Vols No. 3 in AP poll

The Tennessee men’s basketball team made history Monday receiving a No. 3 ranking in the Associated Press poll.

It is the best ranking in school history, passing the No. 4 ranking the team received twice in 2000-01. They were also fourth twice in the 1967-68 season.

The Vols received 1,591 points in the writers poll, behind No.1 Memphis (1,777) and No. 2 Kansas (1,751).

They are fifth in the coaches poll.

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GreerVol22 writes:

Hail Caesar!

jandjhome#228397 writes:

Eat your heart out Dores.

andy112382#209793 writes:

Sorry VolCR, there is only one God.......BUT Pearl is certainly a great guy and spectacular coach! Great job Vols, keep it up!

AllVol writes:

We're proud of all of you . . . . Go Big Orange!

KENVOL writes:

I hope we don't let this go to our heads. KEEP WINNING!!!!!!!!! We will find out in Memphis how good we are.GOOOOOOOOO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

bugman (Inactive) writes:

Polls don't win games, they put a target on your head. The only thing they are good for is recruiting. The rest is politics.

bustervols writes:

Keep up the good work guys. You make the Big Orange Nation proud.

weedbreath writes:

I love the fact that the AP go it right, but what is wrong with the ESPN/USA Today Poll? Is it me or does it seem that this poll has been bias toward UT in every sport since the 97-98 Vols Football season?

todd#529269 writes:


FWBVol writes:

No. 3 is nice, but it doesn't mean a thing unless we finish strong.

We are three games into SEC play and there are still a lot of speed bumps and possible road blocks along the way.

This team has a chance for greatness, but I'm afraid anything less than a national championship, or at least a Final Four, and a lot of fans will consider the season a failure.

I believe this team is special. Time will tell how special.

Start out by taking care of business in Rump (Rupp) Arena tomorrow night and go for there.

It would be great to see us move up to No. 2 before we play Memphis. But even if we are still "just" No. 3, it will be the biggest game ever played in the state.

Go Big Orange!!!

volinky writes:

I do not want to hear Rupp Arena chant: "over-rated, over-rated..." Let's beat the Cats and forget the ranking!

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

ummmm, none of you worried even a little bit about the timing of this???

we are going into Rupp to face a pissed-off, desparate crowd and a pissed-off, talented team, and we have a new No. 3 ranking???

The cats will be on fire. Bruce has to know that, and some way or another get his boys to feed off the noise.

This is a damn big game....

SFOrange writes:

Great, but don't look down on ANY competition. Tough test on Tuesday night. Are we up to it?

pupvol writes:

we need to back it up with a win tuesday.GO VOLS!

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

Look at our games comgin up at the end...Memphis, Vandy, UK, Florida all basically right in a row.

Hang in there guys.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

mparker 3:19p.m.-Dead on, 1st thing I thought of.

Billy G can redeem himself forever to the faithful with a victory Tues nite. Are we even favored in this one? Rise up Vols, and smite them.

Greyback_Vol writes:

I never thought I would see the day the MEN'S team was ranked #3. Keep up the good works guys. Y'all are making us proud. Go Vols!

Basketball_Jones writes:

Mark this down, come March 3rd we will be #1 in the Nation going into the tourney

utchris writes:

We are #1 in the RPI with a SOS at #3.

Meanwhile, here in Memphis, I want to vomit at all the closet Memphis fans that have sprung from the sewers and bowels of Memphis. You would think that the ranking meant they were National Champions. Still amused at how they put billboard after billboard up that said preseason #1 up and then UNC was #1.

Speaking of Billboards. The is one off I-240 in the Middle of Memphis that says "This is Tigertown." Think we can get enough people on this site to pitch in and rent the one in front of it with the saying, " This is Big Orange Country"

JAJUAN writes:

This is a big day in Vols history.

The Bruce is Loose!


