Vereen arrested after fight

University of Tennessee Police Department officers were responding to a fight outside Gibbs Hall early Monday morning when freshman running back Daryl Vereen was arrested and charged with public intoxication, according to the UT police report released Tuesday.

“... at about 0304 hours this officer responded to a fight in progress consisting of an estimated 10 people outside of Gibbs Hall,” the report reads. “Upon my arrival I noticed several subjects fighting in the fire lane of Gibbs Hall. Upon getting out of my vehicle the subjects begin to break it up and return inside the dorm.”

The report goes on to state that Vereen was noticed trying to get into the driver’s side of a dark blue Jeep Cherokee that was parked in the fire lane outside Gibbs Hall. After several requests from the officer to stop were unheeded, the officer caught up with Vereen, the report states.

Vereen was ordered out of the vehicle.

“Mr. Vereen had a bloody lip and had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from and about his person and breath. His speech was very slurred and he had blood shot eyes. ... Mr. Vereen was unsteady on his feet,” the report states.

Vereen was taken into custody. An unidentified friend drove his car to a legal parking spot on campus. The keys were later returned to Vereen.

A release is expected from Tennessee football head coach Phillip Fulmer this afternoon.

This is the second incident in less than two weeks concerning UT’s football program.

Freshman receivers Gerald Jones and Ahmad Paige were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana following a traffic stop Jan. 11 in the Fort Sanders area. Police found marijuana in a vehicle driven by Jones, 18, and registered to Paige, 18.

Freshman defensive lineman William Brimfield and Jameel Owens, a wide receiver from Muskoegee, Okla., on campus for an official recruiting visit, also were in the vehicle.

Neither Brimfield nor Owens was charged.

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thesavageorange writes:

Alcohol and a fight?Who would have thought that?

Volchaz writes:

This type of thing must really impress all the recruits we've been bringing in. I'm sure they are thrilled with these young men and their actions. Way to roll out the red carpet boys.....

NoMoreWooAfterGoodOleRockyTop writes:

Where is Brent Schaeffer and his baseball bat when you need them?

goeltzd#649642 writes:

Where's Finch when she's needed?

DennisVols writes:

This kind of publicity can and will be used by other coaching staffs recruiting against UT to try and convince the parents to not allow their kids to attend UT. "Lack of discipline". "dangerous situations", “illegal drugs" are just some of the terms they will use. These players need to realize that poor decision making has far reaching consequences beyond just their personal life. Being a part of a team means just that and everything you do effects everybody and everything about that team.
According to the story he was about to add DUI to it. If he had started and drove away it also could be considered avoiding, evading arrest.

VolinSippi writes:

Sounds like UT is on the verge of imploding due to lack of discipline. I hope Fulmer can get this under control. Punt him off the team and hopefully the rest will take notice.

bolton#214189 writes:

"the officer caught up with Vereen". Does the officer have any eligibility left?

volmattna writes:

utpd give these players a break

TommyJack writes:

Bolton: good one

thesavageorange writes:

bolton, agree w/ TJ very good.

bigbluevol writes:

I can't believe we live in a world where kids on their own for the first time in their lives could possibly come across alcohol, get rowdy and fight. This is just awful and I'm sure it doesn't go on anywhere else in the country.

ctownvol writes:

Bolton- I did some research. The officer is 5'11" 205lbs. He runs a 4.6 40. Out of eligibility. Played at Furman 99-02. From what I hear he was a pretty good safety back in the day. I see you were wanting to know, so I figured I would ease your mind.

vols10623 writes:

dennis it said drivers side not drivers seat, lets hope he wasn't about to drive. i don't get it, what is this a cop trying to make a name for himself? what about the other 9 men? Vereen had a bloody lip, he was obviously assaulted?! find the person who beat up our player (was he wearing a florida jersey? ha ha) do cops not remember the days of college? some things are so small yet blown way out of proportion. and now ESPN will have a field day with this. great

GerryOP writes:

And the beat goes on ... it's only January!

orangebloodgmc writes:

Hopefully this would be first time Vereen has been in any trouble?

pms151 writes:

Yea looks like the KNS finally outscooped someone. Wonder who they were drinking with last night. Buddy Holly scooped it too. OH we go again.

TommyJack writes:

Just curious. How does an event like this actually get to the press?

Volalumnus writes:

Wonder why most mature adults don't have these problems?
Because most learn that this type of stupidity has consequences.
A long suspension should be a remedy that will help him in the long run.

