Adams: UT football needs a change at the top


11 - Knoxville police cited freshmen wide receivers Gerald Jones and Ahmad Paige for possession of marijuana following a traffic stop near campus while the two hosted a recruit from Oklahoma on his official visit. Freshman offensive lineman William Brimfield who was with Paige and Jones at the time was not charged by police, but was disciplined by Fulmer nonetheless.

21 - UT police arrested freshman tailback Daryl Vereen for public intoxication and underage consumption after responding to a call of a fight in progress outside Gibbs Hall, an on-campus residence hall located across the street from the Neyland-Thompson Sports Center.

26 - Knoxville police arrested junior All-SEC lineman Anthony Parker for disorderly conduct at an off-campus apartment complex.


2 - walk-on defensive back Vince Faison was arrested for DUI after UT police found the 27-year-old former professional baseball player passed out behind the wheel of his truck in the parking lot of an on-campus fast-food restaurant with the engine running and his foot on the brake pedal with the vehicle in gear.

13 - Fulmer dismissed sophomores Dorian Davis and Antonio Wardlow for an undisclosed violation of team rules. Both players had been arrested within the last 18 months.

17 - Knoxville police arrested Colquitt for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident, after the punter struck a parked car near the Old City, causing more than $400 in damages.

The University of Tennessee football program desperately needs new leadership. And I’m not suggesting that the next quarterback needs to be more vocal or the team captains need to be more demonstrative.

UT’s leadership problem is at the top.

Maybe you’re way ahead of me on this. Maybe you realized as much after Florida beat the Vols by 39 points last September, and a mediocre Alabama team beat them by 24 in October.

Memphis Commercial Appeal sports columnist Ron Higgins didn’t need to see the Alabama game. After the Florida game, he wrote that longtime UT football coach Phillip Fulmer should be fired.

Was his assessment premature? Maybe.

Was it wrong? No.

I reached the same conclusion Sunday night for a different reason. It’s not just about the won-loss record. It’s about the arrest record.

More significantly, it’s about how Fulmer has responded to the arrests of his players.

In the last six weeks, eight UT players have either been arrested or disciplined for breaking team rules. The most recent crime involved punter Britton Colquitt, who allegedly hit a parked car while driving under the influence. To make matters worse, police also say he left the scene of the accident.

Fulmer’s response was swift and soft. He suspended Colquitt for the first five games of the 2008 season.

Keep in mind this wasn’t Colquitt’s first brush with the law. Or second. Or third.

How could Fulmer not dismiss Colquitt from the team after what could be fifth alcohol-related offense?

Answer: Colquitt is a starter.

Remember a couple of years ago when three UT players were arrested following a disturbance at a local bar? The two backup players got one- and two-game suspensions. Arian Foster, the starting tailback, was suspended for half a game.

Fulmer’s explanation: Foster served as a peacemaker. But that’s not what the police report said.

What kind of message does that send? It sends the same message that Fulmer sent with his disciplining of Colquitt: “It’s what you do on the field that matters.”

Fulmer can’t stop his players from breaking the law. But he can stop them from doing it more than once.

After an incredible run of arrests in a six-week span, Fulmer could have said the next player found guilty of a crime — no matter what it is — is off the team. Ah, but that wouldn’t be fair to the guilty player, would it?

Forget the player. Think about the program.

Fulmer’s program is out of control. Again.

There’s a Web site called, which keeps a running score of off-the-field transgressions of college football players. Schools are awarded points for each offense; the greater offense, the more points. At the end of the year, the points are totaled up and the winner is awarded the Fulmer Cup in honor of you know who.

That’s the perception of UT football under Fulmer. It’s “Rocky Top,” the checkered end zone and “one more for the road.” Make that “a double.”

Two years ago, USA Today did an in-depth story on the off-the-field problems of UT football players in 2005. But the same story would have been as relevant in the mid-1990s.

It would be just as relevant today.

Bottom line: UT has surpassed Miami as the poster team for bad behavior in college football. It’s the college equivalent of the Cincinnati Bengals.

And when some of the bad Vols leave, they move on to bigger and badder things, carrying their UT affiliation right along with them.

In the last 10 years, two former prominent UT football players have killed people. How sobering is that?

Dwayne Goodrich, who starred in UT’s national championship game victory over Florida State, is in prison for criminally negligent homicide after running over two people on a Dallas freeway in 2003. Police estimated his car was going 110 miles per hour when he struck and killed two motorists who were trying to rescue a man from a burning car.

