Vols left with 500-700 unused bowl tickets

Hamilton believes loss in SEC title game a factor

TAMPA, Fla. - Tennessee is expecting to pay for 500 to 700 unused tickets for the Outback Bowl, according to UT athletic director Mike Hamilton.

The Vols have sold approximately 7,000 tickets to Tuesday's game against Wisconsin, UT's second consecutive bowl trip to Tampa.

UT used approximately 1,500 tickets for its official party and donated 2,500 tickets to the United Way's agencies in Tampa. Hamilton is expecting a few hundred tickets to be purchased by last-minute shoppers. He last checked on the total just before Christmas.

The SEC underwrites the cost of up to 3,000 unused bowl tickets for each conference team. Most of those went to the United Way.

The Vols were allocated 12,000 tickets as part of the SEC's bowl agreement with the Outback. Typically, schools are only responsible for purchasing 11,000 tickets from the Outback, but that allocation is raised by 1,000 as compensation for a bowl game taking the SEC championship game loser, which often doesn't travel as well as it traditionally might.

"I'm a believer that there is an effect coming off a championship game loss," Hamilton said.

He should know. In the last seven seasons, the Vols have faced that scenario three times: 2001, 2004 and 2007.

"In each of those cases, we've sold less tickets than we've sold in previous years at those bowls," Hamilton said. "I always felt like that (SEC championship game loss) wasn't as big of factor, but having experienced it personally three times, I think that is a reality."

Hamilton understands fans' financial plight, having to make two trips in less than a month. UT had well over 50,000 fans in the Georgia Dome when the Vols played LSU for the SEC championship.

Hamilton said he expects plenty of orange-clad faithful for Tuesday's game, many of which will secure tickets through secondary markets, such as the Internet or street vendors.

"I think you'll see a lot more Tennessee fans in the stands," Hamilton said.

Forewarning?: Offensive lineman Anthony Parker insists he's not thinking about the decision he'll make about entering the NFL draft following the Outback Bowl. However, the junior with consistently sore knees, expects that his medical history will be a factor in his decision.

"I think it will," Parker said. "You know I've got the whole knee issue. Who knows how long I'll be able to play?"

French Connection: UT tight ends Brad and Jeff Cottam's grandfather, Roger French, coached on Wisconsin's staff 1966-69.

French also made coaching stops at then-Memphis State, Minnesota and Northern Iowa before embarking on a 21-year stint as an offensive assistant at BYU.

"Once we got into football," Jeff Cottam said, "he gave us a lot of tips and stuff, what he thought we should do."

Bowl Bounty: UT players received a $350 Best Buy gift certificate, a Fossil watch and a Sony Digital Camera, valued at more than $300, as bowl gifts for participating in the Outback.

"We got a lot of good stuff," receiver Austin Rogers said.

The booty also is a way for some players to make some extra money.

"Quite a few guys probably keep them," Rogers said of the gifts, "but I know some guys that try to sell it because they don't want the camera or they don't want some stuff."

Valued Visitor: Tennessee walk-on linebacker Shane Reveiz visited practice on Saturday. The former Farragut High School standout will have surgery to remove a potentially life-threatening growth on his heart.

Reveiz is expected to undergo surgery sometime during the first week of January. If all goes well, he could potentially be able to return to the team in August.

Sizing Up Speed: With LSU facing Ohio State in the national championship game, the national media has focused mightily on the time-honored cliche that SEC athletes are significantly faster than Big Ten athletes. UT coach Phillip Fulmer said he doesn't completely subscribe to that theory.

"I don't think there's a tremendous amount of difference at all. … We may have a few more (fast) guys possibly on a roster, but you put 11 on 11, there's good players on both sides of the field," he said.

Broadcast In Tampa: The Vol Network's "StadiumCast" frequency for the the Outback Bowl in Tampa will be 87.9 FM. Fans attending the game can tune into the Vol Network broadcast at Raymond James Stadium by bringing a portable radio.

