Halftime talks ignite Vols

Defense 'manned up' with SEC title game slipping away

The shovels were out and the digging had begun.

Dirt - the kind of the six-feet-under variety - was being piled on another University of Tennessee football season.

"The grave was already dug and the tombstone put in place for this football team," UT defensive coordinator John Chavis said. "They didn't buy it.

"We've got a chance to go to Lexington and we'll have an opportunity to go to a championship. It says there is some resolve to this football team."

All the resolve the Vols could muster was needed Saturday at Neyland Stadium.

Somehow, a 24-9 fourth-quarter deficit turned into a 25-24 victory against Vanderbilt.

Somehow, a defense that looked shaky for three quarters made three consecutive three-and-out stops on Vandy as UT rallied.

Somehow, the Vols dug themselves out of an early grave.

"Our guys got it done when they had to get it done," Chavis said. "We decided as a team we were going to get things stopped and they manned up and did it."

Junior linebacker Jerod Mayo "manned up" and went out of his comfort zone to give an impassioned halftime pep talk to a lethargic UT team.

"We had two quarters left to play championship football," Mayo said he told his teammates. "We could go home or come out and play.

"That's what the guys did. Even though (Vandy) scored coming out of halftime, we buckled down when it really counted and made plays."

Especially Mayo. He was everywhere.

He had a career-high 15 tackles, including 2 1/2 for a loss to lead the Vols (8-3, 5-2 SEC).

Fellow linebacker Rico McCoy added 11 stops and senior Ryan Karl six.

"I've had some good groups, but I wouldn't trade this group for any I've had," Chavis said. "When you say that, you know you had Al Wilson, Raynoch Thompson and Eric Westmoreland who played together.

"This group is as fine as any I've been around."

Chavis especially singled out Mayo as the Hampton, Va., native came through with his fifth double-digit tackle effort of the season.

"It would be hard for me to believe anybody has played any better than Jerod Mayo this year," he said. "Mayo's having an All-American kind of year.

"Whether he gets any honors or not, all he wants to do is win. He'll do whatever you ask him to do and he's a winner."

He's also humble.

Mayo deflected any praise for his play and aimed it at the defensive line.

"Those guys up front just did an excellent job keeping guys off of us," he said. "Even though Demonte (Bolden, turf toe) wasn't able to go much in the second half, J.T. Mapu and Dan Williams played lights out.

"That's how this team has played all year, somebody goes down and somebody else steps up and makes plays."

Williams came off the bench in place of Bolden and tied a career-high with six tackles.

"Coach (Phillip) Fulmer did light into us and reignite our fire at halftime," Williams said. "He knew we were the best team on that field.

"We knew we could get a stop every time. We just had to buckle down and let the offense do their thing."

That's exactly what happened.

Vanderbilt had 16 offensive plays in the fourth quarter and gained a total of 16 yards.

Not even a pass interference call on DeAngelo Willingham deterred the Vols' defense.

It kept Vanderbilt's final drive alive, but the Commodores had to settle for a 49-yard field goal attempt from Bryant Hahnfeldt that grazed off the left upright and went wide.

"All we could do is turn around and watch," Mapu said. "It looked for a second like it was going in, but some of the guys were joking that God wants us to be in Atlanta (for the SEC championship)."

Chavis didn't go that far. He just said it's all in a day's work in college football these days.

"Sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't," he said. "Our guys went out and earned a victory today.

"We had some go our way and some against us, but we had enough to get the win.

In the end, that's all that mattered.

They lived to see another day. SEC championship hopes are still alive.

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madcow26#524674 writes:

big win! the sports talking heads on tv are alreay saying ky beats tn...come on vols...nobody but you guys think you have a chance to beat ky... two more to go and it will take everything you have to get it done...

Ironcity writes:

All due respect to Chavis and our present group of LB's. I would rate them about 10th best group since 1990. I will say they are better now then they were at the beginning.

BigUn writes:

I was at the game and everybody was dead, including the crowd, but it wasn't a halftime talk that ignited the comeback, it was the roughing the punter penalty. After that, you could hear the excitement in the crowd and see the excitement in the players attitudes. And that didn't happen until about 4 minutes to go in the 3rd Quarter. So whateve halftime talk was givn, didn't do anything that I saw.

To me, it was just another typical Fulmer coached team. Come out flat, get lucky at the end and win.


amen BigUN! And against a team that had no business to even be in the game.

