CBS might pass on UT-Alabama game

Network must make decision by Monday

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The Tennessee-Alabama football game is in danger of not being televised nationally for the first time in almost two decades.

CBS has requested and been granted a third and final six-day selection period from the SEC for games on Oct. 20. The SEC's television network partner will have until Monday to decide between carrying UT-Alabama or Florida-Kentucky at 3:30 p.m.

Lincoln Financial will carry whichever game CBS doesn't select regionally. ESPN already has selected Auburn-LSU for the other nationally televised game.

The last time UT's game with the Crimson Tide wasn't carried nationally was in 1988, when UT was 0-5 heading into the traditional rivalry.

As for this week, Tennessee's game at Mississippi State on Saturday will be pay-per-view. It will be UT's first SEC game televised on pay-per-view since the Vols played Arkansas in 1995.

By carrying the Mississippi State game, UT's homecoming game against Louisiana-Lafayette will not be televised. It will be the first UT game not televised since it played Memphis in 1994.

UT was granted its one allotted exemption by television network partner CBS to air the Mississippi State game, opposite CBS's broadcast. The Louisiana-Lafayette game is set to kickoff at 4 p.m.

UT has no plans to move the Louisiana-Lafayette start time in order to accommodate television because of homecoming activities.

Double Duty Salute: Punter Britton Colquitt was named the SEC special teams player of the week. The junior punted six times for a 42-yard average against Georgia. Three of those punts were downed inside the 20-yard line.

Colquitt, having healed from a quadriceps muscle injury suffered during preseason practice, also kicked off for the first time this season, notching two touchbacks.

Thanks in part to the hang time on Colquitt's kicks, the Bulldogs averaged only 18.3 yards per return. Georgia's average starting field position was its own 21.

Hardesty Report: Tailback Montario Hardesty received his first carries on Saturday since the Southern Miss game on Sept. 8, having been slowed by a sore ankle.

Looking plenty healthy, Hardesty rushed for 68 yards on 14 carries against Georgia.

"I'm feeling good," said Hardesty, who added the sore ankle was still a bit bothersome.

Hardesty, who missed all but two games with a torn ACL in 2005, also was slowed by a pulled hamstring in preseason camp.

"I definitely feel real fresh right now," Hardesty said, referring to the time he's missed.

Punting It Around: Coach Phillip Fulmer said UT nearly unveiled its spread punt formation last year against Georgia - instead of last week.

In 2006, the Vols decided against its debut when the Bulldogs recognized the difference and called a timeout to adjust.

"It's something we've had," Fulmer said. "I felt like it was time to break it out."

It certainly worked. Georgia returner Mikey Henderson only gained 11 yards on two returns. Fulmer said the new formation allows UT to get more athletes on the field, such as receivers, defensive backs and linebackers.

However, future opponents won't be taken by surprise as Georgia might have been last Saturday.

"People start scheming it up and we're going to have to do a good job about answering the questions about it," Fulmer said.

Injury Report: Fulmer reaffirmed that freshman cornerback Brent Vinson is expected to be fine after suffering a slight shoulder injury on Saturday.

Drew Edwards contributed to this report.

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Comments » 74

utchris writes:

for a good laugh at the expense of a florida fan, check this out!!


SmokeDog72 writes:

Maybe I will get to see highlights on YouTube. No TV for the game. I guess the win over Georgia only impressed us.

It has been 20 years since this game wasn't televised. What does that tell you?

aj_vol#248433 writes:

If CBS doesn't carry the game, Lincoln Financial or ESPN, ESPN2 definitely will.

Gimme a break Smokey been smokin tweeds & drinkin' that wine?

