UT home opener greets fans with new rules, extra security

Fans heading to the University of Tennessee home football opener Saturday against Southern Mississippi will need to take some notes.

First, kickoff is at 7 p.m., so you need to leave early enough to negotiate road construction and find a parking place.

Second, a new state law prohibits smoking anywhere inside Neyland Stadium. And you cannot leave, burn one and expect to get back into the stadium.

Third, enhanced security means everything, including purses, is subject to a search.

Among trouble traffic areas is James White Parkway, which connects Interstate 40 to Neyland Drive. It’s closed. Fans should use Hall of Fame Drive, which connects to Neyland Drive, as a detour.

The stadium opens two hours before kickoff, so fans have plenty of time to arrive early.

Only fans with permits can park on campus. UT encourages fans to use shuttle buses from the Knoxville Civic Coliseum and the UT Agriculture Campus.

Other areas affecting traffic include:

--Peyton Manning Pass, Middle and Lower drives, Estabrook Drive and Phillip Fulmer Way from Middle Drive to Tee Martin Drive will be closed 30 minutes before kickoff. Directional parking will be used in Area 9 and Lots 4, 5A and 5B.

--With the renovation of the Glocker Business Administration Building, traffic on Andy Holt Avenue has been designated one-way westbound.

--Sidewalks on the north side of Andy Holt Avenue and the east side of Volunteer Boulevard at Glocker have been closed. Also the sidewalk is closed on the east side of Lake Loudoun Boulevard at the corner of Neyland Drive due to the Pratt Pavilion construction beside Thompson-Boling Arena.

UT reminds visitors that all items, including purses, are subject to search at the gates. Certain items remain prohibited inside the stadium, and those items cannot be stored at any stadium gate.

Prohibited items include the following:

--Alcoholic beverages, cans, bottles or coolers

--Radios without headphones

--Open umbrellas

--Video cameras

--Stadium seats with arms

--Large bags or parcels, including backpacks and large purses

--Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives

Fans are allowed to bring the following items inside the stadium:

--Cushions and seats without arms

--Diaper bags that accompany infants

--Small cameras, pagers, cell phones and binoculars

The traditional Vol Walk from Gibbs Hall to the stadium starts at 4:45 p.m., and the Pride of the Southland marching band leaves the music building at 5:20 p.m.

A no-fly zone will extend over the stadium from one hour before the game until one hour after it ends, prohibiting flights within a 3-nautical-mile radius and lower than 3,000-feet altitude, except as authorized by air traffic control.

More details as they develop online and in Wednesday’s News Sentinel.

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Comments » 15

maddog72 writes:

It seems like every year there are more rules for gameday. It is geared toward getting more money. It cost at least $20.00 to park to go to the game. I live in Alabama and try to go to the TN AL game every year it is played in AL. I have never payed one red cent to park and have sometimes parked right down from the stadium. I love the VOLS but it seems to get higher and higher to go to the games in Knoxville.

ncvol17 writes:

About time we went smoke free. Now lets get the restaurants all smoke free & game day will be enhanced. Smoke em up in your cars and leave the air smoke free for us all.............Thanks UT administration

mjohnsonvols writes:

Stay at home looser. We do not need you as a fan anymore. That is ridiculous to say we need empty seats. That is the reason we are strugling now is b/c we are not loud anymore b/c we spoiled. Every TN fan should get there butt off there shoulders and come to the game and pull for the vols. except JCVET boy.


can we take bags of toilet paper and empty jugs if we're going to hang out in the trees around the stadium?

gaVOLman writes:

ncvol... About the only thing I like about living in Georgia is a state law that prohibits smoking in any public restaurant. Everytime I come back to TN for a game I remmeber how much I hate it. About time UT cleans up the place.

threehundredbowler writes:

ncvol17,They need to throw everyone under the jail that brings their Jack Daniels,get drunk and spill the rot gut down my wife and my back,sometimes vomit,curse like sailors and use hand or finger signs whenever something or someone dosen't suit them.After the game they stagger to their car and drive home or wherever while impaired.This is more offensive to me than any cigarette I have ever smelled.If you or anyone else wish to drink,smoke curse or whatever,then do it at home.Am I upset?Darn right I am.By the way,I do not smoke,but too many rights are being taken away.Designate a smoking area and non smokers keep the heck out.I had better shut up before I take off on men with men and women with women and other touchy subjects.Have a good day vol fans.

CoverOrange writes:

Papers! We must 'ave your papers, please!
Right there with ya Seven_pin.

Fine with me if any restaurant wants to decide for themselves but why does the government have to legislate what's best for everybody. Here in ohio, they got all the "eww, that's what's best for me" public to vote in "no smoking in public places anywhere". I don't smoke, hate the smell of it, but I also hate the smell of coffee, popcorn and peanut butter, but I'm not proposing to eliminate those. Okay, some peanut allergists are going after peanut butter.

vol4jesus writes:

JCVET....I hope the VET doesn't stand for what I think it does. If so I do appreciate your service to our country and the priviledges we have because of it. Yes freedom of speech whether intellligent or just plain dumb. Either way have the right to do so. I won't classify your diatribe either way since you might have been military out of respect for your service. GO VOLS!!!

VOLINSC writes:

Sevin_Pin: Tennessee Football and Jack Daniels go together like Orange and White - Go to the student section and you will learn a thing or two about the real UT football experience. Go Jack Go Vols.

volfaninchattanooga writes:

I can't believe that anyone would defend drinking at a Tennessee game. The language, the fights, unbelievable. If you want to drink, that's your business, but when people get drunk at games and act the way you do, it affects the people around you. Families, and children who are trying to enjoy the game. If you need that to be happy and to enjoy yourself, I truly feel sorry for you.

volfaninchattanooga writes:

I bet you had a lot of fun puking after too.

pabashia#208095 writes:

Glad they're making Neyland smoke-free, but I'll bet any amount of money that it's a token ban and we'll see folks torching up like they always do. As for the belligerent drunks, the best thing that people can do is to point them out to Knoxville's finest and let them deal with 'em.

pabashia#208095 writes:

Re-read. Not ALL the drunks, just the overly-belligerent ones that are annoying - even to the other drunks.

volfaninchattanooga writes:

Oh, I get it now CRVOL. Ha, that's funny. To be honest, I don't know how I get through it. I sat with my children last year during the Air Force and Kentucky games, and I don't know how I got through those games. Talk about frustrating.

tnlady writes:

wow! are you people TN fans or are you? Do you bail on family and friends when the going get tough. If your tired of the way things are then don't go to the games and don't buy pay preview. You continue to complain and have been doing so for many years according to some of your comments. I am not happy with loses of this team but I am a fan and will continue to watch because I choose to do so. If you are so disgusted with TN there are other options, support someone else. Bama, KY, or you could always become a GATOR since they are having a winning season. Isn't that what it's about for some of you. You have to be part of the winning team only? I must have to admit for those of you who complain...support or move on please!!!!

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