THE_VOL writes:

So what. Nobody remembers who is ranked anywhere in January. I'm just glad we have a coach and players that know this unlike the last UT mens team to be ranked #3. Many Vols fans would do well to remember it as well. Over the next 6 weeks we will be facing teams that will be getting increasingly desperate and looking for that signature resume win. This team will need it's best effort every night cause they will certainly get everybody else's. There is likely a setback or two ahead and the way fans female dog and whine when we're winning it will be real interesting to see the reaction when we get a scratch or two. Not expecting it but this team has the potential to get the #1 overall seed. How sweet would THAT be???????

Zone36Xs writes:

Heels, the only way we get to be #1 is if Kansas loses. Even if we've still only got one loss after beating Memphis, no way we get moved up over a still undefeated Kansas.

Go Vols, beat those kitties!

Ironcity writes:

As The_Vol said, we should expect a few losses along the way. This is a really a good team but its not a great team yet. There is a lot of ball to be played and we are just averge inside. MS State will likely be favored against us and unless we turn them over, (which I think we will) we will get beat. This next game against UK is also going to be really tough. They are desparate and as someone stated earlier, teams like UK and others are going to need that signiture win if they expect to get the NCAA. We should expect everyones best effort. Its great to be the hunted

wvuvolfan writes:

nah, I think big jerr still has the record for underachievement...

Basketball_Jones writes:

Kansas will lose, they play Texas and Texas A&M. Both are good teams

dvolsdacious#585217 writes:

Nice but I got a feeling Kentucky is going to beat us.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

Buzz was the epitonme of hard luck, wasn't he?? So many close losses.

volunteerTY23 writes:

unbelievable, never thought i'd live to see such a thing and i'm only 24! i see it now a 1 vs 2 matchuup next mo. in memph

utchris writes:

I have to agree with some of the others posted. I do not see us going into the Memphis game with only one loss. I am not saying this to be negative, but even the last two Florida teams have taken some lumps in the SEC (especially to Tennessee).

The only thing that matters for us right now, is that we continue to work hard to strengthen our weaknesses and get better each day. The rest will take care of itself. As for the Kentucky game tomorrow night.. It scares me only because its the first SEC road game of the year for us. Luckily we have had some tough ones on the road already this year. In the end, I think that our pressure will bother Kentucky and the Orange blazer will come out on top.

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

FFW ten years into the future:

Posts by typical Vol fans...

VolCSomething: You know it was nice and all when Coach Pearl won that NC in 2008, but what has he done lately to deserve his five gagillion dollar a year salary?

NothingbutnetTN: Yeah what an idiot. Coach "Hurl", I mean Pearl, really makes me want to puke.

VolCSomething: Yeah why haven't we even won an SEC championship in ten years with all the talent in this program? And have you seen how fat he has become? Disgusting!

Mob of Angry Volfans: Lynch him! Burn him at the stake!!!

Musicman74 writes:

As long as we take it game by game, and don't get the big head. We have a good chance at a number one seed in the NCAA turney. But everything has to fall in place for that to happen. We still need to get better at the foul line.

With our stile of play it is going to be hard for anyone, to stay with us. We run up and down the court for 40 minutes, and our opponets get tired. They are not used to playing hard for 40 minutes.


threehundredbowler writes:

Greervol,Caesar says HAIL YES.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Volcr 3:59 - Basketball school!!! Heresy, I tell you, sir. You may be elgible for more indoctrination. Others in the same shape have been straightened out. We won a bowl game and had a wonderful year in football. Don't you know?

Pay no attention to those who think recruiting is important. Just think, Fulmer, Pearl, Summitt, the names flow off the tongue and the championship roll in. Never suggest Phil is not the Alpha dog. All is well and in the distance, the yellow brick road.

I saw bluebirds at the feeder and the roses will bloom soon. B Ball, indeed! Feel better now......Beat the Cats.

vol1994 writes:

No 3 rating is awesome but a lot of basketball to be played, beginning this weeek vs. KY.

what matters is continuing to find that chemistry
and hopefully improving our "d" like we did against the dores and Buckeyes. Foul shooting concerns me a lot but hopefully they will turn that around.

Lot of ball to play but man it is exciting to be able to say they our b-ball program is in the top 5!!

Just win Baby!

