Assistant hired: UT gets running backs coach Drayton from Florida

Stan Drayton

Stan Drayton

Stan Drayton

Stan Drayton

One down. Three to go.

Florida running backs coach Stan Drayton will join Tennessee’s football coaching staff as an assistant coach, leaving the Vols with three more hires to make for their offensive staff.

Drayton likely will coach running backs, taking the place of Kurt Roper, who left last Wednesday to become David Cutcliffe’s offensive coordinator at Duke.

“I’m a Volunteer,” Drayton told the Tennessean in a story on its Web site on Tuesday. “I interviewed on Sunday and it went extremely well. Tennessee is a classy program and it speaks for itself. Coach (Phillip) Fulmer is as classy as any coach I’ve been around. He provided me an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.”

Drayton, 36, could not be reached for further comment, however an official announcement is expected later this week.

Drayton has been with the Gators since Urban Meyer took over the program in 2005, helping guide Florida to the 2006 SEC and national championships.

Drayton spent 2004 as running backs coach at Mississippi State and three seasons as an offensive quality control and assistant special teams coach with the NFL’s Green Bay Packers.

While in Green Bay, he worked with UT director of football operations Bruce Warwick.

Drayton also spent four seasons at Division I-AA Villanova, three of which with Richmond coach Dave Clawson.

Clawson interviewed for Tennessee’s offensive coordinator job on Monday.

While at Florida, Drayton developed a reputation for recruiting, and named him one of its top 25 recruiters for his role in the Gators’ 2007 signing class, which was ranked No. 1 in the nation by several services.

Drayton also coached current Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook while at Villanova.

Tuesday’s hire leaves the Vols needing three more coaches to fill out their staff.

Tennessee has yet to hire an offensive coordinator to replace Cutcliffe, who was introduced as Duke’s coach on Dec. 15. The Vols still must replace tight ends coach Matt Luke and wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor. Luke joined Cutcliffe at Duke and Taylor was hired by Oklahoma State.

Drew Edwards covers University of Tennessee football. He may be reached at 865-342-6274.

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Comments » 189

TommyJack writes:

Prepare yourselves for the spin from FL.

MDT writes:

BIG Upgrade over roper. 1 for 1 for ol phil.

orangebloodgmc writes:

Sounds like he can recruit a little bit, not a bad thing.

DingoVol writes:

I am going to pat myself on the back on this one. I called it over an hour ago. His previous relationship with Clawson makes is seem like he will be signing too. Go Vols!

bigtimevol writes:

That's what I'm talking about! Great source to FL high school pipeline. Too much of a coincidence about Clawson. I bet he's our guy.

GerryOP writes:

Stan, hit the road recruitin'. Don't even bother unpacking.

dfreeman writes:

I agree there!! Feel like I should be welcoming Clawson on campus too!! Too much of a coincidence!! I will be anxious as to what kind of offense we'll be seeing now!! Go Vols!!

TommyJack writes:

I never doubted ole Phil. :)

rkastens writes:

Yes, this would seem to indicate Clawson is the choice for OC. But why let this out before Clawsom is introduced or announced? Strange timing.

thesavageorange writes:

This is who we needed to get some kids over the hump to come to Tennessee.Finally something we can all be happy about.

ATLVOL1 writes:

wonder who the RB is he was talkin too?

bernardking writes:

Great hire. If Clawson comes on board as OC as expected, Vols will finish strong and inside top ten in recruiting.

I have a feeling when Phil retires, he will be laughing at all the naysayers....many of the idiots in this forum

tnbanker_govols writes:

This could be absolutely huge for our recruiting. Excellent choice Phil.

justin35us#209705 writes:

I like it. Since Coach Fulmer said the OC would be hired before any position coaches, can we reasonably assume Clawson is hired?

JHite7 writes:

Top 25 recruiter...that really helps fill Trooper's void. And honestly, the difference between this guy and Roper is infinite. Also with him having ties to being a special teams coach at the NFL level with Green Bay will be an even bigger help. Great Hire!

ATLVOL1 writes:

Arian leaves, Darrell Scott can start next year!

bigbluevol writes:

Well, well, well...I don't know what's bigger: getting Drayton or seeing people actually compliment Fulmer. This is HUGE. Well done by CPF.

Basketball_Jones writes:

I guess this is a great but can anyone name a RB from Florida (Tebow is a QB) that has been successful under this guy? That has been Meyers greatest complaint is the lack of RB....Glad he can recruit

thesavageorange writes:

The in roads to Florida are no longer dry.No matter what you think of Phil this was a superb hire.

Txvol57 writes:

Drayton's bio....not bad at all!!

VOLinDAWGland writes:

Hmmm...that's a good point regarding Foster. He might be hearing foot steps of the young studs and thinking it won't get any better than the 1,100+ yards he posted this year.

ATLVOL1 writes:

Demps is a track scholarshhip recruit tho I heard , he is deciding on track first or football first.

thesavageorange writes:

heels_fan_23 , not at Florida , but Jerius Norwood from Miss St. is making a mark in the NFL.UF's system doesn't even seem to need a RB coach.

bigtimevol writes:

Great hire, but does seem to "job hop". Maybe he can put down roots for awhile.

cstepesq writes:

Wait a minute, where are all of the Fulmer-haters talking about how incompetent he is, and what a micro-manager he is???

thesavageorange writes:

heels_fan_23 , Also Brian Westbrook at Villanova.I'd say he's had some success.Meyer had him there for one reason.RECRUITING.

nicksjuzunk#646117 writes:

Like I said, have confidence in the man. Now, Clawson should be able to pull some things together and... voila! New life in the program while we still have the stability of Coach Fulmer. Clawson is probably your next head coach so the transition is smooth and not awkward... let us hope!!

