and should be credit for all their success. Her presence, and knowledge were greatly missed. Pat Summit stated earlier this season UCONN was not a threat and that's why they were taken off the schedule. What is UCONN ranked now? As I listened to Candace Wiggens after the game, "Wiggins said she and the team learned a lot when they (Stanford )played and lost to UCONN." This loss was good for the Lady Vols, Holly will be back, LV's will be hungry to win, and reality that they are not unbeatable.

1volk-nowi-tall writes:

The game officials were very inconsistent.
Both teams took the ball to the hole and only one was able to get to the foul line. Parker falls into that group of former Lady Vols who were so good that the officials tried to even it out by allowing the opponents to pound on them, hack them on shots and go over their backs to block shots or get rebounds,BUT, just think how good this team would be if:
They could rebound better
They could cut down on the foolish turnovers
They could find open players out of the double
and triple teams on Parker
They could shoot free throws just a little better
They could finish at the rim and block out better
on the defensive boards
I have a feeling that most of these ifs will be taken care of as the season progresses. Hey, I want UT to win every game( although I know that that is impossible). I firmly believe, without a paranoid cell in my body, that NCAA women's basketball higher-ups do not want any team to win every game and will allow mediocre officiating if it will accomplish some parity in the game.

wkjq#213863 writes:

Glad to see a couple of you got it. I don't think we need to fire ANY coaches that we have. Most schools would give their eye teeth for the success our athletics have enjoyed so far this year. I think we should be very thankful for what we have.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

1) most pathecic tv announcers ever. how damn many times can you say 'national player of the year' in a game?
2) yes, reffing was bad, bu that didn't lose the game
3) all this focus on Wiggins. She didn't beat UT, Appel did. Her rebounding, socring, shot-blocking, and preseince. Seh chewed up the UT poast, she is a TOUGH girl.
4) UT wasted 3 possissions with the 1-point lead. Hornbuckls's spin-out layup was the killer. Make it, we are up by 3.
5) UCONN is destroying people, games aren't even close. Multiple scorers. They will be the favorite from here on out.
6) Anoske looks slow and out-of-shape. Baugh needs to start, and maybe Alex Fuller. Bjorklund is good all-around, but game-in/game-out as the only perimeter threat is not working.

Summary: UT is 'taking possessions off'. Those of you who've played know what I mean. I've watched the UNC game and now this one. The term 'smart basketball has not applied'. They certainly are athletic, but Stanford exposed them with better offensive sets and patienc to the post. As always, they have a chance to go far, would just like to see the offensive sets run better and better scoring efficiency.

YUT writes:

No wonder UT has the rep it does. To show such disrespect to Stanford, its players and a fellow Hall of Fame coach is a disgrace.

UT gets 5 5-star players every year, Stanford gets one every other year. UT's BENCH is a top 10 team. You might expect a little grace in losing with all the success UT's had.

Not a chance. The game was stolen by the refs.

Middle Tenn went to the line 15 times; UT -- 37 times at UT. Any complaints? North Carolina went 15 times; UT -- 26 times at UT. SEC bias?

Parker was kept out of the press conference because she was "pretty beat up". Shameless.

It's easy to be gracious winners. Stanford should cancel this home and away and let UT play all its games at home where it can be more confident of the result.

mycheesemail#203876 writes:

I've seen UT and UCONN several times this year. Parker is clearly the best player on either team, but UCONN is stronger top to bottom. UCONN beat Stamford without much trouble, they will most certainly be #1 in the polls after this loss.

I've seen Stamford play a few times also, and I think Wiggens is overrated, but Appel is the real deal.

Parker got pounded inside, but she had better get used to it. This is Division 1, after all. And it doesn't get any easier inside in the WNBA.

jdcdjc#246285 writes:

Hopefully, we will meet them again on a neutral court. That would be pure justice. This is what I'm praying for.

SCVolsFan writes:

They will bounce back from this!

johnlg00 writes:

I get your point, YUT, but no one has a player who draws as much defensive attention as Parker. No one can match her one-on-one, so everybody sends waves of bodies at her. The refs can't call every foul or it would turn the game into a free-throw parade and the other team would run out of players. You are right about UT's highly-ranked recruits, but that is part of the reason everybody wants to whack on them. As for Candace not being available for the press conference, the announcers said during the game that she had a red-eye flight out of SF at 11:30 to go spend the holidays with her fiance in Atlanta. The game going into overtime made an already tight schedule even tighter. The "pretty beat-up" excuse was kinda lame, though it may also have been correct. I for one congratulate Stanford for its win. The post players in particular were great. Besides, as I have said in previous posts, UT has had an awful lot of luck in its previous 11 straight wins over Stanford. Enjoy this one; see you in the NCAAs.

