Fulmer: Vols want to 'stay the course'

An obviously sullen Tennessee football team took the practice field on Monday afternoon.

Players were mostly silent as coaches tried to motivate a team still shaken by a 59-20 loss to Florida on Saturday.

"I think you stay the course," head coach Phillip Fulmer said of his team's mindset following a 1-2 start. "We believe what we believe in. We've won a lot of games this way."

After UT's 45-31 loss to California in the season opener, Fulmer announced two starting position changes. He wasn't ready to make that sort of declaration before practice Monday.

"There's good competition at several positions but nothing right now we've talked about," said Fulmer, who added that sophomore offensive guard Vladimir Richard was ready to be a starter.

Fulmer was obviously still stung by some of Florida coach Urban Meyer's offensive play calls and the decision to leave starting quarterback Tim Tebow in late in the game.

"I know there's mixed feeling about that," Fulmer said. "I'm not going to sit here and say all I think."

Despite the lopsided score, Fulmer said his team never quit.

"I never saw a lack of effort in the ball game. I think they were pushing. We played some guys too many snaps," said Fulmer, who said some linebackers played 60 snaps against Florida. "We've got to get some help there."

Fulmer alluded to a pre-practice meeting among players and coaches that could begin the healing process and preparation for the rest of the season, which starts Saturday when Arkansas State comes to Knoxville for a 7 p.m. kickoff (TV: Pay-per-view).

"We had a really honest discussion about accountability and what we need to do better," Fulmer said.

Fulmer said the conversation included giving up points on special teams, big plays on defense and offensive turnovers.

"We look forward going back to work," Fulmer said, "as a team."

Deflating: Senior linebacker Ryan Karl has certainly seen the impact of big plays given up by UT's defense. Florida gained 296 of its 554 yards of total offense on just 11 plays, Fulmer said during his Sunday teleconference.

"After a big play, you kind of see the air let out of the defense," Karl said. "Football's a game of short memories. And you've got to have that short memory in order to move on after getting beat. Just got to pick up the next play or the next game."

Karl seemed to think UT was close to defending such plays.

"When they did make their long passes or long runs or whatever, it's not like they were just wide open," the senior said. "We were stride by stride with them, and their speed wasn't something we hadn't seen before. We just didn't make the plays."

Karl said he could see Florida's spread option becoming the offense of the future.

"It's a great offense," he said. "Cal and Florida both use it pretty well. The whole spread offense in general is great. It gets defenses out of position and has the ability to make big plays."

Short-Range Problems: Fulmer said UT is 4-for-13 facing short-yardage downs this season.

"That's not nearly good enough," he said.

UT has tried almost every imaginable way to convert on third-and-short, including a five-wide receiver package, lining up receiver Lucas Taylor at quarterback and inserting backup quarterback Jonathan Crompton into the game to run off tackle.

"We've been really good in the past," Fulmer said. "It's not something like all of the sudden we don't know what we're doing."

Long-Range Problems: Fulmer conceded the Vols are in need of more big plays offensively.

"It'd be nice to get one off those 30- or 40-yard down-the-field plays," he said.

Does that mean UT's young receivers could soon be in the mix?

"We have some young talent," Fulmer said. "I'm very hopeful to get those guys to continue to develop."

Punt Problems: After giving up a second punt return for a touchdown this season, Fulmer said personnel or formation changes could be afoot. But …

"I don't care about standing here and giving the next team a scouting report," he said.

Bad Timing: After losing games late in 2006, finishing well was an offseason mantra. After giving up 28 points in the first half two times this season, the focus has shifted.

"We talk about finishing games, but we have to start them as well," senior defensive end Xavier Mitchell said. "We haven't done that particularly well, and we'll definitely address some of the things."

Drew Edwards contributed to this report.