Leonard Little, another former UT player, capped off a drunken birthday bash in 1998 by crashing into and killing another motorist. He served only 90 days in jail.

Former UT players don’t have to kill anyone to make national headlines.

Jamal Lewis, an NFL star and former UT running back, served time in federal prison for his involvement in a drug deal. Travis Henry, another former UT and current NFL running back, has distinguished himself by fathering nine children by nine different women. Former UT player Albert Haynesworth was the talk of the NFL in 2006 when he stomped on a Dallas player’s face during a game.

You can’t blame Fulmer for the crimes committed by his players and former players. But he is responsible for disciplining players while they’re on his team.

And he has failed miserably at that.

Two different people have e-mailed me in the last week and wrote that they will no longer donate money to the program because of the succession of embarrassing off-the-field incidents. Maybe they’re serious; maybe they were just venting.

But it’s just a matter of time before a major contributor decides he has had enough and refuses to throw good money after bad players.

When a football program is winning big, virtually everything is forgiven. This just in: UT isn’t winning big. It hasn’t won an SEC championship since 1998. It hasn’t been to a BCS bowl since 1999. It hasn’t finished in the top 10 since 2001.

Combine that with what’s happening off the field, and it’s apparent UT needs to make a change. Athletic director Mike Hamilton and Fulmer should work out a deal by which the coach resigns after the 2008 season.

Fulmer has had a good run. He has won a national championship and two conference titles. In 15 seasons, he has won fewer than eight games only once.

But when you weigh what he’s done against what’s going on now, the conclusion is obvious. UT football has a serious image problem, which will affect fundraising and recruiting. If you want to change that image, you need to change the coach.

Many UT fans get squeamish at the thought of hiring a new coach. They’ve seen other successful programs drop off significantly after changing coaches. They’re afraid they might get the wrong guy.

In fact, they already have the wrong guy.

Sports editor John Adams may be reached at 865-342-6284 or

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VolPowers writes:

Wow. It's not like I didn't expect that Adams would eventually write this column. I just wouldn't have bet on it coming out in February.

Bigger_Al writes:

Thanks John. Countless UT lettermen disagree with you, but hey, your an LSU grad, so you must know better...

rockyknox writes:

John, why don't you nip it at least until basketball season is over. We can then take a break from your nonsense until next fall.

martinvolfan writes:

It's time for some kind of change. Colquitt's previous problems finally added up and the football program's arrest record seems to be getting longer and longer. It seems the scholarship should have been taken away at least 2 incidents ago. It's time to stop being friends with the players and their families and instilling basic morals and values to the program before we implode.

philfan writes:

Wow, this is heady stuff. In an unrelated incident, Perrilloux, the starting quarterback for LSU, has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules. This was not his first offense. He has been linked to counterfeiting and illegal gambling. Fulmer needs to take control of the team in a big way. Adams is suggesting that he kick off all team rule violators reagardless of their status on the team (starting or back-up). Fulmer, that is a really good idea. Fulmer needs to read this article and take it very seriously.

atxvols writes:

One could quote John Ward saying "it's time" but that would be a gross understatement. I'm not a Phil basher (as many are on these blogs) but a proud Volunteer and what has happened in 2008 is extremely embarassing to our great program.

Phil needs to be accountable and do the honorable thing. He needs to do what's best for the University of Tennessee. There is only one answer and that is we need a change. Phil, please step aside gracefully and let the next era of UT Football begin.

martinvolfan writes:

P.S. I don't believe we have the "wrong guy" but I do believe there needs to be some kind of accountability. It's broke and needs to be fixed.

willievol111 writes:


99gator writes:

wow. you know it's bad if a KNS writer is suggesting that phil needs to hit the road.

wow. it may be tense between the KNS and tenn for a while.

Bigger_Al writes:

By the way, the two guys that do the "Fulmer Cup" are Florida grads. And remember that the Gators defensive captain broke into a car impound lot and tried to get his girlfriend's car out and was arrested. The Gator Nation responded with death threats to the lot owner, who then nervously dropped the charges, and Coach Urban Meyer allowed his safety to START the NEXT GAME against LSU.

Whatever, eh?

rkastens writes:

Whether Fulmer needs to be fired or not, I'll leave that for another post. But I cannot disagree regarding his comments about Colquitt. His 5th offense? Most of which I believe have been alcohol related? I know his family is special to UT football and I know he is a good punter, but enough is enough. He should be gone; probably should have been gone a time or two ago.