Basketball_Jones writes:

Thanks for the info, I wasn't bashing just curious. I know Florida doesn't need a RB normally but still curious.

99gator writes:

as i said in the other thread....he is known more as a recruiter than a coach.

i am not going to bad mouth the guy and spin this. we will have to wait to see how much this helps tenn, but i don't think it will hurt florida.

in that state, you get recruits by accident and i don't think it will impact this year's recruiting class. i don't think tenn will poach any florida commitments from this hire.

thesavageorange writes:

heels_fan_23 , No problem.Didn't think you were bashing.

99gator writes:


you do not get in the game at running back at florida until

1. you prove you won't fumble

2. you can block

blocking is rainey's problem. but, he was a true freshman. mon williams was injured in spring 2007 and moody is transferring from usc. all three should be contributing in 2008

tino2009 writes:

CSTV is reporting that Dave Clawson is indeed our next OC.

rbhobbs73#226545 writes:

I love it!

Steal UF's best recruiting assistant coach!

Well done Coach Fulmer!

Let's get Clawson hired as OC and Loeffler as QB coach and hit the recruiting trail!!

Just a question, but...would you boys worry about this recruiting class as much if Morley, G. Williams, Poole, Warren come in in the fall followed by Ryan Mallett transferring from Michigan to give Crompton and BJ Coleman some QB competition?

I, personally, think that would make me not worry about the '08 recruiting class quite as much...what do you boys think?

99gator writes:


word round the campfire is that demps will be a gator. if he does come to florida, he will be a wr not a rb.

which is what drayton's new challenge is. easy to get florida kids to go to florida. not so easy to get florida kids to leave florida. however, he may only be expected to nab 2 to 4 a year. depending on which 2 to 4 he can nab, that would be a good thing for tenn

jandjhome#228397 writes:

Methinks I like it.


I'm with you rbhobbs73.

waterskier3#226480 writes:

he needs to hit the trail and recruit baby recruit..... we have some ground to make up

its amazing that if you disagree with the pro fulmers on here that we're all wrong... we're not wrong we just choose to look at the university we love with an open mind... and if its falling apart then we'll comment accordingly... we're not all sheep.....

fulmer's job is to win championships, not divisional BS.... hopefully these changes will help us win a few

I'm open minded and i don't care who they bring in as long as he can recruit and we win.............

bedmagic_23#311856 writes:

Phil has always understood that recruiting is the lifeblood of all college programs. Look at the recruiting ties if they sign Clawson, Leoffler, Drayton, and possibly Debord. Great recruiters with ties to:
Clawson--Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida
Leoffler--Michigan, Ohio
Drayton--Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Mississippi

That's just what I could find. That's not even mentioning their past recruiting territories.

I haven't heard anyone mention this, but Debord may be trying join the staff as TEs coach and recruiting coordinator. This is a position he had previously with Michigan. He stepped back from previously being a coordinator to accept that position. I wonder if he and Loeffler are both trying to join the staff as assistants. If so, who's coaching the WRs?

Hacksaw57 writes:

Speaking of Negativism, where the heck is Touchdown TN when we need him!

99gator writes:

also....some may consider this spin....

the coach (as far as recruiting goes) i would have hated to lose is doc holliday. i don't know how tenn does things, but florida assigns each coach a territory within the state. i forget where drayton's territory is, but holliday is assigned the south florida (palm beach, broward, dade county area) for those not familiar with florida (miami and fort lauderdale).

but, every area within the state is pretty fertile


Last year's class was so good that we don't need much to make this year's class successful. A few big offensive and defensive linemen would satisfy me. Especially defensive.

99gator writes:


well, practices are closed. all i can tell you is, the word about rainey is blocking is a problem. it's more mental than physical. they know at his size he will not be an imposing blocker. but, they do expect him to know who to pick up and get in the way

jobrando#216494 writes:

Way to go make the Clawson hire offical

ATLVOL1 writes:

we need RB's, DE's, LB's and DT's!

bornavol writes:

Good post cstepesq
I wish all you negative sh**heads would go live in and pull for Ark. where you belong.

thesavageorange writes:

rbhobbs73 , I agree w/ that assesment 110%.Loeffler would also get me excited.I say we need to then get a solid recruiting WR coach.TE coaches are unnecesary.They spend 1/2 their time w/ O line, and 1/2 w/ receivers. 99gator, "he may only be expected to nab 2 to 4 a year". That would probably be correct.

Hacksaw57 writes:

I CAN'T BELIEVE that in 54 some-odd posts that TouchdownTN is Not AMONG THEM! Could it be, not, it can't be, that he has NOTHING TO COMMENT on the matter!
That's the ONLY REASON why I read the posts after the articles. Just to see what kind of **** he is going to dish out.

VolsorCat writes:

Don't you love it when a plan comes together.

Stan, don't bother coming to Knoxville. Enterprise will be by in an hour to pick you up. Your contract will be at your hotel in Miami tomorrow morning along with a list of 25 recruits you need to visit before Monday. Start with the kids who are soft verbals at Northwestern High and move North. When you arrive in Knoxville next week, a new list will be provided and you can pick up your itinerary for the next month. Welcome to Tennessee!!!!!

Seal the deal on Clawson tonight and hand him an airline ticket to Oklahoma or New Jersey for the other groups of kids we are in on.

99gator writes:

so far, no "yawn" posts.

i have to say i am somewhat shocked by the level of excitement of your posts.

y'all don't agree on much

lpvol writes:

Here's some nice info on this guy:

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