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DenmarkVol_aka_Mbumburu writes:

Unbelievable. I have to admire Coach Fulmer for sticking with what he believes in -- "stay the course" -- but he's either mule-stubborn or one heck of a gambler. He's gambling his future at UT now. I remained convinced that the game has passed this coaching staff by. Let's see what the mustang defense does, for example, rest of the season. And will we be able to knock people off the line on 3rd and 2? Coach Fulmer has bet the farm.

utnutt writes:


chrisw2967 writes:

"We have some young talent," Fulmer said. "I'm very hopeful to get those guys to continue to develop."

as soon as he finds some one to develope them that is. stupid idiot

chrisw2967 writes:

"I think you stay the course," head coach Phillip Fulmer said

Now pumpkin head is starting to sound like Bush , talking about staying the course and somebody else on here did say him and Bush were just alike. No wonder I cant get my wife back from Iraq , shes staying the course.
Fulmers speaches have ran their course , just fire him and the rest of the 3 stooges.

Urbiewerecomingtogetyou writes:

Quote:I'ts not like all of a sudden we don't know what we're doing"Nobody doubts you know what you're doing coach,but you must realize what you're doing is the problem.Quote "we've been really good in the past" coach thats in the past,and it doesn't work anymore,and hasn't now for a long time. Quote:"I don't care about standing here and giving the next team a scouting report". Coach,we should be able to give Arkansas State our playbook and still beat them. If any players are reading this,please don't misunderstand me.I admire and appreciate you for choosing to be Volunteers.I keep up with recruiting pretty close,and know much, about almost every player. You will always have my support no matter how many games we loose,but you simply deserve the same chance to succede that players at other schools have.I don't like being so negative,but years of under achieving has took its toll on me.I have been mum for a long long time, but the Florida game broke the camels back for me.That being said I think alabama is our next big test,maybe South Carolina with Coach Spurrier.I truly believe we will win the rest. JMO

wbgbbg#625035 writes:

Win the rest...you've got to be on some kind of meds that your Dr. needs to take you off.. ARK. ALA. SC. UK will be lucky to win 1.. The first part of your post I agreee with 100% just not the last part.. Vol fan I am Season ticket holder for yrs. the talent there just needs to be coached......

snafu14u#241639 writes:

Pease do not stay the course, change something.If we stay like this then Fulmer has chosen his fate.So be it. Bonzaivol

gillblog writes:

Karl says, the spread offense is a "great offense" and allows for "big plays". If a player, a linebacker can see that why can't Vol coaches? Can't you just hear them; 'oh, yes the spread offense is really hard to defend, and the premier team in our conference uses it, but here at UT we are keeping our old 1990's offense in place....we just need to execute it better'...'we've been here before and we know what we're doing, even though the most successful teams have stopped using our kind of system....we still believe in our staff and our system.'

yeavols#228407 writes:

Keep staying the course..THAT's the PROBLEM.

tennecwingrider writes:

Sure, in the past you've "won a lot of games this way." The problem is at present and with the recent past "now you're not winning a lot of games this way."

slambob2#228938 writes:

I have mixed feelings about this. Yesterday's article about the company Fulmer is keeping with Tuberville and Weis both on a very hot seat gives a little perspective. Should Auburn fire Tuberville? Or does his past success give him the benefit of the doubt that he can turn it around? And the same with Weis. And Fulmer.

But my concern is about whether there's a new offense that we can't run and we can't stop. If that's the case, either this staff has to adapt or they'll lose to KY, Vandy, South Carolina and Alabama.

Then there won't be any question.

Tanker writes:

Stay the course? OMG what a dolt!

Get beck to basics: pound the rock 35 times a game and set up play action over the top to keep the safeties honest. Get a special teams coach and a new head coach.

Urbiewerecomingtogetyou writes:

It was late when I wrote that post last night. What I meant was I believe we will loose ala.and sc. games and win the rest if were lucky. Just my humble opinion. Thanks!

