UT-Georgia game set for 3:30 p.m.

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Tennessee's game against Georgia at Neyland Stadium on Oct. 6 will kick off at 3:30 p.m. and be televised by CBS (WVLT locally), the SEC announced Monday.

Tennessee leads the series 19-15-2, although Georgia has won the last three meetings at Neyland Stadium.

Other SEC games to be televised on Oct. 6: Florida at LSU (8:30 p.m., WVLT); Kentucky at South Carolina (7:30 p.m., ESPN) and Vanderbilt at Auburn (12:30 p.m., WVLT).

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Mclevenger1682 writes:

I'm just glad it is on TV. Out here in Phoenix. It is tought to catch my VOLS. Ya know being stuck in Pac-10 land. No worries, I'll bleed orange until my viens run dry!!! GO VOLS. Tennessee is my team, and Fulmer is their coach. So Fulmer has my support!!!

MiserableFloridaVol writes:

Who Cares? I'm ready for Basketball Season!

andy112382#209793 writes:

Talk about a fork in the road game, one path is recovery from a horrible start, the other is the path to the end of the current staff. I just hope they destroy the dawgs!


Hey, btw, briefly back to the coaching options, how close does everyone here think Trooper is to being a OC or HC? Just curious what everyone thought about that, I think he is an awesome coach/motivator/recruiter.

vegasvol writes:

I do. Hard to get our Vols in Vegas also. Here, everything is Mountain West.

yeavols#228407 writes:

I just watched the 2nd half of the Arkansas game on FSN this evening (no cover charge~replay). Um...The defense was shredded for big gains, accompanied by missed tackles. In 1 minute the Indians were at their end zone in 3 plays. Can you imagine when Georgia gets to town? I'll sign off and just wait until next year. Hope things get better for you VOLS! I'll tune back in for basketball season. No bowl game this year for me. I am tired of the Peach Bowl.

MiserableFloridaVol writes:

No kidding! Can you imagine going and losing in the Peach Bowl again?

andy112382#209793 writes:

The weird thing about our defense is how they have had streaks in each game where they were like a brick wall, heck, a significant portion of Floridas yards came on, what, 11 plays or something like that, they just completely melt down for a handful of plays during games and allow a 40+ yard pass to let the other team get a break and have a 1st down inside the 10 yd line.

I meant to ask this after the Florida game, but did anyone else wonder how on Gods green earth Florida gets so dang lucky when they play us? The plays I am talking about are like the ones where we had Tebow, he was falling down, any other day it is a sack but somehow he would just fling it out and get a 1st down! Just wondering who else noticed that, not saying that is why they won, but it sure helps!

BigUn writes:

If UGA has to pass the ball more than 10 times I would be surprised.

malfulmer writes:

It's good to have the game on TV thought it will be a blowout. I saw Ole Miss game and found Rebels were much more competitive against Gators than Vols. No way we can beat Georgia.

andy112382#209793 writes:

Just as there was no way we could beat them in 2004 and last season, huh?

ksteelescvol writes:

Does anyone know if Ainge played against GA in 2005 or did he ride the bench? We won two in Athens with him, some QB'S just do good when playing certain teams. Ainge vs GA, Peyton vs Bama, and anyone vs our current D... Still bleed orange... Lets beat those dawgs

nicksjuzunk#646117 writes:

andy112382: I think everyone loves Trooper. He has really motivated the groups that he has worked with from RB's to WR's.

I am not sure how qualified he is to be OC or HC but I think that he is well placed. Every team needs to have someone who can get in the face of the players and mix it up with them.

As a coordinator on gameday, he would be locked in the box and that would take away a lot of who he is.

As a HC, I think he would be too occupied with the game to interact directly with the players.

Now, it seems that he has the freedom to motivate which is what he needs to be doing.

What do you think?

eb502us#225637 writes:

Great, more embarassment on national tv.

Sheepscape writes:

Excellent Heartbreak Ridge reference.

orangebloodgmc writes:

Contain the kick returns and wrap 'em up!

One more thing: Ga likes a delayed release of an rb into a short pattern right in the middle ... bait 'em and then pounce on it.

