Crews suspended for rules violations

Tennessee sophomore Duke Crews has been suspended indefinitely from the men’s basketball team for violations of team rules.

Vols coach Bruce Pearl made the announcement in a university release Wednesday night.

A source close to the situation told the News Sentinel there is more than one reason for Crews’ suspension, but the reasons do not involve academics or an arrest or police citation.

Crews will continue to work out and weight train in the UT facilities, but he will not be allowed to do so with the team.

Crews, the source said, has been put on notice that his next misstep with the Vols will be his last.

“Duke is a very intelligent student-athlete but has made some poor decisions,” Pearl said in the release. “It is in his, as well as the team’s, best interest that he is suspended at this time.”

Crews’ suspension likely eliminates him from competing for an opening night starting job, leaving Ryan Childress, Wayne Chism and Tyler Smith in competition for the starting power forward and center positions.

Freshman center Brian Williams is working hard to find a spot in the rotation but is not ready to start.

Crews, who is from Hampton, Va., averaged 8.4 points and 5.1 rebounds. He led the Vols in blocked shots (32) and field goal percentage (.518) en route to All-SEC Freshmen honors.

The Vols begin play this fall with an exhibition game against California (Penn.) on Nov. 2 at Thompson-Boling Arena. Their season opener is Nov. 9 at home against Temple.

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doctorvol#211700 writes:

I had hoped for the last month that he would straighten up and this outcome be avoided, but, obviously, that did not turn out to be. Hopefully, Ramar will avoid a similar fate.. They certainly have been given chances.

DenmarkVol_aka_Mbumburu writes:

Unbelievable. What could possibly be going through these kids' heads when they do something that jeopardizes their futures? How many other kids are out there who would give their right gonad to be given a chance like Duke Crews?

yeavols#228407 writes:

When it rains it pours...I better re-think replacing the football season with basketball season..This is sending me into orbital psycho laden depression. IS there anything I can believe in at UT? Oh wait, I can..ticket prices going up.

scvols writes:

He is supended indefinitely, that means to the 2nd or 3rd game.

Colliervol writes:

I was going to say, plasticman. Did Major leave his stash in Knoxville for somebody to guard? Guess it'll come out sooner or later.

SCVols, that might be true but it's better than John Calipari. He "permanently" suspended Jeremy Hunt but then let him come back to play his senior year because he needed an experienced guard. When is "permanent" not permanent? When you play for Coach Cal.

vol4good#206163 writes:

Wonder if Duke is kin to Mike Vick? Come on Duke have a beer, lay off the hippie lettuce.

Feared_Mustang_Package writes:


You better cite that Jim Rome reference. APA format please.

vol4good#206163 writes:

Sorry bout that FMP. You are totally correct. Please forgive me.

Feared_Mustang_Package writes:


i was just messing man, but seriously they need to chill on the hippie lettuce (Jim Rome, 2007)

ZacharyUTK writes:

That's not APA. That's Chicago style.

Hunter writes:

Uh, since when was it published that this is a drug thing? How about we not jump to rash conclusions because you are a self-perceived "Vol insider" and let facts come out if they need to. Perhaps we could just let Bruce handle discipline and keep our mouths shut....

DannyVol writes:


He got indefinitely suspended for something, so in the grand scheme of things let's hope it's nothing more serious. It probably was weed though.

By the way, are you a "Vol insider"? Do you play golf with Coach Pearl? You're the one calling him "Bruce".

Feared_Mustang_Package writes:

Mary Jane is not an addictive drug. Repeat it is not an addictive drug.

texan writes:

yea, yea, yea...all you guys will stand up, scream forgive and forget at the same time the first time he blocks a shot this season. Sounds to me that most of you hurt more for yourselves than for this kid.

andefromtn#212139 writes:

Some athletes never get it. Their abilities in a sport earns them a ticket to college but their maturity level or character isn't up to the rigors of the task. Let's hope Duke can dig deep to find the solutions he needs to be successful, not only at UT but also in life. The NBA may or may not be in his future but if he does the things Coach Pearl and his professors ask of him a college degree is in his future and that will open many doors for him.

gvegasvol writes:

Fire Fulmer!

