NCAA clears Warren to play for Vols

University of Tennessee sophomore tight end Brandon Warren talks with media Saturday during Media Day at Neyland Stadium.

Photo by Clay Owen

University of Tennessee sophomore tight end Brandon Warren talks with media Saturday during Media Day at Neyland Stadium.

When Tennessee offensive coordinator Dave Clawson heard news of the NCAA’s ruling Tuesday morning making Brandon Warren eligible, his reaction more closely resembled a sigh than a shout.

“We were hoping for this ruling for a while,” Clawson said Tuesday morning on the News Sentinel’s radio show, The Sports Page. “We certainly were planning as if we would have it. So it’s almost more relief than jubilation. We thought that this would happen because it’s the right thing to do, and the NCAA acted accordingly.”

Clawson is as excited as anyone the former Florida State freshman All-American tight end will be able to play this fall. And Warren’s immediate eligibility means UT’s offensive gameplan for the season opener at UCLA is a little less complicated.

“We were going to have to get a much bigger gameplan ready, have one that if we have Brandon Warren and have one if we don’t have Brandon Warren,” Clawson said. “We probably would have to spend more time on the not having Brandon Warren one because we might not even have him for the game (before Tuesday's ruling). You’ve still got to get that stuff ready.

“Again anybody can get hurt in the first quarter of a game. Now you’re hoping that doesn’t happen and hopefully the odds are that it won’t happen. Now we can spend a lot more time on the packages that involve Brandon and less on the ones that don’t, but we’ll still work that stuff because again that’s football.”

Warren, the 2005 Class 2A Mr. Football at Alcoa High School, adds another dimension to Tennessee’s offense with his versatility.

“He gives you the ability to do a lot of different things,” tight ends coach Jason Michael said on The Sports Page. “He’s a tight end that can play as an extended receiver that can do stuff from in line as a stereotype tight end. You can move him around and do some things from the backfield. Just the versatility and the things that you can do with him is what makes us excited about having that element offensively.”

For Tennessee’s coaches, hope finally turned into excitement on Tuesday.

Clawson was hopeful from the outset that Warren, who left Florida State in 2006 to be close to his ailing mother, would be eligible this fall.

“I think from the very get-go we felt that this would happen because of the circumstances and the situation. I’ve been involved in some appeals before,” Clawson said. “Whenever it’s common sense and it seems like the right thing to do, it usually happens. I know a lot of people are skeptical of that with the NCAA, but my dealings with this stuff… This was pretty clear cut that this was the right thing to do regarding his circumstances, and I believed that we’d have him.”

The Vols now know they’ll have Warren this fall. And as the season progresses, so will Warren’s role in the offense.

“He’s one of those guys that does a lot of things well,” Clawson said. “I think he presents a lot of problems because he’s a big, physical guy who can also run. Part of it, too, is that he’s only been running this offense for a little more than two weeks now. I think we’re just scratching the surface with the things that he can do. We want to make sure we put him in positions that he knows what he’s doing so he can play fast.”

More details as they develop online and in Wednesday's News Sentinel.

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Comments » 190

GotPearl writes:


Volnation writes:

Great News! Go Vols Baby!

voloffaith writes:

not first ah ah ah

Brandon make your momma proud!

OrangePower11 writes:

WAY TO GO NCAA AND SEC....Glad you could join us

SemperVol writes:

Jackpot. Good luck, my man.

Urban_Weiner writes:

THANK GOD!! He is freakin amazing!! SO much potential!

GerryOP writes:

Yippeee! Warren could be the difference maker we have needed!

etsuvol99#227561 writes:

Crompton to Warren TOUCHDOWWWWWWN

volwalk writes:

We now have another Jason Witten at tight end. This is an added weapon that teams will have to respect. This is so huge--defenses will have to guard the entire field.
Great News Vol Fans!

bhjohnso#207063 writes:

about stinkin time, ncaa/sec

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

will we get him the ball??

99gator writes:

believe it or not.....this is record time for the ncaa.

two weeks before the season started. someone at tennessee must have some pull with the ncaa.

volwalk writes:

There is another 5* recruit that is added to our "poor recruiting class"

10eceeVol4ever writes:

My goodness, what this kid had to endure to get where he is today. Booby Bowden (spelling correct) and the ACC should be ashamed of theirselves. They never did grant this kid a release. He is where he needs to be, playing football for the University of Tennessee and taking care of his mother. Go Vols!!

Vols1998 writes:

Awesome!..........this should make DC very happy.

Way to hang in there Warren!!!

Go Vols!!!

jobrando#216494 writes:


Madkels writes:

Yes sir! Things are falling into place. The Big Orange will surprise everyone by seasons end and prove the media wrong!

