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Vols still give up big plays on defense

Lucas Taylor of Tennesee makes a one-handed catch as Morris Harrison, left, and Javon McKinnon of Arkansas State try to defend in Saturday night's game at Neyland Stadium.

Photo by Michael Patrick

Lucas Taylor of Tennesee makes a one-handed catch as Morris Harrison, left, and Javon McKinnon of Arkansas State try to defend in Saturday night's game at Neyland Stadium.

Lucas Taylor of Tennesee makes a one-handed catch as Morris Harrison, left, and Javon McKinnon of Arkansas State try to defend in Saturday night's game at Neyland Stadium.

Photo by Michael Patrick // Buy this photo

Lucas Taylor of Tennesee makes a one-handed catch as Morris Harrison, left, and Javon McKinnon of Arkansas State try to defend in Saturday night's game at Neyland Stadium.

Tennessee wide receiver Lucas Taylor scores the first touchdown against Arkansas State as wide receiver Quintin Hancock follows closely behind.

Photo by Saul Young // Buy this photo

Tennessee wide receiver Lucas Taylor scores the first touchdown against Arkansas State as wide receiver Quintin Hancock follows closely behind.

Tennessee's 48-27 win over Arkansas State included something(s) old and something even older Saturday night at Neyland Stadium.

Tennessee's defense gave up big plays - familiar territory in 2007.

The Vols' offense forked over a touchdown on a turnover - right on schedule.

And LaMarcus Coker shook loose for the kind of performance not seen since last year. The sophomore tailback rushed for 101 yards and scored two touchdowns.

A crowd announced at 102,368 watched the Vols improve to 2-2, distancing themselves at least one game from the 59-20 debacle at Florida.

The Vols are headed into an open date. Next up is a visit from Georgia on Oct. 6.

"We made progress,'' said UT coach Phillip Fulmer.

"It was a darn good win; we're glad to get it. It wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it sure feels good to win.''

Erik Ainge passed for career-best 334 yards (27-of-39) and five touchdowns. But only four went on Tennessee's side of the scoreboard.

The one he'd like to have back was a 54-yard interception return for a touchdown by Tyrell Johnson in the second quarter. That's three games out of four UT's offense has given up a score off a turnover.

"That's been our biggest thing,'' said Ainge, "giving people things, and we gave them seven more tonight.

"With the exception of that turnover, we did a good job on offense.''

Hard to argue there. The Vols rolled up a season-high 523 yards. That included 188 rushing - or 151 more than last week at Florida.

"We couldn't get off the field,'' said coach Steve Roberts, whose Sun Belt Conference Indians fell to 1-2. "You have to give a lot of credit to their offensive line and quarterback."

Lucas Taylor snagged two of Ainge's TD passes. Taylor had his third 100-yard receiving game of the season.

Ainge's other scores went to Coker and tight end Chris Brown. Arian Foster also ran for a touchdown.

Taylor's second score was timely. It came on a Robert Meachem-like move to turn a short hitch into a 24-yard touchdown with 13:37 to play.

That gave UT a more comfortable 45-27 lead after the Indians had marched 82 yards for a touchdown to draw to 38-27 on the first play of the fourth quarter.

It was Tennessee's best night of the year in the kicking game, if for no other reason than the Vols got to the final horn without giving up a punt-return touchdown.

Britton Colquitt looked the part of an All-American, averaging 46.8 yards on four punts. Arkansas State's longest return was 5 yards.

Daniel Lincoln hit field-goal tries of 29 and 39 yards and remains perfect at 8-for-8. It's the best start to a season ever by a Tennessee kicker.

One fly in the ointment was Arkansas State's ability to hit for occasional big plays.

Corey Leonard passes of 48 and 45 yards each led to touchdowns. A 44-yard run and a 27-yard pass set up field goals.

"We've got to eliminate that,'' said Fulmer.

Arkansas State had 377 yards in total offense, 130 coming on the ground from tailback Reggie Arnold.

"We all knew since the Cal game the main focus is on stopping big plays,'' said defensive tackle Demonte Bolden. "We gave up (a few) tonight but I think we recovered very quickly.''

Four sacks and three turnovers helped the Vols recover.

Brent Vinson and Marsalous Johnson had interceptions. J.T. Mapu recovered a fumble.

Tennessee scored on five of its seven first-half possessions. The Vols' best friend was Arkansas State defensive back Montis Harrison, who had a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time - and doing the wrong thing.

