Fulmer meets with players involved in marijuana incident

Two Tennessee football players were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana following a traffic stop Friday night in the Fort Sanders area near campus, Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk said Monday.

Police found marijuana in a vehicle driven by freshman wide receiver Gerald Jones, 18, and registered to freshman wide receiver Ahmad Paige, 18, after stopping the vehicle near campus Friday at 10:41 p.m.

Police initiated the stop of Paige's Dodge Magnum at the intersection of 11th Street and White Avenue after an officer spotted a burned out tag light, DeBusk said.

Freshman defensive lineman William Brimfield and a Tennessee recruit, Muskogee, Okla., wide receiver Jameel Owens, also were in the vehicle.

Neither Brimfield nor Owens was charged.

However, Brimfield will serve the same punishment from UT coach Phillip Fulmer as Jones and Paige.

Jones, Paige and Brimfield will not be allowed to host a recruit for one year, and all will be subject to more frequent drug testing in addition to performing community service at a drug rehabilitation facility and participating in a police ride-along.

"I am extremely disappointed in these young men and the decision they made," Fulmer said in a statement released by the university. "This is an example of youth and stupidity by boys that need to become men and not make stupid and irrational decisions trying to impress each other. I have met with all three players individually, and they understand that this behavior will not be tolerated.

"They have a number of things they need to do to get back in our good graces."

After stopping the vehicle, police observed smoke coming from one of the car's open windows that smelled like "burnt marijuana," DeBusk said.

After receiving permission to search the vehicle, officers found two marijuana cigars, one half-smoked in the center console and another between the center console and the passenger's seat.

Jones also was cited for the tag light violation and for not wearing his seat belt.

Jones and Paige were cited for misdemeanor possession and released.

In addition to Tennessee, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are recruiting the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Owens.

Jones, a native of Oklahoma City, Okla., played in nine games this season and scored touchdowns in his last three games.

The widely recruited receiver also was featured at quarterback, where he scored rushing touchdowns against LSU in the SEC championship game and against Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl.

Jones caught a touchdown pass in Tennessee's overtime victory over Kentucky to clinch the SEC East title.

Paige, from Monroe, La., did not play this season and will redshirt.

Foster To Announce: Tennessee running back Arian Foster plans to announce his plans for next season at a 2 p.m. press conference at UT today. Foster is deciding on whether to submit his name for the NFL draft or return for his senior season.

Today is the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft.

Drew Edwards covers University of Tennessee football. He may be reached at 865-342-6274.

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Comments » 514

jonathan012 writes:

Lay off the weed guys, it's a dead-end road.

texvol writes:

Now that is showing recruits the 'high' lights of the program. Way to go idiots.

troubleinc writes:

Wow! Do we know how to treat our recruits or what?!

twinfrey#420137 writes:

way to go Jones, good way to introduce new recruits

TigerVol writes:

Hey lay off Jones and Paige...you know Fat Phil will. I am sure that the recruits were the only ones smoking that not our UT players.....its the same ole story over and over....no discipline

mdvol writes:

Have fun, Coach Clawson. John Adams is typing away feverishly as we speak!

Trifecta_Storm writes:

I can't believe that this has happened. I guess the Coker connection is still spreading his/her wings around the football team. I hope Dave Clawson has already signed his contract and doesn't try to get out of it.... How idiotic...

NoMoreWooAfterGoodOleRockyTop writes:

C'mon guys...the first thing you do check your light bulbs. Haven't you learned anything at UT? Even LaMarcus Smoker knew that much...

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Man, no wonder they can get 11 for a visit. It will be interesting to see who handles this, big Phil or whether he will let Clawson set a precedent. Make sure they don't do it again.

Funny, the old burned out license plate light, huh. I know it wasn't because 4 dudes were cruisin' after 10. Doesn't matter. Stay tuned.

mnvol writes:

Will you please lighten up! Per athletic department policy these guys get four more chances before they'll get disciplined. That's because they want to "try to help the young men".

flytnn writes:

Well, as ridiculous as this is, just what we didn't need. The bright side is that Clawson is going to come in and clean house. I don't think for one minute that he will put up with that kind of garbage.

twinfrey#420137 writes:

send them to carson newman

texvol writes:

I can't believe this was covered up the whole weekend. I wonder what the AD staff said to this kid, Owens. Who by the way was undecided with no clear leader and is ranked by Rivals as the #7 WR prospect.

bugman (Inactive) writes:

kickem out. drug users and a free education..ummm i dont think so.

bsvolfan#325031 writes:


jdcvols#230433 writes:

I totally agree tr763, kick them out of the program now! Having a recruit in the car? I would bet his parents would LOVE for their son to come to UT. Let's drug test the whole team right now!

kevinlimbo#326134 writes:

Burned out tag light? I hope the KPD Officer's fishing license wasn't expired.

