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Vols' Berry named SEC freshman of the week

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No. 19 Tennessee will be back on national television for its final game of the regular season.

The Volunteers' Nov. 24 game at Kentucky will be shown nationally by CBS (WVLT) and is set for a 1:30 p.m. kickoff as part of a double-header on the network.

That will be Tennessee's third appearance on CBS and its fifth nationally televised game this season.

Tennessee last appeared on national television Oct. 27, when it defeated South Carolina in overtime on ESPN.

UT enters next week's game with a 22-game winning streak over Kentucky, the longest active winning streak in the country.

Seven SEC games will be televised that weekend.

On Friday, Lincoln Financial will show Ole Miss at Mississippi State (12:30 p.m.) and CBS will air Arkansas at LSU (2:30 p.m.).

Other games to be televised Saturday: Georgia at Georgia Tech (ABC, 3:30 p.m.), Florida State at Florida (CBS, 5 p.m.), Clemson at South Carolina (ESPN2, 7 p.m.) and Alabama at Auburn (ESPN, 7 p.m.).

The only SEC game not scheduled for television is Wake Forest at Vanderbilt.

Simple Stuff: Tennessee's defensive game plan against Arkansas was the smallest defensive coordinator John Chavis has used.

But for defensive tackle Dan Williams, it wasn't that different than the usual week-to-week plan.

"For me, I'm either an A gap, B gap player or sometimes C gap player," Williams said Monday. "It would probably help the secondary out. For me, I don't think it did something, because that's what I'd do every game."

Good Sunday: Tennessee held its fourth consecutive Sunday night practice this week, and Williams is a fan of the change, which gives players Monday off.

"It kind of gives you a rest. It really helps us focus better on Tuesday and Wednesday," Williams said. "You know those are two of the toughest practices of the week. It kind of helps your body get a little more rest."

Drew Edwards covers University of Tennessee football. He may be reached at 865-342-6274.

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Comments » 156

mjohnsonvols writes:

what a jerk.
Complain when we don't get nationally televised and moan when we do. Get over yourself dude.

iowavol writes:

mj, leave it alone. I've mentioned before he is belly button lint and no more. On the other hand, what a testament our team and coaching staff that Tennessee would gain national recognition while playing Kentucky - in football! Go Vols, after sinking the dores, skin the cats.

GreenbackMike writes:

Who would have ever thought that the UT KY FOOTBALL game would be a national Game!!!

GO VOLS, Beat the Mildcats!!!

tennvols07 writes:

Wow, who would have ever thought..Tennessee vs. Kentucky is now a nationally televised game! Go Vols!!

Volchaz writes:

___CR, go take a nap, old man.....

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

Well, obviously there is a method to that madness.

CBS is banking that the Vols will beat Vanderbilt which is a reasonable bet. That makes UT/KY the East Div. title game (in a manner). Given the parity of the season, this game has a lot riding on it no matter what.

I'm glad it will be telivised nationally. It will give the Vols some good exposure and I expect a win. It will be hyped like you won't believe. A win at KY, the SEC CG...wow a cinderella season to be certain.

tigervol9802 writes:

Man, that's going to be a weeked o' football!

Friday -
Ole Miss at Mississippi State 11:30 a.m. CT LF
Arkansas at LSU 1:30 p.m. CT CBS

Saturday -
Tennessee at Kentucky 1:30 p.m. ET CBS
Georgia at Georgia Tech 3:30 p.m. ET ABC
Florida State at Florida 5 p.m. ET CBS
Clemson at South Carolina 7 p.m. ET
Alabama at Auburn 8 p.m. ET

Throw in two UT basketball games, and that is going to be a worthless weekend!


Works out perfect. Big Orange football at 1:30 and Big Orange basketball at either 4:30 or 7:00.

papavol writes:

funny, that dude "CR" was the first post AGAIN and it was something negative. GET A LIFE DUDE, OR PERHAPS A JOB.