johnlg00 writes:

One more thing about officiating and free-throw disparities. In the UNC game in particular, UT just stood around offering little resistance while UNC converted post-up after drive after offensive rebound--no Lady Vol fouls, no UNC free throws. UNC, on the other hand, like every other Lady Vol opponent, knows, as I said above, that the only way to hold Candace down is, literally, to hold her down. They had two or three defenders on her the whole game, being as physical as possible with her, so she had a lot of free throws. Same with MTSU; they couldn't compete on a size and talent basis, so their only choice was to be as physical as they could be. Anyone who has played a lot of ball knows that a smaller, physically-weaker team actually does commit more fouls because they can't compete otherwise.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

Very much Appel is the real deal. Okay, if she'd been whistled for some fouls, may have been different. All I know is that no one at UT could stop her.

The thing I really didn't like with UT was with the 1-point lead. The girls looked like they were mailing it in on those possessions, as if Stanford had given up.

And back to the announcers....wiggins, wiggins, wiggins....while Appel was doing the work.

Let me put it this way: we could maybe used a bigger point guard, but Bobbitt is okay; if I could add a girl to UT, any girl, it'd be a tossup between the UNC center and Appel. That's how well I thought she played.

I've been a big Anosike fan in the past, I'm kind of not-so-happy with her right now. Get rid of the dang red highlights, and get that body into people!! Nikki is one of the smarters players on the court; c'mon girl!!!!!

Summit writes:

One loss is nothing this time of year. It's still going to boil-down to the Vols against the Huskies once tounament time comes around. In the meantime let's all enjoy some of the best team basketball around...Women's college basketball!!

lnbadger320 writes:

russ, you're still an idiot.

those refs were horrible. as bad as we played the 2nd half, we still almost won. it's still early in the season, we'll learn from this, it will help us be a better team. we kill them on a neutral court.

splinterdand#602266 writes:

1. Who has UConn played this year? 2. Parker better get used to getting mugged. It's going to happen all year. 3. Hasn't Candace Wiggins been at Stanford for something like nine years?

mad_poly_uct writes:

splinterdand...Uconn & Tn have had 2 common opponents Old Dominion & Stanford. Uconn played both in the Paradise Jam in late the Virgin Islands. Sad to say, Parker may have to get "used to being mugged" I haven't seen any TN. games besides the No. Car. game, but I did see Diana Taurasi get pounded in what seems to be a similar fashion as Parker is this year during her last 2 yrs. Perhaps not as bad since she wasn't a post player, but there were times I thought I was watching a hockey game, with all the forearms & you get the same impression with Parker?

mycheesemail#203876 writes:

Results vs. the two common opponents: UCONN beat OD by 43 on a neutral court, UT beat OD by 32 at home; UCONN beat Stamford by 12 on a neutral court, UT lost to Stanford on the road by 4.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

post players just get mugged constantly.

My daughter was playing the other night, and the girl guarding her kept punching her in the small of the back with botu fists.
I'm always amazed how a perimeter player gets free thows for any little touch, while post players are slapped and shoved on every shot.

johnlg00 writes:

Oh yeah, UConn is the real deal. They probably are the best team in the country right now, much as it pains me to say it. Taurasi did get pounded a lot, for the same reason Parker does, but as mparker12 said, there is no way to compare the pounding a perimeter player gets to that routinely absorbed by a post player, especially one as "targeted" as Candace. BTW, mparker12, Nikki's two fouls in the first two minutes (or so it seemed) probably had a lot to do with her lack of aggressiveness.

kcabutti writes:


fastbreaker writes:

Parker was kept out of the interview because she was "too beat up". Come on, it can get rough under the basket. She dishes out as well as she receives.That comment by Pat Summitt is intended to create a victim mentality. Poor number 1, we lost a game.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

I don't totally disagree about Nikki, but she hasn't been the same 'boss' as last year. Last year, eveyone talked about Candace, but it was Nikki doing the dirty work.

I gotta confees something: I'm going to keep up with that Jayne Appel kid. She was just awe-inspiring. Even Stanford's coach seems to be cluelees, talking about 'Candace is spelled with an I.blah blah....without Appel, Stnaford gets wiped off the floor.

good post, guy.

rdberry#654521 writes:

To: mparker12--Jayne Appel wouldn't be able to guard Lauren Jackson, Yolanda Griffith, Lisa Leslie, Maria Stepanova, Cheryl Ford, Ruth Riley, Kara Braxton--need I go on-She'll be lucky to be a third round WNBA pick when she graduates

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