PureOrange writes:

To have talent does not equate to having character and integrity. If we continue to recruit based upon talent alone, we will continue to bring in hotshots who will embarrass us.
I am sick of these thugs who have no consideration for their teammates, coaches, UT, or anyone else.

knoxtenor writes:

And people wonder why we can't win a national championship. When your team is riddled with potheads, there's going to be no way. I'll bet Clawson didn't allow this kind of ridiculous phooey at Richmond. I guess there are some things he'll just have to get used to here.

flytnn writes:

Well said sjt18!

AirForceOne...SHUT UP!

Homermoosevols writes:

Are you kidding me? I have had enough of this bs. From here on out, I would make each player caught of (insert misdemenor) do a PSA for TV expressing their ignorance. If threatening to suspend them doesnt work, embarrass the hell out of them.

Ironcity writes:

Burned out License plate light? There was a day when the local law protected the players and the University when possible. Those days apparently are long over in Knoxville. I guess its safe to say Jamal will not be joining us in September.

ads#352927 writes:

Not arrest occurred. Almost a moot point.

ctownvol writes:

Hey airforce. How are your toothless brothers Darrell and Daryl? You Kentucky moonshine moron. If you hate UT so much, go back to a Kentucky site and wish on a star you had a freakin' football program or basketball for that matter. We (UT fans) don't want or need you. I know I certainly wouldn't waste my time reading a UK message board. Not that any of you guys could spell good enough for an educated person to make sense out of. Go kiss our reject Randy Sanders.

ChesterDrawers writes:

Poor Clawson hasn't even unpacked or put his desktop in order yet. What a first action to be involved in.

DadwasaVol writes:

A lot of tough talk here over just a couple joints. This may be a discipline problem but there is no moral issue here. Where were you tough guys when Bush was snorting cocaine and DUI? Looking the other way?

Vols1998 writes:

That is not the only thing that just went up in smoke. Let them go and deal with it.

I hate when this happens.

Go Vols!

bustervols writes:

If it was legalized this wouldn't be news. Support NORML.

bugman (Inactive) writes:

sjt18 I agree with everything you say.

My only issue is that they are getting a scholarship for education on and off the field while hard working scholarship donors continue to fund their education. I hope Fulmer suspends those involved at least 1 game and that will get their attention.

jdcvols#230433 writes:

sjt18, I bet it will be in tomorrow's USA Today. The timing is just perfect as we try to close out the recruiting year. I know these guys are over 18 but to allow a recruit visiting get in this mess is wrong. Where are the coaches to protect the recruits and why would they allow this?

RoyaltyVol writes:

Hey, these men made a huge mistake, no doubt about it, and they should be disciplined. Its not like we all never did anything wrong at that age, huh? But boys will be boys, ONCE!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Doldrums are here. They be disciplined according to Big Phil (I was hoping Clawson) and we'll move on. Late push in recruiting will also push this to where it belongs. An embarrassing citation incident, not life threatening. They were down and cool for a while, but now facing a coach is not a pleasant time.

Tell me about incoming d-linemen and LBs.

rbhobbs73#226545 writes:

This shouldn't be a story. This is no different than what goes on in Athens, Gainesville, Baton Rouge or Tuscaloosa.

News Flash...college kids smoke pot. I have to say I am totally shocked by this news!

Tag light out? Are you serious? That is a simple case of KPD trying to cause trouble. If that cop was driving down Kingston Pike near West Towne Mall...I seriously doubt he pulls over a West Knoxville soccer mom for a tag light being out.

Give me a break!

