Pearl announces divorce from wife of 25 years

Bruce Pearl

Bruce Pearl

Tennessee men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl said Monday that he filed for divorce from his wife of 25 years, Kim, last Monday, Sept. 10.

"This is a very difficult time for my family and me," Pearl, 47, said in a statement. "It is my hope that everyone will understand that this is a personal matter and respect our privacy."

Pearl chose to delay the announcement because one of his children celebrated a birthday late last week.

The third-year Vols’ head coach separated from his 50-year-old wife after the team returned from an 11-day trip to Europe that took place Aug. 8-19. The divorce was filed in Knox County Chancery Court on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, according to the filing papers.

Pearl, the SEC Coach of the Year and Sporting News national coach of the year after the 2005-06 season, said he does not plan to make any more public statements concerning the divorce filing.

Pearl is the second high-profile Tennessee coach to announce the filing for a divorce in the past month.

UT women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt filed for a divorce from her husband, R.B. Summitt, on Aug. 15 in Blount County Circuit Court, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Summitt’s divorce came after 17 months of separation.

While Summitt’s filing came eight days before the couple’s 27th wedding anniversary, Pearl’s came two days before his 25th anniversary.

The Pearls have four children. As of April of 2007, Jacqui was 20, Steven 18, Leah 12 and Michael 8.

Kim Pearl did not accompany her husband on the Vols’ trip to Europe.

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Comments » 59

Carlitovol writes:

I hate to hear this - hopefully the kids won't be too negatively affected by it...

onecrazyvol writes:

I hate to hear it too. Its not the end of the relationship I was looking for.............

pj_ladyvolnMI writes:

Carlitovol, it's impossible for the kids to not be negatively affected by this. They will be grieving this the rest of their lives. Very sad and disappointing...pj

DarthVol writes:

very sad. You want to believe that everything is going perfect for the man right now...and then this.

juicetke#226846 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

sampears writes:

You all are so pitifully, well, pitiful! This is none of your business and to take something this horrible and make fun of a man and his family is inexcusable! We will never know the story behind this and it is none of our business! Those of you who choose to make fun of a man and his family when he is down must be miserable! Get a real life or shut up!

juicetke#226846 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

gotvols writes:

Somethings should be left private. He is the coach of the Basketball team. This is not a page from Days of Our Lives. The biggest way for the kids to be bothered by this is to know that it is all over the website.

This article should be removed immediately.

fortandrews writes:

I wonder if those "LOYAL VOL FANS" will get on his back like they did Pat.

Ironcity writes:

juice go back to the hole you came from.

ibigvolfan writes:

Even if (and I say IF) it were true and you know it, you shouldn't post it. It just shows your maturity level. I hope for everyone's sake they are removed quickly.

TNvolunteer writes:

Leave Coach Pearl alone guys...It's his private bussiness.. not ours...jsut beasue someone said that they know the girl who pearl was suppose to be having an affair with, doesnt mean anything...It's more or less a rumor until Coach Pearl himself says so...Get off the mans back and give him and his family the privacy then want and need.

vol88 writes:

This puts sports in perspective.

I hurt for everyone involved.

newtonrail writes:

I too think this is sad, but for those jumping on Mike Griffith, don't shoot the messenger. Pearl and UT are smart about PR, and as Dan Flessor(sp?) did with Summitt last year, they put the story out through their KNS contact to get ahead of it. Bruce Pearl is the only one I've personally met, but knowing how rumors grow, the best thing is to lay the story out there yourself through Griffith. That, unfortunately, won't stop some people on here from perpetuating salacious rumors, true or not.

FLAVOLS writes:

Leave their family alone and respect them during a very difficult time.

bleed_orange writes:

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Pearl family. This is one reason I would never want to be famous and in the spot light. I wished the media would stay out of people's pearsonal lives. I hope all this passes soon. Bruce has really turned around UT's men's basketball program. Let us change the topic and talk some more about how well our basketball programs are going to do this year. GO BIG ORANGE & GO VOLS!

GreerVol22 writes:

Do us a favor next time KNS. Post the headline, turn off the comments.

Chainsaw writes:

How unfortunate for the entire family. Hopefully, with prayer and time, they'll all heal.

