Adams: Rutgers gets a lesson in clock mechanics

Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer reacts after officials awarded UT's Nicky Anosike the opportunity to shoot free throws after she was fouled with .02 seconds left on the clock. The free throws resulted in Tennessee's 59-58 win over Rutgers at Thompson-Boling Arena.

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Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer reacts after officials awarded UT's Nicky Anosike the opportunity to shoot free throws after she was fouled with .02 seconds left on the clock. The free throws resulted in Tennessee's 59-58 win over Rutgers at Thompson-Boling Arena.

The game was so close that two teams thought they won it.

Rutgers was the first winner. Coach C. Vivian Stringer hugged an assistant coach in joy as a flurry of Tennessee shots missed their mark in the final seconds.

Imagine the thrill.

Rutgers hadn't just upset No. 1-ranked Tennessee on its home floor at Thompson-Boling Arena. It had posted back-to-back victories against No. 1-ranked teams - first, Connecticut just six days earlier; then, the Lady Vols, who had succeeded UConn atop the top-25 rankings on Monday afternoon.

Then, imagine the chill.

"I was on the floor," Stringer said. "My coach was picking me up. The game was over.

"And then, all of a sudden out of the blue … "

Out of the blue came two - a precious two-tenths of a second still hanging on the clock when an official called a foul on Rutgers' Kia Vaughn.

Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt was more surprised by Rutgers' celebration than the call.

"I saw her (Stringer) turn around and hug one of her assistants," Summitt said. "And I'm looking up, and there's still time on the clock.

"So I'm assuming we still had a shot."

In fact, they had two shots. Nicky Anosike made both of them at the foul line to give UT a 59-58 victory and convince the Scarlet Knights they had been robbed in a brightly lit arena on national television.

Television viewers qualified as witnesses to the crime. The consensus: The clock appeared to freeze before the foul was called.

"It has nothing to do with Tennessee," Stringer said. "It has nothing to do with their players and coaches. It's human error."

"This should not be tolerated," Stringer said later in the press conference. "We have a question mark behind the game.

"But thank God, it wasn't an NCAA championship. Or quite frankly, I would probably lose my job."

You need a cram course in clock mechanics to understand what happened. And even that won't likely convince the Scarlet Knights that they lost the basketball game.

The game clock can only be stopped by an official's whistle, according to Tim Reese, the arena manager.

"Officials are using a precision-timing device, which is used by the SEC and most of the major conferences," he said. "It's tied into the control panel, and controls the game clock."

In addition to the whistle and an attached microphone, the officials also are armed with a belt pack, which sends a wireless signal to the clock. And the hip bone is connected to the …

Stringer tried to get a human explanation immediately after the game.

The officials told her "everything was fine," that the foul occurred before the clock expired.

"So now we've got bad eyes," Stringer concluded.

Summitt also had a question for the officials. She went on to the floor to lobby for a flagrant foul.

"She (Anosike) went down hard," Summitt said.

The officials didn't buy it. "No, it's just a foul," they told her.

Just a foul was just enough for the Lady Vols. But another foul figured in Stringer's post-game frustration.

In a 60-58 loss to Stanford last November, Rutgers' Epiphanny Prince was called for a backcourt foul against Candice Wiggins with one-tenth of a second left. Like Anosike, Wiggins made both free throws.

It got worse after the game when Wiggins said she wasn't fouled, according to Stringer. Combine that with what happened Monday night, and you can understand why Stringer was talking about writing a book, presumably on atrocities committed by officials.

You think she would feel any better if someone explained how an official's whistle is connected to a belt pack, which sends a wireless signal to the clock? No, I don't think so, either.

And neither would her team.

Two teams went home thinking they had won the basketball game. One went home happy.