Go vols!

dkerr#270212 writes:

The only poll that really matters is the last one! GO TENNESSEE!

ZacharyUTK writes:

I think it's great, but it doesn't mean anything this early in the season.

Win. Then win some more. The season is long from over.

OH, AND THIS IRKS ME -- Perhaps we could see some of the same excitement that the student section exudes from the rest of the fans at TBA? It is too much too much to ask for the old folks to stand up?

If you get a ticket and come to TBA, come ready to be loud and cheer hard! Let's go, people! Get rowdy!

cdldoc#211897 writes:

Jwraymond1, excellent point about the ESPN poll. I did not know. Very few of those coaches play or coach top 25 teams. I sent a negative email to ESPN.

VOLS85 writes:

hiresanders...check out strength of schedule and shutup...stop looking for a reason to suck, it's really painful to read

Volunteerfan writes:

Memphis is winning some big games by big numbers to the powerful Conference USA while on the same token Tennessee just beat the number 13 team in the land (who also happens to be an SEC team) and a very solid Big 10 team. Not to mention Tennessee beat Ole Miss which was undefeated at the time and ranked in the top 20... oh yeah, they too are in the SEC so please don't say the SEC is down this year

cdldoc#211897 writes:

givim6, you are orange to the core? I don't think so. When I lived in Memphis, I did not turn BLUE like you. "Why can't we all just live together" seems to be your attitude. We can't because they want Tennessee athletes to play in BLUE.

I am an orange bleeding UT Vol. Go Vols.

ballewville6 writes:

i agree the coaches poll is biased they want duke and carolina in basketball and usc ohio stat in football tennessee has a 5-1 record vr top 25 teams in ap coaches and parrish and rpi while carolina has beaten clemson and ohio state and no one else if we win out we might pass unc in coaches poll and maby duke those coaches probally vote us behind carolina if were 38 -1 and carolina 22 -16 that is how much we are hated by othER COACHES IN USA/ESPN POLL

volfaninVA writes:

I'm enjoying the Vols being #3 in the AP and #5 in ESPN/USA Today polls. But the only poll or ranking system that matters come tournament time is the Ratings Percentage Index (RPI). And if you check out this week's RPI, a certain SEC school from KnoxVegas is NUMERO UNO in both the men's and women's RPI rankings. WAY TO GO VOLS AND LADY VOLS! STAY TOUGH!

2kevin#529111 writes:

i love pearl as much as the next guy but to say pearl is god makes every body feel uneasy even him. please find another way to define him cause the minute he loses a few more games. you will be ready to complain so lets keep this win loss thing in perspective. and leave god out of the picture once and for all please .

andy112382#209793 writes:

#1 Seed on bracketology on espn.com.....wow, awesome stuff. GO VOLS!!!

mike#208050 writes:

this comment is for utchris...as a loyal graduate of the Univ of Memphis living in Knoxville, I really feel sorry for you bud, lol. Billboards are all over Memphis and several sport a single rose. Have you figured that one out yet? You won't get too much support claiming Memphis to be big orange country in basketball season. Spring football hasn't started on the "hill" yet.

My congrats to the Vols and their high ranking. You have some tough games ahead of you and I hope you can continue to win. Memphis has already mowed down Georgetown, Arizona, USC, Oklahoma, UConn, & Cincinnati. As for Feb 23rd, we are all going to find out how good your team is and how well your coach gets prepared for the blitz Memphis will hit the Vols with. I'm a Tiger fan and mean no disrespect to the vol-nation. Good luck with your SEC games.

elmdayoh writes:

It was great watching the Vols get some revenge on the Buckeyes. Living in Ohio makes it tuff I they would of loss. I am getting very tired of the announcers ripping Tennessee (Football and Basketball) when they are on a major network. Just a few examples Vs Penn State(last yrs Outback) its Todd Blackledge this weekends game with OSU is Clark Kellog. The statement one of them made at the end of the game saying this game didnt make up for San Antione last year was uncalled for.

volmattna writes:

go vols lets whip the kitty cats!! we love you bruce!! you are the man

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