He was flagged for three penalties. In each case, UT scored on the ensuing play.

On the opening possession Harrison was flagged for pass interference on a third-and-6 play. UT was awarded a first down at the ASU 17, from where Ainge found Taylor for the touchdown.

The Indians tied it 7-7 when Leonard's 45-yard bomb to Levi Dejohnette set up a 6-yard TD pass to Chris Miller.

Tennessee came right back to regain the lead.

Vols faced a fourth-and-4, so Lincoln came on to hit a 37-yard field goal. However, Harrison was penalized for running into the kicker, which would give UT a first down.

The Vols took the points off the board in favor of a first down at the ASU 15. Ainge lobbed a scoring strike to Brown on the next play.

Lincoln's next field goal was good from 29 yards and he got to keep it. UT led 17-7.

Ainge, however, helped the Indians keep things interesting via Johnson's interception and score to make it 17-14.

Tennessee regained momentum when Coker took a screen pass from Ainge 25 yards for a score.

Less than a minute later, Vinson's interception got the ball back.

After an 18-yard completion to Taylor, Ainge found Austin Rogers for 11 more. A face-mask flag against Harrison tacked on more yards for first-and-goal at the 5.

Foster charged for the score on the next play and UT led 31-14.

A pair of Josh Arauco field goals cut into UT's lead at 31-20, but Johnson's first career interception gave the Vols a short field for a 19-yard drive in the third quarter.

Coker went 2 yards for the TD and a 38-20 lead.

His 101 rushing yards came on 15 carries, a 6.7-yard average.

"He's a dynamic football player,'' said Fulmer. "He's tough, he's got great vision and he's got great speed.'

All attributes UT found extremely useful in 2006 - and welcome back for the rest of 2007.

Mike Strange may be reached at 865-342-6276.

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Urbiewerecomingtogetyou writes:

Temptations Sing: Happy days are here again-I'll go watch my Vols and cheer again-I might even start drinking beer again-Happy days are here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vegasvol writes:

Good game offense. Defense needs a lot of improvement before Georgia comes to town. I hope the week off helps.

sportmadness writes:

well i didnt see the game, so I still don't know who scored the rest of the points. This article ends it at 38-20.

VolFan_stuck_in_FL writes:

glad we won that one or they might have been rioting in Knoxville. Feels good to win one, but like you said vegasvol our defense better tighten up or it will be another long day when when we get back to SEC play

andy112382#209793 writes:

Week off will help a lot, good film to go over, nurse some injuries in time for the dawgs. Good game, still work on defense to be done, promosing that Nevin McKenzie was in on some plays in his first game at LB and Vinson had a INT in his first game on defense, Willingham got beat but still held his own for the most part, has that first start under his belt now, better here than against UGA. Coker looks to be back to his great form, Ainge was locked in, good job spreading the ball around to the WRs, lots of options for Ainge with O'Neal and Moore having their name called a little more each week.

2-2....The games that are huge on what route the program takes are against UGA, SC, and Bama, so still lots of ball to be played, we could still have a real good season or a horrible one that should see new coaches come in.....jury is still out, we will learn a lot in October. (BTW, really good game between Bama and UGA, just as I thought it would be)

I know there are those who will blast me even saying there is a chance at a decent season despite a step in the right direction tonight, they will say it is too late and this has been going down over the past several seasons, but, while I am having major doubts now about the coaching, I am not 100% done with them, I will wait to cement my decision until the end of October after the games i mentioned above, just look at Notre Dame, coaching changes don't solve everything, it is always a gamble, they are missing Ty right now. Six losses in a row for the Irish, ouch....

By the way, those who, no matter if we win or lose, they blast the team after blasting supporters for 'wearing orange shaded glasses or drinking orange kool-aid' is no better on the flip side saying nothing but bad stuff no matter what the team does, you are doing just as you think the supporters are doing saying positive things despite losing, just saying.....


chrisw2967 writes:

oh please it was only Arkansas St. it was not like they were playing Fla they were suppose to beat them period. time will tell in 2 weeks when Ga comes to town , still dont have no def.

vegasvol writes:

It might be only Ark. St. But, they held Texas to 20 points and lost by only 7.