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Kwitcherbellyachin writes:

Very interesting. Thanks Adams for clarifying how the whistle is configured. Maybe this way, at least the clock operator will not get the blame for what happened (since most of the media is claiming, inaccurately, that the clock operator inexplicably stopped the clock somehow).

hdhurst writes:

I will admit it..I am a probably being biased as a Lady Vols fan. But, something to think about....

There were two significant events here:
Like most everyone, I saw with my own eyes how the game clock appeared to just stop when it got to 0.2 seconds.

Second, whether you are viewing it in person or in the gym, I would question anyones "certainity" that a whistle was blow AFTER the game ended. How could you hear anything accurately with that much noise in there.

Anyway, my view is this. The shot clock did not get was (as described above) stopped by the referee's whistle or otherwise actions. After reviewing this several times, I can be reasonably sure that the foul took place with just barely any time on the clock.

I applaud the Rutgers team. Regardless of who scored the most points, I would have to be happy if I was this Rutgers team...they got a (no question) win versus CT and virtually outplayed the new No. 1 team tonight.

I don't think this will hurt the Lady Vols down the road, but rather in fact, help with a better region seeding. However, I have no question, this will motivate the heck out of Rutgers from here on out. I certainly would not want to face them in the tourney if I were TN.

Good Luck Lady looks like you had just enough to get by tonight.

reg_mza#219136 writes:

I just want to clarify for hdhurst, the game clock is controlled by the official's whistle. The shot clock was turned off.

My only question is...why did it start back and run to 0.0 after the whistle blew to stop it? If the whistle stopped it, then it should have stayed stopped until the whistle started it back again. Only thing I can figure is the ref blew the whistle twice, kinda like two short chirping whistles. However that was enough to stop and start the game clock.

Either way, that's phooey that it was "just a foul" when Kia Vaughn never went for the ball but flung Nicki down by her shoulders. That I can agree with Pat completely about.

huntined#565710 writes:

ESPN CREW WAS A COACH IN THE SEC.. Should have known about the clock but made no mention about it.
She was a coach at FLA. Did their clock have the same thing with the ref's whistle??

hdhurst writes:

reg_mza (2:17 a.m)....good point about the second whistle theory. However, it would certainly seem strange that a second whistle would reactivate the clock, given fellow refs often will blow a follow-up whistle to an original blow by the primary caller. Does that make sense?

I think the article needs to expand on why the clock continued after it was stopped. Certainly seems relevant enough to review that.

pabashia#208095 writes:

I guarantee what happened here is a case of the clock operator ANTICIPATING a foul call in that situation and pausing the clock ever-so-slightly (think press twice in succession) to allow the LV's an advantage.
As someone who has worked the scorer's table I can tell you it's commonplace for human-related clock errors to occur. Most of the time they aren't picked up and the game continues.

But in this case it's obvious what happened. The clock operator, cuaght up in the game, flinched while hoping for a foul call. And that's what happened.

That's not a way to win a game and the LV's should be embarrassed.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Beat whomever's next, # 1 Lady Vols.

Beat Arkie and move to #3, Vols and errr.... stay there this time.

mtnvol writes:

A HS is my area has the same device where the clock is controlled by the ref's whistle. So no, John, it isn't that unusual, but thanks for your typical snide remarks! You are so clever! I wonder if you would write this article if your Bayou Bengals were on the winning side of a similar situation?

Often, the refs blow the whistle before they raise their arm - the typical signal that the clock should stop. The uneducated fans in the HS gym howl at the refs and clock operator for "cheating" when, in fact, the only thing the opeator does is change the score, START the clock and reset it at the end of each quarter.

blewissmith writes:

Pabashia, didn't you read the article? You are the one that should be embarrassed. It really didn't matter who won the game, it was an excellent game from start to finish!! But I think it is about time that Rutgers quit whining about all their injustices.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

pabashis, did you read the article? are you not getting it?? the 'scorer's table' has nothing to do with this issue. it is basically that the ref blew the whistle, period.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

pabashis, did you read the article? are you not getting it?? the 'scorer's table' has nothing to do with this issue. it is basically that the ref blew the whistle, period.

