McNeil (arthroscopic knee surgery) to miss spring practice

Tennessee center Josh McNeil will miss spring practice following arthroscopic knee surgery this week.

UT head athletic trainer Jason McVeigh said the surgery was successful, and that McNeil should be able to participate in off-season workouts following spring practice.

“He will miss spring practice,” McVeigh said in a statement, “but should return in time for all offseason conditioning and workouts.”

McNeil, a rising junior, started all 14 games last season for the Vols and earned honorable mention All-SEC honors.

McNeil, who played this past season at less than 300 pounds, is no stranger to surgery.

In 2005, McNeil redshirted after having shoulder surgery during the season, and following last year’s loss to Penn State in the Outback Bowl, he underwent arthroscopic knee surgery as well.

This marks the second consecutive year that McNeil will miss significant time in spring practice, as well.

Last year, McNeil missed several practices due to an ankle injury and a five-practice suspension.

UT opens spring practice March 11.

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TommyJack writes:

I'm sure Josh will get some excellent care. :)

TommyJack writes:

Geoff: Way too much time on my hands.

TommyJack writes:

You know something, or just a gut feeling?

dadavids writes:

What are you feeling?

gohawks1 writes:

Ole Josh may have injured that knee playing footsies with too many girls at the same time.

Perhaps this would be a good time to reprint the limerick honoring his previous accolades.

thesavageorange writes:

tngeoff ,It's not you're gut geoff.W/ the way things have gone recently, it's just time.It's the weekend so everybody cross you're fingers.Psshh, gulp,ahhhh.Here's to an arrest free weekend!I hope.

DennisVols writes:

I have never hurt my knee to a point of needing arthroscopic knee surgery doing what you two were implying earlier. :-)

thesavageorange writes:

tngeoff ,Thank god our guys don't have access to one of those things.Can you see one of the player's doing a field sobriety test next to an F-15 w/ his football helmet on.Coooool it guys, it was a joke.

gohawks1 writes:

DennisVols -
You're just not trying hard enough!

thesavageorange writes:

DennisVols ,That's cuz you're not putting in overtime.geoff, I said that once.My wife was pissed!

gohawks1 writes:

No pun intended.

thesavageorange writes:

Well, not as mad as the time I said Touchdown SAVAGE ORANGE.I got couched for that one.

gohawks1 writes:

tngeoff -

Those are some bad boys, for sure. For a huge rush, I'm still partial to these fellas, here:

Wish I could hitch a ride one day.... probably throw up all over myself, but it'd be worth it.

thesavageorange writes:

tngeoff ,That's a nice ride.Reminds me of when I lived in ST.Louis.My dad worked for McDonald Douglas, and I got to see tests', sit in aircraft etc....I always loved to watch the Harrier take off.I was sad when it closed, it really took a tole on the old man.

thesavageorange writes:

Well boys ,I'm gonna close up shop early tonight.(business is terrible)You people are a hoot.I'll walk in the house tonight, and my wife will ask how business was,and I'll say slow.Then she'll say,well what did you do sit around talking to you're vol buddies all day?I'll ofcoarse lie and say no.Please lord, don't let anyone get arrested!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

tngeoff, I saw a Steerman PT-17 K fly once. Is that about the same thing?

Hope ol' Josh will be okay for the fall. Good warrior. He's probably on lite ladies duty for a while.

gohawks1 writes:

tngeoff -

Man! That guy must have a death wish or something. Serously, he ain't right. Did you notice the music playing there at the venue? It was a little low on the video, but you could hear it OK.


gohawks1 writes:

Have a good one, savage. Keep your head up :-)

pdhuff#552644 writes:

yep, tng- it is a bi-plane with tons of power. Good friend John Reed died in one south of Atl.

In 20-odd years in the racing industry, I saw most of the acts. Probably the best was Robosaurus, the car eating giant dinosaur. Big as a tractor-trailer and a half, he stunned people by chomping a Ford Van in half at Charlotte. Then dropping it from probably 30 feet in the air. Google him or he just sold at Barrett-Jackson in Arizona. Unbelievable.

Say you feel something is in the air. And during the doldrums, too. You'll have ol' sjt18 up to 4000 posts shortly with teasers like that. He way ahead of you anyway.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

tngeoff - I hope that's right.

beat KY.

gohawks1 writes:

Yeah, Kingsport, but he loses his balance at the most inopportune times, now.

gohawks1 writes:

Whoa, Nellie Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

DennisVols writes:

thesavageorange / IPOrange
Maybe it's because I warm up properly. LOL

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

Hey fellows.

