Crompton to have surgery on throwing elbow after spring practice

Tennessee junior quarterback Jonathan Crompton is scheduled to undergo surgery on his right, throwing elbow shortly after spring practice concludes.

The procedure is to remove a loose particle and has been deemed minor by doctors.

The recovery time for such a surgery is three to six weeks, meaning Crompton should return to full participation by early June when UT begins its summer workouts.

The heir apparent to departed starter Erik Ainge, Crompton has received painkillers in the elbow this spring once it was determined no damage could be done.

The Vols are implementing a new offensive system this spring under new coordinator Dave Clawson.

Crompton underwent shoulder surgery to remedy a torn labrum shortly after arriving on campus in 2005. Crompton returned to full form in 2006 after redshirting.

UT has four more practices this spring, culminating with the Orange and White Game on April 19.

More details as they develop online and in Saturday’s News Sentinel.

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GreerVol22 writes:

Oh, so thats why he had all those interceptions in scrimmage. Seriously, tough luck, get well soon.

nivatne writes:

Why does it seem all of our starters are haveing surgery now? This is a very auspicious start to football....get well soon so we can win some games!!!

jimr07 writes:

this is truly disturbing why can't we keep our players healthy? we seem to have more than our share of injuries. at least we can see what the other two can do now.

GreerVol22 writes:

by the way, remember a QB named Ainge? Since the Cal game, he played with a busted shoulder if I remember correctly, and was still better than Crompton at full strength. Hmmm, like jimr07, I hope these other two start showing out.

alfrizzle097 writes:

Let the coaches worry about it...
Crompton is supposed to be back by the start of summer workouts. Regardless, he has been with the team four years now. With the new system the mental aspect is more important for him than the physical. Just work twice as hard on learning the offense.

BOASoldier writes:

I thought Ainge had a broken pinky finger during and after the Cal game. I thought it was the Notredame game a few years back that messed up his shoulder and took away his confidence that led to him getting rid of the football as soon as it touched his hands as not to get hit. I don't consider it toughness when you lose it every time adversity hits you at the end of a game, and you start throwing insane passes.... SEE TN vs. LSU when ainge was playing.

jplummartin#251724 (Inactive) writes:

qwerty6969, I am right there with you on our strength program. Our tean has been manhandled many times and been injury prone since Stucky has been gone. That is one coaching position that needs a change in the worst way.

vscebail#247785 writes:

Uh-oh, Here goes the injury bug again... Peerless Price, Jamal Lewis, Al Wilson --- Oh, that's right - those guys all won a national championship!

volroadwarrior writes:

It's Fulmer's fault!!!!

orangebloodgmc writes:

Y'all overreact. We know football is a contact sport, injuries happen, people get over them and move forward, as will Crompton.

tenndave writes:

Has anyone posted that his interceptions this spring may be because of the D he is facing rather than bad throws. I don't know about you but Moreley and Berry in the same secondary is scary.

Gigavol writes:

He is a tough guy to play through this during Spring Practice! Crompton is DA FUTURE!

waterskier3#226480 writes:

well good or bad he is what we have.... i'm not sure how he will perform because i was unimpressed in the games he played but more reps means more exp which should show on the field.... I just hope for once our coaches got his talent correct when they recruited him....... we will need an upgrade at QB to have any chance at a BCS bowl... ainge choked and was soft..


GerryOP writes:

Some of you guys need to grow up and get a life. Like orangebloodgmc said, football is a contact sport, injuries happen...

adamsck#591720 writes:

This is not the injury Clausen had.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Time marches on. We may have a red-headed signal caller. Is there another Cooter lurking to lead us to the heights the General refers to?

Methinks Lady Luck is stroking her chin deciding now what fate awaits us in 140 or so days. It will be interesting. Good luck, Crompton, with the surgery.

All is well.

CoverOrange writes:

Wasn't Jamal Lewis on the sidelines with a knee injury the year we won the NC?

Unlike the Cutcliffe years, I don't think Clawson needs a super high quality QB to make his offense go.

VOLS85 writes:

An aside, but Mike Hamilton is on the money hungry move again. In an article released in the Daily Beacon today, it has been stated that students will be required to pay for football tickets next year.

A $90 charge for 7 games has been levied without the consultation of SGA or any other governing body. They have not removed the built in student activity fee, which was the athletic department's charge that's included in tuition, allowing students to enter games for free.

Sketchy behind the back move at best...

utchris writes:

There is absolutely no merit to blame the Strength and Conditioning Staff for these injuries. Coach Long knows what he is doing (he learned from Stucky after all) and is very well respected within the profession.