mmhartz writes:

As a point of education, there is no "clock operator" who sits at the scoring table pushing buttons. The game clock is an automated system which utilizes the belt pack sensors that each referee wears. When the clock is running, it can only be stopped by the sound of the referee's whistle. The only way that they clock can be started is for one of the referees to push the button on their pack to restart the clock. As such, the whistle will usually sound, stopping the clock, before the referee's hand goes up to signal a foul. If the clock restarted after it "paused" last night, it was because one of the referees pushed the button on their belt pack. The whistle can not re-start the clock, only the button can.

As to the foul, that should have been a flagrant foul because there was no intent to block the ball, only to stop Anosike. If Rutgers were playing smart basketball, they should have let her follow through with her shot because she would not have been able to get it off before the buzzer, just like in the LSU game on Saturday.

vinnievol writes:

pabashia, next time read before you post. The article explains exactly what happened. I went to bed and woke up thinking what happened last night was iffy and that Rutgers had every reason to be upset. But this article explains everything and I have no guilt for the outcome now. The whistle blew before time expired, period. Next time, maybe Rutgers should think about not committing a stupid foul at such a critical moment. And Stringer, stop playing the victim card.. it's getting really old.

jopad#212858 writes:

One thing forgotten in the discussion--NA HAD to make the 2 free throws to win the game. A tie or win was no "given". Credit her with the calmness to step up and make both. Whether the foul was before or after time expired does not diminish Nicky's accomplishment. Remember the fumble by Stoner of Arkansas in 1998? Bad play but the fact was the Vols still had to take advantage of an opponents mistake. They did and Nicky did!

Volalumnus writes:

It did look like it froze for a period of time, but I don't care and the outcome should have been the same....
Working backwards.
Although it froze, in the slo-mo replay, Anosike was fouled as it hit .2 not after or during the pause.
That should have never came about either because Parker was fouled twice before that. Once on getting the rebound, and a very hard foul on the shot attempt.
The refs did screw up, it was not calling a foul that was obvious.
I do think refs should try to not be part of the game, but it is getting to the point teams are given a free pass to mug someone at the end of a game without any consequences.

guitarch882000#661629 writes:

What about the deal where the announcers stated what coach summit told her players in the huddle...they told the whole world that Pat said "I don't want any threes taken until you get the ball in the paint"(this was referring to coach Summit wanting the team to 1st try and get the ball inside for a shot in the paint before trying the three-point shots which weren't falling at the time) Well if this info got to the Rutgers coaches by fan with TV etc...wouldn't it make it easier to guard Tennessee since they knew they didn't have to guard against three-pointers?

lnbadger320 writes:

i just hope the rev sharpton doesn't get UT suspended for the racist clock operator. will Pat have to get on his station to apologize.

lnbadger320 writes:

i just hope the rev sharpton doesn't get UT suspended for the racist clock operator. will Pat have to get on his station to apologize.

Embarrassed writes:

There is an overide on the clock controls....someone stopped it.....As a true orange vols fan I am now embarrassed.

1. What if it was the other way around...How would we feel.

2. Also 17,000 is a nice crowd, but short of the 23,000 a Uconn game would bring. Come on Pat, bring back the Huskies so we can enjoy the beating we put on them.

Pullingguard writes:

Millions of eyes would not be fooled. The clock stopped/began/hesitated long enough at .02 for the LV to get the call. I pull hard for the LV, but I thought they were beat, that something screwy happened with the clock, intentionally or accidentially whichever it was, it happened. With most fans supportitive or otherwise it certainly leaves a black mark on this game. It also showed that without Parker the LV would not be a top 10 team. Regardless for what it does for a team from here out, motivation for Rutgers, luck of the clock for LV there certainly is big question mark on what caused this to happen, accident or on purpose.

