Dick Vitale weighs in

Dick Vitale weighs in on UT-Memphis game

"It's hoops hysteria in Tennessee. It's a special game for the state. I told Bruce Pearl that this game is every bit as big as a North Carolina-Duke or a Kentucky-Indiana.

"Getting ready for Tennessee won't be a problem for John (Calipari). It's getting ready for all the other teams on his schedule that might not be as good. Memphis gets everybody's best shot, just like Notre Dame does in football, and John has kept his team focused.

"The style of play in this game will probably remind me of UNLV and Louisville back in the '90s going at it with Jerry Tarkanian and Denny Crum. Both teams are great in transition and neither team will change the way they play.

"I think Tennessee will make it difficult for Memphis to get to the basket, and Memphis is going to have to make threes to win. In the end, the game will be decided at the free-throw line, and neither team is very good at the line.

"I'm excited about this game. Priscilla Presley and the Mannings are going to be there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are you kidding me? I'm bringing a football for some autographs. And don't tell my wife, but I always had a crush on Priscilla. I don't know why she chose Elvis over me. It must have been the hair, ba-beeeeeeeeee!"

Dick Vitale


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anthony writes:

yes sir, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, bobtail!!!!

Vol_Fan_4_Life_615 writes:

Dickie-V are you Kidddding me ba-beeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Gigavol writes:

Nice job, KNS. I will start visitng here to read ESPN articles. Go Vols!

StaytheCourse writes:

How did this guy become the legend that is known as dickie v? Wasn't this guy a sub-par coach? That being said i still quietly enjoy his antics.

OldNumber7 writes:

I don't know about the rest of you, but why is it I read Dick Vitale to myself like he would be saying it on TV? Man, love that guy.

kdaff51 writes:

Hey Dickie.....Ramar drops 2 at the charity stripe in overtime....VOLS WIN BA...BEEEEE

King30 writes:

StaytheCourse, Who says you have to be a great coach to be a great announcer? Doc Rivers, who until this year was never thought of as a great coach, was a terrific basketball announcer. Maybe if Vitale had had Garnett...
Anyway, you gotta love Dickie V.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

I believe he coached at U of Detroit. That made him likeable.

outlastme writes:

Dickie v....the most annoying clown in sports. Even he won't be able to screw this game up!!!

Triton1 writes:

I agree outlast, I may have to turn down the sound.GOOOOO VOLS!!!!

ggriggs939#223122 writes:

Dickie V - the poor man's howard cosell.

peerlessvolfan writes:

I'm trying to stay REAL busy so this day will go quickly--I'm not seeing any orange people on Game Day telecast--they're not letting us in? What's the deal? Love that Dickie V!

johnlg00 writes:

I'm with you, orangeblood1966! Dickie V's constant yelling annoys me. I would listen to the Vol Network feed on the internet, but the audio commentary seems to be about a minute and a half behind the action on TV. I guess that is just an effect of internet transmission. I remember years ago listening to John Ward--and how I would love to hear him call this team's games!--while watching a TV game, and the radio call was a couple of seconds AHEAD of the TV feed.

johnlg00 writes:

peerless..., the Memphis AD is limiting the number of people admitted to Game Day and only allowing Memphis people in. I think we will see a good deal of orange in the stands for the game, though. I wish I were with them!

yabadabadoo1026 writes:

johnig00 there is nothing more obnoxious and annnoyed than those 2 verizon wireless commercials---"I'm Todd Freener"--that they have been jamming down our throats for 4 months on the the vol network feed---if i had erizon I'd cancell if they can't do any better than these----talk about anoying

pearlman writes:

I got the feeling that Dick was for us. Kind of odd for ESPN.

ps11824 writes:

DV hit that one right on the nose. Rebounding & freethrows The Vols were the better team this night, Baby! I'll take Dickie over Bilas any day. Bilas is a poser.

kb7398#233189 writes:

I guess Dickie V's comment about Bruce committing career suicide was as over-hyped as his man-crush on Coach K is overboard.

twin942 writes:

Coach V actually was a very good college coach. He had some great records at University of Detroit. He got a job as the Pistons coach; I think that is where it all fell down for him.

volposter writes:


If you have a PVR, slow it down about half a minute and match the picture to the XM (my choice) or internet audio. It worked fine Saturday night for me and for some other games as well.
No Dickie V or ESPN announcers

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