UT to interview DeBord and Loeffler Wednesday

Tennessee's search for three more offensive assistants will continue today with two more coaches in Knoxville for interviews.

Former Michigan offensive coordinator Mike DeBord and former Michigan quarterbacks coach Scott Loeffler spent Tuesday night in Knoxville and will interview with Tennessee football coach Phillip Fulmer, sources told the News Sentinel.

Neither was retained by new Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez following former coach Lloyd Carr's retirement.

DeBord, 51, has been Michigan’s offensive coordinator and tight ends coach on two separate occasions from 1997-99 and 2006-07.

In between those stints, he was head coach at Central Michigan for four seasons beginning in 2000, before returning to the Wolverines as special teams coach and recruiting coordinator in 2004 and 2005. DeBord also coached Michigan’s offensive line from 1992-96.

DeBord was Michigan’s offensive coordinator when the Wolverines won 1997 national championship, working with current NFL quarterbacks Brian Greise and Tom Brady.

Loeffler, 33, has been quarterbacks coach at Michigan for the past six seasons. He spoke with Fulmer during the Vols' preparations for the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Fla.

An Ohio native, Loeffler spent two seasons with DeBord at Central Michigan before returning to his alma mater in 2002, where he helped develop All-Big Ten passers Chad Henne and John Navarre.

He was Todd Collins’ backup quarterback at Michigan in 1995, but his career was cut short by a shoulder injury. He became a student assistant coach from 1996-97 and a graduate assistant from 1998-99.

Florida running backs coach Stan Drayton will likely coach running backs, taking over for Kurt Roper who officially left UT last Wednesday to become David Cutcliffe’s offensive coordinator at Duke.

In addition to finding a replacement for Cutcliffe as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Tennessee must also hire two more assistants to replace wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor and tight ends coach Matt Luke.

Taylor is now co-offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State, and Luke is Duke’s offensive line coach and running game coordinator.

Mike Griffith contributed to this report.

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GrandCanyonVol writes:

All of these interviews are about to wear me out. We had nearly 20 inches of snow here at the Grand Canyon the past two days. Just beautiful! I hope cpf makes some good decisions. I would like to see Tennessee football again.

utmdm writes:

Sorry you can keep the snow. I'll settle for watching it on TV.

WOnder if this has to be a package deal since they are interviewing the same day?

rabidvol1998 writes:

Why36knot - Agreed. I finally had to boycott the Sports Page, I couldn't take the unending sarcasm and low journalistic standards.

getridoffoolmer writes:

foolmer please dont hire these 2 get the coach from richmond started out good now finish good! dont hire mich guys

asleep#212036 writes:

Not sure how this effects the Clawson scenario. I'm assuming Loeffler would be the QB coach but what about DeBord? Would he assume special teams/recruiting coordinator or is he the possible the OC candidate of choice? It would be nice if we picked up Clawson - he, Drayton, and Loeffler are all young and come from different places bringing a lot of different ideas to the offensive table - we are WAY overdue for that. Plus, talk about spreading out some recruiting fingers! Even better, a buddy of mine who played at Michigan with Loeffler says where ever Loeffler goes, so goes Ryan Mallett. Not a bad deal for year after next if Crompton isn't all that. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. At least Phil is looking far and wide and not in his own back yard. Go Vols!!!

utmdm writes:

What happened to all the rumors as to the LSU OC?

Yes guys, this carousel is more "dizzying" than the koolaide.

volunteer_cowboy writes:

Okay guys, I have information from an EXTREMELY credible source close to the coaching search that you all would be interested in knowing. Because I don't know how confidential the information was, and I don't want the person in trouble, I'm not going to give any details beyond saying that I'd bet my next paycheck on what this person told me. I'll first post the information, and then comment on some of it.

Dave Clawson will be introduced as our official offensive coordinator. I was told this will happen tomorrow (Wednesday).

As you can see, Stan Drayton is coming to Tennessee. He is bringing some top recruit with him. Because of restrictions on talking about recruits, my source was not able to tell me who that is.

Chad Loeffler is coming to Tennessee and he's bringing Ryan Mallet with him. The assumption is that he will be coaching quarterbacks, but oddly enough my source didn't say what position he would be coaching (this will make more sense in a second).

Mike DeBord is also coming to Tennessee. Again, my source didn't talk about what position he would be coaching. My assumption would be that he will coach tight ends and possibly special teams.

