Commercial Appeal: 'I HATE ORANGE' tees a big hit on Memphis campus

Dianne Parker, manager of the Tiger Bookstore in Memphis, said this has been the biggest week she has seen at the store, where she has worked since 2001. And "I HATE ORANGE" shirts have been so popular she has reordered them several times already.

"It has been crazy, through the roof, off the charts, whatever you want to say," she said. "As soon as we put stuff out, it's been gone."

The link to the full story is below as well as the latest coverage from the Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis on the hype about Saturday's game and the game itself.

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OldNumber7 writes:

Welcome to 2008; where "hate" and "suck" are used so frequently our kids don't even realize the vile and crude acts they define.

bleed_orange writes:

Yes, I hate Blue! First, you have KY Blue (Wildcats), then you have Duke Blue(Blue Devils), then you have North Carolina Blue(Tar Heels), Oh you finally have Memphis Blue(Tigers)! But, of course I hate other shades of Orange- like FL Orange (Gators) & Texas Orange (Long horns)! THE REAL ORANGE STAND UP! GO VOLS! (THE BIG ORANGE)

dirtdobber1 writes:

Muck Femphis!

dirtdobber1 writes:

bleed_orange- Well put!

Greyback_Vol writes:

"I hate orange"-that's original. I guess the U of Memphis bookstore had to make it simple so those on campus could understand it too.

bleed_orange writes:

Oh and I forgot- isn't Kansas Blue too? (The Jay Hawks)I cann't wait until Saturday Night! In fact -I'm going to get up and watch Sports Center Saturday morning to see what they have to say about the game. Even I know they will be pro Memphis. Who is going to guard Dorsey and who is going to guard Douglas-Roberts? Then you have D Rose, Dozier and Anderson. What do any of you guys think the match-ups will be Saturday? The numbers are pretty scary close between TN & Memphis. We shoot better from the Foul Line, Average more Ast., Stl.,more PTS. They average more RB and about the same on TO's. They probally shoot better from the field or the 3pt line? The benches are pretty even. We both have a lot of fouls to give. That reminds me who are the officials for the game? GO VOLS!

drwfocus writes:

WARNING - all you BIG ORANGE fans going to the game in Memphis. You better not forget where you are. Along with Detroit, L.A., Atlanta, New Orleans and a couple of others you will be in "Thug" city. Any excuse for violence can result in your physical jeapordy! Fore-warned is fore- armed.

MrBamSeydu writes:

RocketVol: NERD ALERT!!!

Oenoboy writes:

KNS writers obviously do not know how to write about basketball. They keep turning to the Commercial Appeal and Blogger sites instead of writing anything of substance themselves.

You would think after writing about the Lady Vols for so many years they would have some sort of clue how to cover a #1 vs. #2 (INSTATE!) game properly.

This week has truly exposed how pitiful the KNS has become.

Oenoboy writes:

Posted by AirForceOne on February 22, 2008 at 8:46 a.m. (Suggest removal)

bleed_orange. The sky is blue. The ocean is blue. The jeans you wear are blue. I bet if you list your three favorite would be one of them. You cant escape it, so why don't you come on over to the Blue Side.

The only thing orange is good for, is squeezing.


Take your blue balls and go home. Nobody here cares to read your kitty litter.

Volchaz writes:

when did the state of Tennessee start claiming Memphis? :) I hope this turns into a long term rivalry, and with Coach Cal and Pearl, they could make this HUGE, similar to UNC-Duke

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Well, glad to see ol" Airfone resurfaced. Must be over the trauma of going to Memorable Gym.

Lord, don't let us slip up and upset Memphis. He'll be gone to Christmas. Or Ky might beat the Vols in Knoxville. Can't never tell.

VolJunkie writes:

Let's see, Saturday UT is playing Memphis in a #1 - #2 matchup, while #?? Kentucky is playing #?? Arkansas. While I am looking forward to Saturday's game, I am even more excited about the beating UK will take in Knoxville on March 2.

vol88 writes:

Lots of people say they hate orange, but I'm pretty sure they mean ENVY, instead.

GoVol writes:

Memphis will get all of the Vitamin C they can handle from the BIG ORGANGE come saturday. They'll have good reason to wear their orange hating shirts after TN gives them a good ole fashing butt kicking!


twicevolalum writes:

If Memphis hates orange so much, why did they use a fuzzied up picture of Neyland Stadium in their Alumni magazine a few years ago. It's kind of hard to make an entire stadium of orange look like blue no matter how much you fuzzy it up.

My mother, who's an alumnae of Memphis, was shocked to see that Neyland was used in the Memphis Alumni Magazine in the Athletics section. I just think all of this is about jealousy!

VOLS85 writes:

I had no idea that "kentucky blue" differentiated itself from many of the blues that college teams wear. The only team that uses a different color blue is carolina, creating "carolina blue". Kentucky blue has no way of differentiating itself from kansas, or florida, or duke, or illinois, or arizona, or byu, or kansas state...and the list goes on. The only reason people hate orange is because we've given them reason to hate it, that's because we beat them and they're jealous.