JohnyLobo34 writes:

Let's face it: Tennessee didn't win that game...Vanderbilt lost it. You could see the play calling tighten on the Vandy sideline after the Dores went up 24-9. After that they lost their edge. Had Vandy continued to do,what they were doing, we'd be arranging the "John Gruden" News Conf.

OldNumber7 writes:

Tennessee was flat-out outcoached again, and outplayed by an inferior opponent. Nothing more to be said - I've come to expect this kind of phooey year in and out. I still think Al Wilson should have won 1998 Coach of the Year.

That being said, I don't care how ugly Kentucky is, if these coaches can muster a win to go to Atlanta my hats off to them. As much grief as the coaches give me, I must give them credit for solidly beating Georgia and Arkansas to put us in position to take it next week. Chavis - you've got a long tough week ahead - go stuff the Cats.

inquiry writes:

Tennessee took this game from Vandy.. Vandy didn't loose nothing, but another game in KNoxville against the Vols.. Read the stats, that's all you need to know.. 16 yards in 16 plays in the 4th qtr.. so that's just luck and bad coaching.. what idiots are on this board?

AllVol writes:

I bought into the negativity about Coach Fulmer earlier in the year, and I'm still not sure that the game hasn't passed him by, but the Vols are winning (and just like someone said above, the Vols have always played flat against weaker teams--a lot of teams do), but all this same phooey about our head coach is way stale. It has become obvious that these guys just like to see themselves speak. You guys sound really ignorant, and couldn't take the heat of coaching a pee wee league. Shut the h-ll up.

I was at the game, and I think the roughing penalty did change the game. However, our guys played their guts out and won. It was a game for the ages, and my boys got to feel the thrill. That's what Tennessee football is all about, not all this other useless poop.

We will beat Kentucky, and may well shock the football world in Atlanta.

Go Vols . . . .

DSaVol writes:

IMPRESSIVE!!! I remain amazed at how well this staff prepares a team to chase a championship, on Senior Day, at home, against yet another powerful (albeit sub-.500) opponent! And keeping that offense under wraps til the 4th quarter, well, nothing short of remarkable strategy. THAT my friends is what it takes to win the SEC East these days and of course run that winning percentage up! Major kudos to all the staff for another outstanding display of preparation and game day genius! And hey, what about ole Phil's scheduling prowess???? Can he pick em or what??? We get La-Lafayette and drub em. Bama gets La-Monroe and falls! Phil obviously knew what would happen if those Monroe boys came to K-ville this year and played his team - you know, the one that Bama whupped. Now that would've been ugly! Nice call Philip! You are truly just a damned football genius!!! Finally, as we enter this week of Thanksgiving, can't we all come together and just be grateful that we're in a league that gives this group a chance to be champions??? Imagine if this were the Pac-10, Big 12, Big East, or even the Big 10 - this amazing group of warriors would likely be playing for 4th place at best but here in the big, bad SEC we can be champions if we can just find a way to upset those mighty Wildcats! Go get it guys! Only in America!

Volfan999 writes:

Remember the story of the man trapped on his roof during a flood? A row boat comes by and offers to take him to safety… but the man says, “No, I’m waiting for the Lord to save me”. Later a helicopter comes to save the man but he still replies, “No, I’m waiting on the Lord to save me”. This story reminds of our Vols this year. The flood came in the form of ugly losses. The life boats came in the guise of a fired-up Georgia team that beat down the Gators, and a nice breeze that pushed that Vandy kick just left.
We know how the story about the man on the roof ends; he drowns and went to be with the Lord. One day he asks the Lord – “Why didn’t you save me that day?”, and of course the Lord replied, “I gave you chances but you didn’t take them”.
Many, many years from now when these young men grow old and go to meet the Lord, will they have to ask the same question of the Lord as the man, “Why didn’t you save us?”, or will the Lord say to them, “Welcome boys; let me see those rings!!”

stevefrommemphis writes:

Johnny Majors had the right term for all you negative folks - "Legions of the Miserable." If you can't be happy about Tennessee winning, at least be happy about Alabama losing to Louisiana - Monroe. Think about how upset and confused the Sabanists are today. Tennessee can't beat Vanderbilt 65-0 every year.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Slovog, if 5-5 Vandy is a quality opponent, I'd interested in a none-quality opponent! Could it be one Bama slew yesterday! What, L-La-Monroville beat Satan! Let's see, 4mil for 6 wins =660K per win (check math) er,,wait, he beat Phil, more brownie points. Oh well, onto the Cats! We win by 14 in Lexington. On to Atl!