GreerVol22 writes:

go ahead Phil, stay the course.....straight to the bottom of the SEC. heck your already there in most team stats, and your record will be there before its over. I honesly think the Indians pull the upset this weekend.

kiffinsucks writes:

While I have no doubt that Coach Fulmer wants to win, it is obvious that he wants to on his terms. We have a mediocre program, at best. Our players deserve better, our fans deserve better and our school deserves better. I know that we can't win every game, but our team has no heart. When Tebow was in the game in the fourth quarter, someone should have knocked him in the mouth. No heart. It is going to be a long season for all of us. What is it going to take for a change? How far down are we going to have to go? Everyone-Hamilton, Fulmer, et. all have gotten too comfortable. Look at how fast LSU, Florida and Alabama have turned things around. Why do we accept this? We have no pride or we would get someone in here that can inspire people to bleed orange again. I am tired of watching highlight videos from 10 years ago. It it over. Let's move on!

cgbtn writes:

You people need to realize something. Our idiot of an ayhletic director gave a coach who has not performed for 9 years a 2-year contract extension. He also gave each of the coordinators 3-year contracts and each of the assistants 2-year contracts. It could cost close to $20 million to buy out this staff. Unless some rich alums are willing to come up with some mega bucks, you had better be prepared to watch Phil ball for a few more years.

VolsFan17 writes:

The tires on my car once performed very well. I could take corners at high speeds without even the slightest problem. Now, the tires are bald and wobbley and break loose in the corners at the lowest of speeds. I was going to get new tires but these have performed well for me in the past. I think I'll hold on to them and see if their performance picks back up. I'm just going to "stay the course".

bertdonkey writes:

I am a gator fan/alumni who grew up in Tennessee, so I have unique perspective on your situation. Yes - the game has passed Fulmer by. He has always been a bit of an over-achiever, but his record of the past few years is indicative of either myopic vision or burn out or both. He can't see the forest thru the trees. His teams have never been creative at playcalling, rather they are predictable and one-dimensional - even dating back to the Spurrier days. Urban Meyer is a visionary - he realizes young talented players may go pro in the Junior or Senior years, so he plays them as freshman and sophomores - molding them into players. He is a master at motivation and talent development. Phil is a three yards and a cloud of dust kind of guy. Urban is let's throw it for 50 out of the back our end zone kind of guy. I think Saturday's loss may have awakened the sleeping giant. If UT ever wakes up, they could really be something, but until then, they will fight for fifth place in the SEC East.

tenndave writes:

I have posted twice with my frustrations. But we are beginning to sound like MoveOn.org. Let the coaches do their job and at the end of the season, let things fall where they may.This real negative talk will hurt recruiting more than a losing season. Players want to play for a coach who does get them to the NFL a lot more than they want to play for a team with fans this cruel.
Go Vols!

Ironcity writes:

I would take 4 yards and a cloud of dust if we could do it. I bet Ark St. is concerned they might not get their punt return since we are changing schemes. I got an idea, lets change the priority of pir special teams, lets have a special trophy or award for the best hits on special teams. Lets try to make it a glamourous position. I look at our special teams and I see all the guys who didn't live up to expectations out there. I see the guys typically least motivated to play. I watched J williams on Saturday and I was embarressed for him. He just ran up to the ball carrier and stuck his arm out and made no attempt to hit the guy. He was not the only one who looks like he wants no part of the job. If he or others don't want to play Special Teams, then sit there butts on the bench. I don't think its the schemes, I think its the players not properly motivated.

Southland writes:

how many tiumes did he say "in the past" thats the problem, we are living off past performances and past victories. while we have lived in the past others have passed us by and we will keep Fulmer because of the past.

ColumbusVol writes:

Of course we all realize this is a knee jerk reaction. My knee is still jerking all the way back to that 2001 second half collapse in the SEC title game that kept us from competing for the national championship. In my opinion, that loss changed this program and we have not been the same since. I have been a Phil Fulmer supporter but I certainly think that our money can be better spent somewhere else. I hate the fact that we can sit on the couch, watch the player's get up to the line of scrimmage and then be able to predict one of the three creative plays that we have in our arsenal. It is obvious we can't even rely on Chavis to bail us out anymore. The writing is on the wall and the stats speak for themselves.

Chainsaw writes:

"It could cost close to $20 million to buy out this staff"

Closer to $8M.