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Comments » 46

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Outback said today they expect close to 60,000 in 62,000 capacity. They currently had over 5000 unsold. Tampabay.com

jevolball7 writes:

"Hamilton thinks SEC Champ game loss might be a reason." LOLOLOLOL

vol52 writes:

Mikey need to know we are tired of seeing our team defeated in these second tier bowls. I have bought to many tickets and left quite angry. Things need to change in Knoxville.

jobrando#216494 writes:

Will a solid pounding by the Badgers send Fulmer to the house for good. I think it would but I also think the cat with 9 lives will pull another one out of his box of Krispy Cremes

weisgarber2003#313889 writes:

""Hamilton thinks SEC Champ game loss might be a reason." LOLOLOLOL"

Hamilton doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the light fixture.

texan writes:

"I'm a believer that there is an affect coming off a championship game loss," Hamilton said.
"In each of those cases, we've sold less tickets than we've sold in previous years at those bowls," Hamilton said. "I always felt like that (SEC championship game loss) wasn't as big of factor, but having experienced it personally three times, I think that is a reality."
Ya Think!
How many more times do you have to experience mediocrity before it becomes a reality Mikey?

bullfrog07 writes:

Anyone who went and watched the debacle last year and went back this year, then those folks must love pain or have a high tolerence for it. I vowed I'll never go watch another bowl game where Phil Fulmer is coaching after last year's. I was so discouraged with last year. Now if we were to actually make a decent bowl (BCS) I may go but w/ Phil we don't have to worry about that.

chrisw2967 writes:

""Hamilton thinks SEC Champ game loss might be a reason."

I bet he came up with that conclusion all by himself ?
But yet hes going to give the clueless one (Fulmer) an extension and a raise.
Maybe Fulmer and Hamilton needs to elope together.
Hamilton tells Fulmer :hes not running a circus without him.

volnmdtn writes:

maybe we just need a new athletic director! Just a thought.

invisiblekid writes:

Just chucking a lawn dart while blindfolded here, but maybe that 3-6 record the past ten years has something to do with it. More than once, the team hasn't bothered to show up so I am sure there are fans out there who don't see the need either.

james#216392 writes:

I can't make it to the bowls but would love to go if my work schedule permitted. Instead I have had bowl parties at my home for seven years. This year I have decided not to do that as I think I have jinked them.

I am going to watch on TV with my wife and keep everyone else away. Go Vols.

weisgarber2003#313889 writes:

"maybe we just need a new athletic director! Just a thought."

Actually Hamilton did make three decisions that were good. He fired high school coach Buzz, and pretender coach Rod Delminico (eight losing conference records his last ten years) and hired Pearl. The quality of the Raleigh, or whatever his name is, baseball hire is yet to be seen. But the myopic Hamilton doesn't have a clue about the big sport, football. Maybe someone might want to start a fire Hamilton blog.

mojojojo writes:

Zeke says, "Fire Hamilton. Fire Slade. Fire Fulmer. Give Pearl a raise. And, support your local dry cleaner".

GreerVol22 writes:

When you spend a grand or so on hotel, travel, tickets and entertainment like many did in Atlanta for Clemson and Maryland...and then here of the crappy prep and numerous distractions swirling around this one as well, one really has to question the return on investment.

So 7000 tickets...4000 to the UT party and United Way, another 3000 underwritten by the SEC and also sent to the United Way....don't expect much bonafide Big Orange support...

newtonrail writes:

It is amazing how many posters can copy and paste. Saves writing an original thought with proper grammar and correct spelling.

utvols1 writes:

Weisgarber,you have (and a few others) have finally come to realize the obvious....Hamilton is the problem. I met this guy at the SEC AD mtg in Destin 2 yrs ago and complained about Phil then. He was an argogant little sh*t. Didn't look me in the eye and was all defensive. If for not the Pearl hiring everyone else would be after his head by now as well. This guy knows nothing about big time athletics. Look where he came from! Some dip phooey small time program. And when Phil lays another turd in Tampa nothing will change either...stay the course.

AllVol writes:

Mr. Hooker, did they not teach you how to use "affect" and "effect?"

pdhuff#552644 writes:

allvol, he is not affected by the effect. Neither is Hamilton.

news flash -"Phil" says he doesn't like distractions. Me too, coach. I didn't like seeing Penn St running back that fumble last year and the effect it had on my affection for Foster. Will we win this game? Think I'll have a glazed.

Doldrums just over the horizon.