Go Vols Go and congratulations to Brandon!

bobbarbilly writes:


chrslyp writes:

ah man, good deal. this just added a whole different dimension to our offense. this kid plays like a wideout in a tide ends body. can't wait to see this guy play at the rose bowl.

BigOrangeVol29 writes:

This is fantastic news for this young man and the University as well. Brandon is a fantastic young talent and will make Clawson very happy. Finally, the NCAA does the right thing for an athlete.

jmbigorange#280428 writes:


auttat writes:


SemperVol writes:

Sweet. Now that he is taken care of...has anyone heard if Gerald Williams passed his tests?

This wasn't just a fight for Tennessee's sake. But for Warren's sake and football's sake. He is a tremendous talent that will be great for football....again.

NJVol writes:


volmattna writes:

Congrats brandon now we will dominate GO VOLS !!!

Bigger_Al writes:

Long time coming, but worth the wait. Now the coaches will have some time to work him into the UCLA game plan.

auttat writes:

Perception vs. Reality
The perception is Florida has greener pastures. The reality is: TENNESSEE IS HOME SWEET HOME!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, I hope Brandon's mother is doing better and may God bless her!

94VOL writes:

Its about time.
Hopefully he will have the time with his mom that he wanted and be able to put up some great numbers this year.
Hit the books and find the endzone!!!!!!

Orangebrewbasher writes:

This team is gonna dominate some games. I'm convinced

thatswhatshesaid writes:

marc, CPF called the sentinel radio show

jmbigorange#280428 writes:

Now...How about some good news on Williams, Walls, & Hughes?

voloffaith writes:

volwalk 10:38. Guess what number Warren wears? You guessed correctly,#1 like Jason Witten did. See Chattanooga Free Times article with picture.

thatswhatshesaid writes:

With warren cleared this really opens up our offense. especially in the powerI. Cottom(when healthy) and warren on the ends cooper and foster in the back field(both of whom can run great routes and catch the ball) and taylor and jones out wide. gives me goosbumps just thinking about it

thesavageorange writes:


SemperVol writes:

jmbigorange -
Asked the same question earlier. awaiting response with you.

volwalk writes:

I got a feeling that Brandon will be more than ready to play in the opener. He had 6 receptions in last weeks scrimmage for 41 yards. He and Jones led the team in receptions.

This is so exciting for the Warren family and the Vol Nation. Welcome back Brandon--we are going to have a great year!

thesavageorange writes:

jmbigorange ,we very wellcould know something on them by later today or even tomorrow.The news on Williams should be 1st and from what I hear it's good news.Walls and Hughes shouldn't take too much longer.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

mparker 10:38 - echoed my first thought. That said, wish him the best. Hope all this adoration is getting overblown.

Always thought Witten could have used a few more tosses. Now, lets get excited about a D-line performing in 13 days or so.

Free TDTN!

tnfanincali writes:

I didn't realize he was from here but now that makes sense. Why didn't we get this guy to begin with?? Ah well doesn't matter, welcome aboard!! Didn't we just get an article yesterday about how we were going to start using a fullback again??

Madkels writes:

Happy B-Day Rich!

SemperVol writes:

And the lady in the football office bursts through the doors of Western Sizzler!

miamiVOL writes:

fantastic, and gator4life is completely off base.

Brandon Warren will be a fantastic College player but lacks Ideal NFL TE Size (6'2 vs 6'5) and therefore drastically lowers the chances of him to be tempted to leave early, also factor in him being back at home and he should play all 3 years he has left.

givehim6 writes:

Congregations! GOOD NEWS! OK, UCLA, here we come! GO VOLS!

Volchaz writes:

Better late than never. Suit up for the Vols, brandon, and make us proud. It's got the making of a special year.

HotlantaVol writes:

Did you hear that Brandon Warren's sister is marrying Robert Peace's brother? She's decided to hyphenate her name. She will now be a Warren-Peace. Hardy-har-har. Welcome home, Vol!!

volroadwarrior writes:

Great news to shore up a position where depth is lacking.

jmbigorange#280428 writes:

Savageo, Thanks for the info. Williams getting in is important because i believe he will be a major force for us this year. 6'4" 240lb MLB that can run is a good thing.
One question though, is Williams going to be a sophmore or junior this year?

statelineVol writes:

FREE AT LAST..FREE AT LAST...THANK GOD ALMIGHTY HE'S FREE AT LAST!!! Now let's play some dang football!

Major_Magilicutty writes:

It was my email to the SEC office that pushed this through. it!

caskew#218608 writes:

God Bless America!

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