StaytheCourse writes:

John, have you ever heard the phrase, "If you don't have anything nice to say, than dont say anything at all." ? Well maybe thats a little too strong, cuz then you prob wouldnt have anything to say at all.

volinky writes:

I prefer to disagree with Adams on most matters, but this time I am afraid he is right. I have defended Fulmer over the past couple years and have been willing to "stay the course." However, the direction the course is moving is not good. The tipping point was this past recruiting season. Fulmer can walk away after this year and feel good about his time at the helm - but, it is time for him to go.

andy112382#209793 writes:

Oh boy! We're already jumping off the deep end and starting this load of BS before spring drills even start! What joy.........

The area we need a change at is who has a public forum to sound like idiots ready to behead Fulmer, could we not at least save this until we are actually playing some football???? We have some new offensive coaches and plenty of talent for them to work with, the idiots & thugs will always be idiots and thugs, no matter WHO is the head coach, and don't tell me Fulmer is the only one that opted to suspend rather than boot certain people off the team, don't forget the long list of guys he has indeed booted of the team over the years.

How about Ryan perriloux, he is on his 3rd suspension at LSU as of today, go jump on them John, tell me Les Miles did any thing different for your LSU tigers.

GO VOLS!!! Ignore the morons!

Bigger_Al writes:

I think Joe Paterno won the Fulmer Cup last year. And Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier are in definite contention already this year.

So, fire Fulmer, Paterno, Saban, and Spurrier. Urban Meyer too. Per Adam's logic.

Bigger_Al writes:

Les Miles, too! Dadgumit.

Michael1204 writes:

As far as I'm concerned, Fulmer's stricter than both Meyer and Richt. However, I do not believe that the reason he didn't remove B. Colquitt from the team is because of his starting status. It's because of the influence the Colquitt family has on the program. This past year they gave a 1 million dollar pledge to the University. Pair that up with the other contributions they've made and will probably make in the future, someone probably doesn't want to make the Colquitt family too mad. That's why the punishment wasn't as severe as it could've been. I don't agree with this special treatment, but I do believe that's why.

gohawks1 writes:

No offense, Adams, but your job as a journalist is to report the stories and not to start a campaign against the personnel. I think you crossed to reporter's line on this one.

Just my opinion, which is what this article is to you....

atxvols writes:

StaytheCourse what do you recommend or are you satisfied with the our lack of discipline, lack of championships, and now lack of top recruits. Sorry but I don't see how your approach helps but maybe I am missing a key point.

rgrubbs#267503 writes:

Maybe Adam's is right. Hamilton and Fulmer work out a deal. U/TN buyes the News Paper and puts Fulmer in charge. He knows more about running a newspaper than Adam's knows about running a Football program. Pack your bags Adams and go back to LSU.

davidsonmr#249224 writes:

John Adams,

Your comments are untimely and ill-advised. What's needed now is calm and reasonable thinking and feeling--not inflamatory comments like you have made in your article. Give Phillip Fulmer a chance to be the Head Football Coach. A five game suspension and total loss of scholarship is not a slap on the wrist. I give Britton a chance if he follows through with the mandatory Alcohol and Drug Counseling and derives real benefit from it.

blackoakfarm#635750 writes:

Keep Fulmer. Fire Adams.

UT4ME writes:

As I posted last night, I cannot support the current leadership anymore. This is beyond embarrassing. UT is the new "U" of college football, and it simply has to make the change. I don't often agree with the KNS, but it wasn't Adam's article that made me draw my own conclusion. The program is out of control and Fulmer cannot get it back. Terrible timing, new coaches probably feel pretty down...but we shouldn't indict them. It's the "ole" coach(s) that need to step down or be let go, and the sooner, the better. I cannot defend them any more.

zqvol writes:

It is time for John Adams to be fired.

ONUV writes:

finally somebody inside the knoxville media ring is tired of Fulmer's phooey.

alfrizzle097 writes:

A) Judicial affairs should be the ones that handle athlete punishments, not coaches that have a conflict of interest.

B) Colquitt lost his scholarship. It is shoddy if not neglegent journalism to neglect this.

C) You have to look at the big picture. Perhaps Colquitt is a good person with a drinking problem. Ask any alcoholic...

D) Blame the university as a whole for any drinking problems. The standards for behavior are too low and the university overlooks it when those standards are not met. I AM A STUDENT I SEE IT HAPPENING. IT IS NOT THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS ANY MORE THAN THE REGULAR STUDENTS. THE REAL PROBLEM IS THAT THE OTHER STUDENTS SHOULDN'T BE HELD TO A LOWER STANDARD.