Mclevenger1682 writes:

i AM SO FREAKING TIRED OF PEOPLE LIKE JWRAYMOND AND CRVOL!!!! Can you two go ahead and become LSU or USC fans all ready!?!?! Just hearing you two makes me hope Fulmer never gets fired. Just inspite of you two rejects!!

GreerVol22 writes:

Mclevenger, were you satisfied by the effort in Gainesville? Berkeley? Bowl game vs Penn State? any other ranked program we have played in the past 2 years?

I'm SO FREAKING TIRED OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT ENJOY "STAYING THE COURSE". Staying the course is doing nothing for my personal entertainment.

missrvrvol writes:

The UT game day experience is over for me as long as Fulmer remains. Tired of getting hyped up only to be let down. Will spend my Saturdays drinking whiskey and listening to Dave Matthews!
See ya!

CoverOrange writes:

Andy, I was thinking the same thing and posted the question about whether we were cursed. Include the Tebow pass with the Ainge/Foster handoff-fumble which they had been doing since the Cal game with no problems but screws up against Fla inside our own 10 when the OL actually had opened a hole for once. Add the Willingham slap on the head just before he is about to intercept and the ball bounces up perfectly into the Fla receivers hands (the receiver that slapped Willingham of course).

Mclev, not that I would or should presume to speak for CR or JW, but I believe they both are Vol fans come hell or high water just that they prefer to be in a boat on the high water. If they preferred a winner regardless of who that winner was they would have left years ago.

Sorry, JW, for the long post. It's hard to say something substantial in 10 words or less.

silentfan writes:

Here's some info that I gleaned from rivals.com.

4 year average SEC recruiting class rank...top twenty finishers only:

FL 6.25
GA 7.25
LSU 8.75
TN 10.10
AUB 12.75
AL 13.50

5 year average SEC recruiting class rank...top twenty finishers only:

FL 5.40
GA 7.00
LSU 7.20
TN 11.80
AUB 12.40
SC 19.20

I know that recruiting class rankings don't necessarily mean anything. One of the gurus (Wallace, I think.) even commented to USA Today that coaching and the system are more important (KY's average is over 50.), but this seemed like an interesting stat. Note that GA is #2 in the league in both periods. Make of it what you will.

silentfan writes:

Oh, and AL finished just out of the 5 year top 20 at 20.6.

Colliervol writes:

jw, that was more than one sentence! But it was a good start. Not one word denigrating Fulmer. Just stating your opinion and it was actually readable.

silentfan writes:

Yeah, there are others, but fewer than I thought. Banks, for instance, was a 5* QB, Heath Benedict a 4* OL, David Holbert a 4* RB. I wasn't sure about 2 or 3 others. Most of the 4* or better recruits have actually contributed significantly thusfar, except for the 07 class, of course.

Yeah, it seems that at least 7 of the league's teams are consistently getting sufficient talent to win. If you count ARK at number 25, that would make 8.

RangerForSix writes:

Ainge is 2-0 -v- 'Georgia'. He didn't play a down in the 2005 game. He was healthy in Neyland that day... and he just watched the entire game? (a strange year) He's 2-0 versus 'Alabama' too. Also 2-0 against 'Kentucky'.
1-0 against 'Vandy', '2-0 or 2-1' against 'South Carolina'.(not sure if he started against USC in 2005?)
He's done "very well" against every SEC team he's played against, except Auburn his freshman year and LSU his Sophomore year. He's the last QB to lead UT from behind in the 4th quarter, to beat Florida. He/We haven't beat them since. (they're very good)
That's DAWG gone 'good quarterbacking' in those SEC games mentioned above; except the two...

GO VOLS, let's have '10-11 guys catch a ball' against Georgia. It's nice to complete passes to 8-11 guys, every game. It's much tougher to scout and tougher to defend. The offense just needs to pick up the tempo 'a little bit'...35 points a game, needs to become 40-something a game, for us to win consistently....
"The 'defense' must improve 'greatly' for us to win out though. The special teams are improving each game. Both our place kicker and our punter are playing excellent"
"I trust 'the Chief' to figure out how to get the 'right players' on the field, to stuff the run 'and' prevent the big play. He's done it many times before!

Team Stay Together!


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