DennisVols writes:

Looking just at the stats and one would think that the road to ATL to face LSU is tough enough without even thinking about beating them to win the SEC Championship. But let’s look deeper than that.
LSU without surprise is at or near the top in most categories. UT on the other hand tends to be more “middle of the road” in the offensive categories and near the bottom in the defensive ones.
If stats won football games then the best UT could hope for would be close wins against Vandy and KY and then go to ATL to lose big against LSU. If we have learned anything this year we have learned stats do not win football games.
Arkansas and GA rank 1 & 4 in rushing offense in the SEC yet neither team was able to mount any kind of threat running the ball against UT’s now 9th ranked defense. At the time of the GA game they were ranked 11th and the Arkansas game 10th.
Prior to the Arkansas game McFadden had rushed for 321 yards against USC and with UT’s stats on rushing defense everyone thought McFadden would fatten his Heisman credits against UT. His 117 total yards on 22 carries did not do that. UF and Bama’s big wins play the biggest part in UT’s #10 scoring defense In the other 8 games UT’s defensive scoring average is just 21.25ppg. That ranks 3rd in the conference against teams whose scoring offense that ranks 3rd and 6th, Arkansas and GA.
UT has shown they know how to win and win big this year. They have shown they know how to rise from overwhelming defeat to play strong and win against teams no one gave them a chance at beating. The big question now facing the Vols is not if they can win but which team will show up to play? GA and Arkansas have 2 of the best rushing offenses in the conference yet averaged just 94.5 against UT, their passing offense averaged just 168 yards. Both of those would place UT in the top 2 in the conference. The point made here is that you cannot take just the blow out loses to Florida and Bama no more than you can take just the 2 blowout wins against GA and Arkansas as a measurement of a whole season. In the end the final measurement must be made in the total number of wins vs. loses.

firetst#220411 writes:

I think I have figured it out. CRVOL is either Johnny Majors or Bill Battle.

copan07#220906 writes:

I looked at the stats for the Kentucky game and they do not look that great. Kentucky is ranked ahead of us in Scoring, Rushing and Passing. We played basically the same teams except LSU (who they beat). They are also ranked ahead of us Defensively. If you then throw in the factor we have lost all of our games on the road and to teams that are very balanced with passing and running...on paper we are the underdog. Not to mention that it will Woodson's last home game. I keep hearing Atlanta, Atlanta, but I am extremely nervous.

lpelleg1#634551 writes:

jwraymond1, that argument makes no sense due to the fact that every SEC team is in action that weekend. CBS has the same amount of games to choose from as usual. How many games there are nationally makes no difference whatsoever...

VOLinDAWGland writes:

I don't get how TN/UK game is a 'yawn'? The game will likely determine the SEC E champion and for once in a long time this game has meaning and both teams are fairly well matched. This has the potential to be a great game.

tigervol9802 writes:


Are you just mad because you and jwraymond's lunch date will have to be cut short and your won't have time for fun back at your place?

papavol writes:

it wasnt suppose to be creative or funny.

lpelleg1#634551 writes:

jwraymond1, those games are never on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, meaning CBS has the same amount of games to choose from this year as every year. Plus, it's not as if the State/Ole Miss game would be chosen anyway. So the circumstances are the same as always, yet the Tennessee/Kentucky game was chosen...meaning the game means something more than usual, not that there's nothing better to choose.

lpelleg1#634551 writes:

They could have picked Alabama-Auburn or Clemson-South Carolina, but apparently passed on both.

tigervol9802 writes:

Oh, I could have added more, I just don't want to get banned because of a worthless poster like yourself.

volfan73120#211815 writes:

VolCr do you want to sell your Vandy tickets?

tigervol9802 writes:

Actually I'd be willing to bet the reason this game isn't later in the day is because the men's basketball team either has a 4:30 or 7:00 tip-off on TV already scheduled with the Legends Classic and since that time spot can't be moved, this was bumped up earlier so the games don't go on at the same time.

thesavageorange writes:

Actually the results of our game (coupled with Aub, and Ala. losses) had everything to do with CBS picking Tennessee and Kentucky.If you go to CBS sports T.V. schedule they have Aub, and Ala scheduled even though it says (tentative)

nextyear writes:

I think Fulmer should be fired. I'll change my mind when Tennessee wins the Sugar Bowl this year as SEC Champs. UT 38, West Virginia 25.
Go Vols! I'll be at Vandy, UK, and SEC Champ games cheering my lungs out. I love New Orleans! If we lose one along the way, there's always next year.

jweaver3#395614 writes:

Living in San Antonio I will take any game on tv, As always being a true Vol fan I'm just ready to support the team. I'm sure VolCR is upset because she will be tired after her day of shopping the day after Thanksgiving and the game is too early.
She really is a UT fan somewhere deep down, just not sure where!!!