Tennessee-Alabama is always televised.

papavol writes:

if CBS doesnt carry it, it just means it will be on at noon with LF right?

vol4good#206163 writes:

CBS is stupid if they dont show the TN V Bammer game. These teams hate one another, nothing but a great game can come of it.

vtvol#210290 writes:

I guess a two SEC loss Florida team against a soon to be 2 loss UK team in a fight for SEC East cellar supremacy is what CBS feels sells advertising.

vtvol#210290 writes:

On the other hand...maybe the execs at CBS think that the UT domination over Bama would be so great that it would not be fair to subject the state of Alabama to such a televised slaughter. Or maybe a fight for the SEC East cellar is more intriguing TV.

spyfish007#225503 writes:

The UT-Alabama game not being on TV is not about either of these teams. It is about the *possibility* of UK upsetting LSU this weekend and then having a *blockbuster* in 2 weeks.

snafu14u#241639 writes:

This is not good news for West Coast Volunteers.I plan my month around the annual bradcast.How far we have fallen.bonzaivol

lpelleg1#634551 writes:

like spyfish said, it seems like the only way cbs would pass on ut/bama is if kentucky beats lsu, so let's not get too bent out of shape...

burpee_von_rotweiler_IV writes:

CBS is a business. The purpose of a business is to make money. CBS feels it can make more money televising the UF/UK game. Infer what you will.

brokebackvol writes:

Relax...LSU will beat Kentucky, and CBS will realize that it would not be a good idea to miss such a long standing rivalry where you can toss the record books.

VOLinDAWGland writes:

There's a buzz around UK football this year, some of it warranted with a great QB and exciting offense, some of it manufactured...long time doormat rising. The football gods have had their fun but all will return to normal. LSU will man handle UK, UT will look good against MSU and CBS will air the UT/Bama hate fest.

Also keep in mind that since the SEC split, the BAMA/TN series is just not quite what it used to be, particularly for younger fans. I still hate BAMA, especially with their new coach Satan.

volguy#211935 writes:

Amen, phillp.gilbert, it is NEVER too early to hate ala-stinkin'-bama! Instead of Beat Bama Week, we ought to have Beat Bama Month or, better yet, Beat Bama Lifetime!!!

For us codgers of a half-century or more, NOTHING is better than a Big Orange victory and a loss by Tuscalooser School for the Dumb and Dumber!

txsvol#372416 writes:

What a revolting development this is! Will ESPN Game Day have access to the UT-Bama game? Will it be on the internet? CBS is a real business, sbcheek, where a talking egotistical head like Dan Blather makes inaccurate reports, and then sues the company that nurtured him to prominence for $70,000,000 and tries to 'regain his honor and reputation.' Meanwhile, his news desk slot is filled by Kewpie Katie Couric! The decision-makers in their sports section must be just as bad! Fewer people watch CBS than ever before! Some business heads there, eh? Go Vols! Beat Aladambama!

jhenson#377512 writes:

LoL!...much ado about nothing. Some of you act as if we are still a perennial powerhouse, entitled to a prime time T.V. slot on Saturdays. Personally, I feel like CBS will, at the end of the day, air the UT vs Bama game; however, if they don't, you can chalk it up to 7 years of mediocrity in our program. So for those of you on here complaining about UT/Bama not being on CBS, while in the same breath contending we should "stay the course,"...You can't have it both ways. Now if in fact, Saturday was an indication that Fulmer has indeed righted the ship (I'm doubtfully hopeful)then this should be a one time snub by CBS and things will be back to normal next year. Otherwise, get used to a steady dose of LF and Pay-per-View. Because with the exception of ARMY/NAVY or Notre Dame on NBC, that's where average teams play.

Basketball_Jones writes:

blah blah blah...who cares, LF will show the game...I mean why would a major network show 2 teams that have 2 losses, were not Notre Dame

bigbluevol writes:

Here are a couple of possibilities: 1)Bama is not exactly burning it up this year either. CBS may have had their fill of the Crimson Tide after that hideous display against FSU. 2) Offense makes for an attractive match-up, and while we can score, Bama cannot. Kentucky-UF will feature two highly touted QB's with the potential for high scoring. 3) The game last year set football back about 30 years with Ainge's three interceptions and Bama's inability to do anything more than kick field goals inside our 5.