VolHooch14 writes:

I must say that I'm happy to watch my 7-5 prediction go by the wayside. Like I said last week, however, it is so d*** frustrating to wonder week to week which team will 'show up'. My hat goes off to Vandy...they played a helluva game, & have shown that they aren't the doormat they used to be. I hope the VOLS go to Lexington next week & put it away early for 2 reasons. One...it would be nice to relax & enjoy a victory , & Two...I wouldn't have to listen to Bob Kessling & try to figure out what's going on.


King30 writes:

Well, I finally found the thread where the conglomerate of bashers have come out to play...
Boys, this is an article celebrating the play of our defense in the 4th quarter and how we shut the Dores down when we had to. This is an article praising Jerod Mayo for his leadership at halftime and the incredible play of a three-man linebacker troupe that finished with 32 (32!) tackles.
That's how you win championships.
I was the one on here yesterday extolling Dennis Rogan for player of the game (146 return yards; 41 yd kickoff return; 45 yd punt return that set up our game-winning field goal).
But, now that I see what Mayo accomplished with his 15 tackles and 2 1/2 for loss and his halftime leadership, I have to give props to him, too.
Come on, guys, appreciate the win and save your diatribes for another day.
Celebrate Mayo and McCoy and Karl and Williams and Mapu.
We're one step away from Atlanta!

wisonsinvol writes:

Vandy is a very good team. They were in most of their games this season, should have beaten KU, should have beaten UGA, but no way they should have beaten UT. We stopped ourselves. We gave them opportunities - their 3rd down conversion rate doesn't look as impressive without the penalities negating 3rd down tries that failed. A missed XP and FG and a dumbass lateral throw that gave them 3 pts are what gave them a chance at the end of the game. They did have 2 very good drives, the second even helped by a penalty. Their 3rd drive was aided by penalties. Their last FG attempt was even possible by a BS penalty. And the idiot naysayers will get all liquored up and post phooey on this website about how we were dominated?? LOL. We average over 5 yards a carry, they average 3. We throw for 245, they throw for 139. Give me a break, Vandy was lucky to be in the game.

westtnvol#518878 writes:

Show of hands......

How many on here would like TouchdownTN to shut up?

utalum04 writes:

Great win...unfortunately we still have the worst fans in the NCAA who still complain about everythng. How sad is that.

DSaVolismyidiot_half_brother writes:

DilbertS, I am thankful for the year I didn't have to listen to your constant Vol bashing. If you remember, the last time you suited up was when you played Pee-Wee. Of couse, Ma never could fatten you up enough to make the 45 pound minimum wieght, and you quit after being hit the first time. But I'm sure that experience from our childhood prepared you to be the great coaching critic that you are today. Happy Thanksgiving. BubbaJ

gslaton#227127 writes:

Let's face it Vol fans, the college football times are a'changin! With scholarship limits and the simple fact that big-time football brings in money, every school will be competitive on any given Saturday. The big schools used to recruit players just to keep them from their competitors. No longer. Get used to this kind of competition. Look at the top 20 teams now versus 10 years ago. Tennessee has a good team-not a great team-a good team. They have to bring their best game every week and on Saturday they were flat and got away with it. Let's hope they can get pumped for next week! Good Luck Vols! You gotta love college football!!

scvolalum writes:

Right On dash 727! I think it's was easier for my (finally) deceased mother-in-law to utter a positive statement than those Orange Whiner's Club cadets regarding the Vols. Holding a solid Vanderbilt offense to a mere 16 yards in the fourth quarter is a testament to the resolve of the whole defensive squad. Where's the glee over 'Bama losing to La. Monroe? An awful lot of folks in the SEC are pulling for those kitty cats up north to put UT away so, for a change, why don't you naysayers join in with the rest of us and support the Vols balls-to-the-wall in winning the next two. GO VOLS!!!!!!!!

TommyJack writes:

Slovog: Now there's an area in which you probably have expertise.

leedsvol2007 writes:

gslaton I heartily agree with you.

This Tennessee team is good not great and has to play at a top level to win games. This was the middle of a tough string of 3 games.

We were able to summon enough emotion to win this one knowing the next team is the most capable of the 3 we play.