CoverOrange writes:

Maybe they are telelvising it because it is the new Notre Dame-Navy game.

Don't really want to think about Ky until Vandy is dispatched.

Come on! We need the negativity of CR and JW to motivate the team! Every body together: "u suk u suk u suk"

jawjavol writes:

Hey CRVol,

I just let my 4 yr old daughter read your last post and she said I before E except after C, daddy... I before E except after C!

Oenoboy writes:

Posted by VolCR on November 12, 2007 at 5:26 p.m.

Didn't Fulmer say earlier in the year that it didn't matter that the Bama-UT game wasn't nationally televised? Now, it's supposed to be a big deal?

Who said it was a big deal? These guys are just commenting on the fact the UK game is nationally televised being it’s normally only regional. I’m sure they are also happy they will be able to see the game. Especially those fans that live in different regions of the country that don’t usually get to see it.

CR & JW, you two are a piece of work. Not one positive comment from either of you about us beating a good SEC team by 21 points after you both predicted we would lose. All you have to share is your negativity about the UK game being televised nationally when both of you have been using the fact we aren’t being televised nationally in other games as a big deal. Which one is it boys. Is being televised nationally important or not? It’s not a relative thing and there is no grey area so stop speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

Personally, I think it is important though I will actually be there for this game as I live in Louisville. I just hope I’m not sitting next to any negative fans like you.

redneckerson writes:

Careful guys, don't be messin' with TigerVol. You obviusly aren't aware that he is a legend of BOTH the basketball and football coaching professions, so much so that he is qualified to tell both Phil and Bruce what they should do to improve their programs. And, as you may have noted today, he is something of a television programming guru.

LargeOrange writes:

CRwhoever or WhoeverCR which ever it is now, you and JWRainman along with Touchdown&%, and a bout a half dozen others will never be happy. I bet in 98 when we won the NC they were still complaining about the Nebraska game from 97. Their clever retorts "yawn" are so impressive. Not.

Volaholic writes:

Hey CR,

Haven't you been blistered enough today? Next time go away gracefully you idiot.

beatlecakes writes:

Advice: whenever you read one of some of the frequent posters one word summaries, ignore them. Don't acknowledge with any type of feedback or response as this is their bait and what they are hoping for. If we bottle our urge to respond they will soon grow tired of trying to pick a fight and return to their other activities. By giving them shout-outs we are feeding their hunger for confrontation...just a thought.

OldNumber7 writes:

Focus on this week? That's for the team to do - we are fans and can talk about whatever we want. You guys act like you are jinxing the team by talking Kentucky.

The last time I recall UT-UK being on natl tv was 98 (vs Tim Couch). The reason this game is televised is for one reason only - money. Its the same reason LSU-UK was on the idiot box - a good chance goliath will (and did) fall. Makes for fantastic ratings. Sorry guys, it's UK's success coupled with UT's ineptitude that has the rating hounds slobbering. Not negativity - just business.

tigervol9802 writes:

Guys, VolCR is nothing more than a message board Small Mike. He gets his thrills out of people combatting him. Odds are they work together and laugh accross the cube when someone posts.

Just let him be. Do like I do when SM comes on the radio - just tune him out.

JETnTN writes:

Thank goodness the game isn't at 7:30, it would be FREEZING that late!! Let's get these two games, I ordered my SEC Championship tickets today!!!

tigervol9802 writes:

Plasticman -

By "tune out" I meant I either turn the radio down or turn the station.

I don't listen to nearly as much talk radio as I once did because too many idiots have tried to be like him. That, and well, at least on here with the endless "Fire Fulmer" rants you don't get the hick accent to go with it.

mbradshaw1#655539 writes:

Most people have roaches but we have CR.
I wonder if he really is a vol fan.

