Foster diagnosed with bone bruise

Fulmer: Senior tailback should be ready soon

Tennessee football coach Phillip Fulmer revealed that starting tailback Arian Foster has been diagnosed with a bone bruise following an MRI this week.

The bruise is thought to be the cause of persistent soreness in the senior's right knee that caused him to miss a handful of practices.

Fulmer said sidelining Foster was only precautionary and the ailment shouldn't limit him any further in fall camp.

"It doesn't look like anything else; that's good," Fulmer said.

Foster didn't practice Tuesday morning but returned for the afternoon session as the Vols held their first two-a-day practice of fall camp. Foster practiced for eight or nine periods during the afternoon session, Fulmer said.

"In football, you get banged up but you've got to come back out there and play," Foster said.

Fulmer said he'd like to get Foster some more full-contact work before the end of preseason camp. UT opens the season Sept. 1 at UCLA.

Foster participated in UT's first full-contact scrimmage of camp on Aug. 6.

"I'd like him to get some live snaps either Saturday or next Thursday," Fulmer said, referring to UT's next two scheduled scrimmages.

Foster agreed that the work is needed.

"Everybody needs a little contact work," said Foster, who was wearing a long protective sleeve on his right leg during the morning practice.

Moving Men: If you consider his movement on the depth chart, Rod Wilks may be the fastest receiver ever at UT.

Wilks' most recent move was from safety to strongside linebacker, just days after he was moved from receiver to safety.

"Rod's so blessed he could play a lot of places," Fulmer said.

Wilks wasn't the only in-state prospect from the 2008 class to switch positions Tuesday. Fellow freshman Ben Bartholomew moved from linebacker to tight end/H-back.

"Both of them looked pretty good out there this morning," Fulmer said.

Whatever position Wilks ends up playing, it seems unlikely he'll redshirt this season.

"He's a good athlete and we think he could help us - at least on special teams," Fulmer said.

Tight Ends' Tough Start: The Vols' tight ends corps is looking more depleted than deep.

Following a return to action early in preseason practice, Jeff Cottam found himself sidelined for several days as he overcomes a leg fracture that has been slow to heal.

Fulmer said he's not sure when Cottam will return, but hinted that the senior might not be ready for the season opener.

"We've got a plan to go on and not have him early," Fulmer said.

As for sophomore Brandon Warren, Fulmer had no update on his appeal to the SEC and NCAA to play this season.

Freshman tight end Aaron Douglas' contact was limited again as soreness set in on his surgically repaired shoulder. Fulmer said the former Maryville star should be fine and is close to full contact.

"If he has a good week, he'll be turned loose Saturday or Monday," Fulmer said.

Linebacker Lingo: Moving Wilks to strongside linebacker had nothing to do with the play of seniors Nevin McKenzie and Adam Myers-White.

"It's a good position of competition," Fulmer said. "I do want a young guy coming - if we can get that."

Fulmer said freshman Herman Lathers has shown flashes at strongside 'backer. Fulmer said he also was pleased with the improvement of redshirt freshman Chris Donald, mostly at middle linebacker.

Junior college transfer Gerald Williams has seen most of his practice time this fall at middle linebacker but also has practiced at weakside.

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Comments » 36

junder13 writes:


1manningfan writes:

godspeed Foster will be needing you this season, and for the rest of the players GET ER DONE!!!

miamiVOL writes:

G.Williams will be weak-side LB starter hopefully by UF, and will play 2/3 & long @ DE IMHO

junder13 writes:

Rivals rated Eric Berry as the best defensive player in the SEC, and Gerald Williams as the best defensive newcomer:

We're still picked 3rd in the East, though. Good. More motivation for the underdog Vols!

Jamey1210 writes:

Lets make it through this pre camp with out any significant injury's we all no they happen but hopefully that yoga helped. Sounds good about Donald. He should be a star. If we get Warren back this tight end stuff turns from a problem to a problem of to much depth. Lets not make to many judgments until preseason is over.

gohawks1 writes:

What's the dang holdup on Warren? You'd think that would be high on the list with the season less than 3 weeks away.

Need_2_Know writes:

Anyone have a good working knowledge of exactly what a bone bruise is? Sounds sinister but the quotes from both Fulmer and Foster make it sound like it's not so bad.

copan07#220906 writes:

Where is E.J. Abrams-Ward?

DennisVols writes:

Take the pain level of a deep muscle bruise, multiply by 3 and place it on the bone.
It is painful. The big problem is they seldom heal as quickly as a muscle bruise. You can play with them but there is a level of discomfort more so than what you normally think of.

CoverOrange writes:

Dave, Drew, somebody, pick up the phone and call the SEC office, pretend to be a reporter from Jackson or Athens or anywhere but Knoxville, and ask what is the process for clearing transfers to play. PLEASE!!! Somebody do some 60 Minutes I'm Ed Bradley investigative reporting.

Need_2_Know writes:

Dennis, thanks for the info. Makes me wanna go "ouch".

Turbo, good idea, but I'd pose as Chris Hansen, that might shake them up more ...