The injury that Crompton has is a wear and tear type injury. It is not due to a contact play or due to something in the weight room. It is a simple surgery and with our excellent Training Staff, JC will be healthy by summer. He wont be able to throw for a while, but that will not limit him from studying the playbook and learning the offense.

FWBVol writes:

Evaluating high school talent is one of the toughest things for a coach to do. It's easy for some recruiting talking head to give a guy 4 or 5 stars when he doesn't have to win games with the kid, but it's another thing for Phillip Fulmer or any other head coach to evaluate how a kid fits into the system.

Go back 5 or 10 years and look at the top 100 recruits in the country and in any given year 30-50 of them never live up to the hype. Some are complete bust and others just have average careers.

Some kids were never injured in high school, and didn't learn how to deal with things. When the get to college they have their first injury and it gets in their minds and they become injury prone.

I believe Crompton's a tough guy. I think he can play quarterback for us. I give the young man credit for sticking it out behind Ainge. There are some guys that would have transfered. Crompton waited his turn and now this is his team. I believe he'll get the elbow cleaned up and do just fine.

VOLS85 writes:

If I do recall, our men's basketball program found a way to sell out more games this year than ever. Are we not generating revenue there? Why is it that UT students go from paying nothing to paying above average for tickets.

I think some people are forgetting that students are not the highest revenue generating part of the population. They are, however, the ones who are encouraged to donate to the athletic department after graduation, just to get on the list to buy season tickets. Now how are those students encouraged to pay for tickets in the future, when they cannot enjoy the experience as a student?

Fees are as such for our competitors:

Florida: $70 a season
Georgia: $48 a season
LSU: $84 a season
South Carolina/Vandy: Free

Also, none of these students, to my knowledge, pay an activities fee that goes towards student tickets (UT students still have to pay that fee). Forget the fact that we have the largest attendance of any school in the conference in football, and second in men's basketball.

I think this really takes away from our experience as students, and as workinlikeheck stated (though I don't usually agree with him, i do this time), we're going to have really light attendance as a result for the lower tier games, a la kentucky, vandy, wyoming, etc...

VOLS85 writes:

Also, I am not upset about the football team's expenses, I am fully aware that this goes to all of the athletic department, I'm just upset that a privilege has been taken away without consultation that really adds to the experience of being a student at The University of Tennessee.

FLAVOLS writes:

That would be an outright slap in the face of current UT students if the Athletic dept. were to begin charging them to attend games. Is the University of Tennessee Athletic Department struggling to get by so much that they have to do this? Now the student activity fee is for what?

Volunatic writes:

Vol85-- the student attendance at the lower tier games is pretty poor anyway. While I disagree with many of the decisions made by AD Mike "Hamiltons and Franklins", this one could actually work out better for attendance, by making those unused student tickets available to the general public much earlier.

TommyJack writes:

The sky is not falling. No need to fire the muscle coach. Elbow chips are common with athletes that make thousands of throws (see major league baseball). John Smoltz has had 711 chips removed from elbow and can still bring it in the 90's. Sometimes fate is the culprit. Some of you mopes want to find a goat to bbq.
Crompton should be fine. If not, there are 2 other guys that show promise.
At least The Claw is not bound by promises to parents, uncles, etc as to whom he will play.

VOLS85 writes:

Spam - I just want to point out that the loudest part of the stadium can be found, where else, but the student section. This is about the experience, and many students will not have that luxury now, and I think it's a shame. There is a large outrage on campus today about this situation, because it has not once been discussed with the students how we could reach an alternative. I feel bad that others won't be able to experience what I did as a student...

givehim6 writes:

Good news in coming new players, you might get a chance to be a starter! Never mind you are a back-up, just give it some time those starters will go down in due time. We might want to use that as a recruiting tool. ( a sad HAHA ) Get well soon guys.

beachvol writes:

Given the high cost of college, I can't see an optional $90 fee for 7 games as that significant. Compared to the cost of a regular ticket, I'd say the activites fee is still discounting it tremendously.

I checked UF real fast, and there is definitely an activities fee. It's $8.16/credit hr., which would be almost $200 for a student taking 24 hrs. two semesters. As far as Florida's $70 fee (which will likely be higher this year), I know there is a student lottery to see which students will even have the opportunity to buy those tickets.

I'd rather see the $90 charged to students who want to go to the games rather than increasing tuition or the activity fee for all students.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

TJ, did TDTN promise Dupree he could play last year?

Did Clawson take down the "Stay the Course" sign in his Office?

Are $$$$$$ needed to fix the roof at Stokely?