Urbiewerecomingtogetyou writes:

There is a chance for a decent season. I was pleasantly surprised that the coaches were willing to FINALLY put some of the young talent in the game. I know it was only Arkansas State, but they're a decent football team. I also believe we're a little improved, but obviously a long way from where we need to be. Don't read too much into my prior post, as it was only an attempt to get everyone to lighten up a little. I've said many times that I would be very happy for Coach Fulmer to prove he can still do it. Put me in the I'll believe it when I see it category. We now have two weeks to work like heck. We had better!!

budd#207344 writes:

you want to be texas? you give up 27 points to a sunbelt team?
Is that what you want to happen to the 6th winning program in college football history? If this is ok with you then I need to find another team to root for. This is pitiful period. You will hear fulmer talk about how we played so well. Remneber this is not ARK but Ark State.

andy112382#209793 writes:

Hardesty was out because of injury - hamstring? Can't remember exactly what it was, but Fulmer mentioned it before the game, he preferred that Hardesty didn't go out too early and injure it more.

How about Lincoln? How nice is it to have a kicker you don't have to take blood pressure medicine over just for a 20 yard field goal or something like that.....pretty solid so far.

Hey, have the announced a roster for the JV game? I think that may be one of those things that no one thinks a whole lot of but could have big benefits getting these guys ready to play.

I am hearing more and more of the young guys mentioned, Chavis said Dorian Davis would play more, they love his style, O'Neal and Moore are getting their names called, Willingham and McKenzie are out there now, Berry of course, can't wait til Gerald Jones is healthy again, I think he will end up being Meachem-like (junior year edition) Has Ben Martin played yet? I know they were hoping he would be back out there 100% at latest by the georgia game, any word on Brad Cottams recovery? And how about Ayers? Seems like whenever he hits the field he gets a hand in the play, two sacks tonight.

snafu14u#241639 writes:

Did anyone notice that the Gators beat Ole Miss by 6 points and UT by 39. Seems odd to me, very distrubing. Glad we won, PTL.bonzaivol

BigUn writes:

Just like clockwork, heard Fulmer on the radio say that last Sunday the coaches got together and decided to put their best players on the field.

Sad part is that every year it ia always after the loss to UF when he decides to do it.

chefjorge writes:

These days in college football wins are wins and should be appreciated. We needed to win this game and did. Period. This game was more lopsided than the score showed I felt so it is definitely a step in the right direction. We lost to two of the the best teams in college football. We are not one of the best teams in college football; and, while that does suck it's the truth. We can get better and should. I'm not willing to let Phil slide down off of the hot seat though. We don't necessarily need to win out, but I feel like anything less than eight or nine wins will be reason enough to start replacement proceedings. Read a Florida fan's post on CBS that read something like "I hope Phil wins just enough to not get fired" and that's what it seems like happens, which is just BS.

chrisw2967 writes:

were going to get back to basics and try not to wrap up when we tackle and work like heck to get better since we put top ranked arkansas st away. were still staying the course.
I hope they dont give him a contract extension after this big time win

DenmarkVol_aka_Mbumburu writes:

This powerhouse of a football team rushed for 178 yards against us. Cal rushed for 230. FL rushed for 255. Yet we held mighty Southern Miss to only 90 yards rushing.

That's 754 yards we've given up on the ground in four games -- an average of 188.5 yards per game.

Oh, and while the Indians were running all over Shields-Watkins field tonight, Arkansas rushed for 338 yards against Kentucky ... and lost.

Yes, it's great to get a W -- against anybody -- but this is going to be a long season folks. We have to be near the bottom of the entire nation in rushing defense...among several other problems.

Al Wilson: can you please come back and run a "Tackling 101" clinic for our defense?

DannyVol writes:

"Ainge passed for 334 yards (27-of-39) and five touchdowns. Four went on Tennessee's side of the scoreboard, one on Arkansas State's." -- That might have passed as clever writing in the high school newpaper. Now it just reads as being stupid and amateurish.

The next game is huge and will define our season. Do we spiral downward to the edge of bowl eligibility or attempt to salvage a Peach, Gator or Cotton Birth?

Our D-line better bring it in two weeks or Ga. will rack up a mile of yds. rushing on us. Makes me nervous knowing that the Arkansas State back had 130 yds. on us tonight.

Meanwhile, although Coker had a good night, we did not look that great running the ball again...against ASU. Early in the game ASU was controlling the line of scrimmage. That's pitiful because if they had any depth they would have kicked our tails.

For all of you happy in victory: It was Arkansas State. They scored 27 points on us. We still need a coaching change.

What happened to the boycott? 102K announed attendance?

Go Vols.

