Jets quarterback Chad Pennington talks about rookie Erik Ainge

NY Jets QB Chad Pennington on the quarterback situation and Erik Ainge

New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington talks about the Jets, the quarterback situation and rookie Erik Ainge from Tennessee.

For more on Chad Pennington and his camp in Knoxville, click on the following link.

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Comments » 31

GreerVol22 writes:

Kingsport, there has to be some paint drying somewhere...

agentorange writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

VolsfannUSAF writes:

If you guys would do your homework you would realize that Pennington was born and raised in Knoxville. Good Luck to both as they represent Tenn.

TommyJack writes:

If Ainge makes that team, I would advise all in the first 3 rows to be alert.

8's enough.

voloffaith writes:

Kingsport your first post was actually better than 441.........oh, keep spreading the love for all VOL fans to see and ch...oops jeer!

GreerVol22 writes:

Kinsport, Angie is the best thing to hit NY since Isiah it!

VolPride_13 writes:

Don't really care for the Jets, but hopefully Ainge will have a successful career there or anywhere for that matter!!

voloffaith writes:

Sarcasm abounds from SC posters sir GrrrVol22. Book it Dano! Watch Isaiah rally around Indiana U. hoping he can coach after Kelvin(SP) Sampson did a nice job like he did b4. OOOps sorry off topic. Go Erik! Show them that far in the belly like Danny had with the Celts. Chad we are proud of Ktown product with Jets. Please stay healthy for a whole season to see where team can really go.

voloffaith writes:

Fritters abound from recent poster identity crisis again. Posters changing names seems like every day....old names creeping back in on the article of their choice. Ahhh yes children at play is a wonderful thing. See ya! nuff comment on this blog suh

eb502us#225637 writes:

Ainge would be lucky to just carry a clipboard. I wish him all the best but I just don't see him sticking in the league. His problem is mostly upstairs.

hcjournals#206623 writes:

How about a little support for one our own......Stop acting like idiots.

nicksjuzunk#646117 writes:

Way to go Ainge! Keep working hard and developing. I am sure you can do well when your time comes.

ctownvol writes:

Thank you hcjounals. You would think he was guilty of purposely giving games away. He gave his all for Tennessee. If you think his all wasn't enough, then that is a different story. Then blame the coaches for giving him the keys to the car in the first place, but he drove it the best he could. I, for one, hope he is a success at whatever he does in life and appreciate his efforts. Who am I to judge his quarterback ability? He is certainly better than me!

chad_t31 writes:

Although never a huge fan of ainge, never threw him under the bus either. I was at the notre dame game his sophomore year when he hurt his shoulder right before the half (stupid play call). He never was the same after that. Look at the lsu game where he made that ludicrous 360 degree underhanded pass..BUT the man came a long way after that. It always seemed the aforementioned notre dame game was in the back of his mind every time a rush came at him. With that being said, he couldn't have landed at a better place than the Jokes, um I mean Jets. Good luck erik.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Put me on record as saying Ainge will be the least sacked QB in NFL history.

Talk about the patter of big feet......

ctownvol writes:

nafslov- Are you for real? Or do you just try your darndest to get a rise out of people? Just wondering.

bobbarbilly writes:

Erik Ainge was a Vol. He wore the orange. He moved on. Let him up. Time for the next generation.

ctownvol writes:

Ok then. Just checkin'.

ctownvol writes:

I guess he told me, huh Kingsport?

bobbarbilly writes:

I have never had Manning sickness but I did get sick in Mexico once. Never that twain shall meet.

ctownvol writes:

True nafslov, and we love T. Martin too!

ctownvol writes:

Sorry. I meant Tee. Not T.

vol4good#206163 writes:

Hope Ainge does well! As for Bill Bates, nafslov, please tell me you are being funny by saying he was a wasted player? I mean, we are talking about Bill Bates, possibly the biggest heart and hardest working player to ever run through the T. If you are questioning his effort, desire, dedication, and Ability. Well, than I really think you should re-evaluate what you think a real footbll player should bring to a team. Hell, the great Tom Landry said it best, when asked why Bill Bates was retained on the team for so many years, he simply said--"Hell, I have tried to cut him, He just keeps out working everyone else". "How do you cut a guy that keeps making Plays?"

gohawks1 writes:

General (8:26 p.m.) - I tried to warn you about that. However, keep on eatin' the melon pie - the law of averages says that sooner or later it'll hit the right spot. My ears got bigger than Dumbo's before I finally got lucky.

hcjournals#206623 writes:

OK......Who is this nafslov fool? Isn't he a Gator plant? Why do these guys envy us so much? We need to beat Florida for the next 5 years. Sorry I've gotten off subject here........But we owe Florida a big one. Wait a minute....Didn't Eric Ainge lead the the Vols to a win over Florida? Thanks for coming out. Good night all.......................

ps11824 writes:

If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black...

gnm53108 writes:!!!!I mean freakin lol!!!
hcjournals..We sure do owe them gators.I hope the Chief has the gators figured out.Every time he figures one out they change coaches.Usually it takes 2 to 3 before he gets there #.He's due!!!!
We're due!!!

ThurmondEppy writes:

You clowns who hide behind anonymous posts to throw stones are nothing but COWARDS. Ainge did his best at UT. Enough said. Do you teach your children to be COWARDS too? What sad lives you must lead.

TommyJack writes:

Thurmond: No hiding. Real name easily clickable. Not sad either.
I think Ainge was overrated, and coached by an even MORE overrated OC.

8's enough.

ctownvol writes:

Kingsport-I agree. He is a firecracker indeed and we all are entitled to our opinion, and you have to respect someone willing to express theirs knowing it's not going to be well received.

RangerForSix writes:

Ainge was the best Pro-style QB in the SEC last season! He throws for 61% as a FOUR year starter in the toughest conference in america, and ya'll call him not tough? What the F#*$?

He led U.T. to 'two SEC East titles', with inferior talent his last year. 10 wins, 10 wins and 9 wins when he was named 'the man' is tough in the SEC. If he 'doesn't throw it away', he gets sacked. With the 'O' we had last year, 3rd and 15 was death. Throw it away, get to 2nd and 10 and avoid an unnecessary hit by an SEC middle-linebacker and throw a strike on 2nd and 10!.(idiots)

With his arm, size, mobility, quick release, vision and his 'ability to win' when behind late, will make Ainge an excellent NFL QB. Look out KC and CP in the next year or so!!

PS: who was 3-0 -v- georgia; twice between the hedges? who beat South Carolina 3 times? Who beat Kentucky 3 times? Who beat Alabama 2 of 3? Who was 2-0 -v- Vanderbilt? He only beat Florida once, one more than Peyton.
"This young man can throw, lead and win!!"

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