My source also told me that there is a big surprise that no one will see coming. If I understand correctly, it has something to do with a hire on the coaching staff. That's what makes me unsure about the positions these hires will take (Mostly what Chad Loeffler will coach). The only names I could eliminate off the list are Alvin Harper, Carl Pickens, and George Quarles. After that my source just told me that I'll find out Thursday when these other coaching hires are announced.

mbible1utk#324980 writes:

hey tab.... you copied my post you whore!

Don't worry, it's okay.

agentorange writes:

dave hooker and tabjack are lovers according to my source who can't talk about idots.

agentorange writes:

idots are the same as idiots where i'm from (nashville).

volunteer_cowboy writes:

just i liked your novel so much i wanted everyone to know your better than KNS

rabidvol1998 writes:

tabjack - I hope you are right. Did your source say anything about Larry Slade. Good bio, good guy, but the D-backs just don't seem well coached on technique.

volunteer_cowboy writes:

ask mbible1utk hes THA MAN

dallasdog1 writes:

That fing tressel sux......cant win big games....looks fat in the sweater vest...he is no darn good

bigOmuscle writes:

Tabjack, care to comment on the uproar you're about to start? I hope you're right. I'm very impressed w/ Clawson, Debord and Loeffler. I think you know more about the situation than you're letting on....Care to indulge?

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

I know one thing.

Offense on Rocky Top is going to be different, way different than it has been in the past. We will practically have a brand new team.

I think the biggest challenge is going to be chemistry, but I think that is part of the reason that some of these coaches seem to have connections. The Richmond guy (Clawson) has connections to the Florida RB coach I believe and then the obvious Michigan connection with DeBord and Loeffler.

Folks, I have to say this: The AntiFulmerites may have a long road of sorrow ahead of them because I believe Fulmer is putting together a damn solid, youthful Offensive team that has a ton of potential to be SUPERB. If Chavis can get these Vols to TACKLE like our Ds have in the past, Tennessee is going to be a force to be reckoned with next year.

volman5 writes:

Wow...I realy hope you are right Tab...I just posted on another article how awesome I think it would be if we could land the 2 UMs, Richmond and FL guy. Man, I hope all of this works out. I was worried that the OC was going to be an either or with DeBord and Clawson

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

by offensive team, of course I meant coaching team.

utmdm writes:

could the surprise be on the defensive side?

bigOmuscle writes:

You think maybe they're bringing steele in?

FWBVol writes:

I'm the eternal optimist, and don't want to rain on our parade right now. I'm just doing some math. With the hiring of Drayton, that leaves two offensive coach spots to fill. One of the three names everyone is getting excited about could be the odd man out.

Personally, I'd like to see Clawson and Loeffler, but both are QB coaches with Clawson having the OC experience. Debord has the OC experience, but he's the tight ends guy.

Hopefully, CPF will be able to pull of the trifect and get all three, but I'd rather see Clawson and one of the Michigan guys rather than both of the Michigan coaches. That would give the staff a greater influx of new ideas.

One thing is certain, all the mystery will be over soon.

utmdm writes:

Just wondering .....

Jim Bates, the Denver Broncos embattled assistant head coach/defense, is leaving the team after one season.

Faced with being reassigned within the coaching staff, Bates has decided to leave the team.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity and very saddened that things did not work out,” said Bates, a former University of Tennessee player and assistant coach and a former Sevier County High School head coach. “I had the opportunity to stay, Mike has been very fair with me, and the final decision, for the Broncos and for me, was to step aside.”

mbible1utk#324980 writes:

for the record,
1.) I don't know more than I'm letting on about knowing
2.) I did not get my source straight from Philip Fulmer's mouth, but trust me, it's not far from it at all
3.) What's not to say it isn't on the defensive side, but I don't know a.) who we would be replacing, and b.) who we would replace them with.

mbible1utk#324980 writes:

I think it could be interesting to see if Jim Bates might be coming on to coach our DB's.... could be interesting.

The thing with DeBord is that we might have him coaching tight ends and being Special Teams Coordinator. Loeffler may coach either wide receivers or quarterbacks, and whichever one he doesn't coach might be coached by Clawson....or maybe Clawson doesn't have a position he coaches, maybe he's just the offensive coordinator... I just got some names for us from about as close to Phil's mouth as a person could get.

andy112382#209793 writes:

Makes since if Clawson is the man, it specifically said Drayton worked with Clawson before, Fulmer said he did not want to hire assistants until there was an OC, then he goes and hires Drayton. Makes you wonder if the OC isn't already hired, just not announced, after all there has been very little details overall since Cutcliffe left, so I wouldn't be suprised at all if what tabjack0522 said turns out true.