Oenoboy writes:

Nice to see there are some fellow ALL-weather Vol fans out there. I was starting to feel alone in my proud orangedom. The majority of people who post on this site are so obsessed with everything negative, it’s tragic. We loose to two top ten teams we were predicted to loose to and everyone has a future Hall of Famer’s head on the chopping block.

Phil Fulmer has been on the sideline for 15 years as our head coach and compiled a record second to none in the NCAA during that same time frame. If he stays for six more seasons and matches the General’s 21 years, he will end up with more wins than any coach in our history. Reading the complaints from the so called fans on this site makes me wonder if there were similar mental midgets calling for Neyland to be fired in `47 and `48 when he went 5-5 and 4-4-2 respectively. Two years later he put two back to back one loss seasons and captured one of our national championships in `51.

Those of you that insult Fulmer and/or the efforts of certain players have lost complete perspective of our program’s history and what college football is truly about. It’s a game played by college kids who give it everything they’ve got and do the best they can for their teammates, fellow students, and fans. These tough times seem tough because of the expectations Fulmer reestablished. It had been a long time since we’ve had the consistency we’ve enjoyed under his tenure. Many on this site brag about how long they’ve been fans but obviously their memory does not acknowledge the true history of Tennessee football and its many ups and downs over the years with even our most heralded of coaches.

pwc4u2#213450 writes:

Boycott my A#$. I said the other day that the theory of that was phooey.Just like field of dreams, if you build it they will come. In this situation, if you play football they will come. I went to the game and went in the campus bookstoor and a bet a 1000 people were coming in and out buying stuff. See, for real fans...once a vol always a vol. You stick by your team and even if the coaches stink it up in your minds, just remember this...the only opinion that matters are those that writes Fulmers check, and I dont think its us.

Urbiewerecomingtogetyou writes:

This is much more than about the coaches and their ability, or lack there of. Lets face it, most of these young men come to UT with hopes and dreams of playing professional football. Yes, I agree that their education, is by far, the most important thing they can accomplish. Never the less my concern is for them rather than a multi- million dollar coach. I like many other fans keep up with recruiting and bust with pride when these young men choose to be one of our beloved Vols. Therefore, if I think they are being denied the dreams already mentioned I'll stand in their corner.

Oenoboy writes:

Come on 66 Chevy. Wins don't put players in the NFL, their performance on the field does. But if you are going to open up the subject of these kids chances of playing in NFL, please tell me how this current staff is denying any player's dream of this. This coaching staff has put more players in the NFL than any other coach in UT's history. I'm pretty sure we're one or two in the country for active NFL players. I hope you don't think Johny Majors had anything to do with that. So, if you are going to stand in the players corner and their dreams for their future, Phil Fulmer will have to move over to make room for you because he's already there.

DannyVol writes:


Many of the people asking for another coach are not fair-weather fans. Instead, they see the condition of the program and it hurts them. Yes, some are just negative, fair-weather fans simply looking for a reason to complain. But, many are not. You will notice a lot of fans who are wanting a coaching change have supported Fulmer during bad times before -- and actually appreciate what he has meant to the program. However, the writing is on the wall. Everyone has to "step down" at some point. For the good of the program, which we all love, it's time to get another coach.

To some degree, it's not even a matter of wins or losses. It's about effort and gameplan. Even the most optimistic UT fan could not say that our team is focused or that our gameplan is solid. And it's been that way for a while.

Being a fan means different things to different people. You can disagree with the direction of a floudering program and still be a fan. Likewise, you can take things as they are and just be happy to wear the color orange on Saturdays.

DannyVol writes:

If we are "one or two" in putting players in the NFL, why are we not "one or two" in SEC championships during that same period?

Urbiewerecomingtogetyou writes:

I'm not going to get caught up in childish drivel. If our opinions aren't one in the same, then we will have to agree to disagree. Read my post above. I do support Coach Fulmer, as long as this team accomplishes any where near to their ability.

Urbiewerecomingtogetyou writes:

Oboy: P.S.Their performance on the field hasn't been very good lately, and that in my opinion is a direct result of poor coaching. Some haven't even been on the field, and that is also the result of poor decision making. I'm very aware of former players in the NFL under said coach, but that number has been declining. I guess we'll blame that on lesser talent.

Oenoboy writes:

I have a challenge for all you Phil Fulmer naysayers. I want you to list all the Div-1 coaches that have done as much for their program as Phil Fulmer has for UT.

The criteria?