I'm going to post why I (and I think many others) get so upset about the Fulmer bashing.

First, I want to apologize to Geoff and some of the other guys on here. Reading some of the recent threads, and going through the "doldrums" of the offseason with you guys, I do appreciate a good number of you for being diehard fans. It is obvious you wouldn't make routine visits to this site if you weren't. I also appreciate a little sense of comradere among you folks. Kudos and GBO! RTYAB!

Having said that, I want to also say that I appreciate your opinons of Fulmer and the state of the program, no matter how extreme they may be. We all have opinions and all our opinions as a whole mean something.

OK, now the reason (though) why I cringe at some of your comments, especially the more locker-room and juvenile stuff.

The reason we all, as Vol fans, can share comradere is because we've had great players, coaches, and teams come through Neyland and wear the orange. All the coaches, good or bad, have left lasting memories, great wins even contrasted with miserable defeats, and reasons to be proud to hail from East Tennessee or wherever in Tennessee you may be from or to be an alumnus of the university.

Phil Fulmer is ABSOLUTELY no exception to that rule, and as a matter of fact is the epitomy of it. No other coach save for General Neyland has orchestrated the Vol history that Fulmer has. Coach Majors would IMHO take the third spot in all time coaching heroes.

Now, to whatever degree you may agree or disagree with what I just said, I think we can all agree that it is much nicer to reflect on the good memories of an era rather than focus on the negative. It's much better to come together as Vol fans and reflect on the heroics of each team, each season, and each player. I think even the horrible 05 season can be picked apart for positives and highlights.

So without saying any more, I'd like to have you guys think about the legacy of the Fulmer era and what it means to tarnish it. Is the tarnishment of the era worth the expediancy of change that you desire? And given that this expediancy will not occur without a very poor season next year, isn't it in the best interest of all our collective Vol memories to support the coach in his effort to fix this team's image? What do we, as fans, want? Don't we WANT to help write a good chapter in Vol lore?

OK, my soapbox speech is finished. Just think about it.

Volfan1 writes:

Adams = no credibility.

goldengate writes:

No, no, no, vol-in-lsu-land... it's ALL Fulmer's fault. FOOLmore (I feel I must appease the anti-Fulmer crowd) worked tirelessly, as Majors' assistant, to get Majors' hooked on the sauce (Fulmer mixed the booze with orange koolaid), act a fool on his postgame show, make enemies within the "inner circle", etc. It wasn't Johnny, it was Phil.

Then Fulmer put the mojo on Dickey by using his SuperDuper KrispyKreme Fritters, and once he gained total mind-control, had Dickey oust Majors.

You probably don't know this, but Fulmer is also responsible for Jimmy Carter's failed presidency, the Bhopal, India, chemical disaster, Chernobyl, AND the rise to popularity of Michael Bolton.

gohawks1 writes:

Well done, vol_in_lsu_land. Good points worthy of contemplation.

JAMustGo - try to cheer up, dude. Life is hard enough as it is.

"We must laugh at man, to avoid crying for him." - Napolean Bonaparte

"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone." - Anthony Burgess

pdhuff#552644 writes:

vol- in lsu land - good post -noticed one telling word in your post. Fulmer "has". Not "is" anymore. "Has" as in the past.

Sadly, younger fans are not interested in history. I have a 15 yr old neighbor who thinks Tenn is not (and has never been) in the league with Fla and LSU. And is pite of recent wins, he says Ga overall is much better .!!! He can only go (like all of us) on what he's seen. And it hasn't been pretty.

Beat KY.

drwfocus writes:

IPOrange 7:31 Back in '66 I got to ride in the rear seat of an F4 Phantom off the old Kearsarge Carrier (affectionately known by other ships as the Queer Barge - PC hadn't started yet!)I went from Toranto, Italy to Rota, Spain - lifetime experience. You are right about a few things, fighter pilots are crazy (have to be)and I did use the barf bag.