Pullingguard writes:

Why is it at UT, that young talent takes two years for them to get on the field, whereas; at Florida the young talent comes in, plays, makes a contribution. Fulmer is always talking about the young talent in the developement stage, evidently UT has a coaching problem that Florida does not have. I cannot understand with the running game in ruins, not producing, fumbleitis, that Creer (young talent) is not given more opportunity to run the ball. Bottom line is, the coaching staff is not getting it done with the present players, so the coaching staff needs to get other involved.

waterskier3#226480 writes:

well its going to be a long season vol fans... fulmer has learned nothing and think of this we've been on the road twice and lost both times and we go to bama so 3 losses for sure and you know we'll lose 1 or 2 at home...

here's a question to ponder we talk about tradition at ut but we only have 2 NC to show for it. fla was a no name in the sec and then they decide to quit cheating and start getting good coaches and they've won as many NC's as tn has in 50 something years..... do we really have any tradition???????? or is it just to much inbreeding in the 80's, 90's and 00's????? with dickey running the ship......


johnlg00 writes:

ColumbusVol, Pullingguard, and several others have it exactly right. Right now, UT football defines "old-school". Ironcity is also right to say that 4-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust would be fine if we could do it. How sad that we neither innovate NOR successfully imitate the innovators NOR execute the fundamentals! We don't have an identity any more. We don't seem to know what we want to do and don't properly execute any phase of the game. As so many have said, if we are in fact getting more than our share of the top recruits year after year and support them with the finest facilities and fan support, we ought to be among the nation's elite teams year after year! The only reason left why we are not is that the coaching is subpar. Please, Coach Fulmer, either get it done in a major way the rest of this season or do the right thing and resign while you still have some self-respect and a reservoir of good will in the Vol nation!

TriCityVol writes:

Stay the Course. 15-12 the last 27 games. Fire Fulmer and if Hamilton won't do it Fire him too.

jboyle5555#228112 writes:

I don't make $2 million a year, but here are a couple of ideas :
Defense - Bench Marsalous Johnson and Jarrod Parrish, neither can tackle or cover.
Offense - Change something, anything on the O line, it can't block anybody. Get some of these talented, speed atheletes in at receiver to compliment the starting guys, throw a couple deep balls once in a while. Lamarcus Coker needs more playing time, he is a playmaker on an offense that has not shown it has any.

Is any of this that hard to see ?

daytonabadboy writes:

Maybe Coach Pearl or possibly Coach Summitt could spend a couple of hours with team to create an evironment of motivation, committment to excellence and of course, Winning!!!!

OldNumber7 writes:

Bear Bryant even adopted a "new" offense when he stagnated - he changed to stay fresh and won championships. Change is certain. "Stay the Course - we've won a lot of games that way"....it's over. He won't adapt, won't accept responsibility, and in this article has put the blame everywhere but in his pocket. I am done! Fire this man before he tanks the program!

DennisVols writes:

Fulmer says "his team never quit." Apparently he was at a different game than the one I saw. "I think you stay the course," head coach Phillip Fulmer said of his team's mindset following a 1-2 start. Stay the course? A course that has caused you to lose the 2 biggest games you have played all year. A course that has lead a once powerhouse team to have a losing record against every ranked team it plays!!!
I'm not the brightest bulb in the lamp but even I can see that there is a major problem with the course UT is on. A system so complicated that the freshmen and even most of the soph. class cannot reach a level to which they can contribute successfully.
I saw a FL team, in just its 3rd year under Coach Meyer, with so many young talented players on the field out performed, out hustled a UT team that has had the same system for over 15 years now. How it is that something that has not worked correctly since '98 can be the course you should stay on.
I don't place any blame on the players. Let’s not forget that most are just teenagers. This is a coaching problem, a leadership role that the staff has failed at miserably year after year since the championship year.
This is not just a failure to the fans, the university but to the young talented men who chose UT over the other universities that offer them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of playing this sport. It is a failure to their parents that trusted this staff to grow their kids into men. Men who know how to make the right decisions, admit when they are wrong and learn from their mistakes. Not just stay the course when your ship is being pounded upon the rocks.