Either way, sounds like lots of possibilities and also this blows away any theories from the 'sky is falling' crowd saying Fulmer will never in his life hire outside 'the family' (what is this, the godfather?!?)

Makes since if it is Clawson, someone on here said he reminds them of a younger, more energetic Cutcliffe that is also creative on offense.....can't blame Fulmer for wanting to, at least, stay with something he is comfortable with, after all, team chemistry (with both players and the staff) is vital for a championship caliber team.


FWBVol writes:

Whoever the new OC is, I believe the complete transformation in the offensive scheme, if there is one, won't happen in one, or even two seasons. That might upset some fans, but from all accounts from those in the know, there's not really any thing wrong with the basic philosophy CPF has in place.

I do believe there will be, with the new coaches, some new wrinkles in that scheme. I think it is easier for three or four coaches to learn the fundamentals of UT's offense than it is to try and teach it to 40-45 players on the offensive side of the ball.

Adkins is the only returning offensive coach so that means most of the kids will be learning what their new coach expects of them as well as the new looks in the offense.

To completely scrap the playbook that Fulmer is most comfortable with as well as the one the players know this year, would, in my opinion, be a mistake.

I'm all for change, but do it in a way that won't overwhelm the players.

calivol writes:

Tab and mbible, two separate times you mentioned something about a Chad Loeffler guy in your top-secret insider scoop. Did your extremely credible source tell you whether or not Chad is the genius twin brother of Scott Loeffler? I'm sure Chad is smart and all, but I'd personally prefer Scott as my QBs coach...seeing that, ya know, he's the one actually being interviewed.

ONUV writes:

Loeffler = good for QBs coach
DeBord = good for nothing. maybe WRs.
Gus Malzahn = good for OC or HC haha

dfreeman writes:

I heard the same thing as Tab from someone deep inside the "office"! Big surprise either tomorrow or Thursday. One that Orange Nation isn't expecting. There are a TON of giddy people running around on the HILL!!

orange_glory writes:

I agree TouchdownTN. I like the Florida coach hire but two coaches from Michigan that haven't done anything in about as long as TENN. Oh well maybe "The Big Surprise" will make it all better

dfreeman writes:

Hey by the way I love coach Cut, but I think even he would chuckle at people calling him Butcliffe that's just funny!! I'll miss him here, but he's where he's wahted to be!!

southernACmavs writes:

Hire emm lets get this party started.At this point it would not matter who fulmer hired. Tennessee has a divided fan base.Fulmer will NOT be able to enjoy the same fan support he had EVER.. Hamiliton you played a part allso ,The comman fan will never forget how unimportant you made us feel.... Hire emm Give phill his Raise and lose to Florida again , SPEND MORE EXPECT LESS

dfreeman writes:

tngeoff - I was going to read who you were responding to, but couldn't find DennisVols! Was this on another thread??

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

I know the big surprise and it IS something none of ya would have dreamed in a trillion years!!

In a strange turn of events, CPF has managed to convince the Ole Ball Coach to drop the reigns at USCe and become the next UT OC.

Let's welcome coach Spurrier to the UT staff.

dfreeman writes:

southernACmavs - You're just hatin' now huh? No logic just hatin' for the sake of hatin'! You're so far gone into your own hate for Fulmer that it doesn't matter what he does!! As for Hamilton, he found Pearl didn't he?? WRITE MORE EXPECT GARBAGE!!

dfreeman writes:

tngeoff - ahh, Gotchya!!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

tngeoff-7:41- liked that "kinda dead". That's going to describe most fan's interest in about 60 days as we plow thru the doldrums.

The parallel between Carr and Fulmer is something I've long noted. Both low-key, usually not controversial. Usually. Not headline guys. IF either Michigan coach comes, I imagine they'd be comfortable with Phil and vice-versa. They went thru a lot of heat with Carr.

Clawson is an interesting candidate. So is Hilary.

Other than the Michigan coaches learning a foreign language, Southern, and saying Coke pls, instead of "pop", they'd fit. They would stay the course.