VOLinDAWGland writes:

Here's to an outstanding 2008, an outstanding recruiting class in 2009, an exciting power offense that continues to attack even with a lead in the 4th qtr and to changing perspectives of 15 yr olds everywhere.

vol_in_lsu_land writes:


I understand, indeed we ALL understand that Vol football has gone through a (honestly) 5 or 6 year slump. 2001 being the last year that Vol football was really part of the national picture. We all know that we had an opportunity to go to the Rose Bowl and play for the trophy. We all know that LSU took that opportunity from the Vols and we all know this was the pivotal point that sort of sent the program into a downward trend.

We all know that 2005 was the rock bottom for the program. What made 2005 worse was the fact that preseason Tennessee was given a LOT of national attention and respect and was viewed as a top 5 contender by most of the "experts". To spiral from preseason top 5 all the way down to not even qualifying for a bowl game is UNTHINKABLE in Tennessee football, no matter who the coach is. None of us can explain it.

We can all agree that we had a healthy and in fact elite football program up until 2005 can't we? The span between 2001 and 2005 was not Fulmer's best years by a long shot, and we lost a lot of bowl games and failed to finish in the top 10, but I think most expected us to have a break away season at some point.

Well, I realize that we're still waiting on that break away season. But my point still stands that Fulmer has contributed as a coach some of the best football EVER played at Tennessee.

Surely, though we haven't won the SEC title since 98, we can appreciate the many appearances we've made in the big game? Surely the multiple trips to Atlanta this decade can in totallity be considered a highlight of Tennessee football even while we haven't brought home a trophy?

The story of the kid who doesn't think UT football is any good is interesting. I wonder home much that 15 year old kid has been influenced by the negativity of some peer, family member, friend, or media outlet? I'm not implying that he doesn't have a mind of his own, but we ALL are influenced by others.

Have YOU taken the time to tell this kid how great UT football has been, even if not so much lately? Have you mentioned to this kid that every program goes through slumps, even with good coaches? Have you pointed out that even Majors and Neyland had some mediocre teams?

I am a FIRM believer in self-fullfilling prophecies. I am a person who is very hard on myself and can easily let negative self talk rule my life. I know that my best times are when I shed the negativity and take on a can-do attitude. I believe FIRMLY that we as Vol fans are doing WAY more harm to the program than any coach could possibly do by wallowing in the negative. It ABSOLUTELY carries over to the spirit of the team. WE ARE THE TWELFTH MAN.

Titan writes:

Geoff - I've been away a while - who is Mike Freeman?

invisiblekid writes:

pdhuff, Robosaurus sold at Barrett-Jackson, that's hilarious to me for some reason. Imagine the guy coming home to the little wife with ol' Robo in tow, "YOU SPENT 400,000$ ON WHAT???".

As far as McNeil goes, best of luck with the surgery and rehab. A word of advice to the doctor, keep the potted plants away from him and make sure the nurses are smoking hot.

vol_in_lsu_land writes:


Please write your "Nothing is Worng" (whatever that means) opinions. You are welcome to see the world through the glasses you want to see it through. But just as you think that I and others see "illussions" (correctly spelled illusions), we feel you LIVE in an illusion. That illusion is believing that Tennessee football (or any other school's football for that matter) will EVER be the annual powerhouse that you expect, or the illusion that somehow Tennessee football was much better before (ie Majors) or that there is some god-ordained reason that Tennessee football is supposed to be better than any other program.

Do you guys see how dillusional Bama fans can be? Look at their feelings about Nick Saban...they expect Bama football to be so great they are willing to pay this man 4 mill a year to "restore" it to its rightful place. My friends, WE are becoming as dillusional as Bama fans.

And please don't ever accuse ME of being anti-Majors. He'd the only coach I ever actually met (on two occasions), and I have a signed game program with his picture that I got when I was a teenager. He IS part of the lore and legend of Tennessee history, as will Phil Fulmer if we don't continue to drive his good name in the mud.

invisiblekid writes:

Titan, if you read that Freeman article, get ready to take some aspirin afterwards. It's not so much the message itself in his or Adams' column that I have issue with, given Fulmer's past track record on discipline he needs to be doing it better and running things cleaner than other coaches, it's simply the delivery. Both Adams and Freeman cover up their lack of an original thought up with shock and awe tactics, an overt sense of self-importance, and some of the worst cliches around.

invisiblekid writes:

vol-in-lsu-land, my take on the Fulmer situation since things started getting really ugly in '05 has been pretty simple. I want to see nothing more than Fulmer succeed at the highest level because if it's good for Fulmer than it's good for the program. I am of the opinion that Fulmer is entrenched to the point that it would take a historic collapse for him to be forced out of the program and no fan wants to see that.