Volalumnus writes:

Although it froze, in the slo-mo replay, Anosike was fouled as it hit .2 not after or during the pause.
Parker was fouled twice before that. Once on getting the rebound, and a very hard foul on the shot attempt.
The refs did screw up, it was not calling a foul that was obvious.

londonvol writes:

The whistle stopped the clock and after that it is not revelant. The official ALWAYS will blow his whistle before raising his arm with closed fist to indicate a foul not a violation. The clock was stopped as a foul occurred.The corner clock is the one to look as it stopped at.02 when it was activated by the whistle. End of story! It was an intentional foul as Rutgers player grabbed/hit Nicky from behind and she was no where near the ball.

RemembertheAlamo writes:

The next time we played them will be sometime in the ncaa tourney......lets blow them off the court so there will not be any talk of wrong doing....this is the second game with them that something happen (on or off the court). I read an article this spring that stated that with all the problems with comments made by the radio announcer about the Rutger's Players, that they couldn't enjoy their Championship........DUD!!!! THEY DIDN'T WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!.......We know who is the best team in the nation? GOVOLS!!!

adimatteo#261830 writes:

The foul was called, the ref blew whistle, clock stops. End of story. Sorry it happened at end, but those are the facts, may be heartbraeker if youre aR utgers fan, but we won, fair and square.WE all have lostgames at the end, etc.
I just hope girls are healthy, scared that Candace played whole game, what continues to amaze me, is that our coaching staff, finds these girls and coaches them as they do, I bet every fan there assumed we would lose when we couldnt make a basket in the second half, yet they were just calming going along, and in the end, they did it.
Amazed at the tee shirts, quite a committment whoever did that.As for Nicki, amazing to anyone who makes free throws like that...

Chainsaw writes:

Rutgers's coach has descended into being a constant victim. The fall will be complete when she teams up with the Revs Sharpton and Jackson to demand a do-over.

xd9x19 writes:

Ms. Bobbit was saved from having to think about her technical foul costing them the game....even when the Ladies made only 1 field goal the first part of the second half. Goodness....bricks everywhere last night.

It would have been one thing to lose a game due to poor shooting, but quite another to lose and know you handed them two freebies that enabled them to win the game. I'm sure she won't do that again, however..especially after that little "chat" with Pat.

jdcdjc#246285 writes:

I just have a few words of advice for Vivian, you reap what you sow. I would not say Rutgers outplayed our Vols in the second half, I saw no letdown in effort for either team. Our Vols just went COLD from the floor, Rutgers did not. I have lived a lot longer than I would like to admit but I will never understand how a team can score so well in one half and be so cold in the other. If our Lady Vols do this in the SEC or National tournament we will not last long. I hope this is not a sign we have already peaked.
Had it not been for the foul line, we would have only lasted #1 for a few hours.

blhvols#210231 writes:

Vivian was not upset with the call her team got when the big Rutgers center lowered her shoulder and knocked Candace on her rear end. That was a four point turn around in itself. Rutgers entire team was standing around waiting on the offensive foul call, especially the big center. One call at the end of a game is no more important than any other time during the game. Stringer is a classy lady, but she would be kind to acknowledge her team got one for sure in that case.

THE_VOL writes:

WHAT A CROCK OF BS!!!! So now we're supposed to believe that a human at the table can START the clock but not STOP it!!???? LMFAO!! I understand that the ref's whistle can stop it as well but there is also the ability to stop the clock at the table. Otherwise, what happens if the little "belt pack" system goes haywire>???? Folks that switch at the table that STARTS it also can STOP it and THAT is EXACTLY what happened whether anyone admits it or not. If that clock doesn't stop, there is no shot, there is no foul and the game is over. Pat should give this win to Rutgers as they rightfully earned it.

tlc429#392720 writes:

What I find interesting in all the posts is that no one has commented about when the clock "froze and then restarted" it skipped "one" and went from .2 to 0 once it restarted. I think that makes up for the freeze as well. I agree Parker was fouled. I agree Nikki was flagrantly (sp) fouled and showed extreme composure to convert the free throws and win the game for us. Also, there is the controvery over our 6 footers fouling their 5'2" player on the hail mary inbounds pass to which I say: It's just like football. When the QB throws the ball, it's as much the safety's as it is the receiver's. So when the ball was heaved, it was as much ours as it was Rutgers. Ultimately we won and I feel good about it. I don't feel bad for Viv. She comes up short all the time. That's her and her team's problem. Not ours. Great win LV!!