15 years minimum as a head coach for one team.
A winning percentage of over 75%.
A National Championship.
14 minimum Bowl Appearances.
2 minimum Conference Championships.

Sounds easy enough right? I won’t go as far as requiring a minimum of 13 years as an assistant coach and 4 years as a team member. That would probably put him in a group of one.

You will definitely have to pull from past coaches because there are only two active ones today, Joe Pa and Bobby Bowden, that meet the above criteria. Should I assume many of you think they should be fired too?

Go back to the very beginning of the game and list them all my friends and think about the men on that list and what they have meant to the history of the game. Then look at their records and see the couple of years they all had their struggles. Then tell me you would have fired any of them knowing what you know now.

My point is I don’t think any of you know exactly what it is you are asking Hamilton to do. You are basically asking him to fire a legend and a Hall of Fame coach who has dedicated 32 years of his life to the program. Now look at that list of coaches one more time and name one coach on it that wasn’t treated with the respect they earned and weren’t allowed to retire when they decided for themselves it was time to go.

utnutt writes:


vols99#639914 writes:

The Vols have won their last game until they play
Louisiana-Lafayette. This could be there worst year ever.

vol4good#206163 writes:

I watched this game with hope in my heart. I wasnt disapointed. I wasnt looking for points or stops, only effort and heart. Bolden, Mayo, Rico, Ayers, and Berry showed some real heart on D last night. Ainge, Coker, Taylor, Brown and the entire O line showed great effort and real heart. Thats all I really want from the VOLS. I, like many here have been critical of Fullmer. But, I critisize his heart and effort more than winning or losing. I really dont mind TN losing, I simply despise, losing without heart and effort. I didnt see much heart against Florida or Cal. Mabye this team will ban together and find thier heart before the Bulldogs come a knocking. Oh and way to go kickoff coverage team.

TommyJack writes:

KingsportVol: I'm afraid you ain't seen nothin yet..

VOLnATL writes:

I said a couple of days ago that we were right there at the bottowm with Ole Miss. I was wrong - Ole Miss is better and almost beat the Gators. Great to have a win but but still a long way to go!

I love how some of you keep hanging onto the past. FP has served his purpos well for the school and it is now time to move to the future. The 90s are over and we need a young,fresh coach with innovative ideas to keep up with the game.

It was only ASU for God's sake! We will beat LL and Vandy to round out the season 4/8.

Go Vols and please prove me wrong!

Nashvolfan88 writes:

It's time for Coker to start at tailback. Anyone agree?

TNvolunteer writes:

A few things I noticed from the game:

1. When we play teams like Arkansas, the game will turn into a one-sided track meet..We still cant stop the run.

2. We are giving up too many big plays of 40 yards or more on defense.

3. We are still playing undersized DT's and getting pushed around by mid-majors.

4. Robert Ayers needs to start ahead of Antonio Reynolds.

5. Offensive line still cant get the run game going.

the game was much better than last week but we still have along way to go before UGA comes to town.

tigervol9802 writes:

A couple of things I saw that I liked -

1. When the defense applied pressure, they were forcing Ark State into mistakes. As bad as this defense has played, they are probably having a 90% success rate (turnover, inc pass, etc.) when Chief goes after the QB. We're giving up huge plays anyway, I don't see why we don't do it more.

2. The team actually did show effort last night. I have seen too many UT teams walk into a game like that and sleep through it.

That said, our tackling is still atrocious, I for the life of me can't figure out why our linemen play so high on both sides of the ball, and can we plase put someone other than Heffney back other than Heffney returning punts?

iowavol writes:

Let's forget about what decision Hamilton is going to make at the end of the year and focus on today. Good win, but four observatiions regarding getting better.

1. Do not throw another ball to Austin Rogers. Five dropped balls yesterday - close to 15 for the season. Yes two of the drops were well defended, but he had two hands on every ball.
2. Offensive line to finish their dang blocks. I watched almost exclusively what they were doing. Young is knocking the phooey out of his guy and then standing up. Several times, Coker and Foster hit the correct hole only to be shoe string tackled by the guy Young just knocked the phooey out of but while Young was standing and watching the play. Finish the damn block and put him on the frigging turf. Our running game will explode if they just do that.
3. Linebackers continue to lack discipline in playing their gaps. ASU would have had 100 less yards rushing, fewer points and less everything else, if our LB's will just play the gap. They are engaging the blockers too early and letting the RB pick a gaping hole. Fill your damn gaps.
4. Tackling improved but I noticed several times we had their RB stopped at or behind the line and Bolden or Williams were knocked off the tackle by another Vol defender. Same thing happened several times in the secondary. Stop tackling ourselves and focus on tackling the damn ball carrier.