TNvolunteer writes:

I have a few contacts who work security for knoxville college and from what they have told me in the past that Duke Crews and Ramar Smith were frequent visitors to the hood campus. On a couple of occassions, Coach Pearl had to be called to come get them...On his last trip, he said next time do what you have to do to take care of the situation.

Ironcity writes:

I love Pearl however I would bet even money that this is a mandatory suspenion similar to the one Coker got. Pearl is like every other coach in basketball, he will give the kids every opportunity he can. Losing a starter in basketball is the equivalent to losing 4 starters in football.

GreerVol22 writes:

Thugism, Thugalist, Thugareno, The Thugster....I would hate to be the rest of the team, because the chewing that Pearl is going to give them is as bad as anything a Paris Island Sgt. could hand out. Don't go easy an any of them coach, make 'em run stairs until Thanksgivig or let 'em quit.

volunteerTY23 writes:

it could be worse, it could be c-lo or tyler or wayne, anyway he'll be back by like the 3rd or 4th game, and also ryan will be there to back up wayne, i'm not worried about it.

mloaks#222092 writes:

Legalize it.

dgarland1#214014 writes:

One offense is a drug thing, another is something far more serious. Hope it can be worked out, but there is no guaranty.

BornaVolDieaVol writes:

At least he didn't go as far as Josh Heitvelt from Gonzaga. That dude got caught with shrooms last year.

pabashia#208095 writes:

You can take the guy outta Hampton, but you can't take the Hampton outta the guy.

See: Vick, Michael; Iverson, Allen.

I do hope for his sake he realizes that it's time to grow up.

McIntireIMP writes:

the reason they didn't find Duke's shrooms was because he had already given them to some underage girls. atleast that's Mike Hamilton told me.

goeltzd#649642 writes:

Its better to cut bait than fish in a polluted stream.

bUTchVFL writes:

Consequences to your actions. Good job coach Pearl.

DannyVol writes:

Yes, he probably smoked some's been popular among college kids for about three generations now. Doesn't make it right or legal, but out of 15 or so college students you are going to find that.

Smoking dope alone does not make anyone a "thug" etc. There are just as many kids from the suburbs smoking that phooey.

Because he smoked some weed, some of you, like hiresanders, want him thrown off the team? What???
That is crazy. Would you throw your own kid out of the house if you found out they had experimented with pot? Sure, you would have every right to be mad and disappointed, but to throw them out would be idiotic.

By the way, if you are going to advocate someone being thrown off the team, at least complete two sentences in a row without mispelling words. Even most potheads can do that.

bigbluevol writes:

Nothing in this article indicates drugs. Brent Hubbs on Volquest said:
Crews suspended indefinitely
Brent Hubbs Editor
Talk about it in The General's Quarters
Tennessee sophomore forward Duke Crews has been suspended indefinitely by head coach Bruce Pearl for a violation of team rules.

"Duke is a very intelligent student-athlete but has made some poor decisions," Pearl said in a statement. "It is in his, as well as the team's, best interest that he is suspended at this time."

In talking to those close to the program, this suspension is from Pearl and not from the University. In other words, Crews has not received an automatic suspension by the University for a violation of any policy including substance abuse. I am also told that the suspension was not a result of any arrest or incident with authorities.

I am told that this suspension results from a compilation of events and actions dating back as far as last year.

Before returning to the team and the program, Crews has "several" things he must do that have been laid out to him from Pearl. And I am told that Crews has put himself in jeopardy as a Vol if he makes another "poor" decision.

A sophomore forward from Hampton, Va., Crews averaged 8.4 points and 5.1 rebounds while leading the Vols in blocked shots (32) and field goal percentage (.518) as a true freshman in 2006-07.

cdldoc#211897 writes:

Good thing they don't test everyone in law and medical school for weed, there would be a national shortage of the professions. Or maybe they do now? Soon there will be a "beer test" and college will die for lack of students.

