Foster 'sitting in middle' about draft

Tennessee tailback Arian Foster is “sitting in the middle” as to whether he will return for his senior season or enter April’s NFL draft, according to his mother, Bernadette Foster.

A source close to the situation told the News Sentinel on Monday night said that Foster was leaning towards going pro based off a second-round projection from the NFL’s college advisory committee

“That’s a pretty decent grade but there’s a lot to be considered and that’s what he’s doing right now,” Bernadette Foster said Tuesday.

Bernadette Foster said the family is trying to give her son room to make his decision and couldn’t speculate on when an announcement would be made.

Bernadette Foster also pointed out that the report from the NFL’s advisory committee was not a guarantee, just a projection.

Players have until Jan. 15 to declare for the NFL draft.

Foster was UT’s leading rusher with 1,193 yards last season, starting all 14 games. With 2,394 rushing yards, Foster is in reach to set the school record held by Travis Henry (1997-2000) with 3,078.

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TommyJack writes:

Stay, man. We need a good, strong, durable back. The NFL isn't going anywhere.

nicksjuzunk#646117 writes:

Right on Tommy Jack,

No offense, but I don't think he is ready. Next year, he could really help himself with a solid season!

kyle#256744 writes:

This guy is one year removed from being a disappointing sophomore who couldn't hang on to the football in the Penn State game. What makes him think he's ready for the NFL? If he runs faster than a 4.6 I'd be totally shocked. If he goes he'll get drafted in the 4th or 5th round, guaranteed.

GerryOP writes:

Not yet, dude. Take next year and create a real name for yourself. Have a good year, get some numbers, then move on. Help make '08 a great year for everyone.

flVol60 writes:

Hey, Arian say a prayer and may all go well for you either way

Kwitcherbellyachin writes:

"What makes him think he's ready for the NFL?"

I'd guess that he's basing his assumption on the grade he received from the NFL advisory board. Given the position he plays and the likelihood of injury, I don't think anyone could blame him for going pro.

Pullingguard writes:

RB's positions for NFL draft are loaded, so hope
Arian makes a wise choice.. He is a good person, but personally I don't see him going in the 2nd round of this years draft. Just too many RB's to choose from... The players get projections about the draft and that sometimes is far from what happens... Good luck Arian whatever you do.,

orangebass writes:

He could not start for about half of the sec teams and would be 3rd string at georgia or auburn...what nfl team will he play for ? 2nd round would be a miracle. he lost last years bowl game with a fumble, fumbled in this years fla game at the worst possible time and had it not been a lucky bounce back to one of our linemen he would have given away the south carolina game (and sec east) so if he can find an nfl team to pay him to choke, more power to him !!

glockjockey writes:

Take the money and run before you get hurt.

utwick writes:

Arian would benefit from another year of being a Vol. If he learns to turn it up field and avoid the east-west running, he could improve his stock with the NFL. He runs hard and shows potential. Maybe our new running back coach can help him out.

GiveHimSix1387 writes:

I agree he should stick around for another year. He will be a good asset to our team and should break Henry's record if he has the type of season I think he is capable of. He is a 3rd round draft pick at best. With a good year he could solidify a 2nd to 1st round draft pick. I do not agree that he would be 3rd string at Georgia and Auburn. I think everyone is forgetting the Freshmen year Foster had and he didn't even play the entire season. Foster makes breaking tackles look easy. I think hes a solid back and I would hate to have all of our cards on an injure prone Montario Hardesty and an unproven Lennon Creer. Foster come back to the Vols, we need you.

w writes:

I have loved Arian in the past but I do think Creer is the future (with Hardesty) along with either one of the younger guys stepping up or a big-time recruit coming on.

volntx writes:

I am sure he is a nice guy but......I would like to see a tailback that is a threat to take it to the house on every touch. Foster is not that guy. Maybe he could be a fullback,think a slower Shawn Bryson, then his stock would go way up.

FWBVol writes:

orangebass, if Foster couldn't start for half the teams in the SEC, does that mean he could still start for the other six teams? Just wondering.

bigorangesob writes:

Hey Kyle you think you could out run him on the field, probably not so why don't you show the guy some support , yeah he's had his issues holding on to the ball but he's done a hell of lot for this program,I'd love to see you try to tackle him and watch him cleat marks all over your ass

jmatt62 writes:

Foster is a good back, but if he thinks he's shown enough to be in the NFL, he's crazy. He had a nice year, but why not come back and prove it wasn't a fluke to scouts. One also wonders, with all the "grades" recieved from the advisory board, how many 2nd round "grades" to they give to everyone who requests advice?? Sure seems like there are about 155 2nd round "grades" all over the country!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

w 6:13. Nailed it. Can't blame Foster for going if he really is a 2nd rounder $$$$$$.