VolsFan17 writes:

If we just do these three things better, I think the season can somewhat be salvaged:
1: Stay in our designated lanes on kickoff and punt return coverage.
2: Wrap up on tackles instead of trying to just knock the guy down.
3: Throw the ball deep once in a while to stretch the defense and prevent them from stacking up 8 or 9 in the box.

It also wouldn't hurt if we played with a little fire and enthusiasm.

h_charles writes:

ilove --

Berry did get beat, one on one. He also ran a pick back 90 yards for a TD.
Sadly, Berry is the only real athlete we have past the D line. He must be in the game. He is our only defensive playmaker.
He will take his lumps, for sure. He will also provide some big plays, and his talent lets other focus elsewhere instead of backing him up every play.

As to the spread offense - it looks great when UF runs it, for sure. However, any offense would look great with their talent. Players win, not playbooks.
We simply don't have the talent right now. If we had the talent of 97 or 98s team on the field, this Cutcliffe's offense would do just fine. Problem is we don't.

jhenson#377512 writes:

I turned on the local sports talk radio station yesterday, here in Atlanta, just in time to hear the afternoon host say, "this just in...Florida just scored another touchdown." I must admit...I laughed! No it's not funny...it's actually quite sad, but sometimes all you can do is laugh. There was a time when Fulmer himself, with his "deer in the headlights, Krispy Kreme poster child, sideline demeanor" was the catalyst for opposing fan's laughter. Now they are laughing at the program itself. So what is Phil's solution?... the very predictable, oft repeated "Stay the Course." Brilliant! Would that be the same course that has netted us a 15-12 record over the last 27 games ? Or perhaps he's referring to the course that has netted him a losing record against Meyer, Richt, Saban, Tuberville, and Spurrier. Maybe the course that has gotten us zero SEC championships in nearly a decade. Come on Phil...pleae leave!

Oh for those of you who say that this is a "knee jerk reaction" You're right. In fact, my knee has been jerking so hard for the last 8 years that it's perpetually dislocated.

joebomb writes:

Well if it takes 8 million to buy out the staff...that's 108,000 x $80.00. I will pay for me and my neighbor.

ronnie_022277 writes:

I am new to comments but old to news about the vols football team. We need some big time players that can perform to a level that is expected at Tennessee. I have watched Tennessee played my whole life and I have never seen a team so heartless and so slow in my life. I am a certerfied strenght and conditioning coach and I know the importance of speed and agility in football. This Tennessee team has a lot of work to do and it doesn't happen over night. It should have happened during the off season. The speed that I am seeing from the vols is awful and they will be lucky to win any more games this year.

jhenson#377512 writes:

Count me in. I'll sell my SEC Championship tickets to an LSU or Florida fan and donate the procedes to the buyout.

bigorangejwb#291515 writes:

All the comments coming from fulmers mouth have been the same old dance and song since we won the national championship. I wish I was giving the university major booster money so I could be the one leading the charge to fire him. What has he done for us lately? We are not going toward the bottom because we are already at the bottom. I love the big orange and it's a shame that the orange faithful have to put up with the kind of football we have gotten accustomed to seeing since '98.

shopsports#273141 writes:

Earth to Phil...We have stayed the course after a lousy 2005 season and little improvement last year. We have never seen NO defense. It usually saves the lack of offense and provides another year of excuses. Fulmer may be a great person, but as our $2 million dollar a year football program, top guy, excuses are over/done/have run out. We should find a new coach now and not wait until they DON'T win the rest...which is the ONLY way we should keep putting up with these excuses. TALK is cheap. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO HAMILTON. Phil should resign and own up to not being able to change anything. Recruiting is no longer enough.
I am also hearing they have lied about Ainge and his ability to throw, hand-off, et all with his broken finger. I didn’t expect them to tell the other teams “ oh well, Ainge can’t do phooey, so blitz him every play, but Crompton whould be playing. I am so tired of hearing comments on Ainge and his future in the NFL. We need a QB that is a star at UT first!! It’s like they all work for just enough to get there. I have never liked Cutcliff’s laid back attitude. He and Phil together, may not be made for this century of college football. We must cut the nice and be more like Saban the crook, Meyer the egotist, Miles the potty mouth, Stoops or Spurrier lowering academic standards to get players, or somebody who is getting results.