E) Phillip Fulmer is a class act. He is a class act and one of the figures in the sport that I would hope to emulate as a human being.

F) John Adams has little/no integrity. HE is the first to talk about Buzz Peterson's "inept" team during his last year. At the time I remember Adams atacking the decision to fire Buzz and questioning Mike Hamilton.

G) Adams was number one in a long list of people who wanted ol' Jerry Green fired because his players had a lack of discipline. Look where that decision put the program for the next four years. If I recall correctly, Pearl dismissed a couple of Peterson's players too.

Sorry for being so long winded. The point I'm trying to make is that I vehemently disagree with Mister Adams. Also, I wish he would express his true opinions rather than siding with public opinion. As the saying goes: He has more flip flops than a house of pancakes.

rabidvol1998 writes:

I'm sickend by the rash of arrests. I'd rather have 6 losses than 6 arrests. However, I'm not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The NCAA should compile statistics of these type incidences and create a report on all schools. If we are in the bottom (worst) third of the top 25 (best by record) schools the last 10 years, then i'm closer to siding with John. Otherwise, my issue is with college football, not UT.

As for what players do after they leave, do we hold Fulmer accountable for that too? Do we give him credit for the lawyers, doctors, teachers, business owners, dads, coaches and other fine men that former players become??

Just a thought, does anyone arrested for dui twice deserve to fired from whatever job they have? Would a student be kicked out of school? Would a writer be fired?

LongtimeVol writes:

Oh boy, here we go! I have been ready for a change for about 4 years. May not happen soon, but it should. I understand that many former players whom I respect backed that vote of confidence for Phil in the KNS this past season, but I also remember that Pat wanted Buzz to get one more year. There is no one at UT I respect more than Pat but she was wrong and who would argue that now. I get it, the players like Phil, but this should not be a popularity contest. Of course as long as Thornton and Haslem like Phil, he will be here and we have to live with it. All very unfortunate, and won't be resolved until there is a new head coach.

atxvols writes:

I get it now...firing the messenger will fix UT's issues. Its so simple.

This just in, it was John Adams who went out and got drunk, smoked dope, got arrested and created this entire situation with all the arrests and double standards. It was John Adams who was the reason the top recruits went elsewhere. It was John Adams who led the team against Cal, Florida and Bama.

Yes, John should be fired for doing such a poor job.

Yes, John Adams, the writer from LSU, must be the culprit for all UT's woes. Reality check - he's not drinking the orange Kool-Aid.

ggriggs939#223122 writes:

It appears john's true colors are seeping out and this is likely the reason why he is in knoxville instead of in the swamps of louisiana. He would not survive long at any place other than knoxville where he is paid to be like a hyena and bite anything that moves. Remember, he replaced little al browning who got so obnoxious that he even offended the crowd in knoxville and while on a leave of absence, found another job somewhere else. Maybe we should send moving vans to john's
place and buy his 'position' on the paper. He really hassn't been satisfied in knoxville nor with anything else there. As I recall, he even complained about the FREE meals he was getting from the athletic department while he was on the job. But maybe that is what he is being paid to do and maybe we should quit buying the sentinel and buying from its advertisers.

1volk-nowi-tall writes:

Hey, if you break the law you can always get off, either from the court (probation), the coach (suspension) or the president (pardon). Me thinks that the pardon is the worst of the bunch. We tend to know more about what goes on in Knoxville than in Fla., La., Ala. or Ga. There are plenty of contenders for a Fulmer Cup award. Scooter probably thinks that Adams is being a little hard on Britton.

volunteer_cowboy writes:

taking scholarships away was and is a step in the right direction but as the advertisment for natural gas says: good yesterday, good today, and good for the future, "thats phillip fulmer" maybe he should of been taking them away before now but fulmer really loves these kids and they do him also but he just needs some tougher love and as for adams he is full of phooey. Chris Low must be his HERO and adams is jealous of chris being at ESPN, so keep trying adams and maybe 1 day you'll be up ther with MR. LOW to you. Remember your suppose to report the news NOT be the news, learn it, live it or go back to LSU you Chris Low WANTABE!!!! i bet UT will gladly give you an inside scoop on a breaking story in the next decade. les miles must be your ideal of a model coach (ask pete carrol). You and miles are 1 of a kind (JERKS). THEY SAY BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER SO I WOULDNT OF EXPECTED ANYTHING LESS OF EITHER OF YOU

weisgarber2003#313889 writes:

Congratulations Adams, you pretty much nailed it and summed eveything up nicely. With the correct conclusion.

jim_bell#606576 writes:

UT4ME, I suggest that if can't support Fulmer and the program you're free to change your allegiance.

rab63 writes:

John, John, know you shouldn't throw stones........How many chances has the KNS given you for all the terrible columns you've written? One of these days you are going to be standing on the sidewalk on Western Ave., looking at the KNS bldg with a five (day) suspension and no (pay) and wondering "what the heck happened.....why didn't I listen?"

cdldoc#211897 writes:

If Fulmer ran the Ktown mafia, I would still prefer him to Adams.

PaulTheVol writes:

You may hate Adams but he has a point. Why is there a persistent string of problems with UT players? Yes, other schoold have problems and incidents but no school has problems on a consistent basis like Tennessee. There is no player leadership on this team and no focus on the big picture. And for that Fulmer must be held accountable. And for those anxious about football season this does not bode well.

TNLimelight writes:

Could someone tell something? Didn't Pearl Kick a player off the team for his fourth time for using illegal drug? I think he was a starter and a big guy, I just can not remember his name. At the time , I thought Pearl said that it was the fourth time and the Athletic Dept policy was the player was to be kicked off the team. If I got my facts correct, should Colquitt be kicked off the team. If I have the facts, wrong could some one correct me. Thanks.

rray044#360255 writes:

Well, there's no doubt about it. You just fired off a nuclear warhead.

Was your intention to nuke Fulmer or yourself? (You may be surprised at the outcome.)

It's interesting that last week an article was written outlining the recruiting challenges at UT, only to be followed by this half-thought through attack.

The realities of the program are that Fulmer is under unprecidented pressure (including from you, John) to produce another championship ring. It's happening to a program that has a number of outside forces that are driving it down, including a raised level of competition by some of the very best funded, staffed and recruited programs in the country.

He's forced to do that with the best players he can find ... which unfortunately may not always be great pillars in the community.

Here's another unfortunate reality. Cracking the wip = loosing games. Loosing games = more criticism from people like you. He's in a Catch 22. One that the next coach may be forced to repeat.

Can he do a better job controlling his players than he has in the past? Possibly. And after this article, my bet is he probably will. Can another coach do better AND win more games? Possibly not.

That's because a greater question is a stake: Whether we're willing to accept a higher degree of player failure in the community in exchange for a greater degree of success on the field.

It doesn't matter who the coach is. That is (and for a while now, has been) the issue.

You just don't like the answer.

vol1994 writes:

99 gator- KNS writer John Adams despises UT with a passion. In the mid 90s he hated TN.
When we want the Natl title he said it was luck, continued to criticize the program, etc.

I know for a FACT that coach fulmer, chavis, and Cutcliffe (when he was at ut)do not respect Adams at all and will not give the KNS the time of day, one reason is John Adams. So the tension between the university as an entity and John Adams goes back in the 90s. He is against the entire university.
It is ridiculous what is going on but good day, it is happening everywhere and I just don't understand why these kids continue to get into troulbe- GA, UT, SC, Penn State, LSU.....

volunteer_cowboy writes:

it is plain sorry to see a true UT fan degrade the coach or team and this bord has a true gator fan on it in MR. 99gator and he talks better of fulmer and the team than so called true orange vol fans. SORRY!!!

BIGEJ writes:

We cannot surpass Miami until some of our students rob/kill people, rape, beat women BEFORE they graduate. KNS just put out LSU and Alabama just got put on the phooey list.....the problem extends beyond sports and universities.

99gator writes:


i don't think anyone at the gainesville sun has every had a pair big enough to suggest a coach needed to be fired.....let alone the football coach.

fpt2001#258185 writes:

I am waiting to see if the new coaches run that tired draw play on 4th & 12, one minute to go, Vols down by 6, before I will say Fulmer has made any changes. I think the Vols real problems started when they got greedy and started two Frosh QB's along with a long list of 'superstars' that never came through. It does seem like UT has had a higher than normal amount of off field issues... even with potential recruits...

utchris writes:

So Fulmer is responsible for Little, Lewis, and Goodrich's actions after they left UT? I really think that Hamilton and UT should strip Adams of his media credentials for the upcoming season. He consistently writes articles that bash UT and it's coaches, while writing articles that loathe other teams, players, and coaches. As noted by another poster, he as not even competent enough to post all the facts. Then again, some of those facts would probably go against his criticism. I agree that it is embarrassing for my alma mater to have players do some of these things that they have done the past few weeks, but I disagree that it is all Fulmer's fault. He can only do so much and be around them so much. At some point it is the players responsibility to do the right thing. If three KNS writer's get arrested in the next three days, should we come and fire the editor?