AllVol writes:

Nice, pd . . . .

philfan writes:

I can remember the time when Vols bowl tickets were grabbed up in an instant, like tickets at a Stones concert. It is discouraging to see the less than perfect enthusiasm for this Bowl game, on New Year's Day yet. Hopefully, the new OC will have a lot of ideas to generate more offense. I loved to see us pound someone 40 to 12 at bowl time and watch the other team slink off the field in disgrace at the end of the game.

gslaton#227127 writes:

If the Rolling Stones beat Florida and LSU their tickets would sell faster! Going back to the same bowl obviously has an affect on ticket sales,also. It would be nice to see them pound Wisconsin..it would make the wait 'til Sept. easier.

Southland writes:

SEC championshiop game you've got to be kidding its the Phil Fulmer bowl games of the past that stop people from wanting to go. My job does not allow for much off time and the only time I tried to get bowl game tickets I couldn't and am I glad because lowly Clemson humiliated us.

waterskier3#226480 writes:

Well its time for fulmer to prove himself again... with all the supporters saying he is the man... then he needs to prove to everyone that even with all the distractions about coaching he is in control and can still win....... if not then it proves he doesn't have a clue on preparing for a bowl game...... GO VOLS beat wisc!!!!!!! lets win a bowl game................

vol52 writes:

3rdtenn, Be happy you did not go. I had 5 tickets and left saying a few bad words. That was my last bowl game until the folks In Knoxville get things in order.

volnmdtn writes:

Iam a true volunteer fan but do not live in east tennessee. What is the story on Hamilton? Where did he come from and what qualified him to become the A.D. at Tennessee?

pdhuff#552644 writes:

I don't thnk anything could top the effort given (har-har) by Phil and the boys against Maryland in the Chicken-Filleted outing in the Atl Dome.

A Maryland fan patted me on the back and said, "well, at least you didn't try". That one went in near the blow-hole, Capt Ahab. Stay the course (and we have). All is well.

weisgarber2003#313889 writes:

"I think Hamilton's biggest problem is the stark realization that he is a toothless tiger when it comes to Tennessee football. He is probably defensive because he has zero power in the situation and tries to mask his ineptness through feined disinterest."

That seems to be the exact situation with Hammo.

"Iam a true volunteer fan but do not live in east tennessee. What is the story on Hamilton? Where did he come from and what qualified him to become the A.D. at Tennessee?"

That is a good question. Apparently Hammo came somewhere from the hinterlands of N.C. He qualified to become AD apparently because someone else didn't want the job, and by virtue of his position was able to "schmooze" his way into the top job. I just wish the poor guy would expand his vocabulary and learn to use some of the wide variety of words in the English language to describe Fulmer's performance, instead of his old fallback word "holistic." Holistic this and holistic that......Hammo doesn't even know what the word means. He uses it because it is a good verbal obfuscation term.

Sheepscape writes:

Hamilton is a dolt. Announcing there would be an extension and a possible raise after the KY game was amatuerish.

If we lose the bowl game that will be a five loss season and the fifteenth loss in three years. That is not worthy of either a raise or an extension.

daddyaxe writes:


Basketball_Jones writes:

Hamilton brought us Pearl so we can't complain too much. We have to remember he is just a puppett when it comes to the football program. The boys with all the money call the shots. Thunder and Haslam make the final decision when it comes to who stays and who goes. I personally don't think Tennessee will win based on all the distractions ie coaching changes, players etc....Who knows though they may win by 30

mattrob44 writes:

Guys what is Fulmer's worst loss? Some suggestions Memph 96' Fla 95' Either Peach bowls 02,03, Auburn 03, Vandy 05' Ala 05' I know there are plenty more. What your thoughts?

volnmdtn writes:

Wait until after tomorrow and it might be Wisconsin 08, but I sure hope not. The Vandy game in 2005 was an awful pill to swallow for a person from Middle Tennessee.