UTFAN1993 writes:


doctorvol#211700 writes:

I really detest the idea that we can get along without him. Once we have cheered for these guys who have worn the Orange, they are ours until/unless they do something really egregious or harmful to others. Doing something immature, as may be the case here, does not warrant our throwing in the towel on him. i sincerely wish him well, and, in turn, maybe many will benefit.

goeltzd#649642 writes:

I know people who have smoked dope for 40 years -
And they're not addicted yet!

UTFAN1993 writes:

Goeltzd...personal experience?

goeltzd#649642 writes:

I don't remember.

juicetke#226846 writes:

Who will discipline Bruce Pearl:

God I guess.

AccurateOne writes:

Many years ago before I moved to Knoxville I became disheartened by college athletics. I worked at a national sports nutrition store where the constant streams of college athletes coming in to buy goldenseal root. It clouds the results on urine samples. (Maybe the tests have gotten better and it is no longer effective?) I realized that 1.)the coaches must not care and 2.) college athletics sets a huge double standard for the athletes. It is no wonder you see some big time athletes struggle in their careers and personal lives later. In the real world if someone who works for a Fortune 500 company gets caught doing these things there would be serious repercussions. I believe in 2nd chances, however most of the time when it come to college athletics the punishment is almost always insufficient to the crime. The athletes know that there are other colleges that will pick them up. Until there is a standardization of punishment in college athletics you will always have athletes who will live on the edge knowing if it doesn't work at one place they can just move on.

agentorange writes:

buy a whizzanator, duke. jb and onterrio can tell you where.

vol98 writes:

It's funny to read those UK fans' post. They really hate Coach P, but I guess losing does that. At least someone mentioned that they look fake, because they do. I don't know if they are, but I hope so. Hopefully this wasn't the 'team' building they were doing in Europe, while the poor guys were on some scavenger hunt.

murrayvol writes:

Losing Crews last year would have been tough. Not so tough this year. Hope he cleans up his act so we can go 10 deep in the rotation. If not, nine will be fine.

cagntn writes:

Hey Duke Tell Coker it is supposed to be puff puff give not puff puff puff puff puff puff......

garyloks writes:

Come on everybody. We know how college is. He's a basketball player. He stands out and I'm sure he has the locals and even other students saying..."Duke, come on, man, I got some of that fire sh*t..." And I'm here to tell you, if you don't already know...temptation is a Motha. (That is if this is really about weed.)

But, I look at it this way...that's one less person Tyler has to compete with for a starting position. I grew up in Pulaski and I knew Mr. Billy Smith. I'm here to tell you all, he was one class act. So, I'm kind of bias here. But, I would really like to see Tyler do good. Plus, look at what the kid had to go through just to get here.

I really think he would take a lot of heat off of Chris. Can you imagine Chris and Tyler ripping it up? Man, I can't wait till basketball season!!!!

If Tyler gets in there and work out like I know he can, after the first game, we all will be like "Duke who?"

This message goes out to Duke:
Duke, you really need to get it together. College can be the best time in your life, if you don't F it up. Plus, I don't know if you know this, but, you are part of something SOOO BIG right now, that if you f this up, it will forever haunt you.

One Love

eefor10c writes:

cr & jw, this is about basketball, not football. Its Pearl's athlete, not Fulmers. Oops, guess I just figured you two matter what the article is, you have to spew your anti-Vol and anti-Fulmer venom.

BluetickBlues writes:

These fools can't help but smoke. Go Duke, burn one down so both you and your career can go up in smoke.

yeavols#228407 writes:

Don't bogart that joint my friend..we might as well ALL takes the pain away..Don't hate the player..hate the game..=)

tenndave writes:

It is not addictive! It is not Addictive! It is not ADDICTIVE!, But why can't they give it up? BUT WHY CAN'T THEY GIVE IT UP! WHY NOT WHY NOT WHY NOT???????

hueypilot writes:

What scientists don't know about addiction would fill volumes if not entire rooms of libraries. Ask some friends of Bill W if they think mj is addictive and you might get a different answer than the Atlantic Monthly's "study."

DSaVol writes: it true that your only SOURCE is eavesdropping on others conversations? Or were you to busy prepping for that all important football Report Card to actually talk to BP? Just wondering....

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