I kind of feel badly for memphis, because their hate for UT goes much deeper than ours does for them...they think we're rivals, we think they're a mediocre athletic program from a mediocre conference.

johnlg00 writes:

So they hate orange, huh? Fine; let them all get scurvy and die(;-D)! Here's hoping we give them all a mega-dose of BIG ORANGE Saturday. Only looking out for their health, you see, but that's just the kind of good, helping folks we are(;-P)! GO VOLS! TAME THE KITTIES!

BOASoldier writes:

AirForce likes Vandy Gold Better :)

tnbanker_govols writes:


tnbanker_govols writes:




va_vol16 writes:

memphis would be a fun rival if they were a real d1 program instead of a MID MAJOR i dont understand why memphis high school players want to go play in that awful conference it was a alright league until the big east got all the good teams wonder why they left memphis i mean they took south florida over memphis and now they want to act like they are on our leavel what a joke GO VOLS kick a$$

govolsfan#214750 writes:

ESPN poll last night showed the country split on who they think will win Saturday. They did not; however, that in the state of TN, the Vols were the favorite, not the Tigers.

We should make our own shirts that read "Flagship University in the state of TENNESSEE"

mtnvol writes:

See on applications: Memphis State...When Southwest Tennessee Community College won't accept you, we will!

Colliervol writes:

There were two articles front page on the Commercial Appeal this morning. What I found interesting about the two articles was the difference in tone of the fans they interviewed. One group is simply excited and proud of the accomplishments of their team, looking forward to the game and rooting for their team to win. The other group simply hates the other team and anything involving the color Orange without much mention of their own team. Kind of tells you where the two fan bases are in terms of mentality. The terms "jealousy" and "extreme inferiority complex" come to mind for one of them.

If you read it, did anybody see any mention of "I hate Memphis" or "I hate Blue" in any of the comments from the UT fans?

jcherrie#219531 (Inactive) writes:

You hate us now? Wait until Saturday night then you can really hate us!

utchris writes:


Tnbanker.... Have you ever watched the "First 48" ... in orange every time

VolJunkie writes:

Colliervol ... nice post. There is some serious back-and-forth taking place on the Commercial Appeal board (link below). Most of the Memphis posters are pretty pissed that folks from Knoxville have the audacity to post on "their" site. I think we should take some time to overwhelm them ... no hate mail, just some positive Orange Love. GO VOLS!!

Colliervol writes:

Voljunkie, I wouldn't waste my time going back and forth with them on any topic. I did pose the same question on the article in the CA to them that I did above. Doubt I'll get anything back other than juvenile insults but hey, maybe they'll surprise me.

VolJunkie writes:

Colliervol, I wasn't suggesting going back and forth, it just seems to piss them off that we even post on their board. The thought of 50-100 "Go VOLS" posts, nothing more, appeals to me. Their pompous chest thumping is fairly nauseating and the "Hate Orange" seems over the top. The problem with talking so much "smack" is what do you say the next day after getting your collective butts kicked by Coach Pearl and the men in orange.

dirtdobber1 writes:

AirTerdOne- you are a punk- your city is phooey and should be annexed from Tennessee-

dirtdobber1 writes:

General- you think we will see the ole hack a shack(dorsey) this weekend?

stevefrommemphis writes:

Are you the AirForceOne who suggested the Memphis for Augusta trade with Georgia in the AJC article on the "water war" a few days ago? If so, you da man! Tennessee would be really be taking advantage of Georgia on that one.

dirtdobber1 writes:

Dam pissing off everybody today! Why so negative...This is great weekend for UT and Memphis!

dirtdobber1 writes:

AForce- i saw that post...not sure where you were going with that. R u an Airfoce fan or just dont like the Vols?

EDis4UT writes:

First time poster, longtime reader. I just hope Chism has a good game inside. He drives me crazy sometimes with him not going strong enough to the basket. Also, those ill-timed missed three point shots. Although, he has been playing better as of late. If he plays soft inside like he has in the past - memphis is looking at baker's dozen of block shots. I don't trust him at the charity stripe either. I hope Crews will get some more minutes.

On the other hand, Lofton does not have to carry this team on his back like he has in the past. This team very unselfish and well coached. Unlike Jerry Green & Co. Thank God those days are gone! Hopefully for good.

I'm gonna go out on a limb (LOL!) and say UT by 6, 78-72 or something like that. If we lose, so what. I just want to win the SEC outright, win the SEC tourny (at least show up for it) and go deep in the Big Dance. Unless we fall apart in these last few games we will be a #1 or #2 seed anyway, regardless what happens Sat. night.

Of course if memphis wins, there will be riots in the streets like in 1996. Seriously, you Vol fans that are luck enough to get a ticket to the game - be careful. I was at that fluke in '96 and I was lucky to get out safe with my family.