All teams have talent now witness Monroe's victory over Bama. Vandy was a good team with a good plan. The fact we were able to come back and win this one is evidence of the pluck and guts of this team.


Smokey57 writes:

I see all the pathetic doomsdayers are back. Did everyone notice that none of them posted after the win last week? I suppose if they can't find fault after a game, they certainly aren't going to post anything POSITIVE!
Yeah, we pretty much sucked yesterday, but we still won. I agree the roughing penalty was the game-changing play, but many games are won and lost on such instances. I sure as hell will take it!
Not much to say positive about the team yesterday, but I certainly am not going to bash the players or coaches. I'm pretty sure they know the score.
Lets get it together team! Kentucky isn't going to lay down for us next week!

agentorange writes:

this defense has a completely new secondary with young linebackers. both starting corners are out with Inky out as well who would have been a starter. yet the defense improves. the offense has all new starters at wr. we had to kick the rb with the probably the most raw talent off the team. and we're still winning. Fulmer and his guys have done a great job getting 8 wins and putting the team in position to win the SEC East for the second time in Ainge's four years.

lfevol writes:

This season in college football should show us that a win is a in win no matter who it is against. And here is a little example for all you morons who think that with Fulmer gone UT will never loose. In 1996 Gene Stallings was forced out at Alabama. It was called retirement, but everyone new what was going on. Since then they have had a load of bad seasons. sure they won one SEC title in 99, but look at all the embarresment they have gotten with their coaching carosels: one coach left them for Texas AM, one coach never coaches a game but had a great time out with a stripper, and now they are paying Saban $4 Mil a year. Thats $333,333 to loose to UL M.
There are many more examples of when long tenured great coaches leave schools (whether by choice or not) the program suffer.
Notre Damn after Lou Holtz
Oklahoma after Barry Switzer (Lost for ten years)
Nebraska after firing Frank Stolich

So for all of you anti Fulmer people out there, who think you know more about football than he does because you lettered your senior season in high school, and especially jw and touchdowntn, shut the f&^& up, and let us real UT fans enjoy this win and this season.

DSaVol writes:

If all of this Kool-Aid crowd wasn't so sad it would be comical!!! So many willing to accept successful mediocrity as the new standard. My how the mighty have fallen. Oh sorry, this must be what so many of you mean when you refer to a "return to elite status." LMFAO!!!! And you put all kinds of untruths on here and claim them as facts!

gslaton - FYI, scholarship limits have been at 85 since 1994!!! That whole line is just another BS excuse for once "elite" (if you believe this one ever was) programs (and moreso overrated coaches) that have fallen on their swords.

agent - I believe Hefney is a 3 year starter in your COMPLETELY new seconday. I also believe Mayo and Karl are 2 year starters as well as upperclassmen in your YOUNG linebacker crew. As for your receivers, well, 2 of them are in their 3rd year in the program so where's the development been the prior 2? That RB that got booted, of course, wasn't even a starter. And finally, just remember that the first time YOUR wonderful coaches put Ainge in the title game, they totally brain-mucked him afterward. Wonder what his reward might be this time?

Keep drinking that Kool-Aid boys and you'll be here again next year wondering what might have, could have, should have been - AGAIN!!

DSaVol writes:

You're so right lfevol!! The Bama admin are lunatics - just think it only cost UT $175,000 to get blown out by the coach/team that spent nearly twice that to lose to Monroe!! Damn WE ARE GENIUSES!!!! At those rates we could lose to Bama 2 of every 3 years and still have a deal!!

yeavols#228407 writes:

Everyone in Georgia still thinks they are going to the SEC champ game. They even brag about it saying VOLS will lose their next game. They weren't too far from it on Saturday when Vandy came to town. Being in Atlanta, I just thought that everyone might like to know. If that's not enough motivation, I don't know what is.

asleep#212036 writes:


Don't laugh but we are getting a bargain. If I'm not mistaken, Fulmer is the lowest paid of the upper echelon coaches (Top 3 in each division) at about $2 M/year. He has the most career wins, a national championship, and a clean program (at least as far as the NCAA can prove!). In an 8 win season, that's about $250,000 per win. Cheap by Alabama's new standard. So you see, although we may not be winning as many games as we would like, we're paying less for our wiins than the other schools!LOL