Orangebrewbasher writes:

What about Willie Bohannon? I thought he was projected as a stud

vol1994 writes:

I stated about two weeks ago that I talked to one of the coaches and they felt the warren announcement would occur around today..

They, just like the fans, are very ticked off and do not understand what is taking so long.
The university had to provide more paperwork supposedly last friday to the SEC office.

Maybe I am wrong but the longer the wait the less chance warren is ruled eligible.

Boy do we need him this year!!

copan07#220906 writes:

Anyone know anything on E.J. Abrams-Ward? I have heard over and over that he was our best recruit from last year's class. I have not even heard if he is on campus.????

vol1994 writes:

copan07- I heard on a local radio show in nashville last week they may redshirt him.
that is about the only thing I have heard thus far.

copan07#220906 writes:


Wow! I thouht E.J. might be a surprise, especially with his size and atleticism.
Thanks for the update

cjraney writes:

Why would you want G. Williams playing ahead of Rico McCoy at weakside? Perhaps as McCoy's backup and as a pass rush DE.

scvolalum writes:

Who would be the individual some of us could contact in order to plea for the release of Brandon Warren? Is it just me or is there an identifiable bias flavoring this elusive response? What's the holdup and who's responsible for impeding this young man's allowance to play football? Folks, the possibility is distinct that "powers-that-be in the SEC have aligned themselves to impede any potential progress concerning our football team. Do any individuals stand out? Floridians-----------bammers? 'Any eyes or ears out there? It's time to start making some noise about this unfairness. If this were UF, bammer or LSU, the young man would be on the roster and ready to play. FOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drone#208075 writes:

Sounds familiar - Anige just tweaked his finger a bit.

gnm53108 writes:

We need you Arian.
I believe this season will be decided by our ability to run the ball and us being able to stop others from doing the same.

drone...bad vibes,very bad vibes.

volroadwarrior writes:

scvolalum-The answer is-The SEC bureaucrats live in Alabama.

richvol writes:

That would be Mike Slive the commissioner of the SEC. He is the holdup.

bobbarbilly writes:

Man...I knew that they had a football team with a four million dollar coach and an upset booster, but I didn't know that people still actually lived in Alabama. I thought that I turned out the lights when I left years ago.

JWilly writes:

What worries me now is, with this information, the cheap shot artists at Auburn will be aiming for Foster's knees.

givehim6 writes:

And the injury bug for UT is raiseing it's head. It was showing up in other teams. I was hopeing it would stop after the full back and Cottom, I just hope that's all for the season.

BlueTickLady writes:

Couple of weeks ago when Coach was making ESPN show appearances there was a guy posting on here that worked at ESPN - poster name primetimevols. Maybe he could get an investigative story done there? At least ask a few questions to the SEC?

Maybe they could add a few digs about them trying to start a SEC network rather than helping the athletes in the conference? That might get a response.

I just don’t think we can rely on KNS to go “all out” investigating the SEC and their holdup getting Warren eligible. Since the team has apparently cut them off from getting any real interviews, I am sure KNS does not want to loose any sources they have elsewhere in the SEC.

OakyVol09 writes:

Creer, Poole going to see alot of pt, unless Hardesty can prove he can finally stay healthy. Get well quick Foster. Bone bruises are agony.

volboy81#211803 writes:

Get well, Arian!
Glad to see all the Vols working hard in fall practice and getting the job done. Too bad we cant say the same for Slive & the SEC office.

longtimefan writes:


gavol2572 writes:

It could be worse yall. I heard today, and remember this is just hearsay, that UGA's Moreno has got a seperated shoulder. I heard this coming from a UGA alum. I wish I had an article on this but I don't but if you look at the stats on UGA's last scrimmage, you will see that Moreno has NO stats. Could it be?

MyVeinsROrange writes:

Do you see it odd the Fulmer says, "sidelining Foster was only precautionary and the ailment shouldn't limit him any further in fall camp." But then goes on to say he'd like to get Foster some more full-contact work before the end of preseason camp. <Interpretation> <Is there a Doctor at this medical school that can tell me what is wrong with him.> Thank God he doesn't play for Florida, it would've been an ACL tear.

dwolfcreek#397971 writes:


TommyJack writes:

dwolfcreek: Bad post. For mulitple reasons.

GreenDevilVol writes:

Foster is out 4-6 weeks and will only be about 80% after that.
UT start 1-3. 2-2 with Foster in lineup.
Fulmer will spin the losses into wins.


Translation;6-6 record for UA again and still paying $4million dallars to a coach that ALSO turned you in.YOU GOT CAUGHT !! Cheater U !!! To bad the Bear didnt get caught or the mythical championships would be only 2 !! Oh by the way "you got caught" Bwahahahahahahahahahaha !!!

invisiblekid writes:

Forget contacting the SEC under the guise of a reporter, just get the same crew that hit Fulmer with the subpoena to issue one for Slive as well and set the date for the deposition as next week.

KingsportVol, may the force be with you on your trip.

Seriously, I don't like the sound of this regarding Foster. Bone bruises can be slow to heal and he is going to have to be very tough to fight through it.

Glad to see this is a chum-free zone.

dwolfcreek#397971 writes:

tommyjack , the truth will set you free , for multiple reasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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