CollierVol: You are right, don't get in a pi$$ing contest with those idiots. They will always be angry and bitter at UT and the SEC. My favourite is the "great conspiracy" that UT has always struck a deal with the politicians to keep them out of the SEC and short change them funding for their school. Everytime I call them on the carpet for proof all I get is a big "uhhh...I just know it's true"!

We are the STATE'S university and they're a city university. Duh.

I lived in memphis all my life, now I'm in lovely Spring Hill. So believe me, I have heard it all!

To borrow a quote from MLK..."Free at last, free at last, thank God, I'm free at last"!


VolJunkie writes:

ESPN has an interesting article on the game. They discuss the teams and some of the key match-ups (see below). They pick Memphis to win (no surprise there) a close game. IMO, T. Smith and Dorsey may be the key. Tyler has been elevating his inside game and when he has it going, no team can stop him.

"X Factors: Tyler Smith and Joey Dorsey. Tyler Smith is the toughest matchup in this game. He is bigger and stronger than any guard who can be put on him, and he is quicker and more skilled than any big guy who can be put on him. He is very tough, and he can really handle the ball and pass it. Tyler Smith is a pro. Dorsey has not played his best over the past few games, but he has played well in the big games. Dorsey needs to run the court, finish plays, control the glass and be a beast out there. If he does that, he will rack up some big numbers without having to make a single post move."

Here's to a good game ... GO VOLS!

misterorange writes:

I don't care if we get anything in return for Memphis. If Mississippi could take that city, we would cut the Tenncare budget in half.

Vol_Fan_4_Life_615 writes:

Thats some of the worse writing ive ever seen. They did no research.

First off they said we havent been ranked higher than number 9 in the AP poll ever before this year. fact is we have been as high as number 4 in either 99-2000.

Second they said that Duke has only played in 2 games since he came back.

Thats a total lack of respect and professionalism. If your gonna get paid to write and artical on a upcoming game, at least do some basic research on the other team. Dont just put down anything like its a blog. Reminds me a lot of a writer for KNS, who likes to do stories on fireing a coach and not putting all the correct info into the piece.

bobbyutvol writes:

Easy Vol fans//// Memphis can brag about alot of things///// they are truly #1 in CRIME , Roberies, close in murders and for sure #1 in hating whites. They have alot to be proud of. GO VOLS

Hunter writes:

Everyone keeps calling this an "in-state" matchup. Isn't Memphis part of North Mississippi? East Arkansas? Will either of them take Memphis????

Vol_Fan_4_Life_615 writes:

for as pretty as the sky is. and how pretty the ocean is. nothing is as pretty as the sunset. it just glows in a bright orange that makes the whole evening turn orange right before the lights go out. just the the fed ex forum sat. night.

go vols

P.S. CBP make sure you bring lots of kitty litter because the tigers are gonna need it.


I'm heading to the game in the morning. I lived in Memphis for the 1st 31 years of my life, so I know what it's like there. You just have to let the Memphis fans talk. If you talk back they'll be all over you. They're worse than Florida, Alabama and Georgia fans put together. I think the Vols have a good shot tomorrow. If Tennessee can shoot around 45% and hit 70% at the line I think they'll win. I just hope Memphis doesn't play over their heads and shoot better than they normally do. Hopefully I'll make it out alive Saturday night. Go Big Orange.

ncvol17 writes:

U of M will always be TIGER HIGH to all who don't attend that extension school. I guess that would burn my bananas too if I couldn't bring myself to leave Memphis and go to a real college. Whitehaven HS, Hillcrest HS. Tiger HS no real difference.

misterorange writes:

I don't know how Memphis is going to put butts in the stands unless the ticket office starts accepting foodstamps. Maybe I could get a pair of tickets for a case of Old English and a pack of Newports.

gator83 writes:

Ok, I have been reading these posts for the last month or so. Shame on every UT AND Memphis fan for all the personal attacks. This kind of BS is what's wrong with our entire nation. I am a Memphian and I am bothered by the crime here and what our city has become but it's still my city, where I live and it's a shame that you classify us all as thugs, wear your bullet proof vests, #1 in hating whites, foodstamps remark, etc. I could go on and on.....I am white, this is my home and there are circumstances that keep some of us here, aging parents, divorced families, jobs. For you to make personal attacks on us as a whole is as low as low can get. I'm guessing that most of you are adults,grow up and start acting like it. Shame on you!!!!!! GO TIGERS!!

gator83 writes:

By the way, i posted something similar to this on the CA website to the Memphis fans.

misterorange writes:

Whah! Trailer park and tractor pull jokes hurt my feelings too (see Commercial Appeal site for details). I am so upset now that I don't even think I can watch the game. Someone give me a hug!!

gator83 writes:

Trailer park and tractor pulls are funny, your racial remarks are not. I guess you just can't be nice to someone that's filled with so much hate. Good luck Vols, it'll be a great game.

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tubavol writes:

The non-UT fans posting on here are more confused than the Memphis 'hood on Father's Day.

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