Basketball_Jones writes:

LSU in 2001 SECCG was the worst...that was the beginning of the end of our program. We have been mediocre since then

GerryOP writes:

I'm still waiting for the Pennington article that will "inspire" GOTP. Only time I saw any emotion out of that good ol' boy all year!

thesavageorange writes:

mattrob44 , have to agree w/ davywavy.Vandy 05.I live in Nashville , and had to hear that one up untill last month.

mattrob44 writes:

Heels fan 23 LSU 01' ranks 1 or 2 for sure but remember Florida 95 we had a 24-7 lead at one time and lost 62-31 we got the lead and set on, Does that sound familier

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Remember Vols fans, the opportunity to surpass the standard set by the Vandy loss and 2001 LSU meltdown is only a kick-off away at any time during the season. As someone noted Phil is cruising at a 60% winning percentage the last three years. There is room for another such sequin in our crown.

After three years in the same 4th grade it's time for special ed for most students or at least tutoring, the the SS Fulmer sails on "working like heck". I'd hate to see how many more than 15 losses we'd have over the last three without working like heck. Staying this course with the same "family philosphy" will have the Vols as a .500 team sooner than you think.

Huge factor was Garner's leaving dryed up Ga in recruiting. We have ONE of the Top Southern 100 committed while Satan has 11-13 and Richt is setting at 14. All is well. Warm and fuzzy.

vol52 writes:

Georgia 2001 was not a good loss for Big Phil.

milesy20#463587 writes:

Perhaps CPF's concern over TT's popularity is rooted in the not-so-subtle way he took the mantle from Majors a few years ago?

ncvol17 writes:

We need to get back to having a 'fun' & exciting team to watch. I quit going to games because even wins were not fun to watch. (exception: Georgia game). It was gut wrenching and frustrating to watch our games the last few seasons. I went out to CAL hoping to see an old Cutcliffe type wide open offensive gameplan like the Manning years brought us. That overall frustration capped my paying big bucks to follow the team on the road. Let's hope the new OC will bring back the magic of the late 80's thru the 90's and put an exciting team on the field. The tickets will then sell themselves like the 85 Sugar and the 98 Fiesta did.

TommyJack writes:

Weisgarber: I want to be part of all verbal obfuscation done on this board!! Obfuscate the rock!

BigVolinCarolina writes:

"Hamilton understands fans' financial plight, having to make two trips in less than a month. UT had well over 50,000 fans in the Georgia Dome when the Vols played LSU for the SEC championship."

I want to make sure I understand this: we have LSU fans vastly outnumbered at the Georgia Dome, LSU's QB and other key defensive players are out of the game, we're outgained 271 to 93 in first-half yardage yet we still have a chance to win & don't. In light of all this, it's somehow surprising to anyone at UT that we haven't filled out our bowl-ticket allotment? Unbelievable.

Must have been a slow newsday for this to make print.

TommyJack writes:

PD: It's CPF's affection for the confection that ultimately affects the "work like heck" and its effects on the team. Stay the course. Hope you don't feel any ill effects from New Years Eve. Affectionately yours, TJ

pdhuff#552644 writes:

TJ, same to you and yours. May we find the grail in our lifetime. I'll be incorporating the lemming sweater factory for full production soon after the thrashing of Wisconsin. My employees (3) will work like heck and stay the course. Bonuses will be paid in the form of signed K Kreme boxes.

I hired a Fulmerite for sales projections, but had to rein him in because he wanted to say Phil personally wore each one. I said that would hint at responsibility and Phil and responsibility could not appear in the same ad. Oh well, I digress, company is here and more Jaegermeister awaits. We'll know in about 18 hours. Fear the Phil, Badgers.

Affection for the confection! "A" post.

chrisw2967 writes:

mattrob44 : the worst lost to me was the SECCG against LSU was the worst cause it knocked us out of the NCG , win we were in.But Ole Phil dropped the ball

imnotwithphil writes:

Come on Philbillies! This is your coach and this is YOUR bowl! So gas up the truck, strap Granny and her rocking chair on the back, get your coon hound and head down to Florida. The Outhouse Bowl is the payoff for you, your beloved coach St. Philapuss and "the Genius" aka Mikey Hamilton.

BTW Mikey... here's why the Vol faithful don't travel well...

* We froze our tails off to see the Vols get spanked by Kansas State in 2001.

* Back to back embarassments in the Peach Bowl in '02/'04.

* Last year's fumbling of the Outhouse Bowl.

We've won two (count 'em 2) bowl games since the national championship game... and we're just 3-7 in the past decade in bowl games.

3 wins out of the last 10 bowl games... I suppose you could say we're due :)

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