It's well-documented that things haven't been so rosy since the turn of the century with inconsistency on and off the field being the key term in my opinion. The truth of the matter, as it is with many scenarios, falls somewhere in the middle of public opinion. Things aren't as bad or as good as some make it out to be.

That's where the arguments and "negativity" begins, two camps on either end of the spectrum that are unwilling to believe there may be some common ground. I have seen as much venom and personal attacks spewed by the "positive" camp as the negative camp on here. The problem with some of the "positive" folk is that they seem to have the belief that UT Football begins and ends with Fulmer. Tiger Woods didn't create golf and Phil Fulmer didn't create UT Football. Fulmer shouldn't be above reproach when it comes to the team to consistently perform at a high level on the field and an acceptable level of behavior off of it.

On the other end of things, you have those that blatently despise the man and relish in his every failure. Not much hope for these people, I usually take what they say with a grain of salt and move on. Again, just my take on things.

TommyJack writes:

Kid: Good stuff. Most of the loser/haters do NOT despise The Professor. Bring on the season!

cjraney writes:

1. You seem to be inferring that your posts had something to do with the CBS story. Is this really the case?
2. Why is Majors even at issue here? If you or others have criticisms to aim at the current coach then have at it, but the legend that is Johnny Majors has absolutely nothing to do with Vol football in 2008. To include him in your dissertations only inserts evidence of bias and subjectivity to your often valid points.
3. Consider this scenario if you will: Fulmer retires in a couple years. His successor builds momentum then, guides UT to achieve a measure of greatness [i.e. SEC champs & contention for Nat'l champs]. 3-5 years after the peak Vol fans begin to notice a gradual decline in wins and lack of championships. Discontent builds among the faithful.

What period of time and what coach's reign will future Vol fans point to in comparison & to show that another change is needed on the hill?

Go Vols. Make Ashley Judd cry.

TommyJack writes:

cj: Is Ashley the rocket, or the wide one?

cjraney writes:

She's lean. The one in the movies & married to the Formula 1(?) driver. I want to see open sobbing by all Wildcat fans.

TommyJack writes:

Geoff: One could have worse fans...

gohawks1 writes:

Yessir, that one right there is a looker.

GerryOP writes:

Since Mother Maybelle Carter and Aunt Minnie Pearl have passed on, could we get Dolly Parton to attend the game tomorrow? Would that counterbalance Ashley?

Volfan1 writes:

All of you Mike Freeman bandwagon riders, keep this in mind....he wrote for the FLORIDA TIMES-UNION in Jacksonville (Gators stronghold) before he "wrote" for CBS.
It's amazing how a former Gator follower could say anything negative about Fulmer....(sarcasm intended.)
Get a clue guys before you take everyone who is a talking head or a keyboard pusher at their word just because they work for CBS.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

GerryOP, you have more fun taking Tanya Tucker to the game. Girl knows how to throw down.

Lean and mean, the color of blood, never was a hoss like the Tenn Stud. Beat the Cats.

Invisiblekid _ yeah, I watched Robo sell. The guy was a genius who built him. Can you imagine throwing down about 9 Buds and firing that bad boy up? Gets people's attention. That roar can be heard about two miles and 20 feet of flame is impressive. Then he folds up and goes down the road. Bring him thru the "T" some night game, boy howdy.

tngeoff, study the charts hard. You stay the course. Lessons are there for the learning. HMS Hood didn't think Bismarck could throw a shell 14 miles either. They'll learn. Have a glazed.

TommyJack writes:

Gerry: Hard to mention counterbalance and Dolly in the same sentence without breaking up.

GerryOP writes:

You ain't wrong on TT pdhuff. That woman can hurt. She still hangin' loose?

Yup TJ, her balance is indeed pre-car-i-ous.

AlpharettaVol writes:

Vol-in-lsu -- We all appreciate your comments. I even agree with most of them. Is it possible to purchase them in a hardback edition? I'd like to put it on my book shelf next to War and Peace.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Try a quick read like Hawaii, by Mitchener or.....

Beat KY.

TommyJack writes:

AlpharetaVol: Ole SJT18 will be peed if you award the Leo Tolstoy award to another. lol

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