As for the gatorade shower, I think that had as much to do with the players celebrating that the coaches had silenced the critics as much as anything else. The coaches got doused last year in Athens and no one was saying that indicated we were in a slide.

99gator writes:

cbs is waiting for the results of the games this week. calm down. i think if kentucky loses to lsu, they will televise tenn-al.

if ky beats lsu, the ky-lsu has a new level of significance

CoverOrange writes:

tng, I agree with your 10:14 comments although I'm not sure what you said. As to your 10:30 comments, I thought the same as the talking head when I saw the gatorade dunking but then I took a step back and thought it was just the players showing their adoration for their coach. Of course, adoration doesn't win championships.

mjohnsonvols writes:

Well it took a couple of days but the negative TN fans are back. Welcome back guys we have been enjoying the win while you guys worry about what station is going to cover the game or trying to figure out something negative to say. "1-1 in the SEC didn't know we could get so excited about that" this was CRvol. Well CR that 1-1 has us tied for first right now.
Guys I don't care what channel the game is on as long as we win that is all that matters.

99gator writes:


those comments were also made by tim brando, pre-game of fl-lsu.

from the outside looking in, it does look kind of weird to see a coach with fulmer's winning % and a national title dunked with gatorade after a victory @ home against a school who has lost 6 straight divisional conference games (hard to believe, but look it up)

the response from the players does not mean necessarily that fulmer's job was in jeopardy. but, players read newspapers, hear things from fans, hear things from students on campus, and hear about rumors from talk radio and the internet.

99gator writes:

i don't think the decision about TV has anything to do with off the field stuff.

tn-bama is usually a narquee game. they both have 2 losses right now. bama plays @ miss and tenn has miss state. both should win. if one of them loses, the game is less appealing, especially tenn.

if ky beats lsu, ky-fl has large ramifications.
also, cbs may be trying to show kentucky some love because... well, they have not had a team this good in years.

i think if tenn and bama win and ky loses.... tn-bama will be on cbs.

cbs is doing a wait and see thing

99gator writes:

one last thing

auburn-lsu is that weekend and i still don't know why that is not on cbs' radar either. maybe, they don't want to show lsu three weeks in a row or something

Phowell23 writes:


On the topic of pouring the Gatorade on Fulmer and Chavis I disagree. I'm not a huge Fulmer or Chavis fan at all but I think they needed a good win and this was a solid 4 quarter win for TN. They put it all together that day and destroyed Georgia and it would have been even worse if they left all the 1st stringers in the entire game. I think the players were just excited about seeing all of their work pay off. We have several freshmen starting so this was their first UT win over a ranked opponent no matter a top 15 opponent. Does this mean we are in disarry because we poured Gatorade on our coaches. No, just means the players are excited about UT Football.

99gator writes:

weird season so far.... some years at the end of september... you can weed out the good teams from the bad. not this year

i have somewhat of a feel for ky (who i like less than before after the sc and ark games. should have lost to ark), florida, and tenn.

i still have no clue about georgia. i don't understand what the hype about stafford is all about. at this point, i can't tell if georgia is a team that will barely be bowl eligible or a team that will be ranked by year's end.

as for carolina, i see an average team on offense and an average to good team on defense. if spurrier wasn't on the sideline, no one would be all that skeerred about carolina.

99gator writes:

regarding tenn's d....

one of the things i believe helped tenn and florida in the 90's was after playing each other the rest of the conference was not intimidating.

example... what passing team would you fear after going against wuerffel and company or manning and company.

well, tenn has already passed amen corner (for you golf fans). there are no more tim tebows, percy harvins, cornelius ingrams, desean jacksons, the cal rb (forsett, dorsett?) left on tenn's schedule with one exception.... d. mac.

when you play those guys, lining up against a ky wr is not going to be so scary.

that's why florida will get better as the season goes along too. if florida can come close to covering their own receivers in practice, i don't think there are many opponents who will bring that kind of talent to the table.

so, you get better. asking a young defense to go up against skill people that scary , as those at florida and cal, that early in the season without a home crowd to help is a tall, tall order.

the younger teams get and the more time that goes by.... i really think we need a playoff. teams across the country are going to be a lot different in december than september.