Correct these four observations and we win this game by 50 points. They are correctable. By the way, keep Vinson on defense, he looked good. Several dropped interceptions by the defense but good coverage. Much improved in the secondary.

Good game - go vols.

Basketball_Jones writes:

PEOPLE IT WAS ARKANSAS STATE!!!! I knew this would happen, all those naysayers would chnage their attitude with this win.Now Fulmer and the Vols are back. I knew the boycott wouldn.t happen either, UT fans always have a glimmer of hope that their beloved Vols will some how turn it around adn the football gods will remove the Gators by losing 2 or 3 sec games and we'll miraculously beat a really good LSU team and play in the Sugar Bowl....


BuckFama writes:

O-boy - save your breath. These people talk about gameplans, but wouldn't know how to formulate a gameplan if their sad lives depended on doing so.

No job is simpler than being a Sunday-morning QB.

texan writes:

Oenoboy, You are so old school. Redo your research and see if you can manipulate the statistics in a way that makes sense for 2007. Oh and whoever told you that Mike Hamilton makes the big decisions at UT must be related to the mayor of Knoxville.

yeavols#228407 writes:

No defense= More losses...Good win though ..Always for the VOLS and ORANGE..but I am not for our coaches...sorry...

rootin4volz writes:

eVOL...Let's just leave Hardesty (Mr. East-West) on the bench...We're doing just fine in the backfield with Coker, Foster, and Creer...At least they run North-South and don't stand there dancing a jig while looking for a hole to run thru.
By the way, looked to me like all you "boycotters" didn't even really manage to put a dent in things. 102,348 for Ark State isn't that far from what one might expect. I predict your boycotting a***s will be sitting in the stadium on Oct. 6!

texan writes:

for all you realists in here ... some preliminary reading for the upcoming reality.

BainxGriffith writes:

hooray! we beat nobody! and nobody managed to score almost 30 points on us.

99gator writes:

i thought i would let you all know (as it may brighten your day) that every school has crazy fans. in florida chat rooms, people are actually spewing all kinds of venom, at players, coaches, mascots, etc, after a game florida won.

iowavol writes:

houtxvol, why in the world did you send me to that link? It was absolutely worthless and irrelevant. As for the Fulmer haters, I too want a coaching change, but enough is enough. You aren't posting anything new at this point just the same trite rantings. What needs to happen tomorrow and Hamilton is not going to replace Fulmer tomorrow.

Madkels writes:

For all of you who live in the past (1990's), Fulmer has served his purpose...but the game has passed him by. Today's game is different than when he played or became a coach. I don't see the fire or emotion from our coaches we need. That starts at the top. As much as I hate it...we need new ideas and blood.

rsarazen#221200 writes:

Arkansas State; Big Whoop! Coaching staff needs to go. If you can't compete with the Florida's and Cal's but can blast Arkansas State to some degree, maybe Fulmer & Company need to coach in the Sunbelt.

objk1#231846 writes:

Nashvolfan88 I agree.
Also, move Hardesty to LB.
Move Rogers to the slot.
***Move Foster to Fullback)***

MillisaAnn writes:

I agree with utnutt. The defense needs to get it together and do it before Oct 6th.

GreerVol22 writes:

big whoop. we beat a team we should have beaten, but were not "back" by any stretch. One thing is for sure...we won't lose next weekend for sure. Now, beat Georgia and some of this orange cool-aid thats going around may begin to taste a bit better.

buxavol writes:

I listened to the game while flipping between 'Bama-UGA & Ark-UK. All 4 of these are on our schedule. I see UT getting rolled in all 4.
South Carolina was respectable against LSU. Another loss for the Vols.
Vandy might be a win...maybe.
We'll liken Mississippi by the end of the year in that both bottom-dwellers for each division will reside in the same State.

texan writes:

Iowavol, "worthless and irrelevant" BS. People around here need to expand their knowledge base. UT will not be the only school looking for talented and motivated coaches. And unless you are convinced that the powers to be are only going to hire a good ole boy from within like in the past then it's wise to look around and get outside views. That is what Justice from the Houston Chron is pointing out, albeit for the Aggies, but the same is true for UT. Tell me you knew who Bruce Pearl was 3 years ago. Hell Hamilton didn't even know who he was.

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