WLE1 writes:

Great, We have to listen to Florida lover boys Gary "I talk like I have a string tied around my nuts" Danielson and Verne Lundquist call another U.T. football game this season. I can't stand these two. They are the worst of the anti-vol worst. Lets see how many times they bring Tebow up during a U.T. Kentucky game.....jerks

tamike0716#341264 writes:

There will lots of Kentucky residents wearing the big orange at Lexington. Go Vols from Western Kentucky.

jawjavol writes:

Hey CR

At some point I have to ensure my daughter understands there will always be little men with more name than game who never actually played organized sports. Man I am glad you aren't a man of any real substance. I mean a bitter jock sniffer with money and influence might actually effect personnel changes on the hill. As it stands you're simply the sniffer variety with face planted firmly in fly.

jawjavol writes:

Hey CR

When you say it's not really work, are you speaking of your community service? I believe in ya man. I am sure you can learn to be a contributing member of society, at least on some level. Hope that 12 step program works out for ya. Are they hasslin you about your lithium? I hope they let you have your shoelaces and belt back soon. Did that orange jumpsuit they issued you make you believe you were a Vol fan?

asleep#212036 writes:

Thank you RocketVol.
The reason the game is on is NOT because there weren't other choices but because (1), Kentucky is actually reasonably good this year and has a Heisman trophy/NFL first round QB, (2) it will likely decide the East so a larger than normal audience, including lots of Georgia and Florida fans, would tend to watch, and (3) after Navy/Notre Dame consecutive wins ended, UT's 22 games over Kentucky is the longest streak standing, therefore some national interest. I don't believe there is an allotment of CBS games like there is for Lincoln Financial. Further, it's first, foremost, and always about money so this must be the money game, no matter what we think about it, positive or negative. Had SC still be ranked highly, I'm sure their game with Clemson would have been the choice. If Kentucky was playing normally (4-7 going in), they also would have chosen another game. In fact, Kentucky's season already pushed TN/AL to Lincoln Financial while they played the Gators. Once their 16 senior starters graduate, look for KY to be back in the losing groove for another decade. Unfortunately, we have to beat them now. Go Vols!!!

wisonsinvol writes:

tiger and jawja, you guys are all over it. Cr-anti-vol is truly a POS that matters not in the world of anything. He has a hard time urinating in a public bathroom for fear of being outed or embarrassed at his lack of manhood. He uses his pen as his weapon behind an internet veil of protection. His comebacks are generally grounded in attempts to discredit his tormentors for lack of originality or facts all the while promoting himself as the only one with wit. CR-anti-vol, the colossal you know what, is a real freak that has been shunned in public his entire life and always will be. Go back under the rock from which you sprang CR-anti-vol, for truly we care not about you. This site is for people who do care about the Volunteer program and clearly you are not one of us.

jawjavol writes:


Even paranoids have enemies.

Lame or not, if the truth hurts maybe you you can find some senior flag football league to learn the fundamentals of the game and practice functioning in a team setting. You might even earn a gold star when you socialize yourself a little bit. Try getting out of your momma's basement every once in a while.

tigervol9802 writes:

RocketVol - Thinking back, not even the 97 Manning/Couch showdown was on CBS as it was a JP game. In retrospect, how ridiculous was that?

I'm pretty sure Verne and Gary will have the Florida/FSU game, and with LSU/Arkansas on Friday, I'm not sure who will call the UT game.

jawjavol writes:


Too bad these guys can't enjoy living in enemy territory on fall Saturdays. I sported my Orange around the ATL today in full regalia. Here in the home of "The SEC EAST Leading GA Bulldogs" I got some really angry glares. UGA fans hate us but I always tell them I don't hate them.... I only hate the GOOD teams. All I can tell them is 28-0 at the half.

Hard to believe how giddy those guys are for copying USC's "Blackout gimmick". If you will recall they were ticked at Donnan a few years back for messing with tradition when he added black stripes to the White on the helmet.

CoverOrange writes:

chain = yanked

redneckerson writes:

hey, tigervol - redneckerson@comcast.net

LargeOrange writes:

From VolCR: "3 weekends in a row in Knoxville is enough for me. I said before last weekend's game that I wasn't coming in for the Vanderbilt game..."
From: TouchdownTN on November 12, 2007 at 1:37 p.m. "Not one person on these boards wants Tennessee to win as badly as CRVOL, JRaymond, and myself. I promise you that. We can disagree on a lot, but this is not debatable."

Right, CR you must have sleep apnea since you have that creative "yawn" response to most good news about the team that you and TouchdhimselfTN want to win more than anyone on these boards. BS!

redneckerson writes:

alkhall, mommy said I can go, can I have that ticket?

Colliervol writes:

Please get rid of this thread now. It's degenerated into another one of those Mine-is-bigger-than-yours arguments again. I'm growing weary of reading ignorant bluster and juvenile retorts. Pitiful. It's gotten to the point where it's impossible to just simply discuss an article or debate a point without it going to total phooey.

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