99gator writes:

i dk what florida-georgia game you were watching. florida was up 21-0 at one point.

some matt stafford stats

this year

tenn 16-33, less than 50% completions
sc 19-44, less than 50% completions

last year

florida 13-33, less than 50% completions
auburn 16-29, WOW over 50%
ga tech 16-29, WOW over 50%

the numbers are pitiful. he is a young, young, player so he can get better. but, i'm sorry i just don't see it.

georgia has an off week before florida, so that may help. again, though, what have you seen out of georgia that you could claim to honestly be afraid of or impressed with.

99gator writes:

well, in the 90's, it wasn't like florida was losing a whole bunch... to anyone. what 1 to 2 losses a year. a lot of those were to fsu, who would finish in the top 5 every year.

i don't mean this in a trash talking way... hindsight is 20/20. but, tenn could only do better playing florida at any other time of year.

as far as the wr's go, you've got to be kidding me. i can accept an argument that lsu's wr's are as good or better within the conference. but, no one else in the league comes close. stats aren't everything. lsu and auburn had the personnel to run with florida's wideouts. florida is still limited by the fact that tim tebow is a young qb and reading zone coverages is still a bit of a problem. imo, still very good for a true soph.

however, you must account for them on every play which opens up everything else.

if the thought of covering ingram, harvin, and company does not cause a defensive coordinator some major concerns, than that coord is crazy.

lsu and auburn arguably are the best 2 defenses in the conference. i don't think georgia or kentucky will have much luck matching up with the gator offense. now, they may also score. but, they don't have the defensive personnel to match up.

jawjavol writes:

I watched the DAWG Postgame Report here in the ATL and they did comment on the Gator-Ade incident as a potential motivator in next years game! I had no problem with it. We (an unranked .500 team) beat a nationally ranked media darling by pitching a shutout in the first half and putting up FOUR TD's in five first half possessions. We needed this win in it was a Big win against a name opponent when we were favored by what 1 or 2. To paraphrase Ainge "35-14 doesn't even begin to tell the story!" Fulmer outcoached a guy that had owned Neyland Stadium.

I could care less how the "Gatorade Incident" looks to someone on Pennsylvania talk radio. You guys may have to hear Larry Munsons Hobnail Boot once a year but here in ATL it is replayed regulary on the radio year round! That renal failure in waiting wannabe announcer can't hold John Ward's jock and now that one call is bigger than Herschel running over Bill Bates or even the Buck Belue to Lindsay Scott call. We embarrassed an overrated UGA and we exposed them and we knocked them on their arses and had them blowing snot bubbles out their noses and I love it. I did not get a single call this week from the scared pup faithful like I usually do. If you live in TENN then you just cannot understand what its like living in enemy territory and being exposed to Pravda.

Go Vols! Gain some consistency and lets keep a streak going! Lets actually finish the season ranked higher than projected for the first time since 2000 or 2001. And thanks for the respectful inciteful posts 99gator

99gator writes:

against ole miss, florida had over 500 total yards.

i don't necessarily think florida was exposed. the rest of the season will tell. you could say florida and cal exposed tenn, but then what the hell was georgia doing.

being fired up and playing with emotion matters. that's why florida lost to auburn. that's why the mississippi game was ugly. it's why colorado beat oklahoma and stanford beat usc, etc. it's also why florida almost beat lsu. and lastly, why tenn beat the hell out of georgia.

football is like chess, there is counter move for every move. opponents have chosen to die slow, instead of die quick against the florida offense. some teams have the pieces to force a certain counter move. some don't. some teams have the pieces to make a counter move. some don't. so florida recently has had to go up the field five to ten yards at a time and have not gotten the big play. if the florida o-line can block the lsu d-line, the offense will be fine the rest of the year.

ntansey7#207282 writes:

Boycott responding to CR___!!!

jhenson#377512 writes:

jawjavol...I here ya' bro. Not only did I not get any phone calls from my Georgia friends or my trash talkin' Georgia grad sister this week, but I was able to elicit a number of "one-fingered salutes" from pissed off Georgia fans on Saturday night, Sunday on my way to church, and Monday on my way to the office here in the ATL as I had my orange flags flying high and proud on the ole Avalanche.