NatiVol writes:

I am bias, lets get that out of the way. How could you not feel a little of how Rutgers felt. I did see in here an attempt of explanation from an official that there is a separate trigger they have for the clock and something with the whistle, so there should have been .2 left according to them.

I am glad it did not end this way in a tournament game, that is for sure. I am glad the Lady Vols got the win, but it should have never been this close. They blew that big lead and allowed it to end in controversy. Congrats to Rutgers for changing it up at the half and fighting back into it.

TYRCYN writes:

anyone who watched the game saw that Rutgers was robbed by the clock operator and the male referee. This was a disgrace and Pat Summit dont have a thing to complain about. What would she say if something like that happened to her team? What would all you UT fans say? This game was a disgrace and the clock operator should be fired and the ref should be investigated. I hope the NCAA take a close look at this game, because what happened was a disgrace to college sports.

ps11824 writes:

I wish this had not happened. So does Pat & Vivian & TN players/fans & Rutgers players/fans. IT HAPPENED. The guys on ESPN First Take think they know EVERYTHING as they watch the game from Bristol, CN. Well Duh! I realize how much they wanted Rutgers to beat Lady Vols, but, what happened, happened. Human error or technical glitch? It happens everyday. Too bad controversy is the only way women's bb can get air play. The Georgetown vs Villanova game was very controversial. Didn't look like a foul should be called there either. Unlike the Kia Vaughn takedown. Now that was so very blatant. The players on the floor were not looking at a clock. They were fighting for a win. Lady Vols were throwing up shots, I was throwing up my dinner, Rutgers coaches & players were celebrating on the sideline, Kia Vaughn and her courtmates were grabbing, clawing Parker, (refs missed an obvious call with seconds left on the clock, no question) finally Kia was taking Anosiki to the floor, intentional & blatant.(she was not seeing a clock) How could officials not be vulnerable. No one cheated. Stuff happened. Unfortunately, that's life and basketball. The guy Skip, on ESPN First Take, he is perfect and he will tell you so. He made unnecessary slanderous, accusative remarks against Thompson Boling Arena officials, Pat Summitt and SEC officials. Does he have that right? Opinions are one thing, it is his show. But slanderous remarks, uncalled for. It just shows his ignorance.

calvolfromkingsport writes:

Hey TYRCYN you've just predjudiced yourself. How do you know it wasn't one of the two women refs who blew that quick whistle? I thought Rutgers played great in the second and not so great in the first. Besides, I didn't see Imus behind the scorers table managing the clock. Don't be a sore loser you make Viv Stringer and her team look bad.

jack_2222#231746 writes:

Embarrassing ending. If the clock was stopped electronically, then why did it restart and go directly to .00/red light? There was obviously manual intervention. This is something I'd expect from FL or AL.

johnlg00 writes:

Adams' explanation made me think that controlling the clock is a bit more complicated than I had realized. I was not in love with the officiating all night--I think they frequently blew calls in both directions. I was especially annoyed by the no-call when Vaughn put her shoulder into Candace on her last field goal. That said, this was one win that certainly felt like a loss to me. Rutgers has really absorbed a lot of close, crushing defeats to the Lady Vols. It would be easy to call them snake-bit versus UT. I can understand why Coach Stringer must think the fates are against her. It was clear to me that Pat was not pleased with the team's performance in the second half. Someone other than Candace MUST step up with some consistency if we expect to keep it going this year. In fairness, Angie had some good moments, and she, Shannon, and Nicky came through when we needed it most.