Mr_Bandman writes:

As a career teacher one thing I have learned is that even the best teenager is still a teenager, and despite the best advice and guidance, is prone to making stupid decisions. This is embarrassing, to be sure, but it would be incredibly short-sited and ignorant to presume that Tennessee players are unusual. I guarantee you that Florida, Ohio State, USC, LSU, Georgia, and every other team in the country have players who use drugs. I also guarantee you that this is not an isolated incident of players exposing a recruit to less-than-wholesome activities. This really has very little to do with Fulmer. As someone said previously, he's not their nanny, and he can't be with every one of them 24/7.

ctownvol writes:

I, for one, would not only "let" my kid play at Tennessee, I would consider it to be an honor to play for a program as great as the University of Tennessee, and for a great coach and person like Phil Fulmer. I agree that this could not have come at a worse time, but I am not so ignorant as to think UT is the only place where things like this happen. They will be punished and the team will move on. It's the way life works.

GerryOP writes:

Here we go ... again ...

imw8n4u writes:

Agreed that Fulmer isn't a nanny, but he does select who will host recruits. He has to know, or at least suspect, who the good guys are from the questionable ones. Why would he allow ANYONE who he thinks may get into something like this host a recruit?

hdhurst writes:

How did Pearl handle the Duke Crews thing?

Many of you on here want to critcize Fulmer and Co. for the same type of dicipline that Pearl essentially gave him.

Right...Bruce Almighty and BB is winning so let's not make a big deal about that.

If you want to criticize something, how about this: people with money, status, high position, etc. get off easier than other folks. I have seen it all my life and it is no different at UT.

Merv writes:

It's safe to say that Mr Owens will not be coming to UT.

ATLVOL1 writes:

yeah hes not coming and neither is Mcgee....at least we were trying to show him a good time?!

PaulTheVol writes:

Can't we just get 'em hookers like everyone else does?

There is nothing AirForceOne can do to affect our recruiting that brighter and sharper minds haven't already done. We do it to them and they do it to us. Recruiting is a tough game and Fulmer and his staff do it as well as anyone. Some idiot on a blog won't register on their radar.

fortandrews writes:

Sure these players were/are STUPID. Why do all of these other "know it all" jump on the coaching staff - the only way to stop this phooey is chain all of the players to one of the "know it all" fans. Every college has rules and I am sure that each player knows what they are and what their responsibility is. But so do all of the "know it all" - because THEY have NEVER broken a rule/law. Let's hope this is a lesson for the other players. If one wants to do something STUPID there is no way in this world to stop them.

bustervols writes:

Their probably not coming because Knoxville PD is so racist. Does Cocke County have a University? Just wondering.

WYLOVER writes:

Should be kicked off the team. Doing drugs is only for students that are paying to be in school. Football players can not have all of the fun.

LongtimeVol writes:

Well, I don't think this makes UT a joke, nor do I relish the incident as an opportunity to rag the coach. On the other hand, to say that there are policies that cover this and Fulmer will follow them is a cop out implying his hands are tied. I remember Bill Walton telling John Wooden (right after being named National Player of the Year) that Coach Wooden didn't have the right to make him cut his hair. Wooden agreed that he did not have that right, but he did have the right to decide who plays and that if Walton did not cut his hair immediately he would not be playing. Walton himself acknowledged that he immediately went to a barber shop and got his hair cut. Wooden did not hide behind legalisms or policies, he led his players to his own conscience. He was pretty darn successful both on the court and off with the strong leadership he showed his players. So you see, it has nothing to do with whether pot ought to be legal or that boys will be boys. A strong leader molds boys into young men with clear direction and consequences. My opinion anyway.

ATLVOL1 writes:


ctownvol writes:

I don't think what those guys did was right by any means, but don't sound so shocked that college kids were smoking pot. I hope, and expect they will be punished. Whether they were arreseted or not, the police said there was a smell of burning pot and two blunts were found. The last time I checked, pot was still illegal. So by all means punish them and move on.

TommyJack writes:

Bad stuff. Hate it. But this too shall pass.

RoyaltyVol writes:

Could any coach in the country or any one of you have done anything differently than the current coaches and administration are doing to totally stop smoking pot or partying? Its impossible! For a major university, Tennessee does as good a job as any of controlling its players.

bustervols writes:

I'VE BEEN HACKED. The previous comments from Bustervols, were not comments from Bustervols. Please disregard the previous comments of Bustervols. Support your local FOP. :)

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