What's your take on recruiting?

feathersax writes:

The reason Gators haven't had a running back is that Urban Myth's spread offense has no place for a go-to rb; it's T-bone off tackle, Percy on the reverse, & wing it now & then. Welcome to the Hill, Coach Drayton! CPF is doing what a head coach oughtta do: organize & NOT listen to the voices of insanity. GO BIG ORANGE!

Carlitovol writes:

Hhhhmmm... check this out: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/columns... Looks like we're already irrelevant in 2008. Let the mediocrity continue! Stay the course! Work like heck!

bigOmuscle writes:

Well, there's a good chance Ryan Mallett is coming w/ Loeffler. I said IS because Loeffler and Drayton are going to be announced today. A couple of Michigan commitments have requested a visit to UT as well. Drayton is bringing a RB recruit w/ him also. I'm impressedw/ the tandem that Fulmer is putting together. I don't care what kind of offense he runs as long as we win titles, that's the bottom line. You guys know Fulmer's not gonna scrap the entire playbook just to implement a spread. If that were true, TT would be the OC. Fulmer is an amazing coach and anyone that thinks he isn't just needs to look at his last 16 years. You guys get caught up in the NC hype and you forget that were in the SEC. Fulmer averages 9 1/2 wins per year against THE best teams in the country. If UT were in some lame conference, w/ no divisional playoff, (like the pac-10 or big 10) we would be in the NC hunt every year.

jobrando#216494 writes:

Fulmer wants Loeffler but not Deboard

TrueVolFan writes:

H1Gator: Are you just hatin because one of Rivals top 25 recruiters left your school where he wasn't given an opportunity to suceed? I looked at all Gator sites yesterday to see if any story was out on him and didn't find anything, now all of a sudden "he's been fired"? When was that move made, after we named him as new RB coach at TN?
Go Vols!!

TrueVolFan writes:

H1Gator, we all see that you remember a game back in September, but just what did your Gators do after that, other than lose four games? Me, I like to enjoy the NOW. As for the NOW, how are your Gators Now? Oh thats right, they LOST their Bowl game and finished BEHIND the VOLS in the FINAL POLLS!

Go Vols!!!

tnbanker_govols writes:

Gator......have you seen the polls lately?

ATLVOL1 writes:

The way this is shaping up, the big news thursday would have to be Mallett transferring right?

orangebloodgmc writes:

USATODAY says Mallett is definitely leaving Michigan, going where I don't know. Rodriguez was like "screw you, dude." Maybe he thinks he's got T. Pryor wrapped up.

waterskier3#226480 writes:

i'm not really that happy about michigan guys coming... they are used to losing to their biggest rival even with better talent and that's not good... I'll take the other coaches and be ok but michigan retreads might be ok as long as they stay away from play calling... period..... mich QB's were not coached that well if you watch many mich games....

the only positive for fulmer is mich runs a similar offense so that tells me we will not see a different scheme next year more of the same with new coaches... that's just my take.

we're not anti fulmers we're pro win and want tn to win(CHAMPIONSHIPS) regardless of who the coaches are...


RockyTopRK writes:

This from a Google search that led me to Scout.com. Ryan Mallett was ranked a year ago as the #2 QB prospect in the nation - right behind who?? Why Jimmy Clausen! Anyway - here's the report: Mallett is a drop back passer with arguably the nation’s strongest arm. When he sets his feet he can throw with unreal velocity. Sometimes, he’s all arm and tends to forget some fundamentals. Mallett shows good accuracy. His arm allows him to make those hard throws over the middle look so easy. Mallett throws the deep ball with good touch. At 6-6, he shows good mobility and he makes good decisions with the football.

DennisVols writes:

Good Morning tngeoff
Quite interesting post earlier following yesterdays debate.
I find that belief in that nothing is impossible helps keep the mind open to new ideas and change. That is the "Philosophy" success is obtained from.
Our university is in such a time. Change and the willingness to have an open mind to accept it will be key in obtaining the goals of SEC and National titles.
The choices of who UT hires as good, bad or even great will be determined in about 12 months. The results we see on the field will carry more weight than any of our opinions combined.
The founder of Fed Ex went to GA Tech. His final thesis was written on the theory of Federal Express and how it would operate. At that time he received an "F" for his work because his professors did nto believe it could work. Point being until you see the theory put to the test you really don't know if it will be succesful or not.

jobrando#216494 writes:

sjt18..just my mirron neurons at work

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