Now, can we hurry up and get to basketball season?

vol88 writes:

I'm with greervol22

vol4jesus writes:

scvol get a life! Hurting families and you have to joke about him and Coach Summit. Stop the postings now. Remove mine and all others and close out to no postings.

pj_ladyvolnMI writes:

I agree with GreerVol22 and postings on stories like this. The thought of his kids coming on to read this stuff is sickening, too. There's nothing helpful about it. I suggest removal of all of them.

Yukos writes:

This is sad news. There is no possible way that Bruce and Kim Pearl are not experiencing an overwhelming gamut of negative emotions after 25 years of marriage and four children. It doesn’t matter who called for the divorce or why they did so, ending a relationship as personal and intimate as a marriage after 25 years cannot be easy for anyone. I love watching Tennessee men’s basketball and I think Bruce Pearl is the best thing that has ever happened to this program; not simply because of his performance as a coach, but also because he has a personality that oozes pride in the University. Bruce Pearl has been an employee of the University of Tennessee for three years; he has done an amazing job fulfilling his occupational responsibilities, but the way in which he has embraced his public position and used it to passionately cheer for the University of Tennessee as a whole is what makes him special. I have had season tickets to men’s basketball games since the last year of the Kevin O’Neil era and Bruce Pearl as created a level of success and enthusiasm within the program that is beyond belief. He is a special coach and I am glad that he is at Tennessee, but I would feel guilty if his responsibilities as head basketball coach were at the root of the problems causing his divorce.

andy112382#209793 writes:

This is sad news, lets just all pray for him and everyone should respect his privacy on the matter. And yea, I have to go with greervol22 about the commenting.

tenken writes:

I actually heard the news on ESPN radio and the worst part is that the "sports experts" are gently hinting that Pat and Bruce are having an affair. Just awful.

chrisw2967 writes:

KNS have no business putting Pearls private life on here. This is a sports page not devorce section. KNS is classless

mikeinknoxville writes:

Some news should not be news

yeavols#228407 writes:

I don't care who Pearl divorces..just as long it's not UT. He will pick up his life just like everyone else does and our noses shouldn't stuck in it. SO BUTT OUT MEDIA...and MikeinKnoxville is right...Some news shouldn't be news..just like Pat SUMMIT's life shouldn't be aired on the airwaves!

bmaples writes:

Folks -- when a high-profile person files for divorce, it's news. That's part of the price for being high-profile; it comes with the territory.

That said -- I like the idea of posting the story and turning off the comments.

And, whatever the details and however it happened, it's still painful for all, especially the kids.

yeavols#228407 writes:

No its not NEWS Bmaples...stick your business out here...Let's see who cares..get the point? NO IT"S NOT NEWS! I could care less if Bruce got a divorce no more than you.

Volfan4everr writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

vol4jesus writes:

volfnflorida and Volfan4ever go take your meds you are both disgraceful as stated earlier!! Classless making insensitive statements as such! Money doesn't buy happiness for one! Two , your grocery store checkout magazine mindset is pitiful in that you want the dirt evidently. Trashy trying to pair up hurting families. I wonder if you would be so frivilous in the matter if it was your family getting tabloid treatment from posters as yourself? Again I ask the KNS to remove this and all previous post and shut down further posting to this article. Please do so.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

no need to spec on who, what, when, where. I know nothing of Kim Pearl, but can imagine being a 'basketball wife' is a challenge. Bruce is no low-key guy either, so add that to the mix. Finally, add in the newfound finances...
all you can do is hope they talked and planned in a way to ease the kids a bit.

ggcolyer#634308 writes:

Divorce Hurts,Even when you want one. We as fans do not need to add anything except our support for the Children,and both Coach and his Wife.

taylor660909#210562 writes:

I agree with those suggesting no postings allowed on a story that is of a personal nature.

rainman916#207652 writes:

I have been divorced for a few years now and I hurt everyday for my children. Divorce is tough. Let's all pray and support the whole Pearl family.

shoalcreekvol writes:

It appears to be true that this was offered as a statement from Bruce. It sickens me to condone this kind of article but BP must've had a reason for wanting to get it out there.