Volchaz writes:

Coleman was going to overtake the starting spot after the spring game anyways. Crompton will get healthy, and make an excellent backup to B.J. for the next two years..

TommyJack writes:

Kingsport: Exactly. For any good he did here, I can never forget that he allowed an INJURED Ainge to keep "leading" that team. I'm not even convinced that a healthy Ainge would have been the solution, but to keep JC on the bench was unforgivable IMO. Ainge family must have had some good poloroids....never mind.

PD: Lest I be way wrong about Clawson, the sign is down.

THE_VOL writes:

EXCUSES! EXCUSES! EXCUSES! They're already starting! The Perfect Storm II is brewing again! This program is a joke and Crompton will never be a significant factor!

jimr07 writes:

THE_VOL--why am i not surprised at your vicious and negative comments. not a down has been played and you are already spreading the doom and gloom. why can't you find a florida or georgia blog to trash the vols. you are THE_JOKE

wagee12 writes:

Distinct possibility that elbow injury could be after effect of shoulder shoulder which caused altered throwing motion for some time. I think that BJ Coleman will be the better quarterback anyway!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Doldrums having terrible time with settling this program down. They keep trying. Maybe no more news will pop up to settle or rile the faithful.

Ready for spring here on the farm.

GerryOP writes:

Hey pd, it's hard to keep a good faithful down. Seems like there's always something to arg ... er ... debate about.

Spring a little late in your neck of the woods?

invisiblekid writes:

Did I misread your post or did you say something about bbq goat fritters TommyJack?

invisiblekid writes:

Kidding around aside, this surgery with Crompton doesn't sound like a major issue. As far as who takes snap #1 at UCLA, I still expect it will be Crompton. If the CEO's comments are to be taken at face value, then Stephens and Coleman still have work to do.

"Jonathan had good command of the scrimmage, the clock and huddle … The other two quarterbacks are just learning," Fulmer said of sophomore Nick Stephens and redshirt freshman B.J. Coleman. "They're a work in progress right now."

Interesting write-up on Nick Stephens GerryP, thanks for the link.

WestTennVol writes:

Alot of people on here should remember two years ago when Crompton came in to replace Ainge, who had an ankle injury, and almost beat a VERY good LSU secondary complete with Laron Landry and all their excellent seniors from this year,who will be playin pro-ball very soon. If not for two HORRIBLE 'no-holding' calls we in fact would have won the game...this was a Crompton with no starts and two less years of experience who came out and played a very toughed hard-nosed game. What it boils down to is NEW OFFENSE vs. John Chavis defence with renewed attitude (al la the secondary) Crompton has a gamer attitude and natural ability, please don't nay say until they have plenty of time to get comfortable...

cdldoc#211897 writes:

We still got THE GUN.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Gen F - poster may roil and rail but a good fritter always brings a smile. Wonder how long it will take glazed to make a comeback?

GerryOP, we've had enuf rain to make me start back on the ark plans. A little bird told me that this fall will be volatile. Kind remarks among the faithful will be volant. Hatches will be battened down.

GerryOP writes:

pd, I suspect you are right -- volatile indeed. I predict that by 10/1 lines will be drawn, sides will be formed, and the bandwagon will be looking for passengers. Between a green QB, a new offense, and a lack of D-behemoths defending our honor, it could be a tad ugly. Hope not, but...

RE: The Ark -- don't forget the unicorns

TommyJack writes:

Kid: Never had a bad fritter.

RJ_Vol writes:

Question(not meant to be criticism): Is the rash of injuries to our top players due to the speed of play, poor conditioning, the wrong conditioning, not giving student-atheletes time to heal, or something I didn't mention. Seems like we've had more than our fair share to our top student-atheletes recently...Schaeffer, multiple-Ainge, Meachem, Mayo, Foster, Poole, McNeil, Vinson, Karl, etc.

TommyJack writes:

RJ_: Don't have stats, but I suspect we're within the norm with other programs.

RJ_Vol writes:

TommyJack. I follow the Vols(obviously) more closely and I indeed may have a skewed view to this. However, IMHO we just seem to lose our star players earlier in the season. But you're right, we need stats in order to justify this one way or another. As I think about it, our schedule is front-loaded with more tough games which may contribute to losing players early and cause more chronic injuries. Plus, it's not like these guys are taking ballet lessons! They're having a car wreck with every hit. That might have something to do with it as well.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

TJ 8:43- Could you explain in less than 1000 words exactly what the norm is for this program?

Has it shifted from could and did to should and "get 'em next year"?

cdldoc#211897 writes:

Is Eric Berry tearing up this offensive team and injuring anyone who can touch the ball?

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