I'm a big Hardesty fan if he can stay healthy and Creer is pure speed. The 5'5" LSU runner drove OSU crazy with pure speed. Running back is not our greatest need.

jmatt62 writes:

Mr. Huff, First of all, do you really think with all the RBs coming out this year Foster is 2nd round material? Put down the Orange colored glasses. He is a good player at best, not great. He has subpar speed and fumble issues(scouts don't forget) and some past run-ins with Knoxville's finest if memory serves. He has 5-7th round written all over him. Secondly, when has Hardesty ever, I mean EVER, stayed healthy. Please start thinking sensibly before you post. No offense, but those 2 comments .......

KnoxVol_in_TX writes:

I like Foster a lot. He has been huge for us in previous games. Sometimes his contributions dont jump off the stat page, but they are there.

Despite a couple key turnovers, he has been a mainstay of our offense this season (save the Bama game where we completely abandoned him). I say he would do well by himself and our team to come back for his senior year.

alfrizzle097 writes:

Foster has proven that he can do everything resonably well, including pass block. That is the part that everyone forgets. Your offensive line is the majority of the running battle. Where the individual back makes the difference is fighting for extra yards (check), blocking (check), and making the last guy miss (not so much). Foster would be a good addition to a team like Green Bay that doesn't run much any way.

ATLVOL1 writes:

Make room for Montario!

AppStVol writes:

KnoxVol in TX

I agree with you. Foster has been a gamer for us many times in his career. I will never forget the fumble against Penn St. or the one he almost lost against South Carolina this past year, but I think that everyone will be suprised in what he runs at the combine, he's the type of runner who kinda glides down the field.

rockytopron writes:

Two words... Lennon Creer

doctorvol#211700 writes:

lots of backs in the draft. could do well to stay. I like him a lot, but don't think 2nd round is realistic this year.

DadwasaVol writes:

alfrizzle097 is right - the man really pass blocks well. Not a coincidence that Tennessee led the nation in fewest sacks allowed. Foster doesn't get much credit on this board but NFL scouts will see that QB protection on film.

TommyJack writes:

Sorry, I only saw 9 games this year. What I DIDN'T see was much of Hardesty or Creel. What I DID see is Foster performing and taking a pounding week after week with essentially no back-up. When some of you find a guy to dog-out, you're relentless. Foster is a very serviceable back. Pro now? probably not, but give the guy a break...he carried the load.

ATLVOL1 writes:

Kudos on the pass blocking comments for Arian, he also sees holes well and gets in the open field arond the end more than his speed would typically allow. The NFL doesnt draft solid pass blocking backs with good vision though, they sign them as free agents if they dont run a 4.4/4.5 ... He wil play on Sundays one day tho I think, but It probably wont be through the first day in the draft

Hardesty has ran "downhill" since his first day here and is the closest thing to J Lewis I have seen since.... or when Riggs willed his way into the endzone at LSU right after Katrina in the 4th qtr...

rubbervol writes:

Go with your heart dude !
Thanks for helping us this year----awesome job.

jcherrie#219531 (Inactive) writes:

Tough one. Foster might be a real star if he stays. Jason Witten came out early and was only a 3rd round pick.

I'll never forgive the Eagles for drafting TE LJ Smith from Rutgers in round 2 and bypassing Witten. And they're staying home because of it.

abrown#232236 writes:

He'd have to have a great combine to go that high. If he thinks that he's in tip top shape for the combine, then take a shot. But if not, he should add to his resume before making that move.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

errrrr.....jmatt62. pls kindly read again. "if he is REALLY a 2nd rounder". See really! Was being nice, I think he's ACTUALLY not, I think he's REALLY a 4-5th rounder.

Thanks for the "orange colored glasses", that's original especially to someone who is not a Fulmerite. I'm sure TommyJack, tngeoff, Tdtn amd a few others got a chuckle out of that. After over 500 posts, I finally got a "orange glasses". You think that up all by yourself? Congrats.

And I said IF Hardesty could stay healthy (see that proved I knew he had problems) he would be a better back than Foster. You're not kin to 12times, are you? I thought for a moment my Lab had posted.