DSaVol - I agree 8 win seasons are relatively mediocre for UT but I don't remember anyone claiming that as a new standard of excellence. Quite the opposite - I think everyone here expects more. But surely you wouldn't expect that any team could replace Meachem and company with underclassmen, no matter how talented, and not see some fall off, at least early in the season. And surely you wouldn't expect to replace 3 of your 4 projected secondary starters plus your nickel guy and not have a pretty steep learinng curve. I agree I want more from Fulmer but at this point in the season, I'm happy with wins and control of our own destiny to Atlanta. I'm pretty sure after the debacle in T-town, none of us thought we would be here. Kudos to the players and coaching staff for not giving up and winning ugly when they have to. Go Vols!!!

thewilson5#310952 writes:

Had to listen yesterday via internet radio, but even at 24-9 I thought we would win; don't know why. Didn't have that feeling in the Bama game.
Parity has arrived in a big way this year; OU-TTech announcers told it. 11 unranked teams have beaten top 5 teams this year. A loss to Vandy would have been bad, but I would like to read some of the comments on the Bama blog sites today!

tenncorncob writes:

yippee, yappee, yahooeee.........we beat the West End Finishing School. I have lived too long. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think a comeback win over Vanderbilt would be so cherished. I remember the years of 65-0, I guess that era is over. GO VOLS BEAT KENTUCKY, of course I never did think I would ever see KY fans that would rather see KY play Tennessee in football rather than basketball. This world is completely upside down....

gslaton#227127 writes:

to dsavol-
Actually, scholarship limits in some form have been around since the early '70's. I go back a ways before that. There is a nice article at http://www.4malamute.com/wwwa9s.html which supports both sides. Fulmer has always been considered a good recruiter, but, as the article infers, smaller schools have elevated their game more than larger schools have dropped. We all want UT to go undefeated, but I still question how close any school can get to it in the future...especially in the SEC. Another reason for a playoff system. Go Vols!

DennisVols writes:

Complaing about UT's record, 7-1 since UF (best in the conference), how they are playing, again 7-1 over last 8 and only they can lose the SEC East. GA can't win it, they have to hope UT loses. UF was eliminated yesterday with the GA win.
Complaining about the situations we are in is like a starving man complaining about the food he is served.

asleep#212036 writes:

Oh the dichotomy of the 2007 Vols. The resiliency of this team is endearing and laudable. The constant brain f*rts are maddening and inexcusable. Which do we get at Kentucky? Go Vols!!!

hglover40#234154 writes:

DSaVol -
I'm willing to accept mediocrity - if it means playing in 5 championship games in the last eleven years, which is what will happen if we win next week.
If we've been mediocre during the Fulmer era then we've never been anything but it.

THe truth is that we will never out recruit GA,LSU or FL. They have more 3 and 4 stars within 50 miles of there campus than we do in the whole state of TN.
We have the 4th best recruiting class in the SEC since 2001; I didn't make that up, check rivals.com yourself.
So if we play for another championship that's three appearences in the CG since 2001. And we would have made those trips with the 4th best average recruiting class during that time: I think that's good coaching not poor coaching.
I say this now, but about the middle of the 3rd quarter I was ready for a coaching change!!! LOL

asleep#212036 writes:

Do remember however, that the SEC team with the most victories the past 5 years is Auburn, who has only had one Top 10 recruiting class in all that time. Recruiting rank is garbage. It's not about the number of Rivals "stars" your player merits, but more about filling needs, coaching up, and getting players that fit your system. Think Navy vs. Notre Dame. I agree that FL, GA, and LSU may have more recruiting service "talent", but they always have. Any yet, through the mid-90's to 2001, we were all but unbeatable except by Florida. And they had the magic formula of the best talent and the best coach. I think our coaches do OK, but still think new blood in the ranks of the assistants would help move them from OK back to top tier. And hglover, I was right with you down 24-9 late in the third! Go Vols!!!

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

A treat for all the Fulmer haters....

Wish that I was on ole Rocky Top
Down in the Tennessee Hills
Coaching's pretty good on Rocky Top
Look at that guy named Phil

Old Phil won it all on Rocky Top
The year was 98
Big as a house and the cream of the crop
our coach is pretty great

Rocky Top, you'll always be
Home sweet home to me;
Good ole Rocky Top;
Rocky Top, Tennessee,
Rocky Top, Tennessee.