TigerVol writes:

I hope that Mr. Hamilton and all the BIG WIGS(Haslams, Goodfriends, etc..) at the University see how pathetic this football program has become. We continue to raise ticket prices and put teams on the field like this. Then I have to listen to Doc, Jeff, and Heather continue to give this team credit...what has Knoxville and this University gotten too. Mr. Fulmer....not Coach, he lost that title about 5 years ago....please do the University you love so much and RESIGN!

Basketball_Jones writes:

Ya know I have to agree with bertdonkey, he/she is an outsider looking in who has never worn the orange tinted glasses and probably isn't biased. As far as all this goes with Fulmer his staff etc its all a joke!!! I mean lets say Fulmer was the director of sales for a big company and his company, for many years was one of the top in the country. Now for the past 8-9 years sales have dropped off and this company was now middle of the road, would he lose his job? YES!!! This is no different and its our fault as fans. We still buy the product, we buy the merchandise, we donate our hard earned money, we pay for parking passes and what do we have to show for it? NOTHING!!! Since 1998 we have No SEC Championships, No National Championships, we have zip. We are buying a Yugo at the price of a Corvette, we're getting ripped off. The fans, the players, alumni everyone but the coaches are getting the shaft, they (the coaches) are getting fatter bank accounts.

Its time to stop people, we have to show Mike H and the whole nation that Tennessee fans will not stand for mediocrity, we won't watch the team we love be sent to the cellar by an overpaid coach. If you have season tickets, take the loss for the rest of this year. The alumni will take notice when only 70,000 people show up for a nationally televised game. Don't tailgate, don't go to the strip, don't order pay per view, buisnesses will take notice as well when they struggle and then they will complain to the University. People will say they will do this but they won't, UT fans always have a small glimpse of hope, that maybe just maybe we'll turn it around. Not this fan, they'll get nothing from me until they fire the whole staff. I'll watch another team, one that plays with fire, pride and makes adjustments at halftime.

milescbt#218003 writes:

Once upon a time there was a company that made horseshoes. Along came the horseless carriage but the horseshoe maker said, "no worry, I will stay the course"! This is a passing fad! Coach, stop making horseshoes!!!!

vscebail#247785 writes:

Fulmer and company have been great for UT football. Nobody really dislikes them, personally. They are good ole boys, and they have won a lot of games in the past. -- That's the problem. Any body remember John Cooper at Ohio State? He was a good ole boy, too. He was always good for about 8-10 wins a year. But it just didn't matter, because he lost to Michigan EVERY YEAR. And the only thing that changed that was to fire John Cooper and hire Jim Tressel. Well, guess what? We are now expected to lose to Florida EVERY YEAR. In fact, if you don't count the ZOOK years, Fulmer has only beaten Florida 4 times in 16 years. It's a shame that he has never been able to adapt to or suprise any of our opponents. They now know our plays better than we do, and they know what's coming befor we even line up before the snap. We don't intimidate anybody anymore. Smokey is still snarling on the side-line, but now it is out of frustration more than anything else. I'm Sorry fans, I'm sorry students and alumni, I'm sorry players, we may still win 8-10 games a year: But IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER!!! -- Because we'll never win any other championship at this rate, and it's just too difficult for our school to part with a good ole boy!

Dirtdobber writes:

Our only hope this season is to pass every down. Lets do what we can do good and that is pass the ball- We dink and dunk good. We get in trouble when our qb attempts to make a handoff with a broken finger...lets pass, pass, pass and then pass some more. The running game does not work...lets just try to focus on that in the offseaon instead of the middle of the season!
Pass-pass-pass! Im not sure but, lets try passing the ball the whole game against Ark state, try not to give up a big play on the kicking team, and get agressive on defense. We have nothing to lose at this point.