What about todays other news....
Alabama player charged with robbery
LSU Perriloux suspended again....I thought he was out of chances? (Cant talk bad about your Precious Tigers can we?)
South Carolina Player arrested

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

I am mad as I can possibly be at the leadership of this football program, including CPF, and I'm not sure at this point of our program's reputation is worth firing him over, but with all the things CPF is responsible for, this is becoming a major problem. I don't blame him, but I do expect this to end, end fast, and end permenantly. I think zero tolerance has to be enforced. If this is not dealt with once and for all, Tennessee football will go the way of the dinousaur and our big, impressive stadium might as well become a tractor-pull venue.

Phil, as a supporter, I ask you to fix this once and for all. No excuses.

actuallyserved writes:

I graduated from UT in the late 90s and have lived all over the world since then. I say that for one reason only and that is to tell you how proud I have always been to tell people of my degree from UT and association with a great school. Believe it or not, that means a lot to me and most people who are alumni, even more than our National Championship. I am always going to be proud of what I did at UT and the hundreds of people I knew while there who did great things as well.

Adams (I can't believe I am saying this) said it right and showed exactly just how badly behaved this program has been for a LONG time. Colquitt should be kicked off the team and this is a big issue in a long line of big issues with this seemingly renegade program. Coach, how about zero tolerance??? And before people start the "he's just a kid" and "all of you did that" BTW, I did underage drink but NEVER had a DUI or was dumb enough to get in a car after drinking. Colquitt and his parents and the environment created at UT (in that order) share the responsibility for his actions. I will say this to those 'kid' arguments; ask yourself what other 21 year old Americans are responsible for accomplishing in the world tonight in our military or in many other situations. I know that they stopped being "kids" a long time ago and are held to adult standards and this guy and a bunch of others have it made, free education, room and board etc. BTW, even after the extensive handholding, (my brother was a Div-1 athlete, so I know what I am talking about) is the percentage that graduate?? What is Pat's key to success?Maybe instead of pointing to the sky to thank God when a punt goes over 40 yards Colquitt should stop the sanctimonious act for the TV and fans and REALLY thank GOD he didn't hurt someone those five times he was caught for alcohol related offenses or during the who knows how many times he wasn't caught. And this isn't about Florida or Georgia or LSU. We support THESE students, our school, community and state, let's clean OUR house and let others clean theirs.

SewaneeVol writes:

I am canceling my subscription to the News Sentinel.

When was the last time you (John Adams) penned a story worth reading? Honestly, I cringe every time I see "Adams:..." on the website or in the paper. In the past, I have read your stories only because the utter ignorance with which you compose your articles has been somewhat entertaining. The "service" you have provided, especially in the past six months, has been nothing shy of an aberration of journalism.

I hope The E. W. Scripps Co. will do they right thing and see to it that they make their own much needed changes.

why36knot#656113 writes:

Same old John Adams....He is still angry because football practices are closed to the press. He still insists on his vendetta against Fulmer and the Football Program. He is angry because he and Hooker can't fill up two hours of broadcast time daily.... It is not the University's nor Fulmer's responsibilty to provide them with coaches and interviews. He has no regard for the truth, only in making sensational and out landish demands. He has been after Fulmer for as long as I can remember. He has this holier than thou, cavalier attitude that he exhibits in every thing he writes and everything he says on the air. This Adams tirade is a thinly veiled attempt to make Fulmer look worse. He is a big Spurrier fan who in his mind is a "good interview"and therefore a coach who can do no wrong and he doesn't make these stupid demands and dumb statements unless it involves the University of Tennessee. He is a self serving, self agrandized sports editor of a self serving news paper interested in only negative,sensationalism and his own little world of critical commentary.
He is advocating the firing of a man and the ending of a promising career for a young man both of whom are being punished by the Law and by the University. What kind of cold hearted jerk is he?
He needs to get his head out of his pocket and smell the roses.

TommyJack writes:

IP: Isn't Adams a columnist as opposed to a reporter? If so, that's what they do..write opinion. Where am I going wrong?

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