Georgia fans are the best. To hear their fans talk, you'd think they were riding a string of 3 or 4 national Championships.

You're right! You have to live here to understand, but I don't care if we go 1-11 evey year as long as that one win is against the puppy dogs.

99gator writes:


good point. sorry. i think you get the idea though.

ntansey7#207282 writes:


What's your "business" analysis of CBS contemplating not showing the TN/Bama game?

mjohnsonvols writes:

CRvol you are just a negative dumb TN fan. You left out the game that went 5 overtimes.
Playing for 6th place I don't think the season is over yet. We are now tied for first in the east I hate this for you. Like I said before you better hope we don't win the east. They will have to block me off the website b/c I will lay into you just like TN laid into GA.
Don't boycott CR that is what he wants.

99gator writes:

CR Vol

yeah, i have to admit. i can understand som people being optimistic and some people being pessimistic.... but, you shouldn't throw dirt on the grave until someone's dead and filling it.

ntansey7#207282 writes:

it sucks that a florida fan is the most rational person on this site...Can we trade CR for those chicks that were in Playboy? Nevermind they went to FSU

TNvolunteer writes:

come on guy, CBS will televise the ut-bama game....LSU will run up and down the field on Kentucky....Dont worry.

ntansey7#207282 writes:


so i guess you would show the FL/Kenty game? I'll be pissed if that happens. 10:30 is way too early to drink bourbon

ntansey7#207282 writes:


Why did the networks show "the glorious showdown between 4-2 Tn and 3-5 Bama" if the polls are so important to them?

Hey look at me I can talk sports out of my ass too!!!

ntansey7#207282 writes:

regrettably i agree

ntansey7#207282 writes:


I agree. I hate seeing games that come down to the last play. That's such a "borefest"

Hey look at me I can talk sports out of my ass too!!!

99gator writes:

i don't think ky beats lsu anyway. i think ky is about to get a huge dose of reality.... playing lsu and florida off a bye week two weeks in a row.

i don't know if cbs is showing the fl-ga game as well and if that's a factor or not in their decision.

ntansey7#207282 writes:

What were the scores of the last 5 TN vs. Bama games?

mjohnsonvols writes:

Wow we arguing with a moron about who will cover the TN-Alabama game. Who cares as long as we win the game. 2-0 or 200-0.
CR you are the only one that would go back and bring up a loss. This knat will be all over you even if we don't win the east b/c I love the Vols and will always find something positive about our University. Unlike you who pulls everything negative. Looks like you are the moron.

mjaichele#464960 writes:

Just make sure you all buy those Victory over Georgia T-Shirts.

ntansey7#207282 writes:

6 games decided by less than 40 points is boring...rivalry games that are consistently decided by less than one score are boring. watching great defensive battles are boring....

I would rather watch FL score 60 on some directional school.


99gator writes:

from an objective point of view

watching tenn-alabama in recent years has been like watching grass grow.

1. both programs have not played at the level they were at in previous years.

2. they both, primarily, play an ugly grind it out style of game.

3. since the game ends up turning ugly, both teams end up trying to not do something stupid to lose the game and the game becomes even more conservative.

there is nothing wrong with any of this. to quote herman edwards... you play to win the game.

dk if it will be on tv or not. you've got the same problem on the 27th. tenn-sc or fl-ga

99gator writes:

oh, and rivalry games being tightly played is a good thing. but, as an outsider, despite the games being so close there has been little drama.

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