DennisVols writes:

And on top of all of this that we hear from Fulmer, we hear. "Florida has tough schedule" You know if you have to win a championship by hoping your opponet (the one that whipped you) will lose enough so you can win that is so poor. Backing into a championship game is not Tennessee Tradition, Tennessee Pride. That is a defeatists approach.

GoVol writes:

It's real simple - the SEC East is well beyond Fulmer's ability. I was at the game and have never been so humilitated to be a VOL fan and supporter. There are so many things wrong with this team it would take days to put into writing on this post. If TN ever wants to have a chance at being competive again, Fulmer will need to be replaced....pure and simple.

instigator writes:

In this article I read:

"Fulmer was obviously still stung by some of Florida coach Urban Meyer's offensive play calls and the decision to leave starting quarterback Tim Tebow in late in the game.

"I know there's mixed feeling about that," Fulmer said. "I'm not going to sit here and say all I think."

I didn't hear Steve Spurrier whining when FULMER's 1990 team beat us 45 - 3 at Neyland, and the first team for UT was on the field for UT.

Tim Tebow is a freshman. Most of the defensive players for Florida are freshmen. The whole team consists mostly of underclassmen. Are you telling me he is crying because a young Florida team stayed on the field? Get real!

The bad part is that some UT fans are more concerned over the score that was lopsided than over the fact that your coach is outdated.

Fulmer says, "I'm not going to sit here and say all I think?" What do you think Phil? Do you think you were not prepared? Do you think you were out coached? Do you think the weather was a factor?

No one dislikes UT any more than I do, but I feel sorry for the fans who have to listen while your coach tries to divert attention away from the real problem.

VolunTampa writes:

bricker865, I think it's too early to tell whether Jon Gruden will be with the Bucs after this season. Sunday's win over the Saints certainly helped his cause, but the thought here in Tampa is that if he fails to make the playoffs, or fails to advance convincingly in the playoffs, that the organization will let him go. Every Monday's Tampa Tribune includes a Chucky-o-Meter which gauges his job security. After the win against the Saints, the Chucky-o-Meter indicated that he was safe, but there's a lot of football left to be played this year. In the "be careful what you wish for" category, Gruden's record since winning the Super Bowl in 2002 (with Tony Dungy's talent and assistant coaches) is 27-37 in the regular season and 0-1 in the playoffs. In fact, the Bucs have had only one winning record in the four seasons since the Super Bowl (7-9, 5-11, 11-5 and 4-12). Additionally, I'm not sure how his temperment would fit into the college game, but I suppose one could say the same thing about Steve Spurrier.

instigator writes:

sjt18: You say UGA owes us? Hell we have beaten them more than we beat you.

We may lose to LSU, SC and UGA but we beat UT. Our biggest rival is UGA and I think we will be up for that game.

Also, keep in mind that UT has to play Alabama, UGA, USC, Arkansas and UK. Alabama, UGA, Arkansas and Kentucky will beat you. Hell, Vanderbilt might!

Basketball_Jones writes:

I'm with VolnTampa on this whole Gruden thing. I mean he walked into a job with Super Bowl talent and then went on to dismanle the team and make them into a non-contender. I wanta college coach who can recruit and develop players. One who lets freshman showcase their talents and basically tells a senior who can't get it done to take a seat and see what it takes to be on the field. I want a coach who jumps a players a$$ after he makes a coupleof bonehead mistakes not one who claps his hands prefusly (sp) and says thats ok boys we'll get em next time. Someone who coachs with urgency and plays to win and not to lose. A coach who has BALLS! We don't have that anywhere on that sideline, from the top to the bottom. I'm sorry Trooper fans but this year should show you how he has developed all those great underclass receivers. Chestbumping and a backwards hat doesn't account for much in my book. As for Cut, this dink and dunk phooey is for the birds, we have a QB with a cannon of a arm and we're throwing 15 screens a game, GREAT GAMEPLAN! If they guy is hurt and can't make the throws I'm sure the backup can throw bubble screens too.
This team, this staff and this program is pathetic and should be ashamed and embarassed for what it has shown on the field since 2001. I'm embarassed to be a fan

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