Smokey on ballot for Mascot Hall of Fame

The University of Tennessee athletic department announced that Smokey has been included on the nominee ballot for the Mascot Hall of Fame.

Smokey is one of six mascots considered for the collegiate inductee class of 2008.

Fans can cast their votes at beginning Monday. Voting will continue through Sept. 12.

The other finalists are Cocky of the University of South Carolina, Otto of Syracuse, Sebastian the Ibis of the University of Miami, St. Joseph University’s The Hawk and Stanford University’s Stanford Tree.

The Mascot Hall of Fame was created in 2005 to recognize the art and skill of great characters whose performances have entertained generations and have inspired their teams and communities. Previous inductees include Auburn University’s Aubie and Ohio State University’s Brutus Buckeye.

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Comments » 33

ladivolfan writes:

You Go Smokey! And hats off to all that have shared the role with Excellence - including those of the four-legged sort.

bobbarbilly writes:

Smokey, it looks like the competition consists of 3 birds, an ancient indian and a TREE of all things and we all know what you can do to the tree.
Go Smokey!!!!!!!

govolsfan#214750 writes:

We need to make sure our boy wins guys. Lets vote like crazy.

SemperVol writes:

Smokey will probably get snuffed by Charles Woodson.

I, for, one will email this to all of my correspondence. We're behind you, dog. Smokey's one-in-a-million.

SemperVol writes:

Surely we can beat a tree.

What is Otto? Is he like an orange or something?

GoVol writes:

Syracuse fans can't even spell OTTO backwards correctly, so how do you expect them to vote?

Lord don't put the chicken in the HOF!

ukkrazy#337000 writes:

bobbarbilly: Smokey should definitely mark his territory and that tree is a good place to start!

Go Smokey, go! After winning the national Mascot award last winter (February, I think--same time the dance team won the national competition), this should be a no brainer. But I still intend to send this to all my email buddies to vote!

CoverOrange writes:

Obviously, someone has waaaay too much time on their hands.

SemperVol writes:

Whatever do you mean TurboFan? The Mascot Hall of Fame is a heralded institution consisting of only the finest.

volnbig11land writes:

Agree SemperVol, I hope ESPN doesn't have anything to do with who wins....

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Wonderful 7.4 ******** doldrum article. Pace is picking up.

ggriggs939#223122 writes:

Provide the full details of Smokey's selection and he will go in hands down.

Waldorf writes:

Is Big Red in?

Rebelsfball2008 writes:

i swear if we loose to a tree

voloffaith writes:

naftoff.... lets see that is Charles Woodson(I'm not as gleefull as you for a non-vol) versus Peyton Manning(who you strongly dislike due to his lack of sufficient tan.) This again shows your prejudicial thinking out loud to all. When you can actually embrace someone of another color nicely we will start to think of you credibly. Until then you are a sad, misguided person who only sees good from one color and no other.

There is no joy in Mudville with that mindset.

Maybe Mr. King considers us ,but it appears lightly.

voloffaith writes:

Smokey should win right naffy? No way he is BLUE! Close ,but skin tone not proper match. I for one will vote for our beloved blue tick hound mascot!

Waldorf writes:

nafs -

Using your logic, should Dorsey have won the Heisman in 2007?

In 2006 how about Chris Leak?

Vince Young in 05?

Was Matt Leinert worthy enough in 04?

bobbarbilly writes:

naf, reading some of your posts leads me to believe that your head must have caught fire sometime when you were a child and your mother beat out the fire with a skillet.

cobbwebb writes:

HOW THE HECK IS AUBURNS MASCOT IN THE HALL BEFORE SMOKEY? these guys dont even know what their mascot is. is it a tiger, an eagle , or a plainsman? what a joke aubbie the tiger, let me guess the big orange ball from the cuse will get in over smokey, what the heck is it anyway?

cobbwebb writes:

i cant wait for articles talking about snot bubbles and blood flows , once the games begin

cobbwebb writes:

and pads starta poppin

SemperVol writes:

Naffy, buddy.

Charles Woodson was responsible for 4 scores, 8 interceptions in 1997. Other than that he had a mediocre year returning punts (8yd avg.)Not bad, true. He had 8 interceptions because he was the lucky recipient of wayward passes tossed up by QB's under pressure from Michigan's line. (Side note: Elbert Mack of Troy had 8 interceptions last year-whoo hoo). He was a good athlete, yes....but not the best that year. You know that.

Because of him, the Heisman has lost luster. But, alas, I am thankful now that Manning did not win this curse. It is an overrated, subjective, irrelevant piece of metal. I feel bad for all of those deserving athletes.

I don't think Manning has room for it on his trophy shelf, anyway.

bobbarbilly writes:

Yeah!! What Sempervol said.

voloffaith writes:

Naffy is a demented(apparently) little man who feels empowered by bloggersville. He can say what he wants with reverse racism and has no one to be accountable to. His only crime most times is he is often off topic.

No comment about Smokey on this article for instance. So until the blog watchers come down for that he will roam aimlessly spewing his racist remarks(remember those are not justified regardless of records) to evidently his own delight. Yet forgetting what goes around comes around.

One day the light my come on with the help of God's Holy Spirit too enlighten as to his plight and need for forgiveness from God and then the ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness from those offended . There is hope that is colorblind for He made all the races Himself.

Smokey is important, but not in the final evaluation b4 your maker.

OrangeAppeal writes:


It's guys like you that ensure the left side of the bell curve remains balanced with those of us on the right. I'd like to personally thank you for that!

Waldorf writes:

nafs is using standard reverse racism tactics.

Don't fall for his phooey. I got $100 that says he's never set foot into Neyland Stadium in his life.

He's a pathetic waste of oxygen.

Waldorf writes:

By the way nasf -

Why could Brent Schaefer never lock down the starting QB job at Ole Miss if he was so good?

OrangeAppeal writes:

There's no such thing as "reverse racism". If you discriminate based on race (no matter the race), it's racism -- period.

bobbarbilly writes:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...Go Smokey!!!

pammyvol1000 writes:

Smokey!! We love you dude.. Good Luck!

jimr07 writes:

nafslov--quit sucking your thumb, wetting your bed and please grow up

jimr07 writes:

nafslov---Charles who? Is he still playing?
Oh, by the way, i did not post anything four days ago. have not posted in several weeks.

voloffaith writes:

I wondered if you might change my color to make me acceptable. Samuel Jackson came up under my search on Jules Winnfield. So my tan just improved 100% without any suntan lotion or expensive hotel at the beach. Thanks Sir Nafslov!!

Smokey you duh ma..oops..Mascot!!

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