johnlg00 writes:

98reax, ESPN's Skip Bayless is an idiot. He says something incredibly stupid and/or deliberately provocative on nearly every segment of that show. I haven't watched it in quite some time, and do not care at all what he says about anything. That said, the whole incident didn't help us at all around the country. Anyone who ever wishes to make us look bad SEEMINGLY has new ammunition.

ladylbc writes:

lnbadger320 and Chainsaw, the Sharpton comment was completely uncalled, please have some class.
If our African-American players were called the names the Rutgers young ladies were, I believe VOL NATION (at least most of us) would be upset.

This game had nothing to do with Sharpton or Jackson, let's show some class in Tennessee and maek the comments relevant.

If the LadyVols had lost last night, I think your comments today would have been different and we could have been called the whiners.

This was a great game, the L Vols played terribly but still got the winner. Rugters felt they should have won and quite frankly, the clock issue certainly gives credence to that. There was bad officiating ob both sides throughout the game.

GO Lady Vols!

NatiVol writes:

It is never the way you want a game to end. Pat would have rather had it end with just a hard faught W and not all of this going on. On another note I guess they joined today just to talk about this:
User profile: TYRCYN
Name: I took this one out

Joined: Feb. 12, 2008

Comments posted: 3 (view all)

Contact TYRCYN (log-in required)

coach75 writes:

the game is over. no, the lady vols did not deserver to win the way we palyed in the second half, but we did because of the foul at the end. clock operators are only allowed to put up points and turn the clock on not start and stop it. there is an official that sets beside the clock operator to make sure of no errors, therefore if there had been one they would have taken care of it. as for skip bayless (espn a$$) he is a vandy alum and he hates tennessee because they are better in everything but baseball than vandy. also, he has made the statement before that womens basketball is not basketball. i doubt very seriously he could outplay anyone on either team or their coaches. ignore him because he is a pompous a$4.

murrayvol writes:

I'm thinking there's gonna be a grassy knoll and a second whistle blower in here somewhere.

ps11824 writes:

I hate it, johnlg, the stuff the First Take guys are saying. You know if the show originated from TN, the flavor would be so very different. Welcome aboard, NatiVol. There are some great posts today on this one. We all have our opinions. I guess mine is simple: let it go and look out for LSU. Seems as though when a team catches a break, all other teams start gunning to avenge. Lady Vols should be expecting that. We have lost heartbreaker big games to LSU recently. Van Chancelor would love to beat us down right now. It would be sad to lose a conference game, albeit a defeat could humble us to play a complete game. I just shake my head in disgust when I see players go cold the way our bench did last night. I'm sad to say I don't have a lot of confidense in our ability to close a team out anymore. I love my team but truth is truth. The bench scored SIX points. Starting 4, especially Anosiki looked so hesitant with the ball. Hornbuckle, my goodness, 3 points she scored. Agustie has to look to score without hesutation. The hesitation on the drive is going to get you a whistle on you, a missed shot and no chance at an offensive rebound. Our team is strong and physically capable of going to the basket and finishing the shot and drawing the foul. Why don't they act like it instead of this timid looking, deer-in the-headlight pansy dribble drive? The shots were not falling in large part because they were hurried. That, to me, has been an ongoing flaw in the Lady Vols offense for years. Teams are just BETTER at finishing shots than we are. Now that grieves me to say that. Is it not true?

mtnbikrtn writes:

The whistle stops the clock. The button on the belt starts the clock. A second whistle will not start the clock. A ref blew a whistle because there was a foul. Now if the talking heads would explain it, it would make more sense. I think ESPN likes the controversy.

gotvols writes:

The sad but honest truth is that if the Rutgers player had not grabbed her by the shoulder and slung her to the ground, they would be celebrating a huge win right now. Instead, she showed extreme unsportsmanship and cost her team the game.