Anyway, all are welcome. Happy 2008.

TommyJack writes:

PD: The man is obviously a newbie. He will learn that you are the Poet Laureate of this board.

ncvol17 writes:

What is the minimum NFL salar? In the 300K range I think. Not bad $$ for being the worst player to stick with the team. And I think whe would be one of the worst...

If we ever get any coaches maybe we can recruit a few big, healthy backs or get another Charley Garner from the JUCO ranks.

GerryOP writes:

pdhuff? Orange colored glasses? jmatt62, you jest.

pdhuff, when you are out celebrating the Vols accomplishment of being the highest ranked 4-loss-team, have a drink on me. Send me the check.

cltvol writes:

Decent runner, durable, can now hang onto ball - can't recall many fumbles this year,good pass blocker, well coached unlike some haters here think, good stiff armer, good heart - overcame some adversity with the club incident, good receiver. This guy could hang on as a produvtive nfl back if he keeps working. He will have a lot of support from ut and fans from now on. Best to him and all posters. Make us proud and keep expanding your life and network positively. Come back and cheer us on during bye weeks. Tell those youngsters to come to ut and work hard! It pays off!

mprip#212085 writes:

Will he be missed........? No, give some time & the ball to Creer and then maybe there will be room for Dennis Rogan to move into running back.....he is a much better offensive back than defense....What is scary is to compare Tenn committments for next year to LSU, FLA, Ala GA...looks like we are full of 3A with 2 4A (JC transfer & Douglas from Maryville) and the above schools are loaded with 5A & 4A rated high school committments....This is the future ?

pdhuff#552644 writes:

GerryOp-TommyJack - Tks, I went out thru the rain to see if Earnhardt had tied into my old emachines steam powered again. Gotta watch that dog.

jmatt62, really son, you may have given Phil a heart murmur. As Fred Sanford said " Elizabeth, I'm coming, this is really the big one, I've crossed over and didn't know it".

Hmmmm, gotta practice.. naysayers, haters, nabobs, non-koolaide drinkers, find another team, must, repeat, must stay the course, warm and fuzzy, dont mention nine years, etc... I'll get better soon. Where are those charts?

jmatt62 writes:

PD (pretty dumb?), I guess you post with multiple prepositions (if), then when you're called to explain, you have an out! Brilliant. You should be a politician, or maybe you are. You say what you really mean, (see REALLY?), after your comments are critiqued and questioned. Nice. And you actually count your posts? Get a life, man. Have a good one, pal.

GerryOP writes:

Is it a full moon?

ATLVOL1 writes:

stay the course mprip, Phil recruits his rear off in late January.

orangebass writes:

FWBVol-certainly he might start for vandy, maybe ole miss probably even fact he might evn be a star carson newman or UT martin, but last time i checked they weren't the nfl. just FYI

vol4jesus writes:

eVOLution it says your name is Erik Ainge. Is that so ? Or someone registered with our QB's name.

utmdm writes:

PD, Step away from those orange glasses! What a chuckle I got from that.

Wilhelm16 writes:

honestly unless he has a stellar combine(unlikely) he wont even get drafted (see santonio beard)

utmdm writes:

Oops, forgive my protocol - Mr. PD

leedsvol2007 writes:

I hope Foster stays. He is underrated a punishing runner, probably a good blocker, with soft hands and good vision.

What he appears to lack as runner is the 3rd gear to run away from secondary pursuers that Jamal Lewis, Chuck Webb, Travis Stephens, and Gerald Riggs possessed.

But in pro football they are looking for a guy that can make a 2 yarder a 4 yarder and occasionally break off a 20 yard run and can catch. Foster should be able to do that.

He still though has not completely cured his tendency to fumble. That will kill him in the pros. He needs another year to shake that problem.

I doubt he will be an early pick some team will try and steal him late so he won't get the big money.

If he has a big senior year the money might then be there. Unlike Mayo Foster would be better off staying.

And our offense will be better with him.

dvols writes:

stay and be a linebacker!!!

abrown#232236 writes:

He's got a lot of tools and has matured well. His glide is kind of interesting and his acceleration is deceptive.. A guy that big needs to explode into the hole, though.

jmatt62 writes:

utmdm, it was my pleasure. Glad to oblige, sir.

BigVolinCarolina writes:

Foster needs to stay but, if he chooses otherwise, I believe we'll be fine without him.

Good luck, Arian.

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