Others who indicate, its just boys or just let it harm done. Will be more concerned if continued actions like this and the academic issues end up bring on the wrath of the NCAA for lack of control of the program over its athletes.

TommyJack writes:

Suspend him for the Ga Southern game..

newtonrail writes:

I am confused. I thought Vereen was arrested for underage consumption just 3 or 4 days ago? Is this the second occurrence?

bigbluevol writes:

the only surprise is how long it took you to comment negatively, geoff.

bigbluevol writes:

TommyJack, exactly. Drinking problems happen at UGA every year. Their guys wind up driving, too. Sjt the differences between this and Schaeffer are the following: there was no bat involved (at least that we know about) and Schaeffer had been in trouble previously due to attendance and academic issues (problems he still had at Ole Miss, sadly.)

ATLVOL1 writes:



newtonrail writes:

I think I answered my own question. KNS ran a story yesterday with almost no detail. After rereading it, this is the same story. They should have updated first story as they usually do. They could have put it in the Headlines to make the "Splash".

ATLVOL1 writes:


pms151 writes:

Yes tngeof, and being read by every recruit, their families, and HS coaches right now in real time. Can't wait to hear something original this time from Fulmer. I don't know how he can get any harder on the kid now that he seems to have set a precedent last week.

thesavageorange writes:

vols10623 ,The problem is the other 9 walked back inside.Vereen went to his vehicle while ignoring the officers direct order.Just like McNeil.If these guys had just done what the officers had asked them to do , they probably get a warning, a call to coach, and the media never gets hold of it.By the way did anyone hear about the OK ST player elbowing a cop in the face?Hold her in the road Vereen , or you will never pound the fritter.

Pullingguard writes:

It happens every week-end. The thing that alarms everyone is when someone gets caught... You that were old enough, Where were your kids Saturday Night? Ah, how things have changed since Knoxville was dry and you could get drive up service outside Burlington (11W) with cops directing traffic... No one was drunk because no one every got caught and cops did not care... But Neyland was coach and all was well...

VOLinDAWGland writes:

It appears to be the same story...KNS apparently was in such a rush to break this important story that they didn't have all the info yet, so this is a very helpful article to fill in all the missing pieces. Good grief. There should be consequences for behavior but it also should be balanced against giving these kids, yes they're kids, a chance to learn from their mistake and demonstrate positive behavior change. Where I draw the line is anti-social behavior where a weapon such as a bat is involved or public displays of thuggery or abusing women. That type of behavior is different than boys being boys drinking and fighting over a girl. I hope the pennance is painful and difficult and that he grows from this experience.

joebomb writes:

Gibs Hall:
"Yo everybody, Cut ain't here no more. You know what that means....puff puff give and lets get our sway on tonight. What about coach PF? What about him?"

bigbluevol writes:

Geoff, you're entitled to your opinion, but "the sky is falling" because a KID got drunk and in a fight is not really appropriate, in my opinion.

thesavageorange writes:

ATLVOL1 ,I hope this is an isolated incident w/ this kid.He is a bigger stronger version of Coker.With Creer already showing flashes, him and Vereen could be the best backfield in the conference in 2yrs.

BallantyneVol writes:

Dear posters:

Just FYI you do not want to know what really goes on with the team. I've recently become privy to "inside" info and let's just say the football team is "off the chains". This aint your daddies Volunteers.

TommyJack writes:

A word on discipline. Discipline is NOT just about punishment being handed out. It includes policies that should PREVENT these occurrences. We seem to dwell more on the former.

VOLinDAWGland writes:

These are very young, very high testosterone boys/men many from some pretty tough backgrounds, this ain't an abbey or the ivy league.

I have a good friend who graduated from the elite University of the South and the story's he tells of drunken debauchery from top tier kids from the highest economic class is amazing...much of it worse than what Geoff posted.

Like I said earlier, if he's basically a good kid and did not assualt someone with a weapon or intent to injure and he's not assulting a female or acting like a thug in public, then turn it into a hard learning experience and give him a chance. If he's a jerk like Shaeffer apparently was, then get rid of him.

Everyone else should give it a rest already...sheesh

VOLinDAWGland writes:

oops that should have been 'stories'...just in case VOLCR was reading.