I can't believe I'm about to do this but I guess it shows that Vol fans can come together on some issues more than others - here I go: I agree with Greer and JWRaymond. Hey look, we agreed and the Internet didn't blow up. Kewl.

Rainman, my prayers go up for you too today. I guess there's a reason the Bible tells us God "hates" divorce. It is a painful thing.

GrandCanyonVol writes:

Very sad to hear.

Sunflower writes:

What is disturbingly pathetic about coaches' divorces and affairs is that they use a lifetime career of preaching, "Give 110% and "Don't ever give up." Of course if one partner is determined not to continue, then the game is over, so to speak. But I still think the most beautiful sight to see is a little old-age couple walking down the street holding hands because you know they made it through all of the arguments over money, sex, the toilet lid up, and the toothpaste lid off. That is a more inspirational picture than all the trophies and awards one could possibly win!!

fortandrews writes:

Isn't it a shame that those who are making comments on this subject are more tolerant with Pearl than they were with Pat. Where is the justice for both of these fine people. We judge without knowing the facts. I thought there was always two sides to a "coin". Some have said "this is a personal matter", then let's act like it and BACK OFF.

Vols74 writes:

As unfortunate as all of you think this story is, divorces are public record. Bruce Pearl is a public figure and he is entitled to a lesser expectation of privacy than a private individual. Should the KNS incorrectly publish reasons for divorce, that may be another story. Of course it's a sad situation. I agree that the comment feature should be turned off if people are going to be crude rather than supportive in his family's time of need. My heart goes out to Coach Pearl and his family. I'm sure this whole comment thing is probably making it harder than it needs to be on his family.

MillisaAnn writes:

Coach Pearl and his family have my prayers. My heart goes out to his kids.

dfreeman writes:

I think it's funny to hear everyone on here talk about how this isn't news and it's nobodys business! If this were happening to Phillip Fulmer you guys would lavish in what was happening and comment on how slimy he is! You guys are actually right, this isn't anyone's business but I think half on here only believe that because he's winning for us! You are the same people calling our football coach (who has a championship) Fat Phil!! Agree or disagree with how the coach is coaching but leave the personal phooey no matter who it is to yourselves!! To think that some of you actually HATE Phillip Fulmer is beyond me and reminds me now more than ever that it's just a game!

Gustoly writes:

My thoughts and prayers go out to Bruce, Kim and their kids. God Bless ! ! !

dfreeman writes:

volnflorida, speaking of unfounded comments where in what I said did I compare Pat Summit and Phillip Fulmer? where in what I said did I say Fulmer was doing a great job this or last year? What I said was that it amazes me that some of you "hate" Phillip Fulmer so much that you resort to calling him everything in the book and you make it personal with him! I also said that had this article been about Fulmer everyone would have been riding him instead of the writer of the story! Learn to read what I wrote first before you start running your mouth you moron! Oh and this site is as much mine as it is yours if you don't like what I comment you can leave!

snowvol writes:

Very, very sad news. If you've ever been touched by divorce, you know everyone suffers, especially the kids. Unfortunately, as private as this is, it was bound to become public record as evidenced by the fact he put out a written statement through the UTAD's public relations office. Being that he's a major public figure, no different than politicians, actors, musicians and the like, his private life in a time like this becomes public. What's truly sad is when people who have no connection to the man and his family begin throwing out accusations or make assumptions based on their own "sources" or desire to attract attention to themselves for reasons that are little more than sophomoric. The news is out; now, the most thoughtful and prudent thing to do would be to simply leave the Pearls alone.

DSaVol writes:


qmcclunie#296067 writes:

This is awful,but it's life! The Pearl family is in my prayers. I've met both Kim & Coach Pearl; both are good hearted people, what happens behind closed doors should be stay there. He didn't have to share that news with the KNS,but he knew they would get it. Now we all know, so lets get on with our lives!

dfreeman writes:

that's funny! Again I'm not defending his coaching the last three or so years. I'm just saying that people attack him on a VERY personal level for one reason..... he isn't winning right now!!

poeticmn91271#349229 writes:

I agree. This is not Hollywood. Let that man deal with this family issue... We need no comment. The kids are what matters.

dfreeman writes:

volnflorida,"cry like a little girl that you are"? That's original, what are you 14?

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