Lots of Vol fans gripe on Rocky Top
Lookin' for another coach
Vol fans want a change on Rocky Top
and think the team is a joke
That won't happen at all on Rocky Top
Team's too tough by far
Fulmer's going to stay on Rocky Top
unlike Michigan's Loyd Carr

Rocky Top, you'll always be
home sweet home to me;
Good ole Rocky Top;
Rocky Top Tennessee,
Rocky Top Tennessee.

We've had years of average football
Seemed we were on a slide
But this year we're gonna win it all
Boy what a helluva ride!!!

Rocky Top, you'll always be
home sweet home to me;
Good ole Rocky Top;
Rocky Top Tennessee,
Rocky Top Tennessee.

jweaver3#395614 writes:

DSAVOL, Mike makes the schedule not Fulmer, Please quit giving San Antonio a bad name.
We won the game period.
Vandy seems to always be tough.
We can win the east next week in Lex.
That is the bottom line.

orangebloodgmc writes:

You tell 'em, vol-in-lsu-land! Geaux Vawls!

budd#207344 writes:

What a fool I have been!! Playing for the eastern division championship and the SEC championship is mediocrity. And here I was thinking it was a goood thing. I am such a fool. Thank you DASAVOL. I' am so sorry to think that was good. Please accept my humble apology

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

hey orangebloodgmc....I dunno, I was inspired, it just hit me to write that...I hope I don't get a copyright infringement suit for having a little fun. LOL

BTW thanks for the fun time and it was a pleasure meeting your lovely fanatical Vandy wife LOL

hglover40#234154 writes:

asleep - Your'e correct Auburn has an average recruiting class of 13 since 2001 and they also have or are tied for the best SEC record over that same time period. They are actually the only team with a lower average recruiting class than UT and a better SEC record.
I guess Tubberville must be the best coach in the SEC!! I compiled a list comparing SEC record from 2001 with the teams average recruiting class, and posted those once.
Most teams fell in line, i.e their rank in the list of average recruiting lined up with their rank in the records list. Auburn was the big exception. I made the list to try and determine for myself how well our coaches are doing with the talent they have. I decided they are doing ok in the SEC, but not in the bowl games. Losing to too many teams with lesser talent in the bowl games.
On the subject of changes: I made a post a few days ago suggesting that the AD bring in an X-NFL coach and evaluate the program from top to bottom, including each assistant. This would give the AD and Coach some objective opinions to consider when deciding if "new blood" is needed.

invisiblekid writes:

Terrific effort by Mayo and company but I think the flint that ignited this team yesterday was that second chance given to them on the roughing the punter call. That play was just as much a momentum changer as a turnover. This was really a team effort though: Rogan with big returns and the tackle on the kickoff return, Ainge and Lincoln coming through in the clutch after some bad plays, and the defense stepping up in the 4th along with holding Bennett to 2 catches.

Where this team got in trouble yesterday was the defensive front getting pushed around which is a consistent theme along with the coaching staff being slow to adjust which is also consistent. A 17 play, 78 yard drive and calling 14 straight pass plays in the first half makes me wonder if it wasn't Cutcliffe and Chavis that needed the pep talk at halftime.

tnfanincali writes:

they have internet in AL?

Volalumnus writes:

If our next 3 games were:
I wonder if everyone would be talking about how improved TN is or at least as much.
I think they have improved despite Vandy, but some make it sound like this team is as good as any team in contention for the national title.
This team has problems and some think they will go away if they aren't mentioned.

wisonsinvol writes:

Allvolinarkie... I'd buy a vowel if I needed one, but can't do it after the fact. Besides, I need a consonant. Anyway, you get the point.

gavolfan writes:

Alright, I was at the game and I have to agree even the fans were flat until the penalty call. Guys, we need to let this team know we are behind them. My first call after the game was to my brother who is one of those dog fans in GA. He was saying well they'll blow it next week. I said NO THEY WON'T!!!!!! To the TEAM-- guys play like it is for your life. Just like you did in the fourth quarter but this time, please start a little earlier. The game was awesome at the end and I have to say you really stepped up. PLEASE- WIN THIS WEEKEND SO THE DOG FANS WILL SHUT UP HERE IN GA. ALL THEY SAY IS WELL TN. WILL LOSE NEXT WEEKEND AND EVERY TIME I TURN ON A SPORTS CHANNEL THAT IS ALL I HEAR. LET'S SHUT THEM ALL UP FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!! GO VOLS BEAT KENTUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mloaks#222092 writes:

lfevol is right as rain.

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