BallantyneVol writes:

Luckily for D.V. I heard he took a pretty good whippin so I'm sure he's learned his lesson.

tenndave writes:

I do not condone underage drinking by anyone.
The excuse everyone else is doing it is not acceptable, even if a large number are at age 14. I attended a private Christian College and these incidents were all too common there 40 years ago. The difference is now we have adopted the hate Bush philosophy and want every UT Athlete executed for the offense. 40 years ago, the offense got alot of physical discipline in the order of stadiums, line drills, laps, loss of privilges etc. and you were given the chance to atone for your mistakes. We suddenly want a different case for athletes because too many of us are more interested in tearing down than building up. Recruits turned off by this. Give me a break.

Vereen's life should have just taken the turn to really learn discipline. Kicking him off the team would be ridiculous unless he won't endure the price of the mistake.

Thank goodness no one kicked me out of college when I made a fool out of myself. Zell Miller in his book calls it "the trip over fool's hill" we all have to make. "We just hope we survive it and turn into responsible men." Amen.

Now kick his ???? Phil but let him learn. He will be better for it in the end.

orangebloodgmc writes: link above has him at 4.38! But I didn't recall other press about him touting that kind of speed.

DennisVols writes:

He didn't go inside because his car was illegaly parked " that was parked in the fire lane outside Gibbs Hall" which is why I believe he got into the drivers seat and not just any seat on the drivers side.
This is a problem, not just a right of passage. It should be a concern that at 3am he was ouside, involved in a fight, drunk and then got into a car even though he was ordered not to by the police.
It damages not only the player, but the image of the team and university and the recruiting process. It does not matter that many before him have done it or that many others will. We should be concerned that not only college football players are making these kind of decisions but it is going on at a higher rate amoung teens today than ever. Ask yourself, if this was my son would I be alright with it?

VOLinDAWGland writes:

Other than locking the kids up or providing 24/7 supervision, not sure what type of 'POLICY' will stop all bad behavior given the age of these kids, that this is probably the first experience of independence that most of these kids have experienced. Part of learning and growing is being given the space to actually display maturity and good decision making...that also means space to do stupid things. Hopefully his pennance is painful and will leave an impression.

I got caught doing some of this same stuff in my hometown and luckily I was not famous, though my dad was well known and the cop let me go after a good tongue left an impression and spared me and my parents unnecessary additional grief.

Apparently a bunch of you all are perfect...congratulations!

volcutie1998 writes:

ballantyne the football team has been "off the chain" much longer than a few years. i was very privy to some inside info and if you guys only knew what was going on during the nc years.

VOLinDAWGland writes:

A Freshman in his first extended time away from home may not be a 'kid' but he's not yet fully a man. By the time he's a junior or senior, I'd expect him to be a man. I'm not justifying bad behavior, but just saying we need to have realistic expectations. If the kid is basically a decent kid, then punish the heck out of him and hope he learns. If he doesn't then dismiss him like Coker.

DennisVols writes:

Make these players spend some time down at the hospital at the ICU looking at some dumb decision makers who got drunk or high behind the wheel or their victims. Take em to the rehab centers so they can watch alcoholics and drug addicts going through their withdrawals because they never thought they could become addicted. Even spend some time researching the many stupid decision makers who now are serving time in jails, how they lost their jobs, families.
Excusing this type of behavior will only lead to a reoccurrence not only by the offender but other who feel the punishment is not sever enough compared to the high they get.

10ACVOL writes:

Hey, at least no drugs or guns were involved...see how he responds to his punishment b4 you bash him. He had a DD too

ATLVOL1 writes:


ATLVOL1 writes:



ggriggs939#223122 writes:

The dogs were out in full force. How much does the reporter pay the cop the scoop?

RockyTop1_old writes:

I really get tired of hearing about all this EVERY day! Get a clue and do right Team!? It's hard enough being a VOL fan in Alabama without having this type of thing thrown at me constantly! Get some discipline at UT!! or GET OUT!!

I had to confront this while in the Air Force and discipline a young airman that was a drunk! One real slap on the wrist did the trick. It involved hitting him in the wallet through holding a promotion for 6 months while he got his act together. Which HE DID and we reinstated the promotion with back pay! Discipline is to be used to deter bad behaviour and sometimes change a young man for the better! It worked for Randy I just wish those that had him in Tech School had addressed it before he got to me.

The TEAM should be ashamed every time we give the KNS and ESPN anything to print like this story. Get some PRIDE and do right!! GO VOLS!!

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