gotvols writes:

Oh, I forgot to mention the collegiate time keepers stratigic course UT offers. It is amazing how our highly specialized time keepers managed to keep just a fraction of a second on the clock so we could win the game. Sometimes dumb luck helps.

ps11824 writes:

I hear you coach75, I just wish the gals could be discussed and lauded for their tremendous talent and dedication instead of always being downplayed because they are women. The one guy on the First Take show said this is the most he has talked about women's bball since Imus. Shame on him. Any other women's team for instance E Carolina vs Nebraska (I just pulled those out of the blue, nothing personal there) the discussion would not even be mention on TV. The fact that a NY team was seemingly discriminated against by the mighty Lady Vol powerhouse, saying Pat Summitt should be ashamed, is most unfortunate and so very typical of ESPN and "anti-women's sports" guys anyway, it's laughable. The laugh is on them this time. They can talk and spew but they cannot change the score of this game. Perhaps the NCAA could, but that would be unprecedented. It would really become fodder for the pundits and Skip-to-my-lou commentators to spew about. I want to hear from Geno. I just do. He must be nauseated today. Honestly, I would like to watch a replay of the entire game. I was working and only got to view tiny bits and pieces at a time. Someone send me a recording please. Will this world end before women gain respect? The Nova/Gtown foul was bearly if any contact. Anosiki was mauled, pulled backward to the floor. If I had been a defender, I may have grabbed and mauled too, but I would have expected and accepted the consequences.

mtnvol writes:

Before the Vol Nation gets their bowels in a uproar about someting said on ESPN.....think. ESPN charges more ad revenue as the viewership on cable and the web increases. What better way to gain hits on the web than to say something controversial on TV? Besides, if every talking head said the same thing, no one would tune in! We love PTI 'cause they take different views!

ESPN is in the "Entertainment Business" not the "News Business" so take what they say with a grain of salt. Lastly, everyone loves to see the king/queen fall and the LVs are the queens of bb! Get you some o' that, geno!

johnlg00 writes:

Well said, 98reax. That hesitance on offense has bugged me for years. It is as if they are so unsure about when to shoot and drive that they go "should I/shouldn't I" alternately in their heads, every millisecond it takes to get a shot off. Candace, Angie, and Shannon are the only ones who usually look confident every time they put it up. The others seem to be looking around to pass until they say to themselves, "Oh, what the heck," and just jerk one up. Or they do like Alexis often does and tell themselves, "I'm just going to put my head down and drive to the hole, no matter who is in the way."
gotvols, I didn't think the foul on Nicky was flagrant, it was just the kind of thing you do to stop a shot in a frenzied situation. I had no problem with the foul being called, I just wondered, as others have, if there was indeed time on the clock when the foul occurred. It was not, IMHO, nearly in the same class as the mugging Werner put on JP in the Florida game.

ps11824 writes:

There's been some big time mugging going on in the men's game. I'm impressed when the victims of such can just shake it off and go on with the game, knock down the free throw, take the ball out or whatever. Off the subject but consider young Eli Manning handling that gang horse collar in the Championship game, staying so cool, stepping up and delivering the TD pass. Tremendous maturity and focus on the part of Anosiki to do just that last night. That shows so much leadership unlike the taunting technical Bobbitt drew only moments earlier. Bottom line with Pat Summitt philosophy, be a better person having been a Lady Vol. Don't go out into society having the attitude of "I'll have the last word." Pat said it best last night post game, "We found a way to win." It's not always what you do but responding to what's been done. The ball is in the NCAA's court to do with what they may.


I think this article help out alot, but Stringer should more upset at her team giving up a 5 point lead with little of a minute to go in the game. I think that is what driving her more crazy because the ladies really came out that timeout wanting to win the game. Learn from this, and stop blaming the refs and blame your team because they had the game won.

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