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Tennessee’s Saturday showdown against cross-state rival Vanderbilt closes a four-game homestand and sets up to be an emotional afternoon on a number of Volunteer fronts.

UT has a chance to maintain control of the SEC Eastern Division race and complete a sweep of the home schedule, but only after saying a heartfelt Neyland Stadium goodbye to 23 senior Vols.

Tennessee footballers making their final pregame runs through the “T” are Erik Ainge, Chris Brown, Sinclair Cannon, Brad Cottam, Michael Crain, Dylan Dickey, Michael Frogg, Adam Gillem, Bo Hardegree, Jonathan Hefney, Inquoris Johnson, Steven Jones, Ryan Karl, J.T. Mapu, Cameron Mayo, Xavier Mitchell, Roy Olasimbo, Jarod Parrish, Antonio Reynolds, Kirk Swearingen, Ja’Kouri Williams, Casey Woods and Eric Young.

“I think that’s one of the great moments we have here at Tennessee when they get to run through the ‘T’ for the final time,” head coach Phillip Fulmer said. “To me, personally, that’s one of the hardest things I do during the course of the year, saying goodbye to that group of seniors. This group has experienced so much and been through a lot and continued to do well.”

The Vols, 7-3 overall and 4-2 SEC, need a win Saturday over Vanderbilt to keep the pressure on Georgia, which stands 5-2 in the league and closes its conference schedule this weekend by hosting Kentucky. Tennessee, which owns the tie-breaker over Georgia, travels to Kentucky a week from Saturday for its SEC finale.

Not since 1999 has a Tennessee team finished undefeated at home, and it’s been since 1960 that a Vols squad won all four games of a four-game homestand. UT has outscored its last four home opponents 93-3 in the first half of those games.

“I don’t sense anything different as far as our preparation,” Fulmer said. “Maybe we’ve improved. You certainly give credit to the fans and the energy in the stadium. And there’s some youth on the team, so maybe they are in a more comfortable environment.

“We’ve been a darn good road team for years and years around here. I can’t tell you a particular thing, but I hope it continues for one more week. And then we need to be a good road team again.”

Ticket returns from UT students and the Vanderbilt allotment can be purchased through the Web site, or by calling the UT athletics ticket office at 656-1200 or 800-332-VOLS. Ticket office hours at Thompson-Boling Arena are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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pdhuff#552644 writes:

Tickets available! Hmmm, any hint, Hamilton.

iowavol writes:

Couple of things to think about before you crucify CF for empty seats. Last week, the empty seats were mostly seats returned by Arkansas. Every other area of the stadium looked full. Our section only had a couple of empty seats. These tickets could be returned Vandy tickets.

Also, with bball taking off the way it is, they are now competing for the UT entertainment dollars. Tennessee play Friday night and will probably draw 20k fans. That hasn't happened in years.

Lastly, over the last 10 years, golf has exploded. Unfortunately, if you are to be competitive in golf, you need to play a few times a week. In these parts, most folks won't give up church for golf, but they do give up going to the ball game so they can play a round in the morning and catch the game on tv in the afternoon. I know that's been my excuse and same is true with the folks I play. No, I would ask Hamilton what he is doing to market the Vols - have been asking him for years. Nothing really, he's letting all the responsibility fall to the head coach.

CoverOrange writes:

"Ticket returns from UT students and the Vanderbilt allotment"

Can understand students to a degree what with the holiday coming up and the end of classes bearing down, but with two chances for Vandy to become bowl eligible their fans can't make the short trip down I-40? Don't be surprised that they don't go bowling even if they do beat Wake Forest.

phi0129 writes:

Does anyone know where I can watch this game online? I've heard mention of Yahoo carrying a bunch of games. I don't mind dishing out a few bucks even, but I'm sorry PPV is F$%$#$%^ ridiculous. $30 to watch on TV. Are the games even broadcasted in High Def? B/c that might change my opinion somewhat...

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

OMG you guys still haven't gotten it yet have you?

When was the LAST time the Vandy game DIDN'T have available seats? When was the last time the Vandy game was a sell-out?

Gimme a break.

finn writes:

Iowavol, I think you've found the missing link!! It's golf that has caused a drop in support for UT football!! All along I thought it was a stubborn head coach who refused to adjust to a changning game that relied on the same tired excuses.

Colliervol writes:

I don't know about that golf explosion. There's three courses for sale in Shelby County right now that you can get cheap.

mj54 writes:

"We’ve been a darn good road team for years and years around here."

Your job is safe for this year Phil, so drop the semantics. What matters is that this year on the road we've lost games by 14, 39, and 24 points, while giving up 48pts/game in those losses.

I appreciate the job you've done, but please don't remind us how awesome we were back in the 90's because it makes some of angry that it was you who allowed UT to fall back into mediocrity.

Da_Bishop writes:

guys this should be no surprise their have been several hundred student tickets left over for most of the games this year and im not surprised that vandy won't travel even when they sell out at home its mostly the other teams fans heck they might have well played the UGA VANDY game in athens with all the red that was their

pdhuff#552644 writes:

mj54 & finn - dead on!! Those that tout Phil's NC (today's 8-yr old kids were not around then), like not to mention out freefall to 5-6. Genuine nice guy, but the bulbs on the scoreboard ALWAYS tell the tale! Smite the Commodores!Oh, they must have also missed our recent bowl outings! Go Vols!

webbofconfusion writes:

If you are bored, go hangout on the basketball boards for a while... Nothing to be excited about over there yet. you can yawn for those articles.

I would like to see the return of our road team... The road has been tough on us this year and we need a strong showing next week, but lets get this week done first.

tnfab5#213749 writes:

It's not worth my time to repsond to all the whiners and naysayers on this sight. Just take care of business these next 2 weeks (no matter HOW it's done) and we have a redemption game against LSU in ATL...GO BIG ORANGE!

missrvrvol writes:

Artie Buco owes me $50. Fulmer will owe me a lot more if we lose this weekend.

CoverOrange writes:

CR, yaaaawnnnn, you could say LSU got their revenge for the 59 game in 01. Man I'm sleepy. Maybe that's the reason I didn't read closely enough to see where anyone said revenge would be the motivation for this year's UT team. Personal motivation for several on this board maybe, but not necessarily for the teams themselves. But then, I do take naps on some posts.

bUTchVFL writes:

Are you kidding me! Golf is the reason we are not selling out for an SEC football stadium. I would expect that from the Vandy fans but not UT fans. That is the most pitiful excuse I have ever heard.

Colliervol writes:

I can see that all we have to do today is picking at nits. Call it redemption, revenge, irony or whatever you like. They cost us a shot at a national title and we can return the favor (provided we get that far). If we pull that off, I'd just call it sweet and leave it at that.

GreenbackMike writes:

mtoms, I think he was joking, or at least I hope he was!

auttat writes:

Hey, let's play a game.

Who am I?


Dude, a little premature!!!

bigbluevol writes:

Fulmer won't owe you anything, regardless of the outcome, missrvrvol.

CoverOrange writes:

Totally agree CR. Seems like KNS is losing interest in UT football compared to a few weeks ago. Adams must be on vacation again and the mice are playing. Even UTBB reports are lacking punch. Guess we have to wait for Pennington to stir things up tomorrow.

Oenoboy writes:

VolCR, maybe it's the subject matter of the debate that's getting old. With the way our Freshmen and Sophomores are playing, the whole Fulmer debate may be over for two or three years unless we drop our next two games and I don’t think any of us are wishing for that.

The media thrives on this type of debate because as much as they like building someone up, they love to bring them down even more.

I am one of the fans that want to knock LSU out of the BCS Championship by the way. Relevant or not, the thought of it get my orange blood boiling.

gohawks1 writes:

Ya'll shouldn't be making fun of CR. He has narcolepsy. Get well soon, brother.

mikeinknoxville writes:

The only golf explosion taking place is in columbia south carolina where the visor abides.
But that alibi did have one good quality..orginality

Volalumnus writes:

"revenge factor from a game in 2001"

Maybe that where the team has been for the last 5 - 6 years waiting to revenge that game.

They got to get there first though.

mbradshaw1#655539 writes:

Here we are making useless posts under the article that only states that there are some tickets available. The bottom line is we win out and we go to Atlanta However, we need to take it one game at a time. A revenge victory over LSU would be for the fans only. The players should not need to go back in time to get fired up for the next Two and Maybe three games. I wish we could all get behind this football team and it's coaches and support them like true volunteers. I know I will. GO VOLS!!!!

mikeinknoxville writes:

A win over Vandy brings the season into focus at Lexington.
A win over Vandy and Kentucky and Coach Fulmer gets 08 to win a sec championship.
A win over Vandy, Kentucky and LSU and a lot of noise goes away.

TopperVol75 writes:

Good post MNK...but, all the talk about the "LSU Championship Game" is WAY premature. How can we expect a 4-3 team, victim of 3 blowouts, to go 5-0 to close the season. Wish it would happen, but just a reality check. Very supportive of the program, yet realistic. Maybe a good round of golf would settle all these TN football thoughts in my head...sorry, I'd miss the game!!

Volalumnus writes:

I keep seeing the word "True" used a lot lately.
For some it is:
1. Conformable to fact; in accordance with the actual state of things; correct; not false, erroneous, inaccurate, or the like; as, a true relation or narration; a true history; a declaration is true when it states the facts.
--Those that use facts.

For others:
2. Steady in adhering to friends, to promises, to a prince, or the like; unwavering; faithful; loyal; not false, fickle, or perfidious; as, a true friend; a wife true to her husband; an officer true to his charge. "Thy so true, So faithful, love unequaled." Milton.
--Those who are emotionally associating

Most are implying:
3. Actual; not counterfeit, adulterated, or pretended; genuine; pure; real; as, true balsam; true love of country; a true Christian. "The true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." John i. 9.

Just be careful with or who your truth is because there are many "true" vols

mbradshaw1#655539 writes:

Good post ranzy, do you have anything on passion or loyalty or believing in something.

Volalumnus writes:

a: to have a firm religious faith
b: to accept as true, genuine, or real
c: to have a firm conviction

Volalumnus writes:

to have a firm religious faith - Blood runs Orange
to accept as true, genuine, or real - Rich in Tradition
to have a firm conviction - There is a reason they are called VOLUNTEERS

Definition of a Vol Fan


"Fulmer won't owe you anything, regardless of the outcome, missrvrvol."

BigBlue, you need to find a better hero. One who didn't get beat by a combined 77 points this year.

VOL7 writes:

expect to see at least 20,000 empty seats at neyland tomorrow. there were at least that many empty for homecoming & there will probably be more tomorrow, even though it is an SEC game with a title on the line for UT.

there were more tickets on the street being given away last week for the arkansas game than any SEC game i've ever been to at neyland in 40 years. vandy will have far fewer fans there than the hawgs did, & many students have already headed home for thanksgiving.

i have no confidence in fulmer. neither do most fans now. that's why they'll stay home by the fireplace & watch other games & listen to ours on the radio rather than pay to see it on PPV.

when you get beat 124-6 in the 2nd half by cal, florida, bama, & SC combined, you haven't had a good year. we may wind up undefeated at home, but that's something that championship teams should all easily do. we have more talent than anyone in the league, yet our coaching is mediocre at best.

sure, we can beat LSU in atlanta if we squeeze by vandy & UK. however, it is far more likely that we'll get embarrassed like we did the last 2 times we played in atlanta & then get the "opportunity" to play there again later in the chick-fil-a bowl & most likely get blown out by someone like clemson again.

if we get waxed in atlanta twice in a row, that ought to be enough to get rid of fulmer. unless he wins the next 2 & shows up well in the SEC game, i can't see the justification for keeping him here. if we lose to either vandy or UK, we'll be relegated to the music city bowl. if florida state beats us there, he will also be history.

no way we need to be considering keeping fulmer unless he wins the next 2 convincingly & shows up respectibly in atlanta. if he should luck up & win the SEC & go to the sugar bowl, of course, we would be forced to keep him. perhaps if he will go on to win the sugar bowl, he will retire.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Vol7-well said! Irregardless of what side of the Fulmer debate one is on, there is not two sides to empty seats! That speaks volumes! If we were 9-1 or 8-2, stadium would be full. Loss to Bama was a coffin nail, since they showed how good they were in loss to Croom! Need to lay the wood to Vandy, but will they? One can only hope! Which emotion level shows up Saturday, Ga or Bama! Stay tuned! Go Vols!

finn writes:

bigbluevol, You give a guy over $2mil, he damn well better owe you something. Its called accountability. I owe my boss my time and effort in exchange for a paycheck. Phil has been earning his $$ lately via some wins but apathy and a sense of entitlement is what got him on the hot seat to start with. Win/work and you get paid, lose/do a phooey job and you update your resume.

Colliervol writes:

Vol7, if they win the next two, it won't matter what happens against LSU. Phil will still be around. (Why? Because an SEC East title would still be considered an improvement over where we've been since 2004. Hard to fire somebody after an East title.)

Even if we don't make it to Atlanta, I expect him to be around, just with some staff changes. (Why? I think we beat Vandy but, if we lose to KY, it will be because of another defensive collapse which would put some of those guys back on the hot seat.)

Another reason I think he's around is that I believe he's been telling the higher-ups that the 2008 and 2009 teams have a chance to be special because of all these young players. (At least according to some supposedly in-the-know folks on the radio the other day who said that Phil has been privately saying that to people. Take that for what it's worth.) And if they get to Atlanta with all these young players, that just adds to his argument.

TommyJack writes:

pdhuff: Irregardless ain't a word. :)

mickey9830#643278 writes:

Please someone with computer knowledge please blackball that hiresanders from these sites. GO VOLS!!!!!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Tommyjack, Neither